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1 Can mixing traditional & modern medicines help treat cancer? Govt. wants to find out--ThePrint--Select
2 From Stalin to Putin, abortion has had a complicated history in Russia
3 From Bacteria to People: Slavery in Disguise
4 Clinics Peddle Unproven Stem Cell Treatment for Long COVID
5 U.S. military says a Chinese fighter jet came within 10 feet of B-52 bomber: NPR
6 Diarrhoea disease currently spreading in UK and Europe--symptoms
7 An Idaho woman sues her fertility doctor, says he used his own sperm to impregnate her 34 years ago
8 The Importance of Staying with Your MS Treatment
9 An American family in Gaza calls on the U.S. government to get them out: NPR
10 How to 'cure' belly bloating--tips from Dr. Anthony Youn
11 Tech changing healthcare, need 'uniform, progressive regulations,' FICCI report urges govt.
12 Cure for sickle cell disease on the horizon? US drug regulator is reviewing 2 new gene therapies
13 China's chief epidemiologist who helped drive the anti-COVID fight dies at age 60
14 How I Manage Relapsing-Remitting MS
15 How to tell if it's COVID or the flu--GP's advice
16 A new cure for sickle cell disease may be coming. Health advisers will review it next week
17 More Parents Turning to Acupuncture for Kids' Pain, Anxiety
18 What to know about the victims killed in the Lewiston, Maine mass shooting: NPR
19 New arthritis treatment may help tens of thousands of Britons
20 COVID-19 treatments to enter the market with a hefty price tag
21 Human Immunity Pushing Back on COVID as New Variant Arises
22 Cultural figureheads face fallout from statements about Israel-Hamas conflict: NPR
23 A small dose of fear this Halloween could build mental resilience like 'vaccine'
24 Some COVID-19 treatments in U.S. are about to get expensive. Here's why--National
25 Most New Mexico families with infants exposed to drugs skip subsidized treatment, study says
26 Psychology Tips for New Year's Resolutions
27 As Israel-Hamas war rages, U.S. wants to offer Israel advice and get advised: NPR
28 Four foods to boost your immune system during flu season
29 Abortion restrictions in Russia spark outrage as country takes conservative turn
30 Why Won't Doctors Innovate?
31 Being Transparent About My MS
32 Cancer symptoms: Blocked ears could be a sign, warns doctor
33 Protein-Rich Diet: 8 Reasons Why Adding this is the Ultimate Hack for Healthy Festive Binge
34 Chicken soup isn't just for the soul. The umami-rich broth can speed up healing the flu
35 Syphilis and other STDs are on the rise. States lost millions of dollars to fight and treat them
36 Life with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis
37 What really happens when we die? Palliative care doctor tells all
38 What is intermittent fasting? A look at its potential health benefits--National
39 French Jewish groups set up a hotline for people in the community traumatized by Israel-Hamas war
40 How to Plan Financially for Multiple Sclerosis
41 Maine shooter's body was found in a recycling center trailer: NPR
42 Backing for crusade soars as campaigners put pressure on Chancellor
43 Soil removal from Ohio train derailment site is nearly done, but cleanup isn't over
44 Former Vice President Mike Pence ends his presidential campaign: NPR
45 Tragic minister's widow is on a cancer crusade
46 FDA warns about giving probiotics to preterm babies after infant death, other injuries
47 Advances in Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
48 UAW reaches tentative deal with Chrysler parent Stellantis to end 6-week strike: NPR
49 Six common symptoms of flu that are also red flags for cancer
50 Mpox vaccinations should be recommended for high-risk men, even after outbreak ends, advisers say
51 Technology and Multiple Sclerosis
52 Actor Matthew Perry dies at 54, reports say: NPR
53 Red flag sign of vascular dementia could be linked to your ears, warns expert
54 Multiple Sclerosis and Health Disparities
55 The FDA issues warning for eyedrop products due to infection risk: NPR
56 Brushing teeth before or after breakfast--dentist issues warning
57 7 SIGNS Indicating a Concern for Cardiac Risk
