File Title
1 Gaza Al Shifa Hospital Baby Dies Incubator Out of Fuel Operations Suspended Israel Strikes Gaza Hospitals
2 Ukraine news: Russian missile strike targets Kyiv
3 University student dies after drinking 'charged lemonade'
4 Plane takes off with missing window panes, only discovered at 10,000 feet--National
5 London police clash with counter-protesters as tensions rise over a pro-Palestinian peace march
6 Saudi crown prince says Israel bears responsibility for 'crimes' against Palestinians in Gaza Arab News Japan
7 Pool Fever cases reach alert level in 10 Japan prefectures / Arab News Japan
8 Gazans sheltering at Al-Shafaa hospital face 'unbearable' conditions / Arab News Japan
9 Georgia voting machines trial set for early next year
10 817,669 Californians left in 2022. Which state did they move to?
11 Iran leader in Saudi Arabia for first time in years over Israel-Hamas
12 UN Passes Resolution, India Votes Against Israeli Settlements in Occupied Palestine
13 SF woman pleaded not guilty in $15K Bath & Body Works theft case
14 Rishi Sunak: UK Prime Minister condemns violence around pro-Palestinian march
15 Stem: Indian sign language brings hope for deaf students aspiring to learn STEM subjects / India News
16 Pope Francis Dismisses Conservative US Bishop in Rare Move
17 Pakistani police arresting Afghan women and children, activists claim
18 Three babies die, dozens more under threat at Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital
19 Netanyahu rejects growing calls for a cease-fire as Israel battles Hamas outside main Gaza hospital
20 Attacks on Gaza civilians and facilities are 'unjustifiable': Saudi minister / Arab News Japan
21 Gaza's health system 'on its knees,' WHO chief warns / Arab News Japan
22 Alameda man, 50, charged with sending lewd image to person posing as 14-year-old girl
23 Trump joins media outlets in pushing for his federal trial to be televised
24 Sen. Manchin is the last in a line of formidable West Virginia Democrats
25 Iran leader in Saudi Arabia for first time in years over Israel-Hamas
26 Under-Construction Tunnel Collapses in Uttarakhand, Several Feared Trapped
27 Man dies while fishing after being swept into the ocean at Point Reyes
28 India-Canada row: Will always stand up for the rule of law, says Justin Trudeau / India News
29 Ukraine news: Russia ramps up attacks near Bakhmut
30 'Destroy the enemy': Israel launches ground operation in Gaza
31 Australia will take in people fleeing climate change from Pacific island nation--National
32 Suspect released in fatal stabbing of Detroit synagogue leader
33 Saudi crown prince calls for collective response to Gaza during talks with Iranian president, other leaders Arab News Japan
