File Title
1 Scientists Unveil Urea's Secret Role in the Origin of Life
2 Mimicking Mother Earth: Crafting an Artificial Carbon Cycle Beyond Our Planet
3 Why Are Tidewater Glaciers Retreating at Unprecedented Rates? Scientists Discover New Clue
4 First Observation of a Nucleus Decaying into Four Particles After Beta Decay
5 Evolution's Whiplash: Plesiosaurs Doubled Their Neck-Length by Gaining New Vertebrae
6 A Master of Disguise--Scientists Discover New "Cryptic" Species of Leaf-Tailed Gecko
7 Cracking One of the Universe's Biggest Mysteries: "The Most Precise Measurement Yet" of Electron's Permanent Electric Dipole Moment
8 The World Is at Greater Flood Risk than What We Realized--Shocking Extent of Human Impact on Global Floodplains Revealed
9 Unlocking the Secrets of Microbial Dark Matter: The Enigmatic World of Patescibacteria
10 New Research Reveals that Lonely People Process the World Differently
11 Wonderfully Weird: How Hafnia Is Paving the Way for Neuromorphic Computing
12 Sustainable Skies: NASA and Boeing Unveil the X-66A Aircraft
13 Scientists Discover Amino Acid Essential for Life in Interstellar Space
14 Challenging Linguistic Assumptions: Size of Society Doesn't Dictate Grammar Complexity
15 Searching for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe: Technosignatures
16 Unmasking Economic Inequality: New Study Disproves Theories Linking Poverty to Poor Decision Making
17 Decoding the 1931 Yangtze River Flood Disaster: A Catastrophe that Claimed Over 2 Million Lives
18 Unlocking the Secrets of Youth: Scientists Identify Blood Factor that Can Turn Back Time in the Aging Brain
19 Asymmetry Unleashed: "Brainless" Robot Can Navigate Complex Mazes
20 It's Biology, Not Laziness: Sleep-Wake Therapy Gives New Hope for Teens with Depression
21 Decoding the Universe's Ghost: Project 8 Is Closing in on the Elusive Neutrino
22 Redefining Earth's Core: Synchrotron Reveals Hidden Light Material
23 Groundbreaking Quantum Leap: Physicists Turn Schrodinger's Cat on Its Head
24 A "Double Shot" of Strength: How Used Coffee Grounds Reinforce Concrete
25 Humanity on the Brink: Genomic Research Unearths Startling Decline in Human Ancestor Populations
26 New Study: We Are Wasting Up to 20 Percent of Our Time on Computer Problems
27 Generating Electricity from Wastewater--Bioengineered Bacteria Produce Power
28 Table Salt--The Surprising Secret Ingredient Revolutionizing Chemical Recycling
29 Regular Napping Linked to Increased Brain Size
30 ChatGPT's Strong Left-Wing Political Bias Unmasked by New Study
31 Stellar Sextants: Charting the Course of Celestial Bodies
32 Rewriting the History of Plant Evolution: New Study Uncovers Intriguing Insights into Plant Biology
33 How Sex Lives Evolve as People Age--Surprising Findings of New Study
34 Laser Precision Qubit Control: Leap in Reliable Quantum Information Processing
35 Unraveling a Century-Old Secret--The Hidden Mechanism Connecting Diabetes and Cancer
36 Friendship, Food, and Feathers: Jackdaws Switch Friends to Gain Rewards--But Stick with Family
37 Super Grain Nutritional Showdown: Why Sorghum Bran Beats the Whole Grain
38 Energizing the World's Largest Radio Telescope with SMART Box "Radio-Quiet" Electronics
39 0.000000000000000005 Seconds--Physicists Generate One of the Shortest Signals Ever Produced by Humans
40 How Cold Temperatures Boost Appetite--New Discovery Could Lead to Improved Weight Loss Treatments
41 3,400 Years Old--Chemists Uncover Secrets of Ancient Egyptian Painters
