File Title
1 The "Unknome": A Database of Human Genes We Know Almost Nothing About
2 Opinion: Modern Chemistry Is Quite Literally Rubbish
3 A Health Paradigm Shift: Prescription for Free Fruits and Vegetables Linked to Better Heart Health
4 Planetary Pioneers: Robot Team Gears Up for Future Moon Exploration Missions
5 Reviving Ancient Wisdom: Historical Recipes Inspire Modern Medical Innovations
6 Beyond Moore's Law: MIT's Innovative "Lightning" System Combines Light and Electrons for Faster Computing
7 Double Trouble: Disturbingly High Rates of Depression and Anxiety in People Who Use Both Tobacco and Cannabis
8 Researchers Discover Abnormal Subtype of Natural Killer Cells
9 Scientists Unveil Cheaper and More Effective Depression Treatment
10 Brewing Innovation: 3D Printing with Used Coffee Grounds to Build Caffeinated Creations
11 Walking Wonders: Fewer Steps than Thought for a Longer Life
12 Nature's True Survivors--Flowering Plants Survived the Asteroid that Killed the Dinosaurs
13 Daily Consumption of Sugary Drinks Linked to Increased Risk of Liver Cancer and Chronic Liver Disease
14 Hubble Constant Tension Mystery Deepens: Webb Space Telescope Measures the Universe's Expansion Rate
15 Harnessing All-Solar Energy: Nanocrystal Breakthrough Transforms Infrared Light Conversion
16 NASA: Summer 2023 Was Earth's Hottest Since Global Records Began in 1880
17 Springtails: The Ancient Masters of Antifreeze and Arctic Survival
18 New Study: AI Chatbots Surpass the Average Human in Creativity
19 Biological Masterpiece--Evolution Wired Human Brains to Act like Supercomputers
20 Riding High Over Ukraine: Soyuz Spacecraft Docks to Space Station with New Crew
21 Paradigm Shifting Discovery--Researchers Challenge Fundamental Principles of Molecular Neuroscience
22 Artificial Photosynthesis Breakthrough--Researchers Produce Hybrid Solid Catalysts
23 SpaceX's Raptor Engine Excels in Tests for NASA's Artemis III Moon Lander
24 DNA Breakthrough--How Genetic Shedding Unveils Species Secrets
25 New COVID Variant "Eris" on the Rise
26 Unlocking Ancient Climate Secrets--Melting Ice Likely Triggered Climate Change Over 8,000 Years Ago
27 Stellar Feast: Ferocious Black Hole Consumes Three Earths'-Worth of Star Every Time It Passes
28 The Addictive Recipe: Food from Tobacco-Owned Brands More "Hyperpalatable"
29 Hunting for Life Beyond Earth: Coronagraphs, Starshades, and Alien Biosignatures
30 Red Fire Ant Is Now Established in Europe--Aggressive Species Poses Ecological and Health Threats
31 Pixel-by-Pixel X-ray Analysis: Revolutionizing Lithium-Ion Battery Insights
32 Scientists Warn: Common Household Cleaning Products Emit Hundreds of Hazardous Chemicals
33 Life in Boiling Waters: A Global Microbial Connection
34 A Billion-Mile Journey: OSIRIS-REx's Meteoric Return with a Space Rock Treasure
35 Vacationers Beware--Short, Sun-Seeking Trips Can Disrupt the Skin's Microbiome
36 Long-Standing Question Answered--How Mass Extinction Paved the Way for Oysters and Clams
37 Hidden Danger in Herbal Remedies--How Ayurvedic Medicine Can Cause Lead Poisoning
38 Worms with a Superpower--Stanford Scientists Unravel Secrets of Regeneration
39 New Aluminum Radical Battery Promises More Sustainable Power
40 Human Emissions: The Culprit Behind Atlantic Temperature Swings, African Rainfall, and Hurricane Havoc
41 Doctors Warn of Looming Threat--"Broken Pipeline" Could Spell Extinction for Surgeon-Scientists
42 Quantum Well Nanowire Array Micro-LEDs: The Future of On-chip Optical Communication
43 Web of Contamination: Shoreline Spiders Transfer Mercury up the Food Chain
44 Researchers Discover Surprising Side Effect of Common Diabetes Drug
45 Why Is Computer Security Advice So Confusing?
46 Drowning Predictions: Yearly 100-Year Floods Loom on the Horizon
47 Beware the Heat--Living in Warm Temperatures Linked to Severe Vision Problems in Older Americans
48 Utterly Bizarre--Scientists Discover Another New Species of Dinosaur on Isle of Wight
49 Webb's Stellar Capture: Supersonic Outflow from a Newborn Star
50 New Study: Everyday Pleasures Can Boost Cognitive Performance
51 Hafnium Oxide: Unraveling the Secrets of Next-Gen. Semiconductors
52 Cosmic Enigma Decoded: World's First 3D Simulations Reveal the Physics of Exotic Supernovae
53 4th Wave in U.S. Overdose Crisis: 50x Surge in Deaths from Fentanyl Laced Stimulants
54 Why Does Immunotherapy Not Always Work? New Research Sheds Light
55 Seyfert's Symphony: Hubble Showcases a Breathtaking Galactic Collision
56 The Mysterious Limestone Spheroids of 'Ubeidiya: Unlocking the Secrets of an Ancient Puzzle
57 Moon's Mystery Moisture: Electrons from Earth May Be Forming Lunar Water
58 Brain's Hidden "Junk"--Mysterious RNA Circles Produced by Cells Damaged in Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Disease
59 Space-Age Solution: Preventing Astronaut Bone Loss with Innovative Compound
