File Title
1 Investigating the influence of media narratives on microplastics risk perception
2 Researchers examine the relationship between loneliness and being alone
3 Forests are vital to protect the climate, yet the world is falling far behind its targets
4 Chemists make breakthrough in drug discovery chemistry
5 5,000-year-old mass grave of fallen warriors in Spain shows evidence of 'sophisticated' warfare
6 Customers willing to wait longer for delivery when they shop in store showroom vs. online, finds study
7 Repurposed drug offers new potential for managing type 1 diabetes
8 Pluto may have an ice-spewing 'supervolcano' the size of Yellowstone, New Horizons data reveals
9 Golden Retriever Lifetime Study data uncovers potential connection between sterilization, hemangiosarcoma
10 Hebrew prayer book fills gap in Italian earthquake history
11 Massive solar eruption carves 60,000-mile-long 'canyon of fire' into the sun on Halloween night
12 Climate change's toll on poverty and inequality in South Africa
13 AI should be better understood and managed--new research warns
14 Can rats 'imagine'? Rodents show signs of imagination while playing VR games
15 Wearable devices may prevent astronauts getting 'lost' in space
16 Contrary to common belief, artificial intelligence will not put you out of work
17 Sped-up 'biological aging' linked to worse memory
18 Plants' secret to surviving shorter days
19 Predicting saltwater intrusion into groundwater using Plymouth, Mass. as test case
20 Can we make a particle collider more energy efficient?
21 New secrets about cat evolution revealed
22 I've researched time for 15 years--here's how my perception of it has changed
23 HAARP artificial airglow may be widely visible in Alaska
24 Rats have an imagination, new research suggests
25 NASA finds hidden asteroid swirling around another one
26 How butterflies can help scientists detect cancer
27 How salt from the Caribbean affects our climate
28 Watch a huge megapod of acrobatic spinner dolphins in incredible, rare video
29 Some benefits of exercise stem from the immune system
30 Millions more people need lung cancer screening, ACS says
31 Sustainable alternatives key to combating fast fashion's environmental toll, study finds
32 Remains of 2,000-year-old sheep-drawn chariot discovered near 'Terracotta Army' in China
33 Plastic waste in rivers may carry dangerous microbes: Study
34 Photo battery achieves competitive voltage
35 Yeti search ends with 'boring' horse hair
36 Intermittent Fasting May Hold Keys to Diabetes Treatment
37 A rare Mexican gray wolf is wandering out of bounds in New Mexico: NPR
38 Dementia risk could be slashed by eating strawberries daily, new study finds
39 As billions roll in to fight the US opioid epidemic, one county shows how recovery can work
40 Crohn's Disease Treatment: Why I'm Hopeful
41 Ringo Starr diet: Beatles star says 2 foods are secret to looking good at 83
42 Private health care won't reduce wait times--it may raise them, report says
43 Matthew Perry Foundation established for late 'Friends' actor to help people with addiction
44 Can Crohn's Affect Your Mental Health?
45 'Give everyone access to the best stroke prevention, treatment and support' / UK / News
46 'I didn't think it would be in my house': Lung cancer survivor warns of radon risks--National
