File Title
1 Disease X Explained: All About this Deadly Disease that May Kill 50 Million People
2 Finding What Works for You
3 A fire at a wedding hall in Iraq kills at least 100 people and injures 150 more: NPR
4 Risk of COVID lockdowns if people don't protect themselves, expert warns
5 At-home HPV tests now available across Canada. What to know--National
6 Oregon Gov. Kotek directs state police to crack down on fentanyl distribution
7 Depression Treatment Is Different for Everyone
8 U.S. suspends aid to Gabon after military takeover: NPR
9 Doctor shares three red flag signs of brain tumours--'See a GP'
10 More Indians getting hooked on opioid painkillers. Doctors warn of possible 'pharma opioid epidemic'
11 A judge has rewritten Missouri ballot summary language that described 'dangerous' abortions
12 How Long Should You Take Antidepressants?
13 Dr. Michael Mosley recommends heart-healthy tea to boost your longevity
14 New lead for AIDS treatment? IISER scientists identify circular RNA that helps HIV-1 virus multiply
15 The Link Between Stress and Depression
16 U.S. to allow Israelis visa-free entry: NPR
17 COVID: Six numbers that predict life-threatening COVID revealed by scientists
18 Canadian police won't investigate doctor for sterilizing Indigenous woman
19 Caring for Adult Children with Mental Illness: How to Help
20 Grand Designs' Kevin McCloud has a hidden condition he has to be 'careful' about
21 Heart Diseases in Children: 5 Common Heart Ailments that May Develop in Newborns
22 Colorado supermarket shooting suspect suggested to psychologist that he wanted police to kill him
23 The Facts About Food Cravings
24 Republicans blame immigration for shutdown, not internal battles: NPR
25 'Safe and effective'--Stomach-stitch operation gets NHS approval
26 More food regulations not needed in light of Calgary E. coli outbreak: law professors
27 Dengue and High Blood Pressure: How is this Mosquito-Borne Disease Linked with High BP--5 Ways to Manage it
28 CVS responds quickly after pharmacists frustrated with their workload don't show up
29 How to Manage Depression Triggers
30 Philadelphia police arrest dozens after stores are ransacked across the city: NPR
31 Four health benefits to giving up alcohol for a month
32 FDA advisers vote against experimental ALS treatment pushed by patients
33 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on AFib
34 New breakthrough 90-minute weight loss procedure ruled 'safe' for NHS use
35 The woman who torched Wyoming's lone, full-service abortion clinic is about to be sentenced
36 Experts Say Now Is the Time for Kids to Get COVID Vaccines
37 Japanese scientists pioneer potential breakthrough for infertility: Shots
38 Dietician recommends eating breakfast for keeping blood sugar in check
39 5 Reasons Why These Small Grains Can be a Great Substitute for Quinoa
40 Virginia Democrats warn Republicans will ban abortion; GOP says their rhetoric is fearmongering
41 Why MS Can Be Hard to Diagnose
42 2 accused of false Alzheimer's diagnoses get prison terms for fraud convictions
43 Insurers Say COVID Vaccine Problems Have Been Corrected
44 Senate unanimously instates a dress code, reversing course: NPR
45 Lung cancer symptoms could include 'sponge-like' fingernails
46 Joyce Echaquan's community fights for change to health system 3 years after death
47 Woman pleads guilty to calling in hoax bomb threat at Boston Children's Hospital
48 New study shows women more likely to suffer a bad reaction to flu jab than men
49 Pfizer's updated COVID vaccine approved by Health Canada--National
50 Portland police are investigating nearly a dozen fentanyl overdoses involving children, with 5 fatal
51 FDA Adds Warning of Intestinal Blockages to Ozempic Label
52 16-year-old boy arrested in England over 'deliberate' felling of iconic tree: NPR
53 COVID symptoms: GP shares three signs you should stay at home
54 New Alberta ClarityDX prostate cancer blood test 'groundbreaking': developers
55 Type 2 Diabetes: 5 Essential Dietary Practices to Reverse this Metabolic Condition
56 Air Vax--The Latest mRNA Delivered into Lungs
57 How What You Eat Is Linked to Midlife Weight Gain
58 Dr. Mosley recommends 'really good' activity to improve your memory