42 Red Alert: Invasive Fire Ants Confirmed in Europe for the First Time--"One of the Worst Invasive Species"
43 Stellar Evolution Rewritten--New Findings Upend Our Understanding of High-Mass Star Formation
44 Cryo Conservation--a Cool Solution to Saving Species from Extinction
45 An Otherworldly Landscape: Bolivian Salt Flats--a Natural Laboratory for Mars Research
46 Brain Avalanches and the Secrets of Neural Critical States Unveiled
47 Like Humans--New Research Reveals that Wild Horses Live in a Complex, Multilevel Society
48 Sweet Annie's Magic: Scientists Uncover Plant's Medicinal Power Against COVID and Cancer
49 Hyades Star Cluster Revelations: Earth's Nearest Black Holes Uncovered
50 New Extraction Technique Revolutionizes Lithium Production
51 New Research Reveals that Long COVID Is Not a Single Condition
52 Darwin's Unanswered Question: Unraveling the Secrets of Species Abundance
53 How Did Life on Earth Originate? New Technology Provides Novel Insights
54 Quantum Breakthrough: Scientists Develop New Way to Manipulate Exotic Materials
55 Astronaut Breaks NASA Record as New Trio Preps for Launch to Space Station
56 MIT AI Model Speeds Up High-Resolution Computer Vision for Autonomous Vehicles
57 Beyond Earth: Webb Space Telescope Detects Key Molecules on Exoplanet K2-18 b
58 Rivers at Risk: How Climate Chaos Is Tainting Our Waters
59 Defying Conventional Wisdom--Scientists Push the Boundaries of Photonics
60 Restoring the Blood-Brain Barrier--Stanford Researchers Uncover Promising New Pathway
61 NASA's Lucy Spacecraft Snaps First Images of Asteroid Dinkinesh on Its 12-Year Voyage of Discovery
62 Night Owls Beware: Staying Up Late Tied to Increased Diabetes Risk
63 Stunting Successfully Reversed--New Research Challenges WHO's Guidelines
64 Shifting Streams: How Climate Change Is Redefining Arctic River Networks
65 Plant-Based Food Alternatives: The Roadmap to Global Sustainability
66 Ancient Quasars and Massive Dark Matter Halos Reveal Black Hole Secrets
67 A New Dawn for Alzheimer's: Phase I Trial Targets Senescent Cells Safely
68 The Historical Puzzle of Pollen: A New Frontier for Artificial Intelligence
69 Whirlwind Tech: The Future of Energy-Efficient Spintronics Computing
70 Seventy-Year-Old Puzzle Solved--Researchers Decipher Ancient "Unknown Kushan Script"
71 Downclimbing--The Hidden Evolutionary Force Behind Human Anatomy
72 New Research Links Social Isolation to Lower Brain Volume
73 Down the Quantum Rabbit Hole: "Alice Ring" Discovery Offers Glimpse into Other-Worldly Realm
74 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Adjusts Course to Target Asteroid Sample Capsule's Landing Zone
75 The "Venom" Spider: New Genus Named After Popular Marvel Character
76 Yale Researchers Discover New Bacterial Strain Causing Widespread Newborn Deaths and Disease in Uganda
77 From Health Checks to Rocket Decks: Astronauts Engaged with Science Amid Launch Preps
78 Natural Compound Found in Popular Culinary Spice Equally Effective as Indigestion Drugs
79 Steeped in Science: Ceramic Glazing Affects Flavor, Aroma, and Health Benefits of Tea
80 From Core to Crust: The Significance of Magma's Oxidation in Earth's Formation
81 The Hidden Danger: Air Pollution's Link to Breast Cancer Risk
82 Twist & Stack: The Magic Within 2D Materials' Embedded Interfaces
83 Fully Charged in Just 6 Minutes--Groundbreaking Technique Could Revolutionize EV Charging
84 Omicron's Silver Lining: Significantly Lower Risk of Long COVID
85 Genetic Evidence Shows that Smoking Can Cause Us to Age Faster
