File Title
1 Stoke Space Announces $100 Million in New Investment
2 Momentus announces $4 million direct offering priced at-the-market under Nasdaq rules
3 India's private space sector skyrockets
4 Astroscale Japan to inspect a large defunct satellite in orbit
5 Using lasers in Earth's orbit to protect space assets from debris
6 US slaps Satellite TV provider with first-ever space debris fine
7 Zenno and D-to develop superconducting electromagnets
8 FAA proposes rule to reduce space debris as SpaceX launches 22 satellites into orbit
9 THEOS-2 Airbus-built satellite for Thailand successfully launched
10 Iron atoms discovered on the move in Earth's solid inner core
11 Trio of Sentinel satellites map methane super-emitters
12 Greek SST system goes live with GMV software
13 Shoebox-sized space labs being launched by Vega
14 Vega's ESTCube-2 tether to the future
15 Vega's fuel-free CubeSats to keep formation with wings
16 Spain's first private rocket successfully lifts off
17 Rocket Lab opens engine development center in Long Beach
18 Vega-C Zefiro40 Test: Independent Enquiry
19 Blue Origin to remain grounded for now following crash probe
20 Historic NASA wind tunnel testing Mars Ascent Vehicle
21 Third Subscale Booster for future Artemis missions fires up at Marshall
22 Virgin Galactic carries first Pakistani into space
23 Satellite swarm to provide 'missing link' between space weather and space debris
24 35 Candles and over 50 Space Missions for SPACEBEL
25 XCAM secures further UK Space Agency funding for new space camera system
26 NASA awards Outpost Phase 2 Ignite SBIR Contract for cargo return studies
27 Pulsars may make dark matter glow
28 Seeking Euclid's hidden stars: commissioning looks up
29 New clues to the nature of elusive dark matter
30 New cosmological constraints on the nature of dark matter
31 Astronomers discover first step toward planet formation
32 James Webb telescope captures planet-like structures in Orion Nebula
33 JWST's first spectrum of a TRAPPIST-1 planet
34 New insights into the atmosphere and star of an exoplanet
35 New recipes for origin of life may point way to distant, inhabited planets
36 Exoplanet with a large iron core adds to puzzle of how planets form
37 Webb discovers methane, carbon dioxide in atmosphere of K2-18 b
38 Hypergravity odyssey of Earth's tiniest plant
39 AI of the tiger: Tiny camera 'protects' predator--and people
40 Bird flu kills 400 seals, sea lions in Uruguay
41 Astroscale Japan to inspect a large defunct satellite in orbit
42 New Zealand probes mystery illness killing rare penguins
43 Amazon launches test satellites in challenge to Musk's Starlink
44 Amazon's challenge to Musk's Starlink to have first launch
45 Meta plans to charge Europeans for ad free Facebook and Instagram: source
46 Microsoft CEO hits out at 'dominant' Google in US trial
47 US Supreme Court to hear major social media case
48 Space-based 5G cellular broadband connectivity from everyday smartphones
49 Cisco buys cybersecurity group Splunk for $28bn.
50 Metal-loving microbes could replace chemical processing of rare earths
51 Green issues dominate Paris fashion as green tech marketplace debuts
52 Mineral-hungry clean tech sees countries seeking to escape China's shadow
53 One-atom-thick ribbons could improve batteries, solar cells and sensors
54 Recycling plastic not enough, warns UN environment chief
55 Gold and mercury, not books, for Venezuela's child miners
56 Is AI in the eye of the beholder?
57 Meta technology chief defends tech titan's AI strategy
58 How to build better extraterrestrial robots
59 ANSRs to Hard AI Questions
60 ChatGPT AI getting chatty with voice prompts
61 Powering the quantum revolution: Quantum engines on the horizon
62 Scientists prove that antimatter falls at the same rate as matter
63 Electrons take flight at the nanoscale
64 Quantum science: shaken, driven, dropped, and flown
65 Finger-shaped sensor enables more dexterous robots
66 MilliMobile is a tiny, self-driving robot powered only by light and radio waves
67 Moon and Mars test site for robotic missions
68 Colliding neutron stars provide a new way to measure the expansion of the Universe
69 Astronomers find an abundance of Milky Way-like Galaxies in early Universe
70 Matter comprises of 31% of the total amount of matter and energy in the universe
71 Webb confirms accuracy of Universe's expansion rate as measured by Hubble
72 The universe caught suppressing cosmic structure growth
73 Does lightning strike on Venus? Maybe not, study suggests
74 CfA-SwRI heliophysics mission selected for Phase A mission definition study
75 China's solar telescope array officially completed
76 Parker observes powerful coronal mass ejection 'vacuum up' interplanetary dust
77 China to launch solar probe to unexplored L5 point in 2026
78 Massive low earth orbit communications satellites could disrupt astronomy
79 UN conference adopts plan to reduce chemicals harm
80 European firms scrap toxic ships on Bangladesh beaches: HRW
81 Philippine smog prompts health warnings, school closures
82 Vietnam holds think tank chief in latest green detention
83 Global team recommends ethical rules for human research in commercial spaceflight
84 Firefly Aerospace completes Blue Ghost Lunar Lander Structure
85 Lunar ambitions boost space funding as investment set to reach $33 billion by 2032
86 Chang'e 6 scheduled for lunar landing next year
87 Listening to the Radio on the Far Side of the Moon
88 Heating and cooling space habitats isn't easy
89 Chinese researchers explore building underground Moon shelter
90 Germany signs the Artemis Accords
91 Exploring the lunar south pole: lessons from Chandrayaan-3
92 New center will lay groundwork for better space weather forecasts
93 Law professor calls for ethical approach to human experiments in space
94 Orbit Fab appoints Chief Engineer, advances refueling system test capabilities
95 A prehistoric cosmic airburst preceded the advent of agriculture in the Levant
96 Bursts of star formation explain mysterious brightness at cosmic dawn
97 Keysight launches phased array antenna control and calibration solution
98 Omnispace and Lacuna showcase NGSO IoT satellite connectivity
99 HawkEye 360 announces RFIQ product for a deeper look at RF activity
100 Eutelsat and NationalChip deliver ground-breaking features on Popular Set-Top Box Chipset
101 DLA Energy supports space missions from coast to coast
102 NASA announces launch services for pair of space weather satellites
103 Large mound structures on Kuiper belt object Arrokoth may have common origin
104 Plot thickens in the hunt for a ninth planet
105 Possible existence of Earth-like planet predicted in Outskirts of Solar System
106 China invites Chang'e-8 lunar probe mission global collaboration
107 Death toll from 'unprecedented' Afghan quakes doubles to 2,000
108 Traditional methods urged for Morocco quake rebuild
109 Tree rings reveal a new kind of earthquake threat to the Pacific Northwest
110 Toxic storms blamed on climate change cloud Tajikistan