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1 Albania winemakers struggle with warmer world
2 Physicists demonstrate powerful physics phenomenon
3 The Fram: A Victorian expedition to the North Pole that was as brilliant as it was bonkers
4 Scientists count huge melts in many protective Antarctic ice shelves. Trillions of tons of ice lost.
5 Common drug can improve hand osteoarthritis symptoms
6 'This is the cost of living in seawater': The ingenious and (to us) heartbreaking way turtles survive the salty oceans
7 Climate change is improving French wine--for now
8 Most accurate test to date developed to measure biological aging
9 Helen Czerski interview: 'Earth's civilizations are shaped by what the ocean engine does'
10 A strategy to enhance the light-driven superconductivity of K EC U A
11 Novel catalyst for green production of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals
12 Is hydrogen a metal? / Live Science
13 How Belize became a poster child for 'debt-for-nature' swaps
14 Assessing 'readiness' by tracking fluctuations in daily sleep duration and their effects on daily mood, motivation, and sleepiness
15 Mysterious 'fountain of youth' near Milky Way's central black hole is full of newborn stars that shouldn't exist
16 'This marks the dawn of a new era': Sachin Tendulkar on cricket's inclusion in Olympics / Cricket News
17 Gravitational waves, time travel and the simulated universe hypothesis
18 Immune system aging can be revealed by CT scan
19 How long does it take to digest food?
20 The green shoots of urban agriculture
21 How weather phenomena affect ocean circulation
22 What is a strong El Nino? Meteorologists anticipate a big impact in winter 2023, but the forecasts don't all agree
23 Examining the function of salmon cooling stations
24 Can't stop binging on fries and BBQ?
25 Researchers develop organic nanozymes suitable for agricultural use
26 Signatures of the Space Age: Spacecraft metals left in the wake of humanity's path to the stars
27 Gulf Stream weakening now 99% certain, and ramifications will be global
28 Study finds wildfire isn't primary factor in invasive annual grass expansion in Great Basin
29 Subalpine forests in the Northern Rockies are fire resilient--for now
30 Neutrons see stress in 3D-printed parts, advancing additive manufacturing
31 Scientists finally figure out why hundreds of gray whales keep washing up dead along U.S. coasts
32 Should LA care about salt in New Orleans' tap water? Yes. Here's why
33 Scientists discover the possible triggers for bacterial pathogens, opening the door for new treatment strategies
34 See gorgeous ancient Egyptian 'mummy portraits' from nearly 2 millennia ago
35 WNBA never let them apply
36 The brumby debate will never be settled until we face the role horses played in colonization, researcher says
37 SpaceX launch today would equal Space Coast record for the year
38 Cocoa pods--a source of chocolate, and potentially, flame retardants
39 New 'atlas' of a monkey brain maps 4.2 million cells
40 Marine mammal longevity study reveals remarkable advances in animal welfare
41 Human Lung Chip leveraged to faithfully model radiation-induced lung injury
42 China is building the world's largest underwater telescope to hunt for elusive 'ghost particles'
43 Familiarity breeds contempt for moral failings, research suggests
44 Team finds a stem-cell derived mechanism that could lead to regenerative therapies for heart damage
45 Hitting 'snooze' can boost morning cognition, study hints
46 India plans manned Moon mission, space station
47 Founder personality could predict start-up success
48 Ultra-powerful plasma 'blades' could slice entire stars in half, new paper suggests
49 Mimicking a bird's sticky spit to create cellulose gels
50 Soar through the 'Labyrinth of Night'--a Martian canyon the size of Italy--in thrilling new satellite video
51 Humor isn't a deal-breaker when finding 'the one,' says study
52 Familiarity breeds contempt for moral failings
53 Scientists propose 'missing' law for the evolution of everything in the universe
54 There is a need for more accurate accounting of nitrous oxide from agricultural crop residues
55 Whaling wiped out far more fin whales than previously thought
56 What killed Lolita? Necropsy findings released for the Seaquarium's beloved orca
57 Ancient diamonds shine light on the evolution of Earth
58 Only 1% of chemicals in the universe have been discovered. Here's how scientists are hunting for the rest.
