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1 Bullying victims who feel targeted due to social characteristics may experience effects more intensely
2 Scientists one step closer to re-writing world's first synthetic yeast genome, unravelling the fundamental building blocks of life
3 Shark has virgin birth after no male contact for 4 years in Chicago zoo
4 Battle looms over renewed plastic treaty negotiations
5 Copper Age woman survived two skull surgeries up to 4,500 years ago
6 Researchers achieve chemically controlled, reversible magnetic phase transition
7 New antifungal molecule kills fungi without toxicity in human cells, mice
8 'Rogue' star won't collide with our solar system in 29,000 years after all
9 Empire State Building-sized asteroid to come close to Earth in 2029: astronomers--National
10 Unlocking the secrets of spin with high-harmonic probes
11 Any activity is better for your heart than sitting--even sleeping
12 NJ officials investigate unusual spike in Legionnaires' disease
13 IOC to decide on Afghanistan's participation in LA Olympics 2028, says ICC CEO Allardice / Cricket News
14 Low-intensity fires reduce wildfire risk by 60%, according to study
15 Allergic responses to common foods could significantly increase risk of heart disease, cardiovascular death
16 Oxygen detected in Venus' hellish atmosphere
17 NASA's Mars fleet will still conduct science while lying low
18 Found at last: Bizarre, egg-laying mammal finally rediscovered after 60 years
19 James Webb Space Telescope reveals most distant Milky Way galaxy doppelganger
20 Quakes rock southwestern Iceland as volcanic eruption looms
21 Ethical, environmental and political concerns about climate change affect reproductive choices
22 Want higher graduation rates? New study shows public spending on families is key
23 How to use AI for discovery--without leading science astray
24 NASA's most wanted: The 5 most dangerous asteroids in the solar system
25 Many physicists assume we must live in a multiverse--but their basic math may be wrong
26 Do pets make you happier? Study shows they didn't during the pandemic
27 The science of sperm in the 1700s
28 How Isaac Newton's experiments revealed the mystery of light
29 Oldest black hole discovered dating back to 470 million years after the Big Bang
30 Yucatan's underwater caves host diverse microbial communities
31 Understanding consciousness goes beyond exploring brain chemistry
32 A new theory linking evolution and physics has scientists baffled--but is it solving a problem that doesn't exist?
33 Low-intensity fires reduce wildfire risk by 60%
34 Could scientists stop a 'planet killer' asteroid from hitting Earth?
35 First release of images demonstrates Euclid space telescope's potential
36 Scientists found hundreds of toxic chemicals in recycled plastics
37 Gum leaf skeletonizer: The venomous 'Mad Hatterpillar' that wears its old heads like a crown
38 Start of World Cup ski season falls victim to 'heavy snowfall'
39 Physical fitness since childhood predicts cerebellar volume in adolescence
40 The sun may be smaller than we thought
41 Eroding remains of over 100 star-stripped '"missing link'" dwarf galaxies spotted
42 Scientists find 14 new transient objects in space by peering through the 'Christmas Tree Galaxy Cluster'
43 The mystery of phosphite--a scientific detective story
44 Is some of the body that collided with Earth to form the moon still recognizable inside our planet?
45 How mega-floods can be predicted
46 Maya warrior statue with serpent helmet discovered at Chichen Itza
47 EU parliamentarians agree on law to restore natural environments
48 A closer look at rebel T cells
49 Which islands will become uninhabitable due to climate change first?
50 Exposing plants to an unusual chemical early on may bolster their growth and help feed the world
51 Quantum mechanics: Unlocking the secrets of spin with high-harmonic probes
52 Controlled burns stem California blazes
53 Cardiologists reveal new heart disease risk calculator
54 Scuba diver discovers 30,000 astonishingly well-preserved Roman coins off Italian coast
55 There's a fungal protein for that
56 Yeast cells can produce drugs for treatment of psychotic disorders
57 Worried about the kids' pain med supply? Likely 'minimal' issues this year: experts--National
58 Fossil fuel interests have large, yet often murky, presence at climate talks, AP analysis finds
59 AI Order for Health Care May Bring Patients, Doctors Closer
60 Missing windows discovered on U.S.-bound plane after departing London: NPR
61 'I was diagnosed with early-onset dementia and thought my life was over'
