File Title
1 Faster than Can Be Explained--Photonic Time Crystals Could Revolutionize Optics
2 New Research Shatters the Myth of Men as Hunters and Women as Gatherers
3 Beyond Faces: Stanford Study Reveals Broader Memory Challenges in Children with Autism
4 Toothpaste Ingredient Could Extend the Range of Electric Cars
5 Space's Silent Threat: Scientists Shed New Light on "Killer Electrons"
6 Protein's Pull: The Dietary Dynamics Driving Obesity
7 Pioneering Genetics Research: Male Sex Chromosome Finally Deciphered
8 Beyond 5,500 Worlds: A Sextet of New Exoplanets Sends Discovery Milestone Skyward
9 Unlocking Seismic Secrets: Researchers Unearth the Mysteries of How Turkey's East Anatolian Fault Formed
10 Checkmate! Quantum Computing Breakthrough via Scalable Quantum Dot Chessboard
11 The Missing Link in Cognitive Processing? Scientists Discover Swirling Spirals in the Brain
12 In Australia's Ancient Stromatolites, NASA Finds a Blueprint for Mars Exploration
13 Grow Faster--New Vaccine Shows "Very Promising" Results
14 Challenging Assumptions: Scientists Unearth Untold Technological Secrets of Neanderthals
15 Widely Prescribed Drug Linked to Brain Injury, Job Loss, and Suicide
16 The Next-Generation of Memory Technology--New Material Shows Promise
17 Researchers Discover that Bees Can Make Decisions Better and Faster than We Do
18 Peering into the Cosmic Dawn: Researchers Detect the Host Galaxies of Quasars in the Early Universe
19 Scientists Unearth Primordial Photoredox Catalyst
20 Hormone Therapy Linked to 24% Increased Risk of Dementia
21 Extraordinary Convergence: Chasing Chandrayaan and the Super Blue Moon
22 Humanity's Near-Extinction Event Revealed: Early Ancestral Bottleneck Almost Wiped Us Out!
23 Revolutionizing Organometallic Chemistry: The 21-Electron Metallocene "Sandwich"
24 Guy Bluford: The First African American in Space
25 Walking Wonders: Decoding the Neuronal Pathways of Locomotion in Vertebrates
26 Graphene's Quantum Magic: Perfection Is Overrated
27 Is Stress Gender-Blind? New Research Says No, and the Implications Are Huge
28 Radiative Cooling: The Pioneering Approach to Climate Control
29 Unlocking Earth's Ancient Secrets: New Study Rewrites Our Understanding of Earth's Deep Carbon and Chlorine Cycles
30 Scientists Identify Potential Treatment for Rare and Devastating Lung Disease
31 Clean Air Breakthrough: New Catalyst Can Purify Exhaust Gases at Room Temperature
32 Terahertz SNOM Microscope: New Tool Helps Improve Key Quantum Computing Circuit
33 New Research Suggests that Jupiter's Moon Europa Had a Slow Evolution
34 Living Fossil Under Threat--Oldest Living Land Plant Is in Danger Due to Climate Change
35 Solving a "Holy Grail" Optical Imaging Problem--Scientists Develop Neural Wavefront Shaping Camera
36 Ebb and Flow Brain Mechanism Discovered--Study Challenges Traditional Views on Role of Dopamine in Learning
37 Project FEAST: Webb Space Telescope Captures a Cosmic Whirlpool
38 Unlocking the Ear's Backdoor: Unexpected Discovery Opens New Possibilities for Hearing Restoration
39 The Future of Sweet: Scientists Crack the Code for Near-Perfect Sugar Substitutes
40 NASA and Rocket Lab: Launching the PREFIRE Arctic Warming Experiment
41 Flashback 1977: NASA's Voyager 1 Lifts Off Toward an Interstellar Journey
42 NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Spots Chandrayaan-3 Landing Site on Moon
43 Amid Crew Departures, Expedition 69 Intensifies Research Efforts on the ISS
44 Vast Bubble of Galaxies Discovered--Believed to Be a Remnant from the Universe's Inception
45 Chemists Develop New Way to Split Water
46 Astronomers Uncover Exoplanet with an Unprecedented Orbit
47 Scientists Discover New Species of Weevils in Japan's Pristine Subtropical Forests
48 Alarming Discovery: Mutating Bird Flu in China Raises Pandemic Fears
49 Solar Flares in a Lab? Caltech's Miniature Marvels Unlock Cosmic Secrets
50 Scientists Reveal What Makes the Best Free-Throw Shooters
51 Amazonian Alarm: Key Rainforest Regions Face "Savannization"
52 From Drop Tests to Martian Dust: Crafting Legs for NASA's Heaviest Mars Lander
53 Mega-Herbivores: Nature's Secret Weapon Against Invasive Plants
54 Revealing the Mysterious World of Molecules--Scientists Confirm Decades-Old Theory
55 Scientists Develop a Truly Solid Battery Electrolyte with High-Performance
56 Next-Generation Heavy-Lift Launcher: Trial by Fire for Ariane 6 Rocket's Upper Stage
57 Major Power Efficiency Boost for Flexible Solar Cells
58 Shaking the Foundations of Neuroscience: The Astonishing Discovery of a New Type of Brain Cell
59 The Healing Power of Cannabis--Scientists Shed New Light on Its Anti-Inflammatory Effects
60 190 Billion Hours--New Study Provides an Unprecedented Glimpse into the Global Human Day
