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1 NASA's OSIRIS-REx capsule returns to Earth with a sample from the 'potentially hazardous' asteroid Bennu
2 Doctor warns vaping could age your skin by 'decades'
3 NASA's first asteroid samples land on Earth after release from spacecraft
4 Researchers develop first method to study microRNA activity in single cells
5 B.C. deers proven as stressed during wildfires through poop: researchers
6 This simple log structure may be the oldest example of early humans building with wood
7 Nanoparticles made from plant viruses could be farmers' new ally in pest control
8 Is glass a liquid or a solid?
9 Livestock farmers from Sweden to Greece test paths to greener agriculture
10 Scaling up the power of nanotechnology
11 Holidays to the home country could help bilingual children hold on to family's original language
12 Posttraumatic brain activity predicts resilience to PTSD
13 Combination of cancer vaccine and T cell therapy benefits patients with advanced ovarian cancer
14 What's the highest temperature water can freeze, and the lowest it can boil on Earth?
15 Scientists observe Hubbard exciton in strongly correlated insulators
16 Discovery in mosquitoes could lead to new strategy against dengue fever and other mosquito-borne vectors
17 Anti-COVID drug may have led to virus mutations: study
18 New research adds evidence to the benefits of ginger supplements for treating autoimmune diseases
19 New 'inverse vaccine' could wipe out autoimmune diseases, but more research is needed
20 Researcher discover two new species of oil-forming yeast
21 New research reveals extreme heat likely to wipe out humans and mammals in the distant future
22 Scientists created AI that could detect alien life--and they're not entirely sure how it works
23 Researchers challenge long-standing theory guiding nanoparticle treatment of tumors
24 Scientists reveal what fuels wildfires in Sierra Nevada Mountains
25 Humans could serve as sentinels for 'forever chemicals' harm to wildlife health
26 New insights into the atmosphere and star of an exoplanet
27 Mammals may be driven to extinction by volcanic new supercontinent Pangaea Ultima
28 Why ecological restoration without Indigenous leadership won't last
29 Caribbean parrots thought to be endemic are actually relicts of millennial-scale extinction
30 COVID drug molnupiravir may be driving the virus to mutate--should we worry?
31 Pea-powered innovation delivers vitamin B12 daily dose
32 New method can improve assessing genetic risks for non-white populations
33 Study demonstrates the presence of camelids in Cordoba during the Roman and al-Andalus eras
34 Wearable devices show who may need more help managing diabetes
35 James Webb telescope spots thousands of Milky Way lookalikes that 'shouldn't exist' swarming across the early universe
