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1 Pharmacists prescribe another round of US protests to highlight working conditions
2 How to Avoid [Ulcerative Colitis] Flares at Social Gatherings
3 The Telegram app has been a key platform for Hamas. Now it's being restricted there: NPR
4 'Turning point' reached in fight for assisted dying after landmark Isle of Man vote
5 Ozempic maker faces proposed class action lawsuit alleging 'dangerous side effects'
6 Maryland man who received second pig heart transplant dies, hospital says
7 No More Hot Flashes? AI Device Could Stop Menopause Symptom
8 Best way to stop spread of viruses like COVID on cruise ships
9 Quebec's ban on sale of flavoured vapes is now in effect. Here is what you need to know
10 Missouri appeals court rules against ballot summary language that described 'dangerous' abortions
11 Ulcerative Colitis: Social Relationships and Dating
12 Cornell student arrested in connection with antisemitic threats on NY campus: NPR
13 'I'm a professor--this is when sneezing may be a symptom of COVID'
14 Eye Health: THIS One Mistake Can Severely Impact Your Eyesight
15 The US infant mortality rate rose last year. The CDC says it's the largest increase in two decades
16 Supreme Court weighs when officials can block citizens on social media: NPR
17 'I'm a doctor--if you feel a cold coming on take these two pills together'
18 40% of Canadians don't plan on getting updated COVID booster, flu shot: poll--National
19 'Ease of administration, reduced hesitancy'--India's 1st nasal flu vaccine raises hope of acceptance