60 Eclipsing Theories: Parker Soars Through Powerful Coronal Mass Ejection "Vacuuming Up" Interplanetary Dust
61 Low-Dose Aspirin Linked to 15% Lower Risk of Diabetes in Older Adults
62 Emerging Health Crisis: Toxic Dust from Engineered Stone Endangers U.S. Workers
63 A New Era of Atomic Science: SLAC Fires Up the World's Most Powerful X-Ray Laser
64 A Foul-Smelling Savior: How a New Gut Microbe Fights Dangerous Pathogens
65 A Dream Nanomaterial: Breakthrough in Mass Production of MXene
66 Scientists Discover "Startling" Levels of Hidden Mental Health Symptoms Among Autoimmune Disease Patients
67 Mother of All Tests: NASA's PACE Spacecraft Triumphs in Space Simulation
68 New Research Reveals that Butterflies and Moths Share Ancient "Blocks" of DNA
69 MIT's Game-Changing Hack: Energy-Efficient CO2 Capture & Conversion
70 Floatation-REST: Innovative Therapy for Anorexia Shows Promise
71 Carbon Atoms Diffuse on Interstellar Ice Grains to Form Complex Organic Compounds
72 Biological Ballet: Scientists Reveal the Dance of Molecular "Coherence" in Unprecedented Clarity
73 MIT Engineers Harness Kirigami for Ultrastrong and Lightweight Structures
74 3-Billion-Year-Old Secrets: NASA's Curiosity Rover Reaches Mars Ridge Where Water Left Debris Pileup
75 Scientists Discover New Species of Ancient Alligator
76 Unleashing Fusion Energy with the Help of AI
77 Rewiring Time: How Synchronizing Your Internal Clocks Can Ease Jet Lag and Aging
78 Ten's a Crowd: Life and Science Aboard the Bustling Space Station
79 A Spectacular Rare Green Comet Lighting Up the Sky? An Expert on What to Expect from Nishimura
80 Dark Photons: The Key to Unraveling the Dark Matter Mystery?
81 Alzheimer's Breakthrough--New Therapeutic Target Discovered
82 Sweeping Discovery--Scientists Discover a Previously Unknown "Housekeeping" Process in Kidney Cells
83 Submerged Signals: MIT Unveils Pioneering Development in Underwater Communication Technology
84 Biological Annihilation--Stanford Scientists Discover Human-Driven Mass Extinction Is "Mutilating" the Tree of Life
85 Unprecedented Radio Wave Detection from a Type Ia Supernova
86 Diet's Hidden Enemy: The Snack Attack that's Undermining Your Healthy Meals
87 Super-Emitter Sleuth: NASA's Spectrometer for Tracking Stealthy Greenhouse Gases
88 Preventing $220 Billion in Damages--Scientists Discover Potential Way to Disarm a Mysterious Family of Microbial Proteins
89 Arousal Disorders Can Be Dangerous: Sexsomnia and Sleep Eating Don't Have Treatment Guidelines
90 NASA's Big Reveal: Asteroid Sample Collected in Space, Delivered to Earth
91 An Unexpected New Way to Recycle--Scientists Transform Plastic Waste into Soap
92 Common Cold Virus Linked to Life-Threatening Blood Clotting Disorder
93 A Shot at Universality: NIH Kicks Off Clinical Trials for the Ultimate Flu Vaccine
94 Weighing the Universe: Astrophysicists Measure the Total Amount of Matter, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy
95 Night Owl Phenomenon: The Hidden Dangers of an Evening Chronotype
96 Scientists Discover Source of Mysterious Earth Tremors
97 The Surprising Origin of a Deadly Hospital Infection
98 An Ancient Love Story--How Climate Shifts Drove Early Human Species Together
99 The Search for Dark Matter--a Promising New Method
100 Full House in Space: 10 Astronauts, Circadian Lighting, and Chocolate Mousse
101 New Chemical Recipes for Life's Origins: Guiding Us to Distant Planets Inhabited by Extraterrestrials
102 Blue OLED Advancement Set to Transform Smartphone and Large Screen Displays
103 Devastation in Morocco: NASA Damage Proxy Map Reveals Aftermath of Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake
104 MIT's A11 Drug: Reducing Inflammation and Enhancing Memory in Alzheimer's Disease
105 The Pharaoh of Whales: Remarkable New Species of Extinct Whale Discovered--Lived in Egypt 41 Million Years Ago
106 No One Knew this Was Even Possible--Physicists Create Contained Ball of Turbulence
107 Could We Artificially Dim the Sun Prevent Global Warming?
108 70 Gigatonnes--Steel Plant Upgrades Could Save Equivalent of Two Years of Global Carbon Emissions
109 Oxytocin Surge: Brain Circuit Discovered that Explains Why Infant Cries Prompt Milk Release
110 800-Year-Old Math Trick Could Help with Navigating the Moon
111 Unusual Late-Season Melting on Humboldt Glacier
112 MIT's Biomass Breakthrough: 100% Sustainable Jet Fuel from Plant Waste
113 Creating New States of Matter--Researchers Invent Two New Types of Superconductivity
114 Fentanyl Crisis Demands a Dose of Reality: More Buprenorphine?
115 Contrary to All Expectations--Remote Plant Worlds of Tenerife Challenge Evolutionary Norms
116 Scientists Discover that the Genes for Learning and Memory Are 650 Million Years Old
117 Fungal-Plant Symbiosis: Boosting Crop Resilience and Paving the Way for Sustainable Agriculture