59 Grouping English learners in classrooms yields no benefit in reading development, new study finds
60 Promising new options for treating aggressive prostate cancer
61 Glacial rock flour creates new opportunities for Greenlandic agriculture
62 Going rogue: Scientists apply giant wave mechanics on a nanometric scale
63 Signaling across kingdoms to build the plant microbiome
64 Wearable device makes memories and powers up with the flex of a finger
65 Ancient New Year's scene from Egypt uncovered on roof of 2,200-year-old temple
66 Drug used in diabetes treatment Mounjaro helped dieters shed 60 pounds, study finds
67 Pete Davidson talks on 'SNL' about Israel-Hamas war and losing his dad on 9/11: NPR
68 Transplant joy for brave Emilia, five, thanks to stem cell donor in Germany
69 LA's housing crisis is central to the hotel workers' strike: NPR
70 Hair loss treatments: Doctor shares advice on using finasteride and minoxidil
71 Poland votes in election seen as most important of its 3-decade old democracy: NPR
72 Cancer symptoms: Difficulty getting over an illness could signal lymphoma
73 Dementia symptoms: One of the 'first' signs could appear when cooking
74 Three changes in your poo could be warning signs of pancreatic cancer
75 Suzanne Somers of 'Three's Company' dies at 76: NPR
76 Esther Rantzen celebrates Express role in breast cancer gene discovery
77 A 6-year-old boy was killed in an anti-Muslim attack in Illinois, authorities say: NPR
78 Daniel Noboa wins Ecuador's presidential runoff election: NPR
79 PCOS to Vaginal Infection, 10 Major Symptoms of High Blood Sugar that Shouldn't be Ignored
80 Major US pharmacy chain Rite Aid files for bankruptcy
81 Pharmacy chain Rite Aid files for bankruptcy amid falling sales, opioid lawsuits: NPR
82 Doctor shares 'early' signs of dementia that appear when you do house chores
83 Scientists build the largest-ever atlas of over 3,000 cells in the human brain: Shots
84 Patient declared dead by paramedics--only to wake up in hospital hours later
85 Gazans struggle to survive; Biden aid for Israel and Ukraine: NPR
86 Dad, 49, diagnosed with 'incurable' blood cancer after his socks felt wet all the time
87 Prescribing antidepressants to treat alcohol use disorder can cause cravings: CMAJ--National
88 All about India's 1st 'living drug' that uses patient's own genetically engineered cells to fight cancer
89 Deficient Emotional Self-Regulation vs. Mood Disorder
90 As Medicare open enrollment starts, new laws aim to limit misleading ads: Shots
91 Breast Density: Why It Matters
92 LinkedIn is laying off nearly 700 employees: NPR
93 Prostate cancer breakthrough as drug resistance reversed by stopping 'hijacking' of cells
94 Is Childhood Obesity a National Public Health Emergency?
95 Disney magic started with a woman named Margaret Winkler: NPR
96 Great news as cystic fibrosis sufferer finally gets a liver after 26-month wait
97 Funeral-goers mourn 6-year-old boy killed in an anti-Muslim stabbing: NPR
98 Dad brought back to life three times after mistaking silent killer for indigestion
99 How to Accept Body After Metastatic Breast Cancer Diagnosis
100 Sleep expert reveals 'vital' hack in morning routine to stay alert throughout the day
101 Gaza's limited water supply raises concerns for human health
102 I Am More than My Medication
103 Cancer symptoms: Doctor shares 13 signs of disease you shouldn't ignore
104 Math disabilities hold many students back. Schools often don't screen for them
105 Tips for Navigating Metastatic Breast Cancer
106 U.S. government agrees to settle migrant families' lawsuit: NPR
107 High cholesterol: Silent killer with few symptoms that 120,000 Brits don't know they have
108 What is Text-Neck Syndrome? 5 Major Symptoms of this Spinal Condition Caused Due to Long Screen Time
109 Pfizer cuts full-year outlook due to declining sales of COVID-19-related products
110 Advocating for Yourself with Metastatic Breast Cancer
111 Six warning signs you may have taken too much melatonin, doctor shares
112 Menopause costs the Canadian economy billions every year. Here's why--National
113 Lawsuit over death of autistic man in a Pittsburgh jail alleges negligence, systemic discrimination
114 John Malkovich stars as 'The Music Critic,' skewering great classical composers: NPR
115 Mum claims six-week-old baby is 'world's youngest talker'
116 Rite Aid's bankruptcy plan stirs worries of new 'pharmacy deserts'
117 Social Withdrawal, Rumination, and More