File Title
1 SpaceX Falcon Heavy Blast Off: NASA's Psyche Spacecraft on Its Way to Metal-Rich Asteroid
2 New Research Links Selfies to Higher Ratings of Slimness
3 Signal Acquired! NASA's Psyche Spacecraft Begins Its Epic Journey of Discovery
4 The Mysterious Kidney Epidemic: Scientists Discover Surprising Potential Source
5 Mercury's Mystical Magnetosphere: Mio Spacecraft Reveals Chorus Waves and X-Ray Aurora
6 Contrary to Popular Intuition--New Study Finds that People Experience Emotions with AI-Generated Art
7 Natural Selection Surprises: Evolutionary Lessons from the Wild Lizards of Florida
8 New Research Finds that Extroverts Are More Likely to Resist Vaccines
9 Memory Magic: New Study Reveals Unexpected Benefits of Antidepressants
10 Red Planet Odyssey: Mars Express's Stunning Flight Over "Labyrinth of Night" [Video]
11 Revolutionizing Prosthetics--Scientists Develop Bionic Hand that Merges with User's Nervous and Skeletal Systems
12 Unexpected Desolation: Largest Lake in the Middle East Shrivels into Salt Flat
14 Ripples in Spacetime: Unraveling the Secrets of Gravitational Waves
15 Da Vinci's Secret--Scientists Discover Toxic Pigments Hidden in the Mona Lisa
16 Vaping and Chronic Stress: Scientists Discover Worrisome Connection
17 Between Volcanic Eruptions and Destructive Earthquakes: San Salvador's Fiery Saga
18 Unearthing Ancient Agriculture: Rare Pre-Contact Agave Species Discovered in Arizona
19 MIT's New Generative AI Outperforms Diffusion Models in Image Generation
20 Sonic Signatures: How MIT Geologists Are Mapping Earth's Hidden Layers
21 Decoding the Human Brain: Detailed Cell Maps Pave Way for Next-Gen. Therapies
22 Unseen Side Effects: Past Depression Can Cause You to See the World Differently
23 Soaring Beyond GPS: How Quantum Photonic Chips Can Revolutionize Drone Navigation
24 MIT's Quantum Maestro: Professor Moungi Bawendi Shares Nobel Prize in Chemistry
25 Lunar Ventures: Unlocking 160 Billion euros of Celestial Opportunity with ESA
26 Child's Grave Unearths Ancient Mystery: 9,000-Year-Old Necklace Redefines Neolithic Culture
27 Unraveling the Secrets of the Early Universe--Ringing Protons Provide New Insight
28 Watch Out--Driverless Cars Are No Place to Relax
29 Fiery Tundras and Plump Bears: Autumn's Majesty on Alaska's Kodiak Island
30 Mapping the Mind: Decoding Neuropsychiatric Disorders with the Human Brain Cell Atlas
31 NASA's Psyche Mission: Embarking on an Epic Quest to an Ancient Asteroid
32 A Hidden Health Crisis: Renting's Startling Impact on Human Biology
33 Green Energy Breakthrough: Scientists Develop Catalyst with 7.9x Higher Activity for Hydrogen Production
34 Stanford Scientists Uncover New Indicators of Health, Disease, and Aging
35 New Device Turns Hot Summer Air into Drinking Water
36 Debunking "Cheap Airfare Hacks"--UC Berkeley Reveals How Airline Pricing Really Works
37 GALAXY CRUISE: Astronomers and Citizen Sleuths Uncover Galactic Secrets
38 Psychedelic Science: How Microdosing Magic Mushrooms Might Mend the Mind
39 Prisons: The Unexpected Answer to the Opioid Epidemic?
40 Stellar Surprise: Fountain of Youth in the Center of Our Galaxy "Shouldn't Be Possible"
41 20-Year Study Reveals: Neanderthals Were as Intelligent as Homo sapiens
42 New Research Reveals How Plant-Derived Nutrients Can Affect the Gut and Brain
43 5 Largest Islands of the U.S.--From Volcanoes to Rainforests
44 From Face-On to Edge-On: The Spiral Story of a Stunning Galaxy
45 Dark Matter and Galactic Collisions: Harvard Astronomers Explain the Milky Way's Mysterious Warp
46 Electron Blockbusters: Nobel Prize-Winning Attosecond Movies and the Future of Technology
47 Peppermint Power: A New Natural Solution to Post-Surgery Pain and Sleeplessness
48 DNA Revelations: "Extinct" Fish Is Alive and Well!
49 Bright Ideas for Dim Days: The Science Behind Vitamin D and Winter Woes
50 A Glimpse of Extinction: Scientists Uncover Extraordinary Fossils from the End of the Age of the Dinosaurs
51 Nighttime Regrets: How Just 1.5 Hours Less Sleep Can Damage Your Heart
52 Desert Paradox: The Sahara's Lost Civilization that Defied Nature's Odds
53 When Space Sizzles: Scientists Discover the Hottest Jupiter-Like Object Ever
54 Warning: This Popular Recreational Activity Can Cause Serious and Permanent Neurological Defects
55 Revolutionizing Wireless Power: Scientists Achieve Breakthrough in Long-Distance Charging Efficiency
56 Coral Crisis: Massive Accumulation of Heat Stress in Summer 2023
57 The Motherhood Makeover: How Pregnancy "Rewires" the Brain
58 Magnetism Reimagined: MIT's Pioneering Advances in Topology
59 Pangea Ultima: The Supercontinent that Could Wipe Out Nearly All Mammals
60 Nature's Secret Code: How Plants "Talk" Through the Air
61 Zooming Past the Sun: Parker Probe's Record 394,736 MPH Solar Dive
62 The Magic Bullet for HIV-1? Discovering the Powerhouse Antibody
