File Title
1 Final Experiments of the Aeolus Satellite Before Burning Up in Earth's Atmosphere
2 ISS Activity Surge: Ultraviolet Earth Glows, Sleep Science, Microbial Research, and Crew Handovers
3 Robotic Acoustic Swarms: Shape-Changing Smart Speaker for Ultimate Audio Control in Any Room
4 Shackleton Shadows Unveiled: NASA Stunning Moon Camera Mosaic Sheds Light on Lunar South Pole
5 Scientists Reveal: At Which Age Are We at Our Happiest?
6 Protostars in Unique Triple Formation Illuminate Stellar Feeding Mechanisms
7 Emerald Whirlpools: Satellite Captures Spectacular Algal Blooms in Gulf of Finland
8 Violating the Universal Kasha's Rule--Scientists Uncover Secrets of a Mysterious Blue Molecule
9 NASA's Record-Breaking Astronaut: Scientific Highlights of Frank Rubio's Year in Space
10 Scientists Reveal that Self-Driving Cars Can Make Traffic Slower
11 Deadly Cyclonic Catastrophe: Once-in-600-Year Storm in Libya Swept Entire Neighborhoods Out to Sea
12 Scientists Discover that Australian Honeypot Ant Honey Possesses Unique Anti-Microbial Properties
13 Beyond Graphene: A New "Metallic" 2D Material--Molybdenene
14 Synapse Surprise: Two Sisters' Misfortune Leads to Unsettling Parkinson's Discovery
15 Venus on Earth: NASA's VERITAS Science Team Explores Iceland's Volcanic Terrain
16 Researchers Discover New Mnemomic Networks in the Brain
17 New Cheap and Efficient Catalyst Could Transform Renewable Energy Storage
18 Solar Orbiter Closes in on Sun's Biggest Secret: Solving a 65-Year-Old Cosmic Mystery
19 New Research Reveals that Insect Protein Can Slow Weight Gain and Boosts Health Status
20 Scientists Discover 16 Strange New Species of of Parasitoid Wasp in Vietnam
21 Record-Setting NASA Astronaut Frank Rubio Has Reached One Full Year in Space
22 Glacier Loss Day Alert: Unprecedented Melt Rates Shatter Records
23 Laser-Powered Leap: MXene and the Future of Rechargeable Battery Technology
24 Settlement and Innovation 476,000 Years Ago: Archaeologists Discover World's Oldest Wooden Structure
25 Tiny Unique Sea Creatures Reveal the Ancient Origins of Neurons
26 Why Is Juice Taking Sooo Long? Straight Lines in Space Are a Massive Waste of Energy
27 Zentropy--a New Theory that Could Transform Material Science
28 Riding the Deadly Tide: Fentanyl and Stimulants Lead the Fourth Wave in U.S. Overdose Crisis
29 Gobbling Galaxies: Black Holes' Speedy Feast Shocks Scientists
30 Within the Margin: NASA's Perseverance Rover Kicks Off New Campaign on Mars
31 No Brain, No Problem: The Surprising Intellect of Jellyfish Changes Our Fundamental Understanding of the Brain
32 Shocking--Rate of Climate-Driven Extinction Is Drastically Accelerating
33 50-Year-Old Polymer Puzzle: Chemists Solve Long-Standing Science Mystery
34 Playing Football Linked to 61% Increased Risk of Parkinson's Disease
35 Unmasking Long COVID: The Unexpected Common Cold Connection
36 Neurons, Astrocytes, and Transformers: Are AI Models Biologically Plausible?
37 Amazing--Scientists Identify Unique New Species of Pterosaur
38 Watch NASA's Perseverance Rover Use AutoNav to Avoid a Boulder on Mars
39 Think Twice Before that Next Drink: Alcohol's Shocking Link to Alzheimer's
40 Unique New Material Could Generate More Computing Power and Memory Storage While Using Significantly Less Energy
41 Groundbreaking Study Uncovers Origin of "Conscious Awareness"
42 Unlocking Battery Mysteries: X-Ray "Computer Vision" Reveals Unprecedented Physical and Chemical Details
43 Space Gardening, Prepping Spacesuits, and Descent Training on the International Space Station
44 Amplifying RNA's Potential: MIT Engineers Design More Powerful Vaccines
45 Life on Jupiter's Moon? NASA's Webb Finds Carbon Source on Surface of Europa
46 The Resonance of Intelligence: Complex Vocal Learning Predicts Problem-Solving Abilities and Brain Size in Songbirds
47 Muscling Through "Runner's Knee" Myths: New Research Sheds Light on Chronic Knee Pain
48 Cambridge Researchers Discover New Way to Measure Dark Energy
49 Thinner than the Photon Itself--Scientists Invent Smallest Known Way to Guide Light
50 Alarming Global Cancer Surge: 79% Rise in Cancer Cases Among Those Under 50
51 NASA's Grand Retirement Plan: Seeking Deorbit Craft for Space Station's Safe Descent
52 Unprecedented Temperatures: Scientists Expect 2023 to Be the Hottest Year Ever
53 Cracking the Nucleolar Code: MIT Unravels Evolutionary Secrets of the Nucleolus
54 The Resonance of Intelligence: Complex Vocal Learning Predicts Problem-Solving Abilities and Brain Size in Songbirds
55 Muscling Through "Runner's Knee" Myths: New Research Sheds Light on Chronic Knee Pain
56 Alarming Global Cancer Surge: 79% Rise in Cancer Cases Among Those Under 50
57 Full Steam Ahead: Extracting Over 65% More Heat from Geothermal Reservoirs
58 6x Tougher than Kevlar: Spider Silk Is Spun by Genetically Modified Silkworms for the First Time
59 Fly Fitness: How the Iditarod Protein Connects Exercise Endurance, Cold Resistance & Cell Repair
60 Methane Surprise: Ponds Release More Greenhouse Gas than They Store
61 Moonbound: Artemis II Astronauts Ace Launch Day Rehearsal
62 From the Abyss: New Virus Discovered in Earth's Deepest Ocean Trench
63 VIR-1388: Clinical Trial of Preventive HIV Vaccine Begins
64 First Glimpse: OSIRIS-REx's Historic Return with Asteroid Bennu Sample
65 Mapping Methane: The Trio of Sentinel Satellites Targeting Super-Emitters from Space
66 100x Efficiency: MIT's Machine-Learning System Based on Light Could Yield More Powerful Large Language Models
67 Scientists Successfully Genetically Modify Individual Cells in Living Animals
68 Brainless Brilliance: Jellyfish Stun Scientists with Learning Skills
69 New Study: Older Adults Who Participate in this Leisure Activity Have the Memory of a 20-Year-Old
70 Destination Apophis: NASA's OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Departs for New Mission
71 Neutrinos & Dark Matter: How Ultra-Pure Cables Can Unlock Secrets of Physics
72 Historic Touchdown: NASA's OSIRIS-REx Capsule Containing Asteroid Bennu Sample Has Landed
73 Lethal Combo: This Pair of Stressors Doubles Men's Heart Disease Risk
74 Bird's Eye Burn Scars: Scorched Devastation on the Greek Island of Rhodes
75 Johns Hopkins Study: Early Treatment with Plasma May Reduce Long COVID Risk
76 AutoNav's Triumph on Mars: Perseverance Rover's Record Speed on the Martian Terrain
77 Elevated Beauty: Peru's Tropical Glaciers and Majestic Rainbow Mountains
78 Leonardo da Vinci Was Wrong--Scientists Disprove "Rule of Trees"
79 Why Are Black Adults at Greater Risk of Death from Heart Disease? New Study Reveals Social Factors Are Responsible
80 NASA's Cosmic Vision: Simulating Our Galaxy Through Gravitational Waves
81 Revolutionary AI Set to Predict Your Future Health with a Single Click
82 Stellar Concert: Astronomers Tune in to the Sounds of Twinkling Stars
83 E-Cigarette Alert: New Report Uncovers Escalating Health Risks
84 What's in a Name? Hubble Space Telescope Captures Galaxy SDSS J103512.07+461412.2
85 Canceling Noise: MIT's Innovative Way to Boost Quantum Devices
86 Unprecedented Surge--ADHD Diagnoses Skyrocket in UK
87 History Is Made: NASA's First Asteroid Sample Has Landed, Now Secure in Clean Room
88 Mutation Mix-Up: Why Some Immunotherapies for Cancer Don't Always Work as Predicted
89 An Unprecedented Opportunity--Using Cosmic Weather to Study Which Worlds Could Support Alien Life
90 Revolutionizing Plant Proteins: Scientists Unlock the Secret to Juicier Plant-Based Meat
91 Against the Odds: Genetic Code of Rare Kidney Cancer Cracked
92 Researchers Warn: Contaminated Water Discovered in Fast-Food Soda Fountains
93 Breaching the Limit: Global Concerns Rise as Six Key Planetary Boundaries Are Exceeded
94 Psyche Set to Soar: NASA's Date with a Metal-Rich Asteroid
95 Unintended Side Effect: Antiviral Drug Linked to Unusual COVID-19 Virus Mutations
96 Progressing Undetected for Years--Scientists Shed Surprising New Light on Parkinson's Disease
97 Mastering Light: Enhancing Image Quality with Broadband Achromatic and Polarization-Insensitive Metalenses
98 Surprising Discovery Could Explain How Coronaviruses Jump Species
99 International Space Station: Health Investigations, Payload Maintenance, and Departure Countdown
100 Mass Extinction Predicted: Extreme Heat Likely to Wipe Out Humans and Mammals in "Triple Whammy"
101 GlowTrack: Unleashing the Power of AI to Track Human and Animal Behavior
102 Negative Pressure Unveiled: The Dual Power of Light & Sound Waves
103 Stellar Contamination and Ghostly Atmospheres: Webb Reveals New Insights into TRAPPIST-1 Exoplanet
104 Africa's DNA Mystery: Tracing Humanity's Forgotten Lineages in the Namib Desert
105 Inducing Weight Loss and Increased Endurance--Revolutionary New Drug Tricks the Body into Thinking It's Exercising
106 Stanford's Sensational Science: Why Our Skin Feels "Tight" After Using a Facial Cleanser
107 Red Planet Report Card: How NASA's Ambitious Mars Sample Return Mission Fared in Its Review
108 Feeding the World: Earthworms Contribute to 6.5% of Global Grain Production
109 AWE-Inspiring: NASA's Atmospheric Waves Experiment Aces Space Environment Tests
110 Groundbreaking Study Uncovers Dramatic Antioxidant Deficit in Alzheimer's Patients: Could a Healthy Diet Be the Key to Prevention?
111 Artemis II SLS Rocket Booster Segments Make Their Grand Arrival at NASA's Kennedy Space Center
112 Never Before Detected--Organic Molecule Essential for Life Found in Interstellar Space
113 Decoding Treatment-Resistant Depression: Researchers Identify Crucial Biomarker that Tracks Recovery
114 Unprecedented Insight: SWOT Satellite Monitors Warming Ocean off California Coast
115 Decoding Women's Health: Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes PCOS Diagnosis