61 New Study: Supplement Reduces Liver Triglycerides in People with Fatty Liver Disease
62 Biotech Research on Station: Exploring DNA and Organ Printing in Space
63 New Study Unlocks Secrets of High-Elevation Pregnancies
64 Mars' Gullies: How Axial Tilt and Ice Sculpted the Martian Landscape
65 People Have to Be Careful--Scientists Debunk Claims of a Psychedelic Cannabinoid
66 Australia's "Fairy Circles"--Nature's Hydrogen Goldmine?
67 When Strength Becomes Weakness: Testosterone's Paradoxical Effect on Kidney Health
68 Aristotle's Icebreaker: How Quantum Systems Defy Freezing Logic
69 Microplastics from Tires Are Polluting Our Waterways
70 Atomic-Scale Spin-Optical Laser: Pioneering the Future of Optoelectronic Devices
71 Nature's Secret Code: New Findings Shatter Long-Held Beliefs About Fibonacci Spirals
72 New Study: Hormone Therapy May Cause Heartburn, Difficulty Swallowing, and Chest Pain
73 Astronomers Propose New Method of Measuring Galaxy Distances
74 Scientists Unveil Unprecedented "Live" View into the Brain's Complexity
75 Gates of Heaven--The Protein Fueling Oral Cancer's Pain and Progression
76 NASA Tech Pinpoints the Best Places to Plant Trees
77 Very Worrisome--Alarming Antibiotic Resistance Discovered in Ukraine
78 Fiery Finale: Final Images of the Doomed Aeolus Spacecraft
79 Magnet Magic: How AI Is Revolutionizing Material Discovery
80 Just 20 Minutes a Day: New Research Reveals that Even Moderate Daily Activity Can Protect Against Depression
81 New Research: High Levels of Lean Muscle Might Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease
82 Journey to the Asteroid Belt: NASA's Psyche Spacecraft Readies for Liftoff
83 Scientists Discover a Simple Way to Combat One of Prostate Cancer Treatment's Most-Common and Devastating Side Effects
84 Beyond Earth: Immunity, Aging, Quantum Cooling, and Jet Pack Testing on the ISS
85 Scientists Develop New Cancer Therapy that Stops Tumor Growth in Its Tracks
86 Generating Oxygen on Mars: The Triumph of NASA's MOXIE
87 Japan Successfully Launches XRISM Space Telescope and SLIM Lunar Lander
88 New Study Uncovers Unexpected Side Effect of Daily Aspirin Usage in Older Adults
89 Three Out of Four Populations of Rare Butterflies Have Been Lost
90 Scientists Discover Unexpected Pathway to Batteries with High Energy, Low Cost, and Long Life
91 90% Reduction: Scientists Discover Natural Molecule that Eradicates Plaques and Cavities
92 Ripped Apart: A Gigantic Black Hole Destroys a Massive Star
93 Fact vs. Fiction--Scientists Debunk 6 Popular Hypnosis Myths
94 Igniting Ariane 6: Europe's Spaceport Tests the Next Big Thing in Rockets
95 They Were Everywhere--Exploding Monkey and Pig Populations Pose Human Disease Risk
96 A Game-Changing Discovery: Scientists Invent Unique Method to Create Better Molecule-Based Magnets
97 Fundamental Biology Overturned: New Discovery Challenges Long-Held Views on "The Second Brain"
98 Harmful Algae Alert: NASA Tests New TROPOMI Tool for Tracking Algal Blooms
99 Uncharted Solar Realms: Camera "Hack" Lets Solar Orbiter Peer Deeper into Sun's Atmosphere
100 Brain Alert--Substance Use Linked to Long-Lasting Brain Changes & Cognitive Decline
101 DNA Chips: The Billion Gigabyte Storage Solution of Tomorrow
102 Scientists Discover Simple Way to Boost the Effectiveness of Popular Emergency Contraceptive Pill
103 A Sense of Order--The Unique Trait that Sets Us Apart from Other Animals
104 Ancient Deep-Sea Dwellers: 104 Million-Year-Old Fossils Unveil Ocean's Past
105 Scientists Develop New More Efficient Method to Produce Green Hydrogen
106 From Spacesuit Scrubs to DNA Sequencing: A Busy Week at ISS
107 ChatGPT vs. Humans: Even Linguistic Experts Can't Tell Who Wrote What
108 Evolution of Vertebrate Armor: How Fish Evolved Their Protective Bony Scales
109 Black Hole Snack Attack: NASA's Swift Spies Sun-Like Star Being Consumed Bite by Bite
110 Researchers Develop High-Speed Super-Resolution Microscope with a Large Field of View
111 3 Feet of Rain in 4 Days: Torrential Rains Unleash Widespread Flooding in Central Greece
112 Warning--These 3 Common Jobs Are Linked to an Increased Risk of Ovarian Cancer
113 Harnessing the Void: MIT Controls Quantum Randomness for the First Time
114 The Future of Medical Imaging: Advanced AI Can Tell Your True Age by Looking at Your Chest
115 Protect Yourself this Cold Season: How to Inactivate Common Cold Viruses
116 Harvard Study: Sticking to a Mediterranean Lifestyle Can Reduce Your Risk of Death