59 Inside the push to end 'birth evacuations' in Indigenous communities--National
60 Mental Health at Workplace: 5 Best Practises to Keep Your Employees' Anxiety in Check
61 Judge sentences a woman who investigators say burned a Wyoming abortion clinic to 5 years in prison
62 Sen. Dianne Feinstein has died: NPR
63 Dementia symptoms: Signs in a person's driving and parking
64 Unhealthy Traits Linked to Earlier Heart Attacks and Strokes
65 Engineered Living Material: A Novel Approach to Sustainable Water Decontamination
66 Mitigating PM2.5 Pollution: Assessing Global Efforts and Effects
67 The Future of Earthquake Forecasting: Deep Learning and the RECAST Model
68 As the Sea Rises, an Island Community is Abandoned
69 Globally, 1 in 3 Men Have Human Genital Papillomavirus (HPV)
70 Happy Star Trek Day! Learn How the Famous Sci-Fi Franchise Helped Shape Modern Technology
71 Double dose of this cancer treatment rejuvenates immune cells in Head and Neck Cancer
72 The Stress of Drought Increases VOC Emissions from Rainforest Soil Microbes
73 How Genome Folding is Linked to Antibody Diversity
74 The environmental and equitable benefits of electric freight and heavy-duty vehicles
75 AI Accurately Reads Mammograms
76 9/11 Survivors and Responders Face Elevated Cancer Risk
77 Reduce the risk of mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures
78 Study Finds Significant Heavy Metal Levels in Blood and Urine of Cannabis Users
79 Disrupting the Market as Flu Season Approaches--New Review Suggests Questionable Efficacy of OTC Decongestant
80 The Secrets of Seaweed: Sargassum's Role in Skin Pigmentation
81 Revealing More About the Epibiotic Life of Microbial Dark Matter
82 Some Gases Released by Plants Have a Powerful Impact on Cloud Formation
83 Hubble and Webb Telescopes Shed Light on K2-18 b's Habitable-Zone Atmosphere
84 Exercise-Induced Hormone Reduces Alzheimer's Pathology
85 Sedentary Time in Children Linked to Heart Damage
86 At Long Last, a Diagnostic Tool for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is Created
87 Zinc is Shown to be a Key Player in Leaky Gut and Bowel Disease
88 Solar-Powered Hydrogel: Turning Hot Air into Drinkable Water
89 JWST Observations Shed Light on Saturn's Changing Seasons
90 The Quest for Life Beyond Earth: TRIPLE-nanoAUV 2's High-Tech Journey
91 How Hemp Fights Inflammation
92 DNA melting temperature analysis using UV-Vis spectroscopy
93 Natural Killer Cells Could be the Key to New Treatment Options for Blood Cancers
94 Breakthrough in Quantum Computing: Laser-Controlled Barium Qubits
95 Unlocking the Secret of Snow Predictions: University of Washington's Findings
96 An Emerging Threat: The Jamestown Canyon Virus
97 Brain Organoids Reveal Cell-Specific Developmental Defects in Autism
98 Pre-Clinical Study Suggests the Ability to Convert Cancer Cells into Healthy Muscle Cells
99 'Night Owls' are at Higher Risk of Developing Diabetes
100 Proteins in Breast Milk Found to be Essential for Baby's Gut
101 Low Energy Intake Impairs Female Athletes
102 Tests Reveal Unreliability of Allergy Tests & Experts Call for Standardization
103 Climate Change and Pathogens: Implications for Birds and Bats in Europe
104 Medicanes: What are These Rare but Deadly Storms?
105 Psychedelic Insights: Psilocybin's Role in Treating Mental Health Conditions
106 An Engineered Probiotic Can Detect IBD as it Moves Through the Gut
107 A microRNA that Can Halt Cancer Cell Division is Created
108 Using Nanoparticles to Treat Acne
109 Artemis Accords Adds Germany as 29th Signatory Nation
110 Facebook Policies Didn't Control the Spread of COVID-19 Misinformation. Here's Why
111 Contagious Aging Halted for Organ Recipients
112 1-Minute at-Home EEG Test Could Diagnose Depression
113 Vaccine Signals a New Treatment Option for Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
114 Health-related Quality of Life Improvements Tied to Cannabis Use
115 Food Additive Emulsifiers and Cardiovascular Health: Results from a New Study
116 Aging blood--kind of like aging wine. The longer you age it, the better, says one study
117 A Mechanism for Neuronal Death in Alzheimer's is Discovered
118 Mars' Geological History Revealed: Curiosity Rover at Gediz Vallis Ridge
119 AI Predicts Recovery from Severe Brain Injury with 80% Accuracy