File Title
1 Texas city settles lawsuit over harassment of 'Biden Bus'
2 Italian leader Meloni separates from her partner
3 American Mother-Daughter Hostage Released by Gaza On Humanitarian Grounds
4 SFPD releases body-camera footage and 911 audio from Chinese consulate
5 Israel-Hamas war: Violent threats in U.S. disrupt Muslim groups supporting Palestinians
6 'On the side of humanity': Palestinian supporters march
7 Canada preparing for military evacuations from Lebanon as clashes with Israel grow--National
8 Brother of teen hostage released by Hamas overwhelmed with gratitude
9 Sisi says Egypt summit targets roadmap for humanitarian crisis in Gaza / Arab News Japan
10 California employers, unions enter a new labor law battle
11 Belgian minister quits over 'monumental' security error
12 Egypt's Border Crossing Opens to Let A Trickle of Desperately Needed Aid into Besieged Gaza
13 40-year-old California teen murder finally solved
14 Two Thais injured in clashes along Israel-Lebanon border
15 Incidence of widowhood a critical indicator of vulnerability among elderly: UN report / India News
16 Pipe Bomb Explodes Near Israeli Embassy in Cyprus, 4 Arrested
17 Pakistan's former prime minister returns home
18 Hospitals in Gaza are on 'brink of collapse,' UN warns
19 Canada to give $50 million in aid to Palestinians in Gaza--National
20 Saudi Arabia re-elected to lead UN tourism body in 2024 / Arab News Japan
21 Japan welcomes arrival of relief goods in Gaza / Arab News Japan
22 Schools close, fishermen seek shelter as Yemen braces for cyclone / Arab News Japan
23 At Cairo summit, Arab leaders expressed growing anger over Gaza war
24 San Jose mayor sees opportunities, challenges for the South Bay city
25 First trucks carrying aid enter Gaza but besieged enclave needs more
26 The King Has Returned
27 Truck hits pedestrian, crashes into San Francisco furniture store
28 No wish for revenge, Nawaz Sharif tells supporters on returning to Pakistan
29 Israel Steps Up Bombing After Gaza Receives Aid, Attacks West Bank Mosque
30 Manhunt issued for man who killed U.S. judge in divorce case
31 Satellite photos show trucks leaving Gaza after dropping off aid, with more lined up at border crossing
32 Up to 100K pro-Palestinians protest in London, UK, over Gaza bombings--National
33 The 'Rules of War': Have Hamas and Israel already broken them?
34 Saudi and French defense ministers discuss efforts to calm regional escalation Arab News Japan
35 60 Japanese evacuees return from Israel on SDF plane / Arab News Japan
36 Syria state media / Arab News Japan
37 Palo Alto police investigate overnight motor home carjacking
38 Man charged in abduction, stabbing, beating of domestic partner in Fremont
39 Congress chaos isn't helping Americans' faltering faith in institutions
40 Shooter gets 23 years to life for twice ambushing New York City police
41 Driver who crashed into Chinese consulate in San Francisco tried to stab a responding officer before being fatally shot, police say
42 Watch Dramatic Video Captures Moment During Powerful Tremors in Kathmandu
43 Bay Area police officer filmed punching a woman during an arrest
44 Ukraine: Russia says it thwarted Ukrainian attempts to cross Dnipro in Kherson region
45 Canada's 'continuous interference' in our affairs--Jaishankar on why India invoked diplomatic parity
46 Texas Student, 16, Collapses After Winning Cross Country Race, Dies
47 German leaders voice outrage over rising antisemitism
48 Brunswick East in Melbourne named among the 'coolest' suburbs in the world
49 Israel accidentally hits Egyptian post at Gaza border: IDF--National
50 Israel strikes Gaza, Syria and West Bank as war against Hamas threatens to ignite other fronts
51 When Saudi Arabia takes the lead on Palestine, the 'impact is powerful,' Malaysia PM tells Arab News / Arab News Japan
52 Japan, China mark 45th Anniversary of Peace Treaty / Arab News Japan
53 No US call for ceasefire in new UNSC draft resolution / Arab News Japan
54 Inmate found dead in his cell at the Maguire Correctional Facility
55 16-year-old shot and killed at a party in Oakley, three others wounded
56 Meet the Republicans running for Speaker
57 Michigan State didn't pay for Hitler-related content
58 US is ready to respond to escalation, targeting of US forces
