File Title
1 Long-haul flights--small changes with a big climate impact
2 Duke Field breaks ground on first electric aircraft charging station
3 'We got a pilot in our house' homeowner tells dispatcher after F-35 ejection
4 Instant evolution: AI designs new robot from scratch in seconds
5 Superconductivity at room temperature remains elusive
6 Golden future for thermoelectrics
7 POWER Program selects teams to design power beaming relays
8 Simulations reveal the atomic-scale story of qubits
9 System combines light and electrons to unlock faster, greener computing
10 Kenya's Ruto to ask China for $1 billion loan, debt restructure
11 Evergrande's EV unit resumes trading after deal suspension
12 Vietnam EV maker VinFast reports jump in Q3 revenue
13 EU formally starts probe into Chinese electric cars subsidies
14 UK government to push back on 'anti-car measures'
15 Bangladesh accepts first uranium for Russia-backed nuclear plant
16 Chi-Nu experiment ends with data to support nuclear security, energy reactors
17 China fosters new-generation nuclear power reactors
18 Framatome awarded DoE contract to advance Digital Twin-based Diagnostics
19 Toshiba says $14 billion offer to go private set to succeed
20 UK and Japan partnership to develop new technologies for nuclear waste disposal
21 Taiwan to probe firms over Huawei chip plants in China
22 Simulations reveal the atomic-scale story of qubits
23 UAE approves mega gas project weeks ahead of COP28
24 US offers no new cash to climate fund for developing world
25 NGOs urge G20 to speed up reforms for climate finance
26 Vietnam confirms arrest of energy think tank chief
27 Decarbonising shipping to cost over $100 billion per year: UN
28 Macron promises heat pump boost in French climate plan
29 Slovenia's nuclear plant shut down over leak
30 China's Sunac wins court approval for debt restructuring
31 UN downplays doom and gloom over Chinese economy
32 Iraqis marvel at ancient Iraq in new 'Assassin's Creed' game
33 Five things to know about 'Assassin's Creed'
34 Hit soccer video game adds mixed-gender teams, sheds FIFA name
35 Pope's climate text calls for binding deal at UN
36 Chi-Nu experiment ends with data to support nuclear security, energy reactors
37 Google's new phone to run AI on-device
38 Apple working on fix for iPhone 15 models running hot
39 Netflix sends out last DVD
40 OpenAI turning to designer Jony Ive for 'AI iPhone': report
41 EU tells Apple chief to 'open up' to rivals
42 Machine learning used to probe the building blocks of shapes
43 China fosters new-generation nuclear power reactors
44 Toward high-efficiency thin crystalline silicon solar cells
45 Solar panels go into service near North Pole
46 Aston University research pioneers making renewable hydrogen and propane fuel gases from glycerol
47 Second round of Fukushima wastewater release begins
48 China's next robotic lunar probe open to foreign science payloads
49 WVU researcher to help send swarm of marine robots on climate change quest beneath ocean ice
50 Researchers illuminate "Snowball Earth" melting and early life evolution
51 GITAI passes all NASA safety reviews for ISS external demonstration
52 NASA's Perseverance captures dust-filled Martian whirlwind
53 Sombrero Rock: A Case of Case-Hardening?
54 Chang'e 6 scheduled for lunar landing next year
55 Meta technology chief defends tech titan's AI strategy
56 Meta putting AI in smart glasses, assistants and more
57 ANSRs to Hard AI Questions
58 From K-pop to sales girls: AI goes mainstream in South Korea
59 Combustion powers bug-sized robots to leap, lift and race
60 Amazon steps up AI race with $4 billion Anthropic investment
61 ChatGPT AI getting chatty with voice prompts
62 Stock photo giant Getty releases AI image generator
63 New milestones despite tricky boulders
64 AI models struggle to identify nonsense, says study
65 Toward high-efficiency thin crystalline silicon solar cells
66 India must rapidly scale solar to reach renewable targets: study
67 France taps nuclear know-how to recycle electric car batteries
68 REPT BATTERO Unveiling Transformative Battery Tech Data and North American Alliances at RE+ 2023
69 Cheap and efficient catalyst could boost renewable energy storage
70 Improving the properties of sweeteners for enhanced thermal energy storage
71 Harvesting wind energy in small countries with low wind speed and limited
72 How wind turbines react to turbulence
73 Aston University research pioneers making renewable hydrogen and propane fuel gases from glycerol
74 Lightning strike hits UK biogas facility
75 Is there more to palm oil than deforestation?
76 Poland signs deal with Westinghouse for first nuclear power plant
77 Warming up! 30 years of fusion-energy research at EPFL
78 Fast-tracking fusion energy's arrival with AI and accessibility
79 Russian ISS segment springs third leak in under a year
80 Wanted: bright ideas to develop the lunar economy
81 Lunar ambitions boost space funding as investment set to reach $33 billion by 2032
82 Surrey Satellite joins forces with the Air and Space Institute
83 Boom, crackle, pop: Sounds of Earth's crust
84 Plot thickens in hunt for ninth planet
85 Vega flies to bring satellites to space
86 France's Arianespace launches 12 satellites into space
87 Mali junta plans takeover of key UN camp in rebel north
88 14,000 displaced in Myanmar after record rain sparks floods
89 Indian flood toll up to 77 as waters recede
90 Afghan rescuers still digging as hope fades for quake villagers
91 Biden says 'can't stop' building of more Mexico border wall
92 Humans increasingly settling in high-risk flood zones, study warns
93 Landslide triggered by heavy rain kills 27 in Cameroon
94 Mass funeral held for Afghan quake victims, families still missing
95 Study discounts belief 1918 flu pandemic targeted healthy young adults
96 Bangladesh swamped by record dengue deaths
97 WHO recommends second vaccine against malaria
98 Dire hygiene spells new threat for Morocco quake survivors
99 WHO calls on China for 'full access' for COVID investigators: FT
100 Volunteers dig for Afghan quake survivors as aid trickles in
101 Elephant slaughtered and eaten in DR Congo
102 Injured tortoises make slow recovery from Greece fires
103 UNESCO mission in Libya to inspect damaged heritage sites
104 Scotland soaked in 'month's rain in 24 hours'
105 Fukushima sake brewer warms shattered Japanese fishing community
106 Drought drains Brazilian Amazon residents reliant on waterways
107 France's Mayotte feels left high and dry as water crisis worsens
108 UK water group seeks investment as sector drowns
109 Syrian beekeepers battle both war and climate change
110 As temperatures rise, Sicily turns to exotic fruits
111 Desalination system could produce freshwater that is cheaper than tap water
112 UK water firms must cut bills over poor performance: regulator
113 US farmers, tech tycoons square off over plans for utopian city
114 Global food system could help achieve net negative emissions by 2050
115 France goes (a bit) veggie for Olympics