62 AstraZeneca says it will prioritize U.S. market for RSV drug--National
63 Republican faction seeks to keep courts from interpreting Ohio's new abortion rights amendment
64 Can a Stem Cell Transplant Help [MS]?
65 Ukraine's veterans find sexual healing after war injuries and trauma: NPR
66 Dr. Amir lists three red flags in your eyebrows that could signal health problems
67 What is Zepbound? Could the weight-loss drug work better than Ozempic?--National
68 How to Practice Gratitude
69 'I'm a chiropractor--this is the one stretch that will cure your lower back pain'
70 Breast Cancer: More than 59 Percent Women Live with this Fatal Disease; 5 Early Signs You Should Not Ignore
71 The GOP congressman who leads the House's probe of COVID-19's origins says he won't seek reelection
72 'COVID Unmasked'--How to Take Back Our Nation
73 Israel revises down its death toll from Hamas attacks on October 7: NPR
74 First Dates' Fred Sirieix battle with iron deficiency as he 'prepares to enter jungle'
75 World Diabetes Day 2023: 5 Signs of High Blood Sugar in Women
76 UK judge decries legal tactics used by sick child's parents as he refuses to let her die at home
77 Why Are We Flooded with Outrage-Producing News Stories?
78 Cystic fibrosis drug which could save lives of thousands of children 'too expensive'
79 Can taking salt off the table help prevent diabetes? It's not that simple
80 Obesity drug Wegovy cut risk of serious heart problems by 20%, study finds
81 Vatican removes conservative Texas bishop Strickland: NPR
82 Three reasons your coffee habit could be making you more tired
83 After man lost most of face and eye, he receives 1st transplant of entire human eye
84 'I'm a professor--three more new COVID variants have emerged alongside JN.1 and HV.1'
85 Puerto Rico declares flu epidemic as cases spike. 42 dead and more than 900 hospitalized since July
86 This Pennsylvania school board made news for banning books. Voters flipped it: NPR
87 'Give GPs waiting list targets like hospitals' say experts
88 Officials in Russia-annexed Crimea say private clinics have stopped providing abortions
89 Hundreds of thousands march in London for Gaza cease-fire: NPR
90 Man diagnosed with stage 2 prostate cancer never had any symptoms
91 Kaiser Permanente workers ratify contract after strike over wages and staffing levels
92 Three tips to help prevent cancerous tumours from forming in the body
93 Parents of a terminally ill baby lose UK legal battle to bring her home
94 On Veterans Day, Biden speaks of plans to expand healthcare for veterans: NPR
95 Doctor warns of a surprising risk factor that could lead to dementia
96 Missouri Supreme Court hears case on latest effort to block Planned Parenthood funding
97 More than 800 Sudanese reportedly killed in attack on Darfur town, UN says: NPR
98 GP warns of early diabetes symptoms that often go unnoticed
99 German federal court denies 2 seriously ill men direct access to lethal drug dose
100 The UAW won big--but what does it mean for the rest of us?: NPR
101 Dentist gives urgent warning over the earliest signs of mouth cancer to spot
102 US orders Puerto Rico drug distribution company to pay $12 million in opioid case
103 Migrants at the U.S. Southern border show up in historic numbers. Here's why: NPR
104 Outcry grows over 'unbearably desperate' situation at Gaza hospitals: NPR
105 The first signs of dementia that are not memory loss as doctor issues warning
106 He lived without lungs. An amazing transplant and DD breast implants saved him: Shots
107 The White House and some Republicans pan House GOP's two-part funding proposal: NPR
108 Flu could hike your risk of heart attack by six times--how to protect yourself
109 More than 100,000 march in Paris against soaring antisemitism amid Israel-Hamas war: NPR
110 Older patients increasingly face digital barriers to see GP