File Title
1 New SJPD program aims to keep first-time misdemeanor DUI offenders out of jail
2 San Jose hotel project near mega malls advances despite feeble market
3 The family who left the U.S. to live in their ancestral Italian cave
4 Settlement would prevent border separations for next 8 years
5 Can frozen DNA help species survive extinction? San Diego's Frozen Zoo, conservationists partner to put biodiversity banking on the map
6 What 'Bare Minimum Monday' gets right about easing stress at work--The Mercury News
7 Wildfires are dealing a massive blow to US real estate and homeownership, congressional report finds
8 Fatal stabbing of boy, 6, is anti-Muslim hate crime
9 Few Republicans have confidence in elections any more
10 Trump says he would ban Gaza refugees from the US
11 Republicans in Nevada split over 2024 nominating process
12 Israelis in the Bay Area plead for the release of loved ones taken captive by Hamas
13 Putin on Phone Call with Netanyahu Promises Measures to Prevent Further Escalation
14 Body of California man who left state to 'search for gold' identified
15 'I am fighter for Allah': ISIS-inspired gunman kills 2 Swedes in Brussels
16 UP Police constable suspended for social media post 'seeking funds for Palestinian cause,' inquiry on
17 List of Countries Where Same-Sex Marriage Is Legalised
18 Italian lawmakers debate funding of Holocaust Museum revived by far-right-led government
19 Australians stuck in Gaza running out of food, sleeping on streets
20 Israel's Gaza evacuation order could breach international law--UN / Arab News Japan
21 How LGBTQ rights and parental notification bills fared in the California Legislature this year
22 Bay Area study helps confirm age of ghostly human footprints
23 Olympic champion gymnast Mary Lou Retton is making 'remarkable' progress, says family
24 Northern Californian mother, two sons plead guilty in $600 million nationwide catalytic converter theft scheme
25 What's the best state to move to in 2023?
26 2 Northern California women rescued on Oregon's Mt. Hood with limited survival 'essentials'
27 Will Smith's kids wish Jada Pinkett Smith respected family's privacy more
28 Scientists finally know why people get more colds and flu in winter
29 Donald Trump spends millions in donor cash on lawyers
30 Americans better armed than ever against the winter blechs
31 Prosecutors seek to recharge actor Baldwin in fatal shooting
32 Antioch felon caught on camera buying guns in Las Vegas
33 Former Michigan GOP candidate sentenced for January 6 attack
34 Trump back in court at his NYC civil fraud trial
35 Will artificial intelligence find and cure breast cancer?--The Mercury News
36 Judge rejects latest try to toss Georgia election charges
37 More US ships, military forces headed to Israel
38 Islamic Jihad Responsible for Rocket Launch that Hit Gaza Hospital, Claims Benjamin Netanyahu
39 Calif. woman vanishes on cross-country road trip, abandoned car found
40 US Couple Welcomes "Spontaneous Triplets" in Rare Occurrence
41 Las Vegas police officer gets 12 years in prison for trio of casino robberies netting $165,000
42 Hundreds of Palestinians killed and injured in bombing of Gaza City hospital
43 Venezuela's government, opposition agree to conditions for upcoming elections--National
44 Japan international visitors reach 96% of pre-COVID level in September / Arab News Japan
45 Bicyclist arrested on suspicion of brandishing weapon at driver in San Mateo
46 Flight canceled because of defecation incident
47 PM Modi Condemns Gaza Hospital Attack; Says Those Involved Be Held Responsible
48 Two suspects charged in robbery at SF's Dior store
49 Israel: Israelis advised to 'immediately' leave Turkey amid anti-war demonstrations
50 Poland's opposition parties open talks on a ruling coalition
51 Inside the mysterious subterranean tunnel network used by Hamas, labelled the 'Gaza metro' by the Israel Defense Forces
52 Gaza hospital explosion: What we know and what we don't
53 Turkiye to declare 3 days' mourning over Gaza hospital strike / Arab News Japan
54 Award-winning microscopic images by California shutterbugs
55 Serial bank robber sentenced for Bay Area robbing banks weeks after release from prison for bank robbery
56 Coalition forces in Iraq hurt in string of drone attacks