59 Funeral set for slain Detroit synagogue president as police investigate
60 Israel orders more evacuations amid fears of conflict widening
61 Parliamentary Standing Committee to Adopt Draft Reports On Bills to Replace IPC, CrPC, Evidence Act this Week
62 Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu Holds Security Assessment at Tel Avi, Briefs Leaders On Hamas Offensive
63 Rite Aid to close 31 stores in California following bankruptcy
64 Blinken: Blinken, Austin say US is ready to respond if US personnel become targets of Israel-Hamas war
65 Tom Emmer to Kevin Hern, Frontrunners to Become US Speaker
66 Restricted rights endangered Afghan women and girls during quakes: UN
67 Israel Defense Forces attack on Al Shati refugee camp in northern Gaza kills woman's entire family
68 'We're at a very critical time': former FBI negotiator on freeing hostages from Hamas--National
69 Border patrol agents injured after driver speeds through checkpoint
70 Japan advises its citizens to 'evacuate Lebanon-Israel border area immediately' / Arab News Japan
71 Iraq orders pursuit of perpetrators of attacks on military bases / Arab News Japan
72 23,000 people attend in-N-Out's 75th anniversary festival in Southern California
73 Harvard body parts trafficking scandal lawsuits could merge into one big one
74 DNA evidence unveils Santa Cruz 1982 cold case homicide ID
75 A migrant family's 7,100 mile odyssey from Venezuela to San Jose
76 This year's most popular (and relevant) Halloween costumes
77 Why the US kept Daylight Saving Time
78 Man threatened to shoot rock climbers at Oregon event, police say
79 San Ramon-based Chevron buys Hess oil for $53 billion
80 'Hills Bandit' leaves California prison and is sentenced to life in Nevada
81 What do more quakes at one of California's riskiest volcanoes mean? Scientists think they know
82 Where do we stand after 20 days without a House speaker?
83 Climate change may make Bordeaux red wines stronger and tastier
84 Contaminants in cannabis and hemp flowers create potential for health risks
85 Takins: Strange, mountain-dwelling mammals with mythical golden fleeces
86 In 250 million years, a single supercontinent will form, wiping out nearly all mammals: Modeling study
87 Harsh workplace climate is pushing women out of academia, review finds
88 Will we still have antibiotics in 50 years? 7 experts weigh in
89 Wildfire smoke leaves harmful gases in floors and walls--air purifiers aren't enough, new study shows
90 Ancient sea monster remains reveal oldest mega-predatory pliosaur
91 Visitors tour New Mexico atomic site in likely record attendance fueled by 'Oppenheimer' fanfare
92 Moving muscle fibers with magnets 'programs' how they align within tissue
93 11 ways orcas show their terrifying intelligence
94 The climate impact of plastic pollution is negligible--the production of new plastics is the real problem
95 Does suspending kids from school harm their grades and health?
96 Science news this week: False memories and swallowed seas
97 Back on the menu? Europeans once ate seaweed, research shows
98 Challenging prehistoric gender roles: Research finds that women were hunters, too
99 Space photo of the week: Jupiter's seething volcano moon gets a close-up
100 Birds nesting in agricultural lands more vulnerable to extreme heat, study finds
101 Pivotal breakthrough in adapting perovskite solar cells for renewable energy
102 Orcas are learning terrifying new behaviors. Are they getting smarter?
103 Researchers find a slight bias
104 Does urbanization trigger plant evolution?
105 What's the deepest-occurring gemstone on Earth?
106 To find out how wildlife is doing, scientists try listening
107 How cord-like aggregates of bacteria lead to tuberculosis infections
108 Keep or cull? Romania divided over its bear population
109 Land use: Producing more food and storing more carbon
110 When did humans start burying their dead?
111 Developing a tool to identify cancerous cells from their membranes
112 Air purifiers aren't enough to rid homes of gases from wildfires. Here's what to do
113 Researchers correct overestimation by 'hot model' climate projections on warming in China
114 Pupil response may shed light on who responds best to transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression
115 Jurassic pliosaur 'megapredator' was a giant 'sea murderer'