34 Israeli jets strike 'terror infrastructure sites in Syria': army / Arab News Japan
35 Police find dozens of cats, some dead, at home of suspected animal hoarder
36 Pair receive life sentences for killing popular East Bay restaurant owner
37 Hezbollah attacks wound 7 Israeli troops, 10 others at Lebanon-Israel border
38 Israel-Hamas War: By Lawrence Booth
39 I-10 closure in California prompts state of emergency
40 Ukraine 'must be prepared' for Russian winter strikes on infrastructure: Zelenskyy
41 There "Could Be" Potential Deal to Free Hostages, Says Israel's Netanyahu
42 U.S. conducts airstrikes against Iran-backed groups in Syria
43 Gaza hospitals suspend operations as Israel hunts Hamas
44 Heavy fighting rages near main Gaza hospital and people trapped inside say they cannot flee
45 Saudi Arabia slams 'double standards' in world's response to Israel-Hamas war / Arab News Japan
46 Japanese activists denounce Israel's threats of nuking Gaza / Arab News Japan
47 Is Israel committing 'genocide' in Gaza? / Arab News Japan
48 Thousands rally and march in San Francisco in protest against APEC and corporate power
49 Newsom on what it will take to reopen LA highway
50 What to know about the Trump fraud trial defense
51 GOP hopeful Chris Christie visits Israel, calls for solidarity against Hamas
52 Biden and Xi looking for clarity in increasingly difficult relationship
53 Dean Phillips vows to invest millions in his Democratic primary challenge
54 House GOP pursuing two-step plan to avert government shutdown
55 San Francisco CEO summit offers welcome boost--and some risk--for Biden, Newsom, Breed
56 Russia ramps up attacks on key cities in eastern Ukraine
57 Turkey: Turkish ship carrying field hospitals docks in Egypt near Gaza: official
58 Woman in Iceland Captures Shocking Moment Earthquake Causes House to Shake
59 Indi Gregory, sick baby at centre of legal battle, dies
60 US woman who burned herself on Dunkin' Donuts coffee settles for $4.7 million
61 Former U.K. PM David Cameron back in government as Sunak shuffles cabinet--National
62 Gaza officials report more than 11,000 dead, hospitals struggling
63 12 Disneyland Festival of Holidays foods ranked from best to worst
64 Closure on I-10 after fire tests LA drivers during rush hour
65 Embattled Supreme Court says it will adopt code of conduct
66 This US couple sold their house and moved to Italy for good
67 Singer Pink will give away 2,000 banned books at Fla. shows
68 FBI, Capitol PD testify in trial of accused Pelosi attacker
69 Has the GOP already run out of time to stop Trump?
70 Online misinformation is thriving in Israel-Hamas war
71 FBI, Capitol PD testify in trial of accused Pelosi attacker
72 Maryanne Trump Barry dies; Donald Trump's sister was federal judge
73 Life expectancy gap between men and women in the US widened significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic
74 Dog found alive alongside body of hiker missing two months
75 Fashion mogul Nygard found guilty of sexual assault
76 Delhi's Air Quality Continues to Be In the 'Severe' Category
77 After 16 Years, Hamas Has Lost Control in Gaza, Says Israel Defense Minister
78 Internal documents show the World Health Organization paid sexual abuse victims in Congo $250 each
79 Amazon Lays Off 180 Employees from Gaming Division: Report
80 Why David Cameron is a surprising choice as new U.K. foreign policy chief
81 Newborns in Gaza hospital 'wrapped in foil' to stay alive as Israel bombs streets
82 Canadian-Israeli peace activist Vivian Silver confirmed killed in Israel
83 Dad speaks out after teen died defending fellow student being bullied
84 Israel army confirms death of woman soldier held in Gaza / Arab News Japan
85 Son of Hollywood exec accused of killing wife and her parents hired worker who found body parts in trash
86 How Silicon Valley will put airships back in flight
87 Drivers of boxy SUVs and pickup trucks are more likely to kill pedestrians, study finds
88 Consumer inflation continued to ease last month, in welcome news for US households and the Fed
89 Obama Presidential Center museum director aims for history, context--The Mercury News
90 Five takeaways from a sweeping report on climate change in the US
91 Pelosi attack suspect says he wanted to end corruption
92 Calling for ceasefire in Gaza, protesters take over Oakland Federal Building
93 Accountants 'doubt' that Trump's Truth Social will survive
94 Calls grow to evacuate Gaza's largest hospital
95 Is Hamas Hiding in Gaza
96 Packs of stray dogs are reportedly terrorizing a rural California town
97 US House Speaker: US House passes spending bill to avert government shutdown
98 McDonald's Says "One or Two" Harassment Complaints by Workers Every Week
99 UNESCO criticized after Cambodia evicts thousands around Angkor Wat
100 Mass graves dug inside Al Shifa hospital in Gaza City as patient death toll rises
101 White House says it has evidence Hamas using Al-Shifa hospital to run military actions--National
102 Japan, U.S., S. Korea vow cooperation over N. Korea / Arab News Japan
103 Israeli military seizes broader control of northern Gaza and captures key government buildings / Arab News Japan
104 House passes funding measure to avoid government shutdown
105 Biden-Xi meeting will take place at historic Filoli estate and gardens
106 Israeli Forces Raid Gaza's Largest Hospital Where Hundreds of Patients Are Stranded by Fighting
107 Calif. cannabis business owner fired shots and rammed into thieves
108 Random Attack: Woman dies after being stabbed in random attack at Louisiana Tech University; 2 others hospitalized
109 'Unhappy' about their marriage, man shoots at daughter & her husband in Haryana village, absconding
110 Virigina mother who son shot teacher faces sentence for marijuana, gun use
111 US landlord living in a van unable to evict Seattle tenant who refuses to pay rent and is advertising house on Airbnb