20 Navajo sheep herding at risk from climate change. Some push to maintain the tradition
21 Dozens of birds named after people are about to be renamed: NPR
22 160 community cancer centres to open a year early
23 Moderna can meet 2023 COVID vaccine forecast, unlike Pfizer: analysts--National
24 It's time to buy health insurance through the marketplace. Experts suggest doing your research first
25 Celiac Disease and Higher Risk of Women's Health Disorders
26 The Fed held interest rates steady while keeping an eye on inflation: NPR
27 Health warning as expert claims many of us are washing our underwear wrong
28 Accused Vancouver Chinatown stabber loses ban application
29 Mother, son charged with kidnapping after police say they took a teenager to Oregon for an abortion
30 Flight attendants sue United Airlines for discrimination on Dodgers flights: NPR
31 Newsman feared he 'had dementia when I forgot how to tie my shoelaces' / Celebrity News / Showbiz & TV
32 U.S. infant mortality rate sees biggest increase in 2 decades: CDC--National
33 Montana's psychiatric hospital is poorly run and neglect has hastened patient deaths, lawsuit says
34 Bobby Knight, longtime Indiana Hoosiers coach, dies at 83: NPR
35 Doctor shares easy sleep method for better night's rest
36 Is it right to broadcast surgeries live? Opinion divided as NMC forms panel to decide rules
37 Rockefeller Center selects its 2023 Christmas tree, an 80-footer: NPR
38 Pharmacist shares three 'unusual' symptoms of Eris and Pirola COVID strains
39 Juvenile Arthritis: How to Manage Your Child's Joint Pain and Over Well-Being?
40 Volunteer medical students are trying to fill the health care gap for migrants in Chicago
41 How bankrupt brands like Forever 21 find new lives: NPR
42 Memory declined among over-50s during COVID pandemic, says study
43 Sports Injuries: 5 Ways to Prevent Sprains and Fractures During Intense Physical Activities
44 Migrants in cities across the US may need medical care. It's not that easy to find
45 More Gaza evacuations planned; foods that boost weight loss: NPR
46 Six common mistakes to avoid with a viral infection, according to Dr. Eric Berg
47 Moderna forecasts weaker sales as COVID vaccine demand wanes--National
48 What Causes Zika Virus and What Are the Treatment Options Available in India? 5 Points
49 Air pollution linked to surging Type 2 diabetes cases, finds 7-yr. study of Delhi & Chennai residents
50 Florida attorney general, against criticism, seeks to keep abortion rights amendment off 2024 ballot
51 Cook in alleged mushroom poisoning case is charged with 3 murders in Australia: NPR
52 Six winter bugs circulating in the UK that all parents need to look out for
53 Health-care spending returns to smaller 'pre-COVID growth rates': CIHI report--National
54 Virginia governor orders schools to disclose details of school-related drug overdoses
55 Crohn's Disease Remission: What Is It?
56 Qatar's role in Israel-Hamas war explained: NPR
57 Beloved son, 4, dies of sepsis hours after doctors dismissed symptoms
58 'Serious health risks' possible from cord blood stored at Edmonton facility
59 After an Israeli airstrike, crowded Gaza hospital struggles to treat wounded children
60 Type 2 Diabetes Risk in People of South Asian Background
61 Guilty verdict for Sam Bankman-Fried in FTX's fraud trial: NPR
62 COVID symptoms second and third time round--expert issues important advice
63 More cocaine is being used in Canada amid drug overdose crisis, data shows--National
64 Delhi Pollution: How to Protect Children from Toxic Air Inside Home? 5 Prevention Tips
65 As billions roll in to fight the US opioid epidemic, one county shows how recovery can work
66 Plandemic, Part 2
67 Living with Crohn's: My Daily Routine
68 Cedar Fair and Six Flags announce they will merge: NPR
69 Spider phobias could be cured with five-minute treatment
70 New Delhi shuts schools and limits construction work to reduce severe air pollution
71 Crohn's and Relationships
72 Some U.S. makers of medical gloves say the industry needs government support.: Shots
73 COVID strain Pirola causes five specific symptoms, says pharmacist
74 Pets' schedules also impacted by end of daylight time: animal care workers--National
75 Daylight saving 2023: Here's what a sleep expert says about the time change
76 Researchers document abuses, push for change
77 A wave theory for a neurochemical balance in the brain
78 Bringing a shark to a knife fight: 7,000-year-old shark-tooth knives discovered in Indonesia
79 Australasia's hidden pollination crisis could threaten biodiversity and food security
80 How to protect biocatalysts from oxygen
81 Is Australia in the grips of a youth crime crisis? This is what the data says
82 Microplastics' shape determines how far they travel in the atmosphere
83 RSV drug shortage prompts CDC to adjust recommendations
84 New study shows that amphibians have one more thing to worry about: Methylmercury
85 Window to avoid 1.5íC of warming will close before 2030 if emissions are not reduced
86 Cats have nearly 300 facial expressions, including a 'play face' they share with humans
87 How they can prevent life in other solar systems
88 Canine cuddles can comfort equally across all genders
89 These 6 images show the moment when parasites burst from their hosts--and they're scary
90 Project traces 60 million years of elephant evolution and how humans may be the species' undoing
91 Amazon deforestation linked to long distance climate warming
92 Astronaut captures image of a glowering 'skull' lurking in a giant volcanic pit in the Sahara
93 Soy expansion in Brazil linked to increase in childhood leukemia deaths
94 Sacrificial pits filled with 120 horse skeletons found in Bronze Age city in China
95 New study reveals alarming gap in dogs, heartworm prevention
96 Humans are disrupting natural 'salt cycle' on a global scale, new study shows
97 Flesh-eating 'killer' lampreys that lived 160 million years ago unearthed in China
98 River plastics may harbor potential pathogens and antimicrobial resistance genes
99 New frequency comb can identify molecules in 20-nanosecond snapshots
100 How does plaque cause cavities?
101 'Bazball' enters Collins dictionary in recognition of its widespread usage as a word / Cricket News
102 New research finds that nature-based solutions are essential for Brazil to meet its 2050 net zero pledge
103 Accelerating AI tasks while preserving data security
104 Solar storm causes 'impossible,' pumpkin-colored auroras to fill the sky
105 Eruption of Eurasia's tallest active volcano sends ash columns above a Russian peninsula
106 The Crab Nebula seen in new light by NASA's Webb
107 Rare type of space explosion could leave Earth uninhabitable for 'thousands of years'
108 Can there be double gravitational lenses?
109 Cultural adaptation to climate change
110 Watch this monstrous 'sea devil' goosefish walk along the bottom of the ocean off the Galapagos Islands
111 How the relationship between the land and atmosphere facilitated China's extreme weather in summer 2022
112 Where is a sea star's head? Maybe just about everywhere
113 What causes metal allergies? / Live Science
114 A planned fire threatened lives of two California sequoias; now they are sprouting new life
115 In a surprising finding, light can make water evaporate without heat
116 NASA finds organic compounds seeping up from hidden ocean on Jupiter's icy moon Ganymede
117 Adult coral can handle more heat and keep growing thanks to heat-evolved symbionts
118 What happens when we pass out? Researchers ID new brain and heart connections
119 Skeleton with 4 prosthetic metal fingers unearthed from centuries-old grave in Germany
120 Researchers argue that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is not enough to combat climate change
121 What happens when cats get fat? Scientists weigh in