36 Chi-Nu experiment ends, bolsters nuclear security and energy reactors
37 Light and sound waves reveal negative pressure
38 Rat 'lungworm' that can invade the human brain found in Georgia rodents
39 Government policies work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, analysis finds
40 New qubit circuit enables quantum operations with higher accuracy
41 James Webb spots most distant ever 'Einstein ring' warped around surprisingly dense galaxy, and it's perfect
42 Infamous 'eagle killer' bacterium produces not one, but two toxins
43 How a small strand of RNA is key to fighting cancer
44 What causes a 'nervous stomach'?
45 Fossils show widespread plant extinctions after asteroid wiped out dinosaurs
46 Glaciers becoming smaller and disappearing
47 Opportunistic orcas have developed a new feeding behavior that appears to be killing them
48 Giant mid-infrared outburst detected from a distant young stellar object
49 How to save plants from climate change? Just ask them
50 125 million-year-old dinosaur feathers were remarkably similar to modern bird feathers, analysis reveals
51 Hundreds of derelict vessels removed from Canadian waters: Coast Guard
52 Gene discovery takes aim at powdery mildew, a hemp nemesis
53 A close-up of biological nanomachines: Researchers take a deep look at peroxisomal processes
54 Major CERN experiment proves antigravity doesn't exist--at least when it comes to antimatter
55 Students made Oxford the murder capital of late medieval England, research suggests
56 1,400-year-old tomb of emperor in China reveals evidence of royal power struggle among brothers and a warlord
57 Wild Asian elephants display unique puzzle solving skills
58 Investigating the role of greener plastics for Japan's carbon neutral goals
59 Simultaneous rupture of faults triggered massive earthquake in Seattle area 1,100 years ago--and it could happen again
60 Aussies provide more than 62 million species records for conservation research
61 Unleashing the power of AI to track animal behavior
62 For 1st time, scientists write words in liquid water
63 Elk hoof disease likely causes systemic changes
64 New insect genus discovered in one of the most biodiverse rain forest regions in the world
65 Alien life may evolve from radically different elements than human life did
66 Global phosphoproteomics reveal the diverse roles of casein kinase 1 in plant development
67 Decreasing biodiversity may promote spread of viruses
68 New drug could prevent bone loss on lengthy space missions, study in space-faring mice suggests
69 Indigenous community-first approach to more ethical microbiome research
70 Exploring the effect of water on seismic wave attenuation in the upper mantle
71 See green comet Nishimura's tail get whipped away by powerful solar storm as it slingshots around the sun
72 Canadian university names first-of-its-kind chief AI officer. More may be coming
73 Biden's new green jobs initiative delivers more promises than details, says researcher
74 Pakistan recalls an injectable medicine causing eye infection, sight loss and orders a probe
75 Next pandemic 'already on the way' as UK chiefs warn 'Disease X' could kill 50 million
76 COVID: US doctor visited Wuhan lab and raised safety concerns two years before pandemic
77 California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs bills to enhance the state's protections for LGBTQ+ people
78 France will end its military presence in Niger and pull its ambassador, Macron says: NPR
79 24 hours in A&E is now a reality: 400,000 patients spend entire day in casualty
80 Missouri says clinic that challenged transgender treatment restrictions didn't provide proper care
81 Migraine patients face long wait for treatment on NHS
82 How Janeen Birckhead became the only Black woman leading a state military: NPR
83 'I drank ginger shots everyday for a week and the results surprised me'
84 Writers reach deal with Hollywood studios, agree to end strike: NPR
85 The vitamin deficiency that could raise risk of broken bones and respiratory illness
86 We carry DNA from extinct cousins like Neanderthals. Science is now revealing their genetic legacy
87 Six Young Activists Take Climate Fight with 32 Governments to Court: NPR
88 How to get rid of garlic breath, according to scientists
89 Why a government shutdown could crash the 'Panda Palooza': NPR
90 GP raises two concerns that could mean a surge of COVID cases this winter
91 Vaping 'barbeques your lungs,' doctor warns
92 Spinal surgery delays could have long-term effects on kids in Canada: report--National
93 FDA skeptical of experimental ALS treatment pushed by patient advocates
95 Doctor says there's one food they'll never eat--people think it's healthy
96 Tornado-damaged Pfizer plant in North Carolina restarts production
97 Is Pneumonia the Surprising Root of Severe COVID?
98 Biden tells Pacific islands leaders he'll act on warnings about climate change: NPR
99 Fatty liver disease red flag symptoms to look for--doctor's advice
100 Ebola virus vaccine for adults approved for use in Canada--National
101 Former New Zealand prime minister and pandemic prep leader says we're unprepared for the next one
102 Megan Rapinoe retires from U.S. national team and reflects on her career: NPR
103 Prunella Scales' husband in heart-breaking update on her dementia 'Miss her companionship' / Celebrity News / Showbiz & TV
104 Can HPV self-tests improve cervical cancer screening? What doctors say--National
105 Doctors report seeing 'historical' illnesses in patients such as malnutrition and rickets / UK / News
106 Lahaina residents return to homes destroyed by deadly wildfire: NPR
107 10 'subtle' signs that could be red flags for a brain tumour
108 People with Diabetes Should Know These 5 Things
109 After US approval, Japan OKs Leqembi, its first Alzheimer's drug, developed by Eisai and Biogen
110 Ford pauses construction of Michigan battery plant amid contract talks with UAW: NPR
111 With 188.3 Million Living with BP Why Only 37% Are Diagnosed? WHO Sheds Light
112 UN says cholera and dengue outbreaks have been reported in eastern Sudan as conflict grinds on
113 High cholesterol symptoms: First sign in the legs
114 6 Reasons Why Hari Kangni is a Great Gluten-Free Addition to Your Diet
115 More students gain eligibility for free school meals under expanded US program
116 What People with MS Wish You Knew
117 FTC and 17 states sue Amazon, saying the online retailer abuses its power: NPR
118 Pancreatic cancer symptoms: Doctor shares first red flag sign
119 New cars are supposed to be getting safer. So why are fatalities on the rise?
120 Robots Are Taking Over Your Surgery (and You Should Be Excited)