File Title
1 Chilling Physics: What a "2D" Quantum Superfluid Feels like to the Touch
2 New Study Reveals the Key to Increasing Pregnancy Odds
3 An "Existential Threat"--Humans Are Disrupting the Natural Salt Cycle on a Global Scale
4 Beat the Clock, Beat Diabetes: How Breakfast Timing Influences Your Risk
5 Quantum Computing Leap: Argonne's Qubit Breakthrough
6 Green at What Cost? The Dark Side of the American Lawn
7 Is Screen Time a Symptom or a Cause of Autism? New Study Sheds Light
8 Scientists Have Discovered Some of the Oldest Animals in the World Living in a Place You Wouldn't Expect
9 NASA's Lucy Spacecraft Successfully Completes First Asteroid Flyby
10 Once-in-a-Lifetime Find--Scientists Discover Fossil Treasure Trove Under Wastewater Pipe
11 Global Health Crisis: Antibiotics for Common Childhood Infections Are No Longer Working
12 NASA's Radiant Armor: The Europa Clipper's Dance with Jupiter's Radiation
13 SWOT Mission: See an Unprecedented View of Global Sea Levels [Video]
14 Double Surprise: NASA's Lucy Spacecraft Makes "Marvelous" Discovery During Asteroid Dinkinesh Flyby
15 Is Intermittent Fasting Safe and Effective for Diabetics?
16 Red-Hot Secrets: Scientists Discover Molten Layer Covering Martian Core
17 New Study: Vaping Can Increase Teenagers Risk of Asthma
18 Space Station Life: Post-Spacewalk Recovery and Innovative Research as SpaceX Updates Mission Timeline
19 Violent Eruption: Mystery of Volcanic Tsunami Solved After 373 Years
20 Scientists Develop Stronger, Stretchier, Self-Healing Plastic
21 Eerie Beauty of Kawah Ijen's Menacing Waters: World's Largest Acidic Cauldron Unveiled
22 New Blood Marker Can Identify Parkinson's Disease
23 Researchers Warn: Eating Too Much Salt Could Increase Your Risk of Diabetes
24 Hubble's Starry-Eyed Surprise: Unmasking the Secrets of Terzan 12
25 Considered Impossible Until Now--Scientists Develop Micro Heat Engine that Challenges the Carnot Limit
26 Cellular Timekeepers: Tracking Brain Cell Aging with TrackerSci
27 The Secret Behind Passing Out: New Brain-Heart Connection Identified
28 Encounter with Infamy: OSIRIS-APEX Mission Sets Sights on the Notorious Asteroid Apophis
29 Ancient Denisovan DNA Could Be Increasing Modern Humans' Risk of Mental Health Disorders like Depression
30 Animal Scientists Develop Climate-Smart Cows that Produce 20x More Milk
31 Feasting on Titans: Giant Dinosaur Carcasses Might Have Been Important Food Sources for Jurassic Predators
32 The Future's Magnetic Pull: 3D-Printed Electromagnetic Coils
33 Concerning--Scientists Discover Link Between Mobile Phone Use and Reduced Sperm Count
34 Decoding Dreaming--New Research Reveals that the Emotional Function of Dreams Is Not the Same Everywhere
35 From Medical Marvel to Cosmic Mystery: X-Ray Telescopes and the Magnetic 'Hand' in Space
36 Pink and Blue Make Cosmic: The Breathtaking Star Factories of NGC 3982
37 Eye on the Prize: Revolutionary Microscale Device to Treat Diabetes
38 Exoplanet Excitement: Kepler Reveals a Sizzling System with Seven Super-Earths
39 New Study Links Higher Levels of a Certain Type of Fat to a Decreased Risk of Dementia
40 Continental Clash: The India-Asia Collision and the Rise of the Himalayas
41 Atomic Alchemy--Scientists Have Made a Game-Changing Breakthrough in Drug Discovery Chemistry
42 Farewell to a NASA Hero: Apollo Astronaut Thomas K. Mattingly II Departs at 87
43 Eating Strawberries Every Day Could Reduce Middle-Aged Individuals' Risk of Dementia
44 Like Humans--Scientists Discover that Rats Have an Imagination
45 Scientists Warn: Popular Weight Loss Medications like Ozempic and Wegovy Could Be Dangerous for Children
46 Looming Threat: Predicted Surge in Heat-Related Cardiovascular Deaths
47 Fast and Furious: Jupiter's Secret Jet Stream Speeds Up to 500 km/h
48 MIT's Surprising Discovery: Light Can Evaporate Water Without Heat
49 M87's Galactic Mystery: Stellar Explosions Line Up with Massive Jet
50 Global Climate Watchdog: NISAR Radar Mission to Provide Dynamic View of Forests & Wetlands
51 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Is NASA Mining Asteroids?
