File Title
1 How Top Opioid Maker Seeks to Avoid Justice
2 Netflix raises prices for its premium plan: NPR
3 Doctor warns of 'the worst thing' you can do if you have high cholesterol
4 Lawsuit dropped after school board changes course, adopts Youngkin's transgender student policy
5 Brazil lawmakers say Bolsonaro should be charged with attempting to stage a coup: NPR
6 Rosuvastatin could increase your risk of diabetes, study warns
7 Children are nearly half of Gaza's population. Here's what it means for the war: NPR
8 Disabled woman forced to shower outside for weeks after her bathroom rotted
9 'The baby could die': What pregnant Gazans face giving birth in a conflict zone--National
10 ICMR completes clinical trials of world's first injectable male contraceptive, study says it's safe
11 Communities can't recycle or trash disposable e-cigarettes. So what happens to them?
12 Advancements in Treating Atopic Dermatitis
13 Burt Young, who played Paulie in 'Rocky' films, dies at 83: NPR
14 Deep brain stimulation without surgery could ease Alzheimer's memory symptoms
15 Ontario family wins fight for treatment to stabilize child's leg. They say it shouldn't be this hard
16 COVID antibodies making dengue more severe, suggests study by govt.-run institute
17 FDA is thinking about a ban on hair-straightening chemicals. Stylists say Black women have moved on
18 Why Atopic Dermatitis Requires Less Myth, More Visibility
19 New Pentagon report says China now has over 500 operational nuclear warheads: NPR
20 Georgia agrees to pay for gender-affirming care for public employees, settling a lawsuit
21 Amazon to Test Drones to Deliver Prescriptions to Your Door
22 United Airlines passengers with window seats will soon board first: NPR
23 Maternity and ambulance services worsening with more 'inadequate' on safety
24 Canada has not done enough to fight growing antimicrobial resistance: AG--National
25 Just 2 Servings of Red Meat Per Week Raises Your Diabetes Risk
26 Federal judge rules again California's assault weapons ban is unconstitutional: NPR
27 Retiring could be bad for your health, according to 78-year-old working doctor
28 So-called toddler milks are unregulated and unnecessary, a major pediatrician group says
29 Likely the Filthiest Food on Earth, yet Seen as Wholesome
30 Challenges of Atopic Dermatitis
31 Major U.S. Muslim group cancels Virginia banquet over bomb and death threats: NPR
32 How to sleep like a baby in seconds by eating this delicious fruit before bed
33 Brain Attack: What is Stroke and How to Prevent Its Risk?
34 AI chatbots are supposed to improve health care. But research says some are perpetuating racism
35 The Emotional Side of Treatment
36 What is a war crime? Here's what to know: NPR
37 Diabetes symptoms could include skin tags--four common areas to spot them
38 COVID-19 and Dengue Connection: Can Coronavirus Antibodies Cause Severe Mosquito-Borne Infection? 5 Things to Know
39 145 doctors have lost licences since 1994 ban on pre-natal sex selection, shows govt. data
40 Pig heart transplant recipient reaches 1-month mark, pushing through physical therapy
41 Your Top Questions Answered
42 Kenneth Chesebro pleads guilty in Georgia case tied to Trump: NPR
43 'Healthy' dad dies after going to doctor for night sweats leads to devastating diagnosis
44 U.S. FDA proposes ban on hair-straightening chemicals. What about Canada?--National
45 Owner of California biolab that fueled bio-weapons rumors charged with mislabeling, lacking permits
46 Depression Linked to Ultra-Processed Foods, Artificial Sweeteners
47 Trump aide allowed to keep his lawyer in Mar-a-Lago docs case: NPR
48 Dr. Michael Mosley warns we've been breathing wrong--right way explained
49 Georgia Medicaid program with work requirement has enrolled only 1,343 residents in 3 months
50 Biologics for Psoriasis
51 Prostate cancer symptoms explained--three questions could help diagnose you in 30 seconds
52 Judge in Missouri transgender care lawsuit agrees to step aside but decries 'gamesmanship'
53 Atopic Dermatitis: Daily Life
54 Palestinians are shaken by deadly attacks in the West Bank: NPR
55 Study finds effective supplement that could speed up flu recovery
56 Diabetes Diet: 7 Low-Glycemic Foods You MUST Consume Regularly to Keep Blood Sugar in Control During Festivities
57 Juveniles charged with dousing acid on playground slides that injured 4 children
58 Making Your Atopic Dermatitis Treatment Work for You
59 Expert reveals the ten foods you need to eat this autumn to improve your health
