File Title
1 In early 2029, Earth will likely lock into breaching key warming threshold, scientists calculate
2 Vacuum in optical cavity can change material's magnetic state without laser excitation
3 Earless monitor lizards: The 'Holy Grail' of reptiles that looks like a mini dragon
4 Mother Nature knows best when it comes to climate solutions, social media users say
5 Charged 'molecular beasts' the basis for new compounds
6 Watch great white shark get mobbed by gang of seals in 'incredible and surprising' footage
7 Endeavour assembly at Science Center starts with lifting 52-ton rockets into place
8 An exotic tick that can kill cattle is spreading across Ohio
9 Deadly bacteria may be the culprit behind mysterious elephant die-off
10 Can we eat our way through an exploding sea urchin problem?
11 Large herbivores such as elephants, bison and moose contribute to tree diversity
12 Understanding all kinds of English accents can improve empathy and learning--and even be a matter of life and death
13 Chimpanzees use hilltops to conduct reconnaissance on rival groups--study
14 Why do people sport 4-, 6- or even 8-pack abs?
15 To restore ecosystems, think about thwarting hungry herbivores
16 Sphinx may have been built from a natural rock feature eroded by wind, study claims
17 Study shows how bird flu could be eradicated by editing the genes of chickens
18 Research outlines how sex differences have evolved
19 Science news this week: The many faces of cats and an impending solar maximum
20 NASA spacecraft discovers tiny moon around asteroid during close flyby
21 Researchers develop solid-state thermal transistor for better heat management
22 Facial reconstructions help the past come alive. But are they accurate?
23 New research shows quasars can be buried in their host galaxies
24 Good news, bad news on dental pain care seen in new study
25 See how an Incan 'Ice Maiden' comes alive in this step-by-step guide to creating a facial approximation
26 Want the secret to less painful belly flops? These researchers have the answer
27 Female sex determining gene identified in mice
28 Old data from Kepler turns up a system with seven planets
29 New designs for solid-state electrolytes may soon revolutionize the battery industry
30 Why do leaves change color in the fall?
31 Climate negotiators reach framework to aid vulnerable countries
32 A known environmental hazard can change the epigenetics of cells
33 The world's boreal forests may be shrinking as climate change pushes them northward
34 Black holes are messy eaters
35 China successfully grows lettuce and tomatoes aboard Tiangong space station
36 The first assimilation of CryoSat-2 summer observations provides accurate estimates of Arctic sea ice thickness
37 The kids aren't alright: Saplings reveal how changing climate may undermine forests
38 Do redheads really need more anesthesia?
39 French love letters confiscated by Britain finally read after 265 years
40 Crust-forming algae are displacing corals in tropical waters worldwide
41 In world 1st, virus spotted attached to 2nd virus
42 Orcas sink another boat in Europe after a nearly hour-long attack
43 Corporations fall short on implementing green agendas: report
44 Fossils tell tale of last primate to inhabit North America before humans
45 Rare tumor with teeth discovered in Egyptian burial from 3,000 years ago
46 After October festivities, Illinoisans smash thousands of pumpkins to divert them from landfills, cut methane
47 450-million-year-old organism finds new life in Softbotics
48 'A disembodied head walking about the sea floor on its lips': Scientists finally work out what a starfish is
49 Team successfully detects ammonia isotopologues in atmosphere of cold brown dwarf
50 French love letters confiscated by Britain finally read after 265 years
51 Volcanic 'devil comet' racing toward Earth resprouts its horns after erupting again
52 UN report reveals trillions in hidden costs of agrifood systems
53 Window to the past: New microfossils suggest earlier rise in complex life
54 3D map plots human brain-cell 'antennae' in exquisite detail
55 Why a surprising discovery, warming seas and the demise of the 'Meg' may spell trouble for more and more sharks
56 New dates for landslides reveal past Seattle fault earthquakes
57 1st images from the Euclid 'dark universe' telescope are here--and they're jaw-dropping
