File Title
1 Killers of the Flower Moon: How the shocking Osage murders were nearly erased from US history
2 The spooky, seven-figure business of Halloween haunted houses
3 Travis King: Soldier who fled to North Korea 'charged back in US'
4 US warship intercepts missiles fired from Yemen 'potentially towards Israel'
5 Striking actors given strict Halloween costume rules
6 Who is temporary House Speaker Patrick McHenry?
7 Jeremy Bowen: Joe Biden's search for a Middle East solution just got harder
8 US and Canada missing and dead in Israel attack: A musician, a soldier, and a mother and daughter
9 Why Jim Jordan thinks he's winning, even as he loses Speaker votes
10 Republicans vote to drop Jim Jordan as US House Speaker nominee
11 China has sharply expanded nuclear arsenal, US says
12 Canada withdraws 41 diplomats from India
13 Biden seeks 'vital' war aid for Israel and Ukraine
14 Driver arrested in Malibu crash that killed four students
15 Tupac Shakur murder suspect Duane Davis has two weeks to find lawyer
16 EU bids to tighten migration rules after attacks in Arras and Brussels
17 French arrests after bomb scares trigger evacuations at airports and Versailles
18 Ukraine war: Kyiv troop build-up reported across Dnipro river
19 Alex Danzig: Fears grow for much-loved historian kidnapped by Hamas
20 Czech village priest sorry for smashing pumpkins
21 Mahsa Amini awarded EU's Sakharov human rights prize
22 Russian-American journalist Alsu Kurmasheva detained in Kazan
23 Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland forging new friendships
