File Title
1 Deep divisions ahead of crucial UN climate talks
2 Carbon emissions threaten 1.5íC climate threshold sooner than thought--report
3 Band Filkins Drift walk 870 miles on tour around Wales
4 The man rescuing Britain's 'magical' glow worms
5 Reintroducing wildlife species 'not a priority'
6 Bacterium found in African elephants may explain sudden deaths
7 Regulator reveals water firms with worst finances
8 Axiom Space: Plan to send all-UK astronaut mission into orbit
9 What is COP28 in Dubai and why is it important?
10 Could the UK's tides help wean us off fossil fuels?
11 Climate Change Committee says UK no longer a world leader
12 Africa proposes global carbon taxes to fight climate change
13 NASA probe launches to metal asteroid Psyche
14 Osiris-Rex: NASA reveals first look at 'beautiful' asteroid sample
15 HotSat-1: UK spacecraft maps heat variations across Earth
16 Amazon Kuiper: Jeff Bezos joins satellite internet race
17 US issues first ever fine for space junk to Dish Network
18 Hungry rutting stags increase collision risk on A9
19 Bury Council electric vehicles delivered to cut CO2 emissions
20 Young engineers in Bristol make it to final of green contest
21 Courteenhall: Silver bracelet find offers glimpse into Roman past
22 M1: Officers swoop to rescue stricken swan from motorway
23 Survey reveals increased pollutants at Windermere
24 El Nino drought: Panama Canal cuts ship numbers further
25 'We failed--why our dream eco-business collapsed'
26 Generation game: How villagers cash in on nearby turbines
27 Norfolk voles get Halloween pumpkin house
28 Staffordshire estate will continue reintroducing wildlife, ranger says
29 Hull city centre waste-burning heating plan backed by council
30 UK reveals AI agreement as Elon Musk warns of extinction
31 What is AI, how does it work and what can it be used for?
32 On the warpath: AI's role in the defense industry
33 WeWork: Shares plunge after reports say firm is filing for bankruptcy
34 AI named word of the year by Collins Dictionary
35 Elon Musk to do a live interview with UK PM Rishi Sunak
36 Facebook and Instagram launch ad-free subscription tier in EU
37 Canada bans Chinese app WeChat from government devices
38 US announces 'strongest global action yet' on AI safety
39 Can Rishi Sunak's big summit save us from AI nightmare?
40 FTX: 'Crypto King' tells judge he acted on legal advice
41 Elon Musk and X a year on: Four problems he needs to fix
42 PlayStation 5 supply issues finally fixed after three years, says Sony
43 Online Safety Bill: divisive internet rules become law
44 Portugal's tech boom challenged by tax change
45 Would you drink genetically modified beer?
46 What happens after a nuclear power station is closed?
47 Airbnb turns to AI to help prevent house parties
48 Short selling: Don't be the 'Dumb Money'
49 Broadband providers block suicide website linked to 50 deaths
50 Man convicted after cryptocurrency robbery
51 Preston offers low-cost wi-fi to help people get online
52 Scottish ministers to release 14,000 COVID WhatsApp messages
53 Peterborough launches AI trial to help cancer patients
54 AI used in liver cancer treatment at Cambridge hospital
55 AI summit brings Elon Musk and world leaders to Bletchley Park
56 Scientists excited by AI tool that grades severity of rare cancer
57 Sam Bankman-Fried pressed in court over past comments
58 RNAS Yeovilton engineers using AI to help with maintenance
59 Phone fraud: Cradley Heath businessman gets 6.5k pounds bill
60 Facebook's algorithms 'supercharged' hate speech in Ethiopia's Tigray conflict
61 What you need to know about trial of FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried
62 How forest schools boost children's immune systems
63 Despite financial pressures, holiday shoppers will still spend billions
64 The Isle of Eigg: The community-owned island that powers itself
65 The harm caused by dehumanising language
66 'Christmas creep': Why holiday candy hits shelves so early
67 The world's best tourism villages in 2023
68 The Crown to Doctor Who: 12 of the best TV shows to watch this November
69 'Most of our friends use AI in schoolwork'
70 St. Ives teachers to strike over 'heavy handed' policies
71 Cornell student held over threats to Jewish classmates
72 Scottish school strikes go ahead in pay dispute
73 Malmesbury Primary School may have to turn down 6 million pounds donation
74 Caldicot school parents worry as teachers strike
75 Student maintenance loans almost entirely used up by rent, report warns
76 Kenya's school floggings: The children suffering from a hidden epidemic
77 T-levels roll-out to see more than 200 courses scrapped
78 Primary school places: When do I need to apply?
79 Secondary school applications: When is the deadline?
80 The 'gay tax' facing same-sex couples starting a family
81 Christmas lights to be switched on at fire festival
82 More schools to shut in Scotland as further Unison strikes confirmed
83 Cardiff measles outbreak prompts MMR vaccination plea
84 Dumfries Academy upgrade hit by funding failure
85 Yorkshire Dales tiny primary school's fate to be decided next week
86 Headcorn residents oppose 'concrete jungle' plans
87 Families fight to save school with 'low pupil numbers' from closure
88 Cambridgeshire mother sets up special needs playgroup
89 Eton College housing plans for East Chiltington rejected
90 Harlow school delays classroom teaching again over safety work
91 Tilbury youth zone to offer sport, music and arts
92 St. Patrick's College: Teachers in Dungannon air concerns
93 New 10 million pounds Peterborough youth zone on cards for young people
94 Swindon ex-gang member says boxing and coaching 'saved her life'
95 Cornell University boosts security after antisemitic threats
96 University College Isle of Man expands health courses to meet demand
97 Birstall couple face long wait for repairs to mouldy flat
98 Zimbabwe's cholera crisis fuelled by chronic water shortages
99 Chris Mason: COVID inquiry WhatsApps paint picture of chaos
100 Ozempic: Several taken to hospital in Austria after taking fake drug
101 Tai chi may slow Parkinson's symptoms for years, study finds
102 Scientists: Allow forbidden 28-day embryo experiments
103 Oxford company working on drug to treat rare brain disease
104 Sepsis failings still causing too many deaths--ombudsman
105 Giving birth in Gaza amid shelling and power cuts
106 How the fentanyl crisis' fourth wave has hit every corner of the US
107 Canadian cannabis market struggles five years after legalisation
108 How AI may be a powerful tool in treating male infertility
109 Student nurse used suicide website before taking her life
110 'Macho' culture at No. 10 harmed COVID response, Helen MacNamara says
111 Portsmouth's Queen Alexandra Hospital declares critical incident
112 COVID inquiry: What is it investigating and how does it work?
113 Second hospital declares critical incident
114 Essex mental health inquiry relaunched with new legal powers
115 Greater Manchester mental health service under 'sustained pressure'
116 Devon hospitals given 2.8 million pounds for bed shortage support
117 Southport woman learns to speak and eat again after cancer trial
118 Double NHS failure led to Preston heart patient's death
119 Lower breast cancer screening age, patient says
120 Bridgwater: 'Mum died from brain tumour after appearing drunk'
121 Mince pie crumbs alerted Walsall woman to breast cancer
122 Giant lungs greet Hull shoppers in cancer awareness campaign
123 Why Donald Trump's children will testify in his civil fraud trial
124 Matthew Perry found purpose in helping other addicts, Friends creator says
125 US pilot charged for allegedly threatening captain
126 Who is George Santos and why is he in trouble?
127 The Rolling Stones' new album Hackney Diamonds sets US chart record
128 US Federal Reserve holds interest rates at 22-year high
129 FBI director warns antisemitism in US reaching 'historic levels'