58 Experts predict 'catastrophic ecosystem collapse' of UK forests within the next 50 years if no action is taken
59 Measuring skin water loss predicts anaphylaxis during food allergy tests
60 Framework provides guidance for ethical wildlife management
61 Maps reveal biochar's potential for mitigating climate change
62 Weathered face of 'old man' Neanderthal comes to life in amazing new facial reconstruction
63 Seagrass decline poses issues for carbon storage projects
64 Connectivity scans could serve as brain 'blueprints' for adolescents, researchers find
65 Universe's oldest X-ray-spitting quasar could reveal how the biggest black holes were born
66 Mouthfeel of food determines whether people go back for seconds
67 Cracking the code: Genome sequencing reveals why songbirds are larger in colder climates
68 Bear linked to multiple attacks in Japan found dead alongside its final victim
69 Picking up the statistics of good vibrations in Brillouin-Mandelstam scattering
70 Deep decarbonization scenarios reveal importance of accelerating zero-emission vehicle adoption
71 Newfound 'moon' around asteroid Dinkinesh is actually two tiny moons touching
72 New AI system can map giant icebergs from satellite images 10,000 times faster than humans
73 Machine learning gives users 'superhuman' ability to open and control tools in virtual reality
74 Breast implants saved a man's life during a lung transplant. Here's how.
75 Signs of wear on mosasaurs' teeth show they were picky eaters who liked seafood
76 How the antioxidant glutathione keeps mitochondria healthy
77 Ancient Egyptian tomb was filled with magical spells to ward off snake bites
78 Strategies for Managing Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD)
79 Fruits and vegetables linked to lower risk of mortality--how to eat more
80 Milk carton shortage hits school lunchrooms in New York, California and other states, USDA says
81 8 Creativity Tips for a Stronger, Happier Brain
82 Russell Brand is accused of sexually assaulting a woman on a film set in 2010: NPR
83 Scientists warn next pandemic is 'the Big One' with deadly brain-swelling virus
84 Indiana attorney general reprimanded for comments on doctor who provided rape victim's abortion
85 Advice for resolving conflicts from real-world peacemakers: Shots
86 Experts reveal the six simple habits that will keep your brain sharp after 50
87 Death of a player from a skate to the neck reignites hockey's stubborn debate over protective gear
88 Two thirds of today's students have anxiety new survey finds
89 California officials confirm 2 cases of dengue, a mosquito-borne illness rarely transmitted in US
90 Matthew Perry Foundation set up to help people with alcohol and drug addiction: NPR
91 Man, 26, shares first symptoms that led to pancreatic cancer diagnosis
92 Nurse accused of killing 4 patients, injuring others with high doses of insulin
93 Israel's war with Hamas disrupts Palestinian workers and Israeli employers alike: NPR
94 Doctor warns of risk of stroke in cold weather--tips to stay safe
95 5 Essential Tips to Safeguard Your Eyes from Irreversible Blindness
96 Vaping by high school students dropped this year, says US report
97 Speaker Mike Johnson and the alliance of white evangelicals and Republicans: NPR
98 'I'm a doctor--here's what to do immediately if you think you have COVID'
99 Dozens of Kentucky counties are consolidating voting locations: NPR
100 'I'm a doctor--for those suffering with a cold or flu try fan therapy'
101 This psychedelics researcher approached his death with calm and curiosity: NPR
102 Pumpkin seeds could help promote better sleep--here's how
103 Many veterinarians in Canada are facing extreme burnout and declining mental health
104 School board elections latest battleground for polarized national politics: NPR
105 A Philippine radio anchor was shot and killed while on a Facebook livestream: NPR
106 Dr. Zoe shares red flag signs you could have 'winter gut lag'
107 The number of times you pee in the night could be a sign of silent killer
108 More fruit pouches for kids are being recalled because of illnesses that are linked to lead
109 Dr. Eric Berg reveals the first sign of a magnesium deficiency
110 Doctor says these are the six 'obvious signs' of testicular cancer to report 'immediately'
111 Hamas attacked Israel 1 month ago. What's happened since?: NPR
112 New HV.1 COVID variant could cause more hospitalisations, warns Dr.
113 A Ukrainian missile strike on a shipyard in Crimea damages a Russian ship: NPR
114 Vascular Dementia: Early signs of silent killer 180,000 Brits suffer from each year
115 Tyson recalls 30,000 pounds of dino-shaped chicken nuggets: NPR
116 Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis include dry eyes--doctor's advice
117 When Is a Biologic Right for Psoriasis?
118 'I lost my wife to Alzheimer's'--symptoms of dementia
119 Is Your Psoriasis in Remission?
120 Ex-State Department aide sentenced to nearly 6 years in Capitol riot attacks: NPR
121 Do You Have Chocolates Often? 7 Reasons Why Meetha is Your Comfort Food