24 Israel aims to cut Gaza ties after war with Hamas
25 Israeli community frozen as Hamas atrocities continue to emerge
26 The world is losing its humanity, UNRWA chief says
27 Inside an Israeli 'war room' on the volatile Lebanon border
28 Pause for thought--Israel's calculations before going into Gaza
29 Hamas: Who are the group's most prominent leaders?
30 Hamas hostages: Who are the people taken from Israel?
31 Rishi Sunak renews plea for Gaza aid during visit to Egypt
32 What is Hamas, and what's happening in Israel and Gaza?
33 Ballymoney: Refugee community garden grows green shoots for integration
34 The UK nationals killed in Hamas attacks on Israel
35 Residents leave as tension grows at Israel-Lebanon border
36 China denies testing nuclear-capable hypersonic missile
37 Yunchan Lim: 19-year-old piano sensation signs record deal
38 Vladimir Putin feted at Xi Jinping's global Belt and Road summit
39 India aims to send astronaut to the Moon by 2040
40 BYD: The top electric car maker that is not Tesla
41 How same-sex unions are rooted in Indian tradition
42 Belt and Road Initiative: Is China's trillion-dollar gamble worth it?
43 Putin in China aiming to strengthen anti-West coalition
44 Catfishing: How I hunted down the gang impersonating me online
45 Russia's Lavrov hails deeper ties in N Korea visit
46 Sikkim India floods: 'I was holding mum's hand but flood water killed her'
47 Irish baby milk factory to close as China birth rate drops
48 MI5 head warns of 'epic scale' of Chinese espionage
49 Haiti arrests key suspect in President Jovenel Moise's murder
50 Natalee Holloway's suspected killer, Joran van der Sloot, admits to crime, says mother
51 Nyad: Netflix film follows swimmer who braved sharks and jellyfish
52 US eases Venezuela oil sanctions after election deal
53 Amazon drought: Stranded boats and dead fish
54 Haiti: Where aid delivery depends on talking to 300 gangs
55 Hamas Israel attacks: The international victims of the assault on Israel
56 Antigua and Barbuda's youth orchestra plays to inspire
57 The hunt for a new way to tackle clothing waste
58 Venezuela takes step towards recognised elections
59 Daniel Noboa elected Ecuador's youngest president
60 Ecuador chooses president during wave of violence
61 Biden cannot escape Trump's shadow in border crisis
62 President Biden expands Mexican border wall--but can it stop crossings?
63 A change in rigidity switches the function of protein condensates involved in sensing touch
64 Biodegradable plastics still damaging to fish
65 Tropical parasite gains a foothold in the US, especially in Texas
66 How fintech firms can advance sustainability goals
67 Astronomers detect most distant fast radio burst to date
68 Man digs up 1,000-year-old sword from Swedish Crusades in his yard in Finland
69 Scientist helps fish harvesters implement adaptive strategies to climate change
70 Holy bat skull! Fossil adds vital piece to bat evolution puzzle
71 Oldest radio-wave explosion ever found could be used to weigh the universe, astronomers say
72 Electrons are quick-change artists in molten salts, chemists show
73 Red meat consumption associated with increased type 2 diabetes risk
74 More than 10 billion snow crabs starved to death off the coast of Alaska. But why?
75 NASA's Lucy spacecraft preparing for its first asteroid flyby
76 Black holes could come in 'perfect pairs' in an ever expanding Universe
77 Identity of mysterious 'mermaid globster' that washed up in Papua New Guinea 'is anyone's guess,' experts say
78 A strategy for the spin-acoustic control of silicon vacancies in a 4H silicon carbide-based bulk acoustic resonator
79 Two probiotics identified as promising hypertension treatments
80 10 phallic flora and fauna that look just like penises
81 Restoring the function of a human cell surface protein in yeast cells
82 Why is it hard to hear when you have a cold?
83 NUS scientists develop innovative magnetic gel that heals diabetic wounds three times faster
84 Strange anomaly in sun's solar cycle discovered in centuries-old texts from Korea
85 Amy Coney Barrett says she supports ethics code for Supreme Court: NPR
86 How to get to sleep: Two common behaviours that stop you getting a good night's rest
87 Maryland medical waste incinerator to pay $1.75 million fine for exposing public to biohazardous material
88 2 lobbyists sent to prison for Michigan marijuana bribery scheme
89 Finding Success with Moderate to Severe Atopic Dermatitis
90 This 'cider donuteur' has made a map to help you find the best cider donuts: NPR
91 Popular Alzheimer's drug marred in controversy as lead investigator falsified data
92 Are 3D mammograms better than standard imaging? A diverse study aims to find out
93 Caring for a Child with Moderate to Severe Atopic Dermatitis
94 Prosecutors seek to recharge Alec Baldwin in the "Rust" movie shooting: NPR
95 'I'm a health expert--making this one change a day will drastically improve your health'
96 Ex-Oregon prison nurse convicted of sexual assault gets 30 years
97 My Life with Moderate to Severe Atopic Dermatitis
98 Rolls-Royce cuts up to 2,500 jobs in an overhaul of the U.K. jet engine maker: NPR
99 Losing tonsils before 16 'boosts risk of crippling form of arthritis as an adult'
100 A Tonga surgeon to lead WHO's Western Pacific after previous director fired for racism, misconduct
101 Scientists Find the 'On' Switch for Energy-Burning Brown Fat
102 GOP presidential hopefuls are divided in how to respond to Israel-Hamas crisis: NPR
103 Nurse's warning over high blood pressure sign in your neck that should never be ignored
104 West Virginia pathologists perform twice as many autopsies as industry standard amid shortages
105 NHS doctor warns of the little known skin cancer signs to check for on your body
106 Osteoporosis Day: 9 Everyday Foods that May Make Your Bones Brittle and Weak
107 People of African ancestry are poorly represented in genetic studies. A new effort would change that
108 Ten million free flu jabs given in fastest ever NHS rollout
109 Alzheimer's Disease: How Disrupted Sleep Can Increase Risk of Memory Loss and Behavioral Change?
110 Employer-sponsored health coverage costs jumped this year. More hikes may be coming
111 Taking a New Obesity Drug and Birth Control Pills? Be Careful
112 What happened at Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza? Here's the available evidence: NPR
113 Deadly bird flu outbreaks no longer just originating in Asia / Science / News
114 U.K. the latest country looking to phase out smoking. Should Canada do the same?--National
115 Illinois Gov. Pritzker takes his fight for abortion access national with a new self-funded group
116 Fitting MS into Your Schedule
117 How a family-owned Chinese restaurant shaped Curtis Chin's worldview: NPR
118 Smell of perfume among sensory experiences that can trigger grief
119 California tech CEO convicted in COVID-19 and allergy test fraud case sentenced to 8 years in prison
120 How Multiple Sclerosis Affects My Relationships
121 Protests for Palestinians continue around the world: NPR
122 Thousands could survive for longer with better pancreatic cancer care