86 Glowing Ghosts: Astronomers Hunt for the Milky Way's Hidden Supernova Remnants
87 Extreme Intensity Fluctuations: Hurricane Lee Traverses the Warm Atlantic
88 Pickleball Players Beware: The Hidden Dangers of America's Favorite New Sport
89 Not Science Fiction--The Peculiar Sex Lives of Orchids
90 New Vaccine Can Completely Reverse Autoimmune Diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes, and Crohn's Disease
91 A Cure for COPD? Transplanting Patients' Own Lung Cells Shows Great Promise
92 Beyond the Spectrum: XRISM Launches to Study the Universe in Different Colors of X-Rays
93 Medical Cannabis Use Linked to Significant Improvements in Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression, and Pain
94 Unearthing 39,000-Year-Old Secrets: The Invisible Plant Technology of the Prehistoric Philippines
95 I Could Not Believe What I Was Seeing--Missing Evolution Puzzle Piece Discovered in 130-Million-Year-Old Rocks
96 Yale Scientists Uncover How the Immune System Can Alter Our Behavior
97 Neutrino-Photon Interactions: Unlocking the Mysteries of Particle Physics
98 The Truth About Water Fasts: Do the Benefits Really Last?
99 Cornell Study Reveals Why Cancer May Spread to the Spine
100 NASA's Artemis II Moon Rocket: First RS-25 Engine Installed on SLS Core Stage
101 Expedition 69 Crew Delves into Robotics, Microbiology, and Space Lab Maintenance
102 Universe Defies Einstein's Predictions: Cosmic Structure Growth Mysteriously Suppressed
103 Killing Over 99% of Bacteria--Scientists Have Invented a Nano-Thin Superbug-Slaying Material
104 The Aquatic Network: Freshwater Connectivity Transports eDNA Through the Landscape
105 Unlocking the Secrets of Aging: Squishy Sea Creature Rewrites Science
106 Space Delivery: OSIRIS-REx's Asteroid Sample Touchdown
107 Quantum Signaling: A Revolutionary New Treatment for Brain Tumors
108 Gibberish or Genius? Verbal Nonsense Reveals Limitations of AI Chatbots
109 Startling Findings--New Study Indicates that Brain Hemorrhage Risk Can Be Transmitted Through Blood Transfusions
110 Vegan vs. Meat-Eating Cats: New Study Yields Surprising Results
111 Stronger than Steel and Tougher than Kevlar--Scientists Shed New Light on the Strongest Spider Silk in the World
112 New Research Uncovers that Everyone's Brain Has a Unique "Pain Fingerprint"
113 The Illusion of Health: New Study Reveals that One Third of Normal-Weight Individuals Are Obese
114 The Sahara's Secret Past: When Deserts Turned Green
115 Key Weakness of COVID-19 Discovered
116 Scientists Reveal Why Using ChatGPT to Message Your Friends Isn't a Good Idea
117 400 Quadrillion Times Brighter than the Sun--Scientists Detect Most Energetic Ultraviolet/Optical Flare Ever
118 Unraveling the Secrets of Alzheimer's--Researchers Create a New Window on Leading Genetic Cause
119 Goodbye to Needles--Rapid Acting, Oral Vaccines Are Coming Soon
120 Pushing the Boundaries of Fast Charging: New Lithium-Ion Battery Material Can Recharge 80% in 10 Minutes
121 Revealing the Brain's Secret Weapon Against Stress: Natural Cannabinoid Substances
122 Astounding Fossil Discovery: The 265-Million-Year-Old Apex Predator that Ruled Brazil Before Dinosaurs
123 Ready for Liftoff: Soyuz MS-24 Spacecraft Launching Next Space Station Crew Today
124 Stunning Discoveries: Polar Ring Galaxies Not So Rare After All?
125 Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica Speeds Up After Calving of Giant Iceberg
126 Boosting Long-Lasting Immune Defense Against the Flu