52 Double Take: How Twins Are Unlocking the Molecular Mysteries of Obesity
53 396 Forgotten Forts Revealed--Declassified Spy Satellite Images Unearth Rome's Lost Frontier
54 Bacteria-Killing Viruses: The Surprising Nutrient Packets for Mammalian Growth
55 Vibrotactors: The Wearable Tech to Prevent Astronauts from Getting "Lost" in Space
56 New Solid-State Electrolyte Designs Could Revolutionize the Battery Industry
57 The Physical Activity Paradox: New Study Links Physical Labor to Cognitive Impairment
58 Don't Miss: Leonid Meteor Shower Peak & Saturn in "The Sea"
59 MIT's FibeRobo: Revolutionary Shape-Shifting Fiber Can Produce Morphing Fabrics
60 Nature's Gamble: Why Do Some Environmental Shocks Lead to Disaster While Others Don't?
61 Unlocking the Secrets of Shark Skin: The Next Medical Miracle?
62 4 Tips for a Healthy Heart Post-Menopause
63 From Cybersyn to Social Synthesis: Designing a Revolution
64 Serotonin Slump: The Viral Residue Connection to Long COVID Symptoms
65 From Alchemists to Astrophysicists: Do Asteroids Hide Superheavy Secrets?
66 Decarbonizing the World: MIT Energy Initiative's Strategies for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
67 Unlocking Light's Mysteries--Scientists Discover New System to Control the Chaotic Behavior of Light
68 Neurological Warning: Groundbreaking Study Reveals that Air Pollution Could Increase Your Risk of Parkinson's by 56%
69 Unveiling the Secrets of Alien Worlds: The Jurassic-Era Clue that Could Be Key to Finding Habitable Exoplanets
70 Obesity Unraveled: Scientists Propose Unifying Theory
71 Humans Have Increased the Concentration of Potentially Toxic Mercury in the Atmosphere by 7x
72 Potentially Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment--Scientists Uncover Mechanics of Breast Cancer Metastasis
73 Crab Nebula's Puzzling Mysteries Unveiled by NASA's James Webb Space Telescope
74 MIT Physicists Transform Pencil Lead into Electronic "Gold"
75 New Drug Class Prevents Key Aging Mechanism in Organ Transplants
76 Bitter Brain Breakthrough: How a Single Chemical Could Curb Female Binge Drinking
77 Catching Cosmic Explosions: How Amateurs Can Outshine Hubble
78 Redefining Microbiology: Discovery of a 3-in-1 Microorganism Upends Textbooks
79 Colorful Consequences: How "Blue" and "Green" Appeared in a Language that Didn't Have Words for Them
80 Unlocking Quantum Secrets--Simulations Reveal the Atomic-Scale Story of Qubits
81 Ancient Climate Secrets--Could Crushing Minerals Stop Global Warming?
82 New Drug Reverses Obesity Without Side Effects in Preliminary Tests
83 What Keeps You Up at Night--Dr. Fauci's Newest Concern
84 From Martian Oxygen to Sonic Thumps: NASA's Stellar TIME Inventions of 2023
85 MIT's Brain Breakthrough: Decoding How Human Learning Mirrors AI Model Training
86 Hubble's Ultraviolet Eye Reveals Jupiter's Great Red Spot in a New Light
87 Nanowired Cardiac Organoids--New Technology Could Revolutionize Recovery After Heart Attack
88 As Dark as Tea--Scientists Solve Ruki River's Dark Water Mystery
89 The Inflammatory Question: Red Meat Might Not Be So Bad for You After All
90 Rogue Revelations: Webb Identifies 540 Planetary Surprises in the Orion Nebula
91 Scientists Have Discovered a New Cause of Parkinson's Disease
92 Life on Venus? Tectonic Clues Point to a Habitable Past
93 Deep Earth Discovery: Fragments of Ancient Planet Found in Mantle
94 The $3 Lifesaver: New Blood Test Could Detect Common Deadly Cancers Sooner
95 New "Super Melanin" Cream Heals Skin Injuries from Sunburn, Chemical Burns
96 Paving the Moon: A New Laser Approach to Creating Lunar Roads and Landing Pads
97 Scientists Uncover Structural Secrets of Key Cancer Protein
98 Cosmic Cloak & Dagger: Quasars Shrouded by Starburst Galaxies
99 Historic Martian Milestone: NASA's Curiosity Rover Clocks 4,000 Days on Mars
100 Inaccuracies in Genetic Studies Exposed by NIH--European Ancestry Under the Microscope
101 Scientists Discover Ancient Anti-Cancer Mechanism: DISE
102 Unlocking Climate Secrets: How Ocean Salt Patterns Influence Global Weather
103 Seeing the Unseen: How Butterflies Can Help Scientists Detect Cancer
104 Scientists Uncover Mysterious Cosmic Gift that Sparked Agricultural Revolution in Ancient Syria
105 Galactic Wonders Unveiled: Euclid's Deep Dive into the Perseus Cluster
106 How 2 Proteins Could Change the Future of Schizophrenia Treatment
107 Breaking the Cycle--Early Treatment of Child Obesity Is Effective According to New Research
108 Alaskan Nights Aglow: Don't Miss HAARP's Spectacular Artificial Airglow Show
109 Scientists Discover a Mysterious Hormone that Makes Insulin Work Better
110 Euclid's Eye on the "Hidden Galaxy"--a Spiral Revelation in Infrared
111 MIT SecureLoop: Revolutionizing AI with Secure, High-Performance Accelerators
112 Can the Cool Copper Collider Redefine Energy Efficiency in Particle Physics?
113 Blood-Thirsty Ticks Invade Ohio: A Lethal Infestation Decimates Cattle
114 Unveiling the Universe: Euclid's First Images Illuminate Dark Matter Mysteries
115 The Real Drivers of Global Migration: A Twenty-Year Analysis Debunks Common Narrative