File Title
1 Mystery of the Martian core solved
2 New Test Case Enables Satellite-to-Ground 5G Connectivity, Boosting Rural and Remote Access
3 Ovzon receives follow-on order for SATCOM-as-a-Service valued at 1.8 MUSD
4 UK and European Space Agency Commit Funding for Shetland Satellite Launch
5 Leidos Enhances ISS Capabilities with New xPWD Water System
6 Australian school students are experimenting with 'space veggies' in a NASA initiative
7 TRISAT-R CubeSat: A Glimpse of Earth through the Eye of a Coin-Sized Camera
8 TelePIX and Thrusters Unlimited to sell Geo-Info solutions across Latin America and Caribbean
9 China places multipurpose satellite into space
10 Six trends to watch in commercial Earth observation
11 Hull Street Energy helps fuel Upstream Tech's mission in environmental monitoring
12 Climate migration new diplomatic 'bargaining chip': expert
13 G7 foreign ministers call for 'urgent' humanitarian pause in Gaza
14 U.N. pleads for Gaza access; Netanyahu offers 'tactical little pauses' but no cease-fire
15 Blinken calls for civilian protection after meeting with Israeli PM Netanyahu
16 Hundreds more civilians, including 400 Americans, permitted to leave Gaza amid war
17 Mexico announces recovery plan for hurricane-hit Acapulco
18 U.N. urges opening of 2nd border crossing into Gaza as need for aid grows
19 NASA, Pacific Disaster Center increase landslide hazard awareness
20 'Survival instinct': Mexico hurricane victims search for food
21 UN report warns of catastrophic risks to Earth systems
22 Australia sends troops, planes for citizens in Mideast
23 Hundreds of activists demand plastic action in Kenya
24 'Like breathing poison': Delhi children hardest hit by smog
25 New Delhi to restrict vehicles as pollution spikes
26 Schools shut as toxic smog engulfs India's capital
27 'Air-pocalypse': Indian capital launches 'Green War Room'
28 Icelandic town evacuated over volcano fears
29 Iceland's iconic Blue Lagoon closes over eruption fears
30 Company guilty over New Zealand volcano disaster
31 California supervolcano is cooling off but may still cause quakes
32 Living in fear on Italy's Campi Flegrei volcano
33 Australia offers Tuvalu citizens climate refuge
34 Australia fends climate criticism at Pacific Islands summit
35 El Nino set to last at least til April: UN
36 Australia's Albanese expected in China as relations thaw
37 China scales back 'loud and brash' Pacific funding: report
38 White House cancels performance by B-52s at Australian state dinner
39 AI maps icebergs 10,000 times faster than humans
40 Using language to give robots a better grasp of an open-ended world
41 UK, US, China sign AI safety pledge at UK summit
42 AI anxiety as computers get super smart
43 Groundbreaking method for robotic space assembly inspired by human arm dynamics
44 UN panel to recommend how to govern use of AI
45 Japan show provides glimpse of robots as future of rescue efforts
46 Scientists unveil significant increase in short-duration extreme precipitation over mountainous areas under global warming
47 Water will be key at UN climate talks: Dutch envoy
48 Mayotte turns to bottled water in century's worst drought
49 Storms swell Iguazu falls to near decade-high flow
50 Climate change and filthy water drive disease in Iraq
51 In Louisiana, salt water in the Mississippi...and faucets
52 The mighty Mississippi, America's water highway, is dangerously low
53 Lightning identified as the leading cause of wildfires in boreal forests, threatening carbon storage
54 Desert Turkmenistan plants 470,000 trees
55 Indonesian tribe at risk of losing homeland after court ruling: NGOs
56 Oman revives CO2-busting mangroves as climate threat lurks
57 New study finds hidden trees across Europe: A billion tons of biomass is overlooked today
58 Reclaiming land stolen in heart of Guatemalan reserve
59 Global Witness names Chinese firm for illegal logging in DR Congo
60 World 'failing' on pledge to stop deforestation by 2030
61 Deforestation caused by rubber vastly underestimated: study
62 How Belize became a poster child for 'debt-for-nature' swaps
63 Greenland's glacier retreat rate has doubled over past two decades
64 How a climate model can illustrate and explain ice-age climate variability
65 For 20,000 years, polar bears have been retreating due to rising sea temperatures
66 Greenland's ice shelves have lost more than a third of their volume
67 Light, freshwater sticks to Greenland's east coast
68 Arctic archipelago turns the page on its mining past
69 The village at the end of the world
70 Deforestation in Brazilian Amazon down 22% in a year
71 Battle looms over renewed plastic treaty negotiations
72 South Africa deploys military to tackle illegal mining
73 FAO says $160 million needed for El Nino plan
74 Global wine production hits lowest level since 1961
75 Hydrosat contracts Muon Space to Integrate Multispectral and IR imaging instruments
76 Australian woman charged with murder over mushroom meal deaths
77 Australian woman arrested in lethal mushroom mystery
78 In Brazil town turning to desert, farmers fight to hang on
79 Seaweed was once central to many European diets for thousands of years
80 Adding crushed rock to farmland pulls carbon out of the air
81 EU legislators vote to slash use of pesticides
82 Drought-hit farmers in US heartland hope Mississippi 'comes back'
83 Burkina conscripts dissidents in anti-jihadist fight: HRW
84 Mali rejects claims of targeted killing of civilians
85 Islamist armed groups, army targeting civilians in Mali: HRW
86 Uganda captures militia chief accused of tourist murders
87 One year on, peace holds in Tigray but Ethiopia still fractured
88 Divisive legacy of a British army base in Kenya
89 PM Abiy says Ethiopia will 'not pursue interests through war'
90 Mali army air strikes blamed for civilian deaths in rebel-held town
91 Saudi-hosted Sudan peace talks fall short of ceasefire
92 Somalia's Al-Shabaab offensive stalls after early success
93 Green 'Marianne' brings climate crisis to French letterboxes
94 Rights group sounds alarm on UAE's hosting of climate talks
95 Top French court overturns ban on radical climate group
96 In a pickle: Baltic herring threatened by warming sea
97 Elusive Attenborough echidna rediscovered in Indonesia
98 Invasive species could reap benefits from extreme weather
99 Scientists weigh in on what happens when cats get fat
100 For the sunflower, turning toward the sun requires multiple complex systems
101 Australia to restart 'essential' aerial shooting of wild horses
102 Life on Earth under 'existential threat': climate scientists
103 EU strikes deal on key biodiversity bill
104 Vienna fountain decried for 'ugliness,' costs
105 China's animal lovers fight illegal cat meat trade
106 Army captain mistaken for M23 rebel lynched in DR Congo
107 Burkina conscripts dissidents in anti-jihadist fight: HRW
108 New island emerges near Japan after underwater volcanic explosions
109 NASA Analysis Finds Strong El Nino Could Bring Extra Floods this Winter
110 Floods in Ethiopia kill over 20, displace thousands