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1 Things to Know About the Nobel Prizes
2 Why GOP is unlikely to block Feinstein's Judiciary replacement
3 Malaria Vaccine: WHO recommends malaria vaccine, roll out in early 2024 in some African countries
4 WHO Recommends 2nd Malaria Vaccine for Children
5 Rice ban impacting Malaysia with people panic buying
6 Adelaide woman one of 30 cases worldwide of broad ligament leiomyosarcoma
7 UK defense minister lauds 'incredibly quick' Saudi transformation / Arab News Japan
8 Foreign Min. Kamikawa aims to realize Japan-N. Korea summit / Arab News Japan
9 Turkiye strikes suspected Kurdish militant targets in northern Iraq after suicide attack in Ankara / Arab News Japan
10 Citing rising costs and crime, Irish pub Slainte makes 'heartbreaking' decision to close
11 What does Laphonza Butler appointment mean to race for Dianne Feinstein's vacant California senate seat?
12 U.S. politics: DeSantis sharpens his attacks on Trump in Florida
13 'Age is just a number' says 104-year-old skydiver
14 UN approves Kenya-led force to help bring calm to Haiti
15 Missing girl, 9, found safe, suspect in custody in New York
16 Judge sets Sen. Menendez trial date for May 6, 2024
17 N.D. state senator, wife, 2 kids die in Utah plane crash
18 Jimmy Carter turns 99 at home with Rosalynn, family close
19 It's hazing season on college campuses. State safeguards are uneven--The Mercury News
20 Why a US recession is still likely--and coming soon--The Mercury News
21 Southeast Asia's first high speed railway, 'Woosh,' launches
22 Massive Earