File Title
1 AI drones to help farmers optimize vegetable yields
2 Northrop Grumman to deliver in country maintenance for the Triton UAV sustainment
3 Ukraine war pushes NATO to bolster drone-tackling expertise
4 Ukraine says 17 of 24 Russian drones destroyed overnight
5 DARPA seeks tech solutions to create autonomous capabilities for commercial drones
6 North Korea's leader wraps up Russia trip with drones gift
7 Boreal and temperate forests now main global carbon sinks
8 Ancient Amazonians intentionally created fertile "dark earth"
9 Scientists call for a tree planting drive to help tackle heatwaves
10 How to tackle the global deforestation crisis
11 Petition against felling trees in historic Tokyo park area
12 Arson turns Amazon reforestation project to ashes
13 Outcry stops building in 'world's largest greenbelt' around Toronto
14 Scientists rediscover small Brazil tree, 185 years on
15 Carbon-capture tree plantations threaten tropical biodiversity for little gain
16 EU agrees to eliminate climate warming 'F-gases' by 2050
17 Japanese scientists find microplastics are present in clouds
18 NASA-built greenhouse gas detector moves closer to launch
19 Measurement campaign on small-scale variability of sunlight in the USA completed
20 Largest climate fund seeks new funding for vulnerable
21 Pope's climate text calls for binding deal at UN
22 Politicians failing to grasp 'scientific reality' of climate: expert
23 Youth bring climate case to Europe rights court
24 King Charles's France trip closing with climate focus
25 Last September was hottest on record by 'extraordinary' margin: EU monitor
26 European countries smash September temperature records
27 France probes deaths of Champagne workers in heatwave
28 'No time to rest' for AC repairmen in sweltering Saudi
29 Dust and despair in Afghan village wiped out by quakes
30 Iran women's activist Narges Mohammadi wins peace Nobel
31 Hong Kong man jailed for importing 'seditious' children's books
32 China congratulates pro-Beijing winner of Maldives election
33 Top US military officer steps down with 'dictator' swipe at Trump
34 Hong Kong police step up surveillance to 'tame' activists
35 Musk guts X's election integrity teams ahead of major votes
36 Hong Kong journalist union head found guilty of obstructing police
37 Ex-Australia PM says Murdoch leaves legacy of division
38 Nobel Peace Prize buzz for women's rights, climate fight
39 Largest climate fund seeks new funding for vulnerable
40 Military joins fight against wildfire on Spain's Tenerife
41 Australia fires force evacuations as country swelters
42 Malaysia blames Indonesian fires for haze, poor air quality
43 Canadian wildfire smoke darkens Greenland skies
44 French army to begin Niger pullout 'this week'
45 Inuit hunters blame cruise ships as narwhal disappear
46 NASA selects Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition contractors
47 Chinese researchers reveal how vegetation structure biases satellite observation
48 Sugar prices hit 13-year high due to El Nino fallout: FAO
49 'Zero income' after storms ravage famed Greek apple harvest
50 We could sequester CO2 by "re-greening" arid lands, plant scientists say
51 Using satellite data to enhance global food security
52 Malaysia boosts China palm oil exports under EU pressure
53 In war-scarred Iraqi city, food business gives women independence
54 Invasive species on the menu at London restaurant
55 Thailand urged to halt crop burning after air pollution spike
56 Floods wiped out quarter of Greek farm produce: experts
57 Volunteers dig for Afghan quake survivors as aid trickles in
58 Wildfire evacuees on Spain's Tenerife allowed to return home
59 Indonesia fire haze pushes Singapore air quality into unhealthy range
60 Five Nobel Peace laureates who won from jail
61 Colombia, guerillas postpone ceasefire and peace talks
62 In 'dysfunctional' world, who deserves Nobel Peace Prize?
63 Romania sends troops to bolster NATO Kosovo force
64 US aid cuts would be 'devastating' for Ukraine soldiers: experts
65 EU ministers gather in Kyiv for talks on Ukraine support amid funding fight in US
66 Glacial lake floods: a growing, unpredictable climate risk
67 At least 10 dead, 82 missing in India glacial lake burst
68 Glacier Loss Day indicates record breaking glacier melt
69 Bursting air bubbles may play a key role in how glacier ice melts
70 Measuring the retreat of Italy's largest glacier
71 Mont Blanc shrinks by over two metres in two years
72 Vietnam's Mekong Delta may run out of sand by 2035: study
73 Tanzania faces power shortages, rationing due to drought
74 Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan resume Nile dam talks
75 Libya's burst dams had decades-old cracks: official
76 Drought caused 'historic' global hydropower drop in early 2023
77 Indigenous troops guard Australia's vast north
78 Long-lasting La Nina events more common over past century
79 Biden aims to wrest influence from China in Pacific islands
80 Dutch ex-foreign minister confirmed in EU climate post
81 In pesticide-heavy Brazil, could crop dusting be killed off?
82 Younger trees champion carbon capture
83 Wastewater beer aims to help quench US drought
84 UK water sector announces record infrastructure spend
85 UK water group seeks investment as sector drowns
86 New method for purifying drinking water could be used in disaster zones
87 Spain farmers jailed for illegal water tapping at nature reserve
88 Water shortage in Central Asia worsening, Uzbekistan warns
89 Dominican Republic shuts border with Haiti over water spat
90 Palestinian water woes highlight dashed hopes of Oslo Accords
91 Oil prices jump as Hamas attack on Israel fuels supply fears
92 Top diplomat Wang hopes US, China can 'rationally' manage differences
93 OPEC sees oil demand growth continuing until 2045
94 Iraq signs 'preliminary' gas deal with Turkmenistan
95 'Fertile ground': Baghdad sees timid revival with investment drive
96 California's green drive leaves its oil towns behind
97 Germany bets on hydrogen to help cut trucking emissions
98 DLR acquires flying hydrogen laboratory and demonstrates whole-system solutions
99 Predicting the sustainability of a future hydrogen economy
100 Rich nations, China must accelerate race to net zero: IEA
101 German company to sue EU over fossil fuel ban
102 China to control half the world's hydrogen electrolyser capacity
103 World can't 'unplug' existing energy system: COP28 head
104 Can chatbots be therapists? Only if you want them to be
105 Japan climate group urges ban on power company's 'CO-2 free' ads
106 Pope warns of 'irreversible' climate change, urges UN action
107 Deforestation down in Brazil's Amazon
108 Is planting trees to combat climate change 'complete nonsense'?
109 RTX develops solid-state circuit breaker for NASA's hybrid-electric aircraft
110 Government and industry collaboration leads to first air taxi delivery