58 Barriers to dental treatment hurt underserved communities. Here's how to bridge the gap
59 Psoriatic Arthritis: Tips for Managing
60 Gaza residents break into U.N. warehouses as Israeli barrage continues: NPR
61 Symptom you might spot when going to the toilet that could signal COVID
62 Daylight savings can disrupt those living with dementia. Here's how to help--National
63 Macron vows to enshrine women's rights to abortion in French Constitution in 2024
64 Tips to Help You Get Through the Day
65 Close-knit Lewiston begins to recover from deadly mass shooting: NPR
66 When your chest infection could be a sign of lung cancer--red flag signs to spot
67 The Next Must-Have Health Tech?
68 Hurricane Otis death toll at 39 as searchers comb through debris around Acapulco: NPR
69 Four top tips to fall asleep faster--Dr. Karan Rajan
70 How to Socialize with Physical Disabilities
71 California's ban on assault weapons remain in effect after judges grant stay: NPR
72 'Distressing' dementia symptom could emerge on Bonfire Night
73 How Structural Racism Affects Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Risk
74 Mass shootings in the U.S. leave at least 11 dead, 76 injured: NPR
75 Dr. Eric Berg recommends daily drink for erectile dysfunction--'Natural Viagra'
76 'Air Canada needs to step up': Disabled B.C. man forced to drag himself off plane
77 Pfizer reports 1st quarterly loss since 2019 on weak COVID product demand--National
78 Google's Sundar Pichai testifies in landmark monopoly trial: NPR
79 Early warning sign of a stroke--symptom can appear up to week before
80 Racial Disparities in Metastatic Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
81 How old is too old to trick or treat?: NPR
82 Symptoms on your face that could be red flags for high cholesterol
83 Canadian workers reach deal to end strike that shut Great Lakes shipping artery: NPR
84 'I've got months to live because I delayed getting test which could have saved my life'
85 A passenger train slams into another in southern India, killing 13 people: NPR
86 Doctor urges people to get specific cough checked as could be TB
87 Israel presses into Gaza as pro-Palestinian protests spread worldwide: NPR
88 Mum's excessive yawning turned out to be motor neurone disease
89 Osteoporosis in Women: 5 Ways to Reduce Low-Bone Density Symptoms in Your 50s
90 Gazans describe the communication blackout; Biden's new AI oversight: NPR
91 Doctor's puzzle book could lower dementia risk by enhancing mental agility
92 Eyedrops from CVS, Rite Aid and others carry possible infection risk, FDA says
93 Doctor shares how he treated thinning hair without medication
94 FDA says WanaBana fruit puree pouches may contain dangerous levels of lead
95 Israeli raids in West Bank's Jenin leave Palestinians wary: NPR
96 Silent killer with no early signs is biggest risk factor for liver cancer
97 Ontario lowering age for regular breast cancer screenings to 40
98 Kansas can't enforce new law on abortion pills or make patients wait 24 hours, judge rules
99 Will California's Ban on Red Dye No. 3 Prompt More Action?
100 A former Republican Congressman reflects on the disarray of his party: NPR
101 Simple two-minute test at home could predict how long you'll live for
102 Doctors could revive bid to block Arizona ban on abortions performed due to genetic abnormality
103 Former NHL player Adam Johnson dies after a skate cut his neck during a game: NPR
104 COVID could cause blood vessel damage among children, study finds
105 7 Effective Tips to Ward Off Respiratory Infections
106 Man charged with hate crime in fatal stabbing of Muslim boy, attack on mom: NPR
107 Longevity quiz predicts how long you will live
108 Boris Johnson's aide-turned-enemy Dominic Cummings set to testify at UK COVID-19 inquiry
109 Israeli forces reach central Gaza in military push against Hamas: NPR
110 Dr. Eric Berg shares five lifestyle tweaks that will 'guarantee' you live longer
111 For parents who've been through shootings, raising kids requires grappling with fears
112 I'm a doctor--this is the supplement [taurine] I take everyday to slow down aging'