File Title
1 Scientists Shed New Light on the Protein Diet Paradox
2 From the Abyss of Space: Webb Observes 3 Dwarf Planets in the Kuiper Belt
3 Hologram Breakthrough--New Technology Transforms Ordinary 2D Images
4 Astronauts Gear Up for Spacewalks as Axiom Unveils Ax-4 Mission Date
5 Cancer Breakthrough: A Groundbreaking Solution to Metastasis & Chemotherapy Resistance
6 Triple Threat--Single Vaccine Protects Against Three Deadly Strains of Coronavirus
7 Russia's Restless Giants: The Volcanoes of Kamchatka in Action
8 Accelerating the Future: World's First Miniature Particle Accelerator Unveiled
9 Unraveling Tomato's Genetic Mysteries: How Background Mutations Alter Outcomes
10 Mushrooming Mystery: How Fungal Infections Echo Alzheimer's Disease in the Brain
11 Stellar Solutions: How Neutron Star Collisions May Solve the "Crisis in Cosmology"
12 Reported vs. Real: Are Teen Suicidal Behaviors Increasing or Are We Just Noticing More?
13 Cosmic Alchemy: 3D Models Reveal Kilonova Secrets of Heavy Element Creation
14 Worldwide Fertility Crisis: 10 Expert-Backed Recommendations for Tackling Male Infertility
15 Light Speed Ahead: 3D Photonic-Electronic Hardware Revolutionizes AI
16 Hidden Threat in "Non-Menthol" Cigarettes: Yale Scientists Uncover Alarming Use of Synthetic Chemicals
17 Blasting Beyond: NASA Ignites New RS-25 Engine Test for Moon Missions
18 New Study: Alcohol Consumption Linked to Ectopic Fat
19 The Invisible Scars of COVID-19--Severe Infection Could Cause Long-Term Innate Immune System Changes
20 Antarctica's Alarming Ice Retreat: A 25-Year Study Reveals Significant Losses
21 Brain Power Renewed: A Biomarker's Predictive Magic on Neuron Regeneration
22 Harvard Scientists Find that Eating Red Meat Could Increase Your Risk of Diabetes
23 Liquid Gold: Transforming Wastewater into Valuable Chemicals with Sunlight
24 I'd Rather Not Know--The Science Behind Willful Ignorance
25 Interstellar Travel: Magnetic Fusion Plasma Engines Could Carry Us Across the Solar System and Beyond
26 From COVID Cough to Cognitive Concerns: Unraveling the Alzheimer's Link
27 Sea Monster Surprise: Ancient Pliosaur Remains Challenge What We Knew
28 Beyond Biology: Scientists Uncover a Universal "Missing Law of Evolution"
29 Alarmingly Refreshing: Why Hitting Snooze Might Be Good for You
30 For the First Time--Scientists Have Determined the Molecular Age of the Eye
31 NASA's RAMFIRE: 3D-Printed Rocket Nozzle a Giant Leap for Deep Space Missions
32 Life-Changing--First-of-Its-Kind Hormone Replacement Treatment Shows Promise in Patient Trials
33 Debunking Myths: Women Were Prehistoric Hunters, Not Just Gatherers
34 Lunar Highways: How Lasers Can Transform Moon Dust into Roads
35 Hubble's Galactic Reveal: A Dynamic Duo...or Trio?
36 Fighting Antimicrobial Resistance--Scientists Unveil Over 10,000 Drug Combinations
37 Gondwana's Secret: 390-Million-Year-Old Marine Mystery Unraveled
38 DNA Nano Engine: The Revolutionary Power Behind Tomorrow's Nanomachines
39 New Research Reveals How Sex Hormones Influence Alzheimer's Disease
40 Voyager's New Horizon: NASA Engineers Tackle Thruster Buildup & Software Glitches
41 New Study Questions Effectiveness of Xanax
42 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Surpasses Asteroid Sample Collection Goal
43 Revolutionary "Subway Map" Illuminates New Treatment Targets for Lyme Disease
44 Unlocking the Pink Diamond's Secrets: Scientists Uncover Key Missing Ingredient
45 From Space, a Vivid Glimpse into Panama Canal's Role and Challenges
46 Harnessing Quasiparticles: The Next Wave of Super-Bright Light Sources
47 Redefining the Fabric of Reality: The Growing Evidence for a Simulated Universe
48 Eating Almonds for Weight Loss? Groundbreaking New Study Reveals the Truth
49 Busting Myths: Scientists Settle a Long-Standing Debate About Cicadas
50 In Depth: The Unsettling Findings Beneath Antarctica's Thinning Ice Sheets
51 Black Holes in "Perfect Pairs" Balance Gravity and Cosmic Expansion
52 Galactic Flashbacks: 8 Billion-Year-Old Radio Burst Unlocks Universal Secrets
53 Water-Repellent Plastrons Keep Surfaces Dry for Months Underwater
54 Nature's Nanotechnology: The Wonders of Ancient Roman Glass
55 Astronomers Capture First Radio Images of a "Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse
56 NASA Sets Live Coverage for Cosmonaut Spacewalk Outside Space Station
57 Spacewalk Prep, Galactic Gardening, and Earth's Night Glow on the Space Station
58 Crystals in Apollo Lunar Rocks Reveal the Moon's True Age
