File Title
1 Webb, Hubble telescopes combine to create most colorful view of universe
2 Europe's Euclid space telescope releases first images
3 Webb Telescope improves simulation software
4 NSF awards up to $21.4 million for design of next-gen telescopes to capture earliest moments of universe
5 NASA sends holiday treats and a laser communication system to the Space Station
6 NASA astronauts Moghbeli and O'Hara embark on rare all-female spacewalk
7 Putin says first segment of ISS replacement to orbit by 2027
8 Cosmonauts to install equipment, check coolant leak on ISS during spacewalk
9 ESA Embracing Commercial Space Stations with Airbus and Voyager Space Partnership
10 Final three for ESA's next medium science mission
11 European Space Agency turns to private sector to deliver cargo shuttle serving the ISS
12 New technologies for the future of European space
13 Hayabusa2 Unveils New Clues on Solar System's Beginnings from Asteroid Samples
14 SwRI-led Lucy mission shows Dinkinesh asteroid is actually a binary
15 In US capital, selfies with asteroid hinting at Earth's origins
16 NASA's Lucy Spacecraft Discovers 2nd Asteroid During Dinkinesh Flyby
17 Smithsonian set to open Asteroid Bennu sample display
18 Hera asteroid mission goes on trial
19 UArizona researchers probe how a piece of the moon became a near-Earth asteroid
20 Iridium Set to Directly Partner with OEMs Following Qualcomm Agreement Termination
21 Lunar Mysteries Unraveled: Topographic Connection to Swirls Discovered
22 Australian-Backed SPIDER Payload to Fly on Firefly's 2026 Lunar Mission
23 NASA seeks input for future lunar surface resource utilization demo
24 Five-Year Deal for Sidus Space in Support of Lunar Operations
25 Heterogeneity of Earth's mantle may be relics of Moon formation
26 NASA supports tests of dust sensor to aid lunar landings
27 European Service Module for Artemis II connected to Orion vehicle
28 Next generation Moon camera tested in Europe
29 ACT's Thermal Management System will help VIPER Rover survive long lunar nights
30 The Moon is 40 million years older than previously thought
31 Momentus and RIDE! Space collaborate to connect SmallSat operators for in-Space Services
32 Ireland's first satellite on its way to launch
33 New nanosatellite to test novel AI technologies on board
34 AI-enhanced LizzieSat satellite by Sidus Space clears crucial environmental tests
35 USound and Physical Synthesis to send the tiniest speaker to space
36 Terran Orbital receives $7 million addition to Tranche 1 contract
37 NASA's Solar Jet Hunter Project Revived with Fresh Data and New Interactive Tasks
38 Scholars Probe Lunar Mysteries: Solar Wind Interaction Explored
39 The importance of the Earth's atmosphere in creating the large storms that affect satellite communications
40 Northrop Grumman Finalizes Key Trials for Arctic Communications Satellites
41 SDA Awards Northrop Grumman $732 Million Satellite Contract
42 HawkEye 360 secures $12 million contract from NIWC Pacific for Maritime Awareness
43 University of Kansas wins $5 million NSF grant to help secure 5G for U.S. Military
44 SES Space and Defense Secures DoD Medium Earth Orbit Services Contract
45 X-37B Mission to Test New Space Technologies and Study Radiation on Seeds
46 ULA and SpaceX share 21 mission assignments from SSC for FY24
47 Air Force, Space Force raise maximum enlistment age to gain recruits
48 Lockheed Martin contracts Terran Orbital for 36 satellite buses for SDA T2 constellation
49 Terran Orbital Unveils Advanced Enterprise Satellite Buses for Next-Gen. Space Missions
50 University of Bern's LIMS Set to Uncover Moon's Mysteries in 2027
51 HK, Macao add thrust to China's space exploration
52 Europe to hold competition to build space cargo ship
53 Early production continues on Advanced Upper Stage for SLS
54 SQX-2Y rocket demonstrates vertical take-off and landing capabilities
55 SpinLaunch announces new leadership roles
56 Crunch time for Phoebus
57 New US rocket Vulcan Centaur set to launch on December 24
58 Indian skycraft's crew module recovered from sea
59 NASA's innovative rocket nozzle paves way for deep space missions
60 NASA seeks students to imagine nuclear powered space missions
61 Astronaut who led humanity's first mission around the Moon dead at 95
62 Major $200 million gift propels scientific research in the search for life beyond earth
63 Webb findings support long-proposed process of planet formation
64 Jurassic worlds might be easier to spot than modern Earth
65 Giant planets cast a deadly pall
66 Experts to Explore AI Integration in Military Space Operations at LAX Forum
67 Rocket Lab adds HASTE Launch from Virginia for DoD's Defense Innovation Unit
68 ESA and European Commission to unite on climate action from space
69 The four battles to follow during COP28
70 Indonesia lays out emissions roadmap for $20 billion energy transition pact
71 Climate-neutral ads mislead: Swiss consumer protection agency
72 How to run a climate COP, according to the grandfather of the Paris deal
73 Climate group's Israel-Hamas posts cause German uproar
74 COP 'cooling pledge' vows 68 percent emissions cut by 2050
75 California governor presses China's Xi on climate cooperation
76 Climate 'loss and damage' talks end in failure
77 UK police charge Greta Thunberg after climate protest arrest
78 Around the globe, climate adaptation lacks coordination
79 Reaching New Frontiers in Science Supported by Public Participation
80 Inspiring the Next Generation with Student Challenges and Learning Opportunities
81 Workshop to highlight NASA's support for mobility, in-space servicing
82 NSF funds annual solicitation seeking physical science research leveraging the ISS National Lab
83 Glow in the visible range detected for the first time in the Martian night
84 Mars Climate Sounder data reveals new cloud trends, study shows
85 Bulgaria signs Artemis Accords at NASA Headquarters; Joins 31 Nations
86 Juno finds Jupiter's winds penetrate in cylindrical layers
87 New jet stream discovered in Jupiter's upper atmosphere
88 Salts and organics observed on Ganymede's surface by Juno
89 How NASA is protecting Europa Clipper from space radiation
90 Extended habitability of exoplanets due to subglacial water
91 An ammonia trail to exoplanets
92 Scorching, seven-planet system revealed by new Kepler Exoplanet list
93 Scientists find 14 new transient objects in space by peering through the 'Christmas Tree Galaxy Cluster'
94 Construction on NASA mission to map 450 million galaxies is under way
95 Milky Way-like galaxy found in the early universe
96 China kicks off construction of new telescopes for future lunar missions
97 Detect gravitational waves with an interferometric seismometer array on lunar nearside
98 Researchers find gravitational lensing has significant effect on cosmic birefringence
99 LIGO surpasses the quantum limit
100 Japanese billionaire's lunar SpaceX voyage postponed
101 Starlink mission brings SpaceX's orbital launch count to 80 missions so far in 2023
102 SpaceX launches 23 Starlink Internet satellites after aborted mission
103 UK plans space mission after striking deal with US firm
104 Rocket Lab to Reinforce Market Trust with Electron Reliability Overhaul
105 China launches Long March 7A carrier rocket
106 Norway inaugurates satellite launch site
107 Tech agreement sets stage for U.S. private sector space launch sites in Australia
108 Rocket Lab receives FAA authorization to resume launches
109 Cerberus Fossae Identified as Primary Source of Marsquakes
110 Scientists discover molten layer covering Martian core