File Title
1 Cosmic Alchemy: Webb's First Glimpse into Heavy Element Creation
2 Scientists Uncover Genetic Secrets of Butternuts
3 Hidden Danger--New Study Reveals How Video Games Are Being Used by Foreign Actors and Extremists
4 Expedition 70's Next Spacewalk: Sun Trackers & Communication Upgrades
5 Scientists Discover a "Switch" to Trigger Cancer Cell Death
6 Redefining Gene Therapy: CRISPR's Innovative "Find-and-Replace" Genome Editing
7 New Cambridge Research: Simple Blood Test Can Help Diagnose Bipolar Disorder
8 The Future of Machine Learning: A New Breakthrough Technique
9 Quantum Leap--Harvard Scientists Use Sound to Test Devices, Control Qubits
10 Scientists Discover Even More Reasons to Eat Fiber
11 From Big Bang to Big Picture: A Comprehensive New View of All Objects in the Universe
12 Stealth Echolocation: How Evolutionary Twists Made this Bat a Silent Assassin
13 Mathematicians Have Solved a Hot Coloring Problem
14 Revealing the Hidden Causes: Yale Study Uncovers Key to 90% of Mysterious Pregnancy Losses
15 Revolution in Nanotech: A Motor that's 1/10,000th of a Millimeter
16 Does Free Will Exist? New Study Challenges Classic Libet Experiments
17 Lunar Snapshots: Testing NASA's Incredible Next-Gen. Moon Camera
18 Skin Cancer Surge: The Sunscreen Paradox Unmasked
19 Genetic Plot Twist: New Discovery Challenges Our Understanding of Skin Tone and Ancestry
20 Solar Spectacle: Highest-Energy Sunlight Ever Recorded Stuns Scientists
21 Rock Solid Carbon Capture: How Farmland Can Fight Global Warming
22 The Science Behind the Scream: Why We Love to Be Scared
23 Secrets of Immune System Proteins: Unlocking Innovative Disease Treatments
24 Lottery Logic: How the Brain Decodes Economic Risks
25 A Halloween Treat: NASA's Juno Mission Glimpses an Eerie "Face" on Jupiter
26 Clouds, Aerosols & Radiation: EarthCARE's Quest to Decode Climate Puzzles
27 Scientists Uncover New Clues to Early Development of Schizophrenia
28 Bright Sparks & Dark Secrets: How Fast Radio Bursts Illuminate the Distant Cosmos
29 Chilling Reality: An Unseen Factor Is Accelerating Antarctic Glacier Meltdown
30 Solving Molecular Mysteries: How Quantum Light "Hears" Quantum Sound
31 Genomic Surveillance: New Weapon Against the Rise of Deadly "Superbugs"
32 Debunking Prehistoric Myths: Women Were Big-Game Hunters in Ancient Peru
33 Prometheus Full Ignition: Progress for Ultra-Low Cost Reusable Rocket Engine
34 Zoom vs. Reality--Scientists Uncover Astonishing Differences in Brain Activity
35 Coming Out in 2023--It's Complicated
36 Climate Change's Harsh Impact on Ancient European Populations
37 IBS Relief: Common Drug Improves Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
38 Breaking the Quantum Limit: From Einstein-Bohr Debates to Achieving "Unattainable" Efficiency
39 New Data Reveals that Vasectomies Are Becoming More Common in the United States
40 Game-Changer in Electric Vehicles: New Battery Design Curbs Fires & Supercharges Storage
41 Scientists Decode New Antibiotic
42 A Paradigm Shift--Scientists Use Engineered Bacteria to Lower Blood Pressure
43 3 Simple Activities that Can Enhance Cognitive Function in Older Adults
44 Antarctica's Majestic Elephant Island Captured from Space
45 NASA's SpaceX CRS-29: Lasers, Gravity Waves & Space Biology Unleashed
46 Rivaling Hiroshima: The Earthquake-Fueled Firestorm of Tokyo, 1923
47 Beware the Chair: How Extended Sitting Time May Be Aging Your Brain Faster
48 Discovering Uranus' Glow: New Hints for Life on Icy Exoplanets
49 Death Redefined: Expert Urges Overhaul of the Controversial U.S. "Death Act"
50 Pumpkin Power: 7 Reasons Why this Squash Is a Superfood
51 How to Tell if Your Boss Is a "Corporate Psychopath"
52 Ring in the Changes: Saturn's Swirling Seasonal Shifts Revealed
53 Scientists Discover Hidden Way for Us to Feel Touch
54 Mind-Blowing Cancer Discovery--Common Chemotherapy Drugs Don't Work like Doctors Thought
55 Will Artificial Intelligence Soon Become Conscious?
56 The Quantum Quest for Dark Matter's Elusive Axion Particle
57 New Study Links Infant Stunting to Differences in Cognitive and Brain Function
58 New Species of Spiny Mouse Discovered in Ecuador
59 Rocketing to the Stars: NASA's INFUSE Probes Sizzling Supernova Secrets