59 Polar Contrasts: Greenland and Antarctica's Divergent Ice Melt Patterns
60 No More Waiting: Breathalyzer-Style Test for Instant COVID Results
61 New Study Reveals that More People Develop Sepsis than We Thought
62 We've Lost Control--West Antarctic Ice Sheet's Unavoidable Meltdown
63 Stanford Study Uncovers Surprising Twist in Ketamine's Effect on Depression
64 Nano-Rogues: From Mythic Ocean Waves to Micro-Manufacturing Marvels
65 The Amber Enigma: How a 5,000-Year-Old Discovery in Iberia Is Rewriting the History Books
66 Vortex Radar: Revolutionizing Rotational Detection with THz Waves
67 Artemis II Spacecraft Progress: Orion Crew and Service Modules Joined Together
68 Is Your Whey Protein Safe? New Study Uncovers Shocking Gaps in Regulation
69 Scientists Have Discovered a New Type of Cell in Plants
70 Singapore Scientists Discover that a Special Supplement Could Treat Acute Kidney Injury
71 Slippery Science: Crafting the World's Most Water-Repellent Surface
72 Unlocking Lunar Secrets: Moon's Polar Ice Far Younger than Estimated
73 Cooking Up Cravings: Researchers Uncover Why Some Foods Make Us Hungry for More
74 Iron Dome's Vulnerability: How Hamas Pierced Israel's Prized Air Defense Shield
75 Expedition 70 on ISS: Spacewalk Prep, Coolant Concerns, CEVIS Systems, and CIPHER Studies
76 Scientists Develop New Gel that Heals Diabetic Wounds 3x Faster
77 Chilling Revelations: Ancient Landscape Discovered Beneath East Antarctic Ice Sheet
78 Ultramicro Supercapacitor: A Game-Changing Energy Storage Marvel
79 Green Power Surge: The Surprising Hidden Health Benefits of Broccoli Sprouts
80 Quantum Anomaly Solved: Cornell Researchers Challenge Long-Held Beliefs About Quantum Insulators
81 Sugarcane Secrets: Scientists Discover Potential Cause of Mystery Kidney Disease in Agricultural Workers
82 Physics Unraveled: Accelerating Waves and the Mysteries of Time and Relativity
83 Cats vs. Dogs--Who Reigns Supreme in Human Hearts?
84 Hidden Martian Secrets: NASA's InSight Lander Uncovers Mars' Molten Mystery
85 Orchestrating Light: Precise Control of Photonic Angular Momentum
86 Slowing Parkinson's Progression: The Tai Chi Advantage
87 Electric Vehicles Rejoice: Scientists Develop Cobalt-Free, Cost-Efficient Battery Production
88 Cystic Fibrosis Surprise--Scientists Discover Unexpected Function of Rare Lung Cells
89 SLAC to the Future: How Light Reveals Potential Breakthrough Biomedical Molecule
90 CDC Scientists Warn: Disfiguring Tropical Disease Is Gaining a Firm Foothold in the United States
91 Gaia's Galactic Goldmine: Star Clusters, Cosmic Lenses, Asteroids, and Unforeseen Science
92 Heart Attack Alert: COVID-19's Direct Assault on Coronary Arteries
93 Turning the Tide on Obesity: Are We on the Brink of a Medical Miracle?
94 Revolutionizing Ceramics--Scientists Unlock Secret to Incredible Toughness
95 Amazon's Dark Secret: The Soil that Supercharges Tree Growth
96 Curiosity's New Discovery: Ancient Riverbeds on Mars and the Potential for Life
97 Dry Survival: The Remarkable Resilience of Zika Mosquito Eggs
98 Can Sound Waves Help People Quit Cocaine?
99 In a First, Owens Valley Observatory Harnesses Radio Waves to Illuminate Solar Eclipse's "Ring of Fire"
100 First Single-Cell "Atlas" of the Human Brain Reveals Inner Workings an Unprecedented Level
101 Leak in the Void: Cosmonauts Contend with Coolant Mishap During Spacewalk
102 Cosmic Collision: Life-Essential Elements Forged in Massive Space Explosion
103 Stable and Efficient: Scientists Develop New Method to Create Next-Gen. Solar Cells
104 Scientists Uncover Cause of Mysterious Deaths of Elephants in Zimbabwe
105 Mars' Seismic Secrets: Decoding the Red Planet's Core Mystery
106 El Nino's Evolution: Cutting-Edge Observations from Sentinel-6
107 From Russia with Theory: Landau's Quasiparticles Come to Life
108 Migraine Mysteries Unveiled: New Genetic Pathways and Treatment Avenues
109 From Electric Knifefish to Humans: The Universal Shimmy of Sensory Perception
110 Probiotic Breakthrough: New Strains Found to Battle High Blood Pressure
111 Light Years Ahead: NIST's 400,000-Pixel Superconducting Camera Breakthrough
112 3 Lifestyle Choices that Could Spell Trouble for Heart Health
113 56 Million Americans Have Been Unknowingly Exposed to Secondhand Smoke
114 Microlensing Magic: How NASA's Roman Telescope Will Illuminate the Milky Way's Mysteries
115 Unraveling the Origins of Ancient Egypt's Mummified Baboons
116 Light-Speed Ahead: NASA's Pioneering Leap into Laser Data Transmission