63 New Research Finds Key Differences Between Children & Adults with COVID-19
64 Crash Course: Hypervelocity Impact Experiments Probe the Origin of Organics on Dwarf Planet Ceres
65 Powerful Plants of the Past: European Ancestors Ate Seaweed for Thousands of Years
66 Unlocking the Global Secret to Senior Happiness: The Surprising Power of Hobbies
67 Rocketing to the Moon: NASA's Artemis II Core Stage Nears Final Assembly
68 Decoding Complexity: MIT's Insight into Individual Neurons and Behavior
69 Unborn Secrets: The Prenatal Development of Fragile X Syndrome
70 Shocking Findings--Scientists Discover Over a Hundred Ancient Paintings in Hidden Cave
71 Untangling "Spaghetti" Code: How Silverthread Straightens Out Computer Software
72 From Hyperactivity to Memory Loss: The Shocking ADHD Link to Dementia
73 Decoding Humanity: The 3,000+ Brain Cell Types Revealing Our Secrets
74 350-Year-Old Theorem Reveals New Properties of Light
75 Spacewalk Rescheduling Amidst Heart Studies and Robotic Ventures on Space Station
76 Twisting Physics: MIT's Quasicrystal Superconductivity Breakthrough
77 Spectacular Vision: Physicists Boost Microscopes Beyond Diffraction Limits
78 EUI Surge Alert: U.S. Urban Buildings Face 110% Jump in Electricity Use
79 Early Warning Sign Identified--New Research Links Fluctuating Blood Pressure to Dementia
80 3D Rock Stars: Stereoscopic Images from NASA's OSIRIS-REx Sampling Head
81 Morning Magic: Snoozing Benefits Uncovered in Sleep Research
82 Silent Killer: AMR Linked to Over Half a Million Deaths in the Americas
83 MIT Physicists Discover Another Surprising Property in Graphene: Ferro-Valleytricity
84 Breaking Brain Cancer Barriers: New Gene Therapy Effectively Targets Glioblastoma
85 Redefining Electronics: Ferroelectric Material Is Now Elastic
86 Scientists Discover Previously Unknown Mechanism Significantly Impacting Earth's Climate
87 Prescribing Danger? New Study Shows that a Common Heart Attack Medication Is Failing Many
88 How Heavy Is the Air? The Immense Weight of Earth's Atmosphere
89 Rewriting the Past and Future of the Universe--New Research Sheds Light on the Fate of Our Cosmos
90 Nature Meets Tech: How Ecological Principles Could Reinvent AI
91 Scientists Identify 7 Lifestyle Factors that Can Lower Your Risk of Depression
92 Stratospheric Signatures: How Spacecraft Metals Are Leaving a Disturbing Mark
93 Alarming Findings: Antarctic Ice Shelf Demise
94 Seismic Shock: Unraveling the Mystery of Mightiest-Ever Mars Quake
95 From AI Black Boxes to Physics: The New Frontier of Protein Folding Prediction
96 Euclid's Starry-Eyed Solution: Navigating the Dark Universe's Mysteries
97 Researchers Discover Surprising Method to Improve Children's Resilience
98 New Research: The World May Have Crossed a Solar "Tipping Point"
99 Einstein's Theories Revisited: Scientists Produce "Pseudogravity" Using Photonic Crystals
100 Green Power Surge: Tokyo's Breakthrough in Cobalt-Free Battery Tech
101 Ozone Hole Swells to 10 Million Square Miles--One of the Biggest on Record
102 Rewinding Time: The 12 Million-Year-Old Face of a Great Ape Revealed
103 Atomic Vapor Meets Radio Waves: The Future of Antennas?
104 Galactic Fireworks: Detecting Explosive Planet Collisions in Distant Star Systems
105 Harvard Scientists Expose Alarming Cancer Threat from "Safe" Levels of Air Pollution
106 California Supervolcano: Caltech's "Chilling" Discovery in Long Valley Caldera
107 Coral's Worst Nightmare: Reef-Devouring Predator Survives Bleaching and Feasts on the Survivors
108 Quantum Breakthrough: Record-Breaking Quantum Teleportation Achieved Over Metropolitan Range
109 Ancient Chinese Wisdom Meets AI: The Future of Disease Diagnosis
110 MIT Innovation: Soft Optical Fibers that Block Peripheral Nerve Pain
111 Orbiting Higher: ISS Reboost Amid Fusion of Space Health and Earth Science
112 Webb Space Telescope Reveals New Feature in Jupiter's Atmosphere--"Totally Surprised Us"
113 Bacterial Breakthrough: How the Gut Holds Keys to Revolutionary Treatments
114 Smashing Records: Astronomers Detect Fast Radio Burst from 8 Billion Light-Years Away
115 New Research Reveals that Intermittent Fasting Could Combat Alzheimer's
116 Astronomers Link "Starquakes" to Mysterious Radio Signals from Space
117 Alarming Threat: New Research Reveals that U.S. Groundwater Is Getting Saltier
118 Food vs. Toys--Scientists Reveal What Dogs Truly Prefer
119 Will Robots Cause Workers to Become Lazier?
120 Google Researchers Unveil Unique Form of Quantum Teleportation
121 Scientists Race to Defuse a "Ticking" Public Health Time Bomb
122 Climate Change's Hidden Toll: Coral Bleaching at Record Depths in the Indian Ocean
123 Pandemic's Hidden Impact: New Study Uncovers Startling Rise in Girls Entering Puberty Early
124 450-Million-Year-Old Diamonds Reveal Secrets of the Evolution of Earth
125 Expectations vs. Reality--Do People Enjoy Social Interaction or Screen Time More?