60 Sleep Apnea Accelerates Aging--But Using this Breathing Therapy Method Can Mitigate the Problem
61 Dancing with Stars: Hubble Captures the Enigmatic Beauty of the "Spanish Dancer Galaxy"
62 Lithium Goldmine: Sustainable Geothermal Extraction for Many Decades
63 Cold Case Solved: NASA Maps Reveal Mars' Hidden Ice Stashes
64 Extreme Heat Expected to Drive U.S. Cardiovascular Death Surge
65 Magnetic Mischief: Earth's Upper Atmosphere and Satellite Communication Storms
66 Teaching in English Linked to Worse Results and More Drop-Outs
67 Atomic Rugby: Quantum Physicists Unveil the Mysterious Spinaron Effect
68 In Pursuit of a Cure: The Antibody that Could Revolutionize Breast Cancer Treatment
69 From Dark Matter to Bright Stars: Webb Telescope and "Renaissance Simulations" Reveal the Early Universe
70 Scientists Are on the Cusp of a New Vaccine Modality Breakthrough
71 Decoding Life's Secrets: Researchers Solve Protein Mystery
72 DNA Origami Nanoturbine: Pioneering the Nanomotor Revolution
73 Scientists Develop Cheaper, Safer, and Simpler Method to Obtain Acetone
74 Quantum Breakthrough: Scientists Rethink the Nature of Reality
75 Billion-Dollar Secrets: What Your Video Games Aren't Telling You
76 Adult Education Classes Linked to 19% Lower Risk of Dementia
77 Are Ghosts Real? Examining the Scientific Evidence
78 Unraveling the Universe: Supernovae Secrets Decoded via Supercomputers
79 Game Changer for Vitamin D--Supplementation Found to Improve Cancer Survival
80 Quantum Surprise: Atoms Producing Entangled Photon Pairs
81 Water Worries: Excess Fluoride Linked to Cognitive Impairment in Children
82 Red Alert: Earth's Blood-Like Waters Revealed from Space
83 Permafrost Apocalypse: 93% Could Vanish by 2100, Warns Global Study
84 MIT Researchers Discover that Deep Neural Networks Don't See the World the Way We Do
85 Cosmic Chills: The Mysterious Ghost Hand Discovered by NASA's X-Ray Telescopes
86 Life-Changing--New Brain Implant Successfully Controls Both Seizures and OCD
87 Researchers Reveal the Power of "Ghostly Encounters" on Organizations
88 New Analysis Sheds Light on Mystery of Turtle Remains Found in Ancient Roman Iron Age Grave
89 Eerie and Mysterious Images Captured by NASA's All-Sky Fireball Network
90 Digging with DNA: Soil's "Biological Fingerprints" Point to Hidden Diamonds
91 Trou Au Natron: The Ghostly Volcanic Face from Space
92 Unlocking Longevity Secrets: How a Diabetes Drug Promises Longer Life
93 New MIT Design Would Harness 40% of the Sun's Heat to Produce Clean Hydrogen Fuel
94 How Do Animals Know It's Lunchtime?
95 Cosmic Alchemy--New Findings Demonstrate that Supermassive Black Holes Alter Galactic Chemistry
96 Real Life Sea Monster--Scientists Discover Colossal New Species of Mosasaur
97 Scientists Discover New, More Effective Way to Coach and Inspire
98 Concerning--The FDA Is Approving Drugs After Fewer Trials and Providing Less Information to the Public
99 Astrophysical Enigma: Deciphering the Ring Nebula Through Webb's Advanced Optics
100 Parents Beware--Boredom Could Be Causing Your Kid to Eat Significantly More
101 Fundamentally Altering Previous Thinking--Two Bee Species Have Become One
102 Deadly Dust: What Really Killed the Dinosaurs After the Asteroid Impact
103 Starch Breakthrough: Discovery Could Revolutionize Human Health and Industry
104 Quantum Control Breakthrough a Game Changer for Next-Gen. Electronics and Computers
105 El Nino's Rain Games: A Global Hunger Crisis?
106 Inflammation and Vitamin B12: Unraveling the Hidden Connection
107 Have a Sedentary Lifestyle? Do this to Decrease Your Risk of Death
108 Revolutionary Obesity Treatment: Tirzepatide Shows Groundbreaking 21.1% Weight Loss
109 Embarrassed for a Robot? How Humans Relate to Machines on an Emotional Level
110 Having an Older Sibling Could Increase Your Risk of Arthritis
111 Revolutionizing Technology: Superconductors Master Spin Waves on Chips
112 Earth's Hidden Guests: Strange Blobs in Deep Mantle Are the Remains of an Ancient Planet
113 The "D Factor"--Scientists Uncover New Measure Linked to ADHD
114 Spacewalk Snafu: Astronauts Lose Tool Bag in Orbital Oopsy
115 The Secret to Surviving All-Nighters--Scientists Unveil Ideal Nap Strategy
116 Global Bee Data Gets a Boost: BeeBCD Launches to Fill Scientific Gaps