57 Why aren't Arab countries taking in Palestinians
58 Kaitlin Armstrong's dash for freedom was planned, affidavit says
59 Netflix raises prices on some of its streaming plans
60 RFK Jr. spent years stoking fear and mistrust of vaccines
61 Dems, GOP agree on futility of war in Afghanistan
62 Gaza carnage spreads anger across the Mideast
63 US economic data keep coming in stronger and defying forecasts
64 Bolsonaro should be charged with staging coup
65 Israel Refutes Claim of Civilian Deaths in Gaza Hospital Explosion, Says 'What We Don't Know'
66 Two tourists visiting Bay Area killed by lumber sliding off truck
67 'Epic scale': Thousands of Britons approached by Chinese agents, MI5 chief says
68 Russia Sends 27 Tons of Humanitarian Aid to Gaza as Israel-Hamas War Escalates
69 Woman arrested at Trumps' New York trial after getting to close to him, says she's a supporter
70 Ukraine's use of powerful U.S. weapon won't change war's outcome, Putin says--National
71 Arab Ambassadors in Japan mirror Arab League's three days of mourning for Gaza / Arab News Japan
72 UK's Sunak visits Israel, will warn against Gaza war escalation / Arab News Japan
73 Wildcat Canyon Road repair in Contra Costa will take years: Roadshow
74 California Sen. Laphonza Butler makes history as first out LGBTQ Senate Judiciary Committee member
75 Trump attorney Sidney Powell pleads guilty in Georgia election subversion case
76 State Department official resigns over Biden administration's handling of Israel-Hamas conflict
77 Federal dollars for state projects aim to get more cars off roads
78 A classic El Nino winter is expected this year, forecasters say. Here's what that means for snow and cold
79 Jordan drops bid for third speaker vote in the House
80 Walt Disney's childhood home opens doors for first public tours
81 Evidence shows Hamas used N. Korean weapons in Israel attack
82 Newsom plans one-day Israel visit on his way to China
83 From Oval Office, Biden will seek money for Israel, Ukraine
84 Gaza awaits international aid convoys, Israeli invasion
85 What's next after nearly 100 days of Hollywood actor strike?
86 Newly appointed Sen. Butler will not seek re-election
87 Mich. drops charges against fake elector who will cooperate
88 Support for Israel, Ukraine both 'vital' to US
89 What does Powell's Georgia plea deal mean for Trump?
90 'America does not deserve me.' Why Black people are leaving the United States
91 US Issues Worldwide Travel Advisory for Its Citizens Abroad; Check Latest Guidelines
92 Three people arrested in connection with SF Embarcadero shooting
93 Palestinian Rights: China's mideast envoy urges guarantees for Palestinians
94 US Intelligence Estimates 100-300 Killed in Gaza Hospital Strike
95 Haiti arrests one of the main suspects in the killing of President Moise
96 Israeli troops will soon see Gaza from inside: minister
97 Biden says U.S. support for Israel, Ukraine can help hold the world together--National
98 Japan to help S. Koreans evacuate from Israel on SDF planes / Arab News Japan
99 Science only seems to justify Newsom's policies when convenient
100 Bay Area campuses rife with tension over the Israel-Hamas war
101 Federal judge strikes down decades-old California ban on assault weapons
102 State Department advises all Americans overseas 'to exercise increased caution' in worldwide alert
103 Billions of snow crabs went missing around Alaska. Scientists now know what happened to them
104 Defense attorney sees holes in case
105 Pro-Trump attorney who helped craft fake elector plot pleads guilty in Georgia election subversion case
106 Mortgage rates advance toward 8%
107 2 Americans, mother and daughter, released by Hamas
108 Protesters in several countries oppose Israeli airstrikes
109 Pence faces cash shortage, campaign viability questions
110 Pro-Trump attorney who helped craft fake elector plot pleads guilty in Georgia election subversion case
111 A tropical parasite, passed through the bite of a sand fly, is causing skin infections in the US
112 How climate change could affect when and where people travel
113 Jones can't use bankruptcy to shirk Sandy Hook debt
114 Biden asks Congress for $108 billion for Israel, Ukraine, border
115 Focusing on millionaires, IRS collects $160 million in back taxes