60 Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How to Self-Examine for Lump Growth? 5-Step Process to Follow
61 Affordable Care Act provisions codified under Michigan law by Gov. Whitmer as a hedge against repeal
62 Finding the Courage to Reveal My Bare Skin
63 As Europe applauds Poland's election results, civil rights groups prepare to fight: NPR
64 High cholesterol: Doctor reveals the four vegetables that could lower levels
65 Dengue Pill: Can this Breakthrough Treatment Help Prevent Mosquito-Borne Infection? All You Need to Know
66 CVS Health pulls some cough-and-cold treatments with ingredient deemed ineffective by doctors
67 Atopic Dermatitis's Unpredictable Days
68 London pro-Palestinian protests demand an end to Gaza siege: NPR
69 Predicting potential problems of persistent plastic particulates
70 The first Miocene fossils from coastal woodlands in the southern East African Rift
71 A miniature magnetic resonance imager made of diamond
72 Mystery blobs in Earth's mantle may be linked to ancient gold and platinum that arrived from space
73 COVID-19-related jail decarceration did not affect crime in California, study suggests
74 'I'd rather not know': Why we choose ignorance
75 Big, healthy great white shark washes up dead on Canada beach in latest of string of mystery strandings
76 In US, invasive spotted lanternflies are devastating crops
77 Electron-rich metals make ceramics tough to crack
78 Which group of animals has the most species?
79 How origami can help in space exploration
80 Artificial coral reefs showing early signs they can mimic real reefs killed by climate change, says study
81 Cobalt-free battery for cleaner, greener power
82 Orcas that hunted alongside humans might be extinct
83 What will happen to the Greenland ice sheet if we miss our global warming targets
84 Molecular age of the eye determined
85 'Christ' tattoo discovered on 1,300-year-old body in Sudan
86 Husband Secretly Recording Wife's Phone Conversation Violates Her Privacy: Chhattisgarh High Court
87 'Hostages and Missing Families Forum' Medical Head Urges International Community to Intervene, Says 'Need to Provide Urgent Medical Care'
88 Hackers attack Guatemalan government webpages in support of pro-democracy protests
89 Rishi Sunak's Warning as Anti-Semitism Incidents Rise
90 Australian Defense Force planes on standby to evacuate Aussies from Israel
91 A Canadian-Israeli woman missing since Hamas attack has died, family says
92 Pentagon sending 2nd aircraft carrier to Eastern Mediterranean
93 Gaza's desperate civilians search for safety as Israel military prepares for attack / Arab News Japan
94 Pleasanton man owns first-, last-generation Thunderbirds
95 New California laws will boost housing production
96 Bedbug panic is spreading across Europe. Here's what travelers need to know
97 US in frantic bid to avert wider Israel war after Iran warning
98 None Can Guarantee Control of Situation if...: Iran Warns Israel
99 Israel: Gaza UN shelters run out of water, medics overwhelmed
100 'So many people suffering': Australian in Israel warns against division
101 As Gazans seek safety, Israel says Hamas 'trying to prevent' people fleeing--National
102 Gaza hospitals are overwhelmed with patients and desperately low on supplies as invasion looms
103 We must work to stop military operations in Gaza / Arab News Japan
104 Japanese citizens and foreign residents call for peace in Palestine / Arab News Japan
105 Is Gaza facing a genocide? / Arab News Japan
106 SpiceJet to Operate Second flight to Tel Aviv for Indians Stranded in War-Hit Israel
107 Invasive species reported in Bay Area hatchery for the first time
108 Schools near a Maui wildfire burn zone are reopening. Parents wrestle with whether to send kids back
109 Ecuadorians are electing a new president
110 At Israel kibbutz, Hamas killed elders in street in act of 'humiliation'--National
111 NEOM unveils Leyja, its latest sustainable tourism destination / Arab News Japan
112 Rafah border crossing set to reopen as Israeli troops prepare Gaza assault / Arab News Japan
113 El Nino is flexing its muscles. What does this mean for California?
114 Retired US General Condemns Hamas Attack On Israel
115 Landlord charged with hate crimes after Muslim six-year-old stabbed to death and mother wounded
116 Chinese military jet 'aggressively' intercepts Canadian Armed Forces plane--National
117 Israel prepares to deploy new laser defense system: Report
118 Saudi Arabia arrests 16,790 illegals in one week / Arab News Japan