47 Right turn on red? With pedestrian deaths rising, US cities are considering bans
48 Will the Internet as We Know It Disappear in the Next Year?
49 Beware of Popular Online Liver Supplements, Doctors Say
50 A strong earthquake hits northwestern Nepal: NPR
51 Dentist warns of eight foods that are surprisingly bad for your teeth
52 Diabetes Type 2 Causes: THIS Everyday Food Can Put You at Risk Even if You Aren't Consuming Sugar
53 Israel's fortified underground blood bank processes unprecedented amounts as troops move into Gaza
54 Medication Strategies for Treatment-Resistant Depression
55 This trial overturned California's same-sex marriage ban. Tapes are now unsealed: NPR
56 Doctor recommends eight dietary tweaks to reduce your risk of cancer
57 White House tackles artificial intelligence with new executive order
58 General Motors reaches tentative agreement with UAW, potentially ending 6-week strike
59 Man drove through SF throwing explosives out of car, police say
60 Putin Blames Ukraine, West for Anti-Israel Riot at Russia Airport
61 Former British spy agency employee stabs American spy
62 Will the Israel-Hamas war spiral into a regional conflict?
63 Public bus service returns between Santa Clara and Monterey Counties
64 Israel's economy could have trouble recovering from this war
65 Deadly blast off Nigeria shows threat from aging oil tankers
66 Ex-officer on trial again over deadly Breonna Taylor raid
67 Maine shooter had numerous run-ins with law enforcement
68 Uber driver left car running for 3 weeks to avoid rental payments, Florida deputies say
69 Death toll from Hurricane Otis rises to 48, 36 still missing
70 German-Israeli Woman Shani Louk Confirmed Dead After Taken Hostage by Hamas in Gaza, Says Family
71 Man dies after 80-foot fall into silo at former Calif. sugar plant
72 US worker dies after falling into large silo at former Holly Sugar plant plant in California
73 David Kirke, the Man Who Performed World's First Bungee Jump, Dies at 78
74 Ukraine news: Russia urged to investigate Hroza attack
75 Kohberger trial: Investigators return to Idaho house
76 Lonely Planet's top places to go in 2024
77 A look at mortality in the U.S.
78 Group seeks to clear names in witchcraft injustice
79 Colorado trial eyes links between Trump, far-right groups
80 McConnell, Hawley spar over bill to limit corporate money
81 Man who received second pig heart transplant has died
82 Western states look to these lands for new affordable housing
83 Largest Christian university hit with record $37.7 million fine--The Mercury News
84 Maine shooter's behavior raised concern for months
85 Chance of getting long COVID highest with original strain of the virus: study
86 Joe Biden to Meet Xi Jinping in San Francisco this Month, Aims for Constructive Conversation: White House
87 Grand jury indicts Los Gatos 'party mom.' What does that mean?
88 Cornell University student faces federal charges over antisemitic threats
89 Al Jazeera Engineer's 19 Family Members Dead in Gaza Camp Bombing: Report
90 Israel-Hamas news: Gaza apartments crushed, troops battle on ground
91 Heartbroken father speaks out after daughter, 23, is killed at music festival
92 Zelenskyy urges Ukrainian troops to ignore outside pessimism as war drags on--National
93 Muslim World League condemns Israeli strike on Gaza's Jabalia camp / Arab News Japan
94 Iran's Khamenei calls upon Muslim countries to boycott Israel / Arab News Japan
95 U.S. autoworkers strike a blow for economic equality
96 A California pilot has been indicted for allegedly threatening to shoot the captain if the flight was diverted
97 High mobile phone use may impact sperm count, study says
98 Apple has plans to eventually, maybe revolutionize health care
99 Realtors found liable for $1.8 billion in damages in conspiracy to keep commissions high
100 How metal band Slaughter hit the jackpot by playing casinos
101 Antisemitism at 'historic level' in the US
102 Israel-Hamas War Results in Staggering Toll at Various Fronts
103 Fake China Doctor Tricks Breast Cancer Patient into Bizarre "Cement Treatment," Probe Launched
104 Cyprus plans to send humanitarian aid directly to Gaza by ship
105 Number of Australians make their way safely out of Gaza into Egypt to make way home, their families confirm
106 Saudi Arabia strongly condemns Israeli airstrike on Gaza refugee camp / Arab News Japan
107 Japan expresses concern over Israeli bombing of Gaza refugee camp / Arab News Japan
108 King Charles will deliver COP28 opening speech, Buckingham Palace says / Arab News Japan
109 Alameda family was followed home from shopping center, robbed at gunpoint, police say
110 San Jose man charged with driving to Dublin to meet undercover cop who posed as 13-year-old girl online
111 House rejects effort to expel Rep. George Santos, R-NY
112 House rejects move to censure Rep. Tlaib over Israel remarks
113 Foreigners, some wounded Palestinians allowed to leave Gaza
114 Senate Dems work to circumvent Tuberville's military blockade
115 New speaker faces contentious floor votes in early test
116 Student loan debt payments hit HBCU graduates especially hard
117 Cornell student, accused of threat to Jews, to remain jailed
118 37 Villagers Killed in Nigeria in Fresh Extremist Attacks
119 Lebanese Shepherds: Bodies of Lebanese shepherds shot at by Israeli forces found--report
120 US Believes Hamas Cannot Govern Gaza in Future
121 Ukraine news: 2 more killed as Russian artillery batters Kherson region
122 Gaza women having c-sections without anaesthetic while babies fed potentially contaminated formula as Israel-Hamas war continues
123 Executions in Iran up 30%, new United Nations report indicates--National
124 Pakistani hacker group says it has launched cyberattacks against Japan / Arab News Japan
125 Gaza health ministry says 27 killed in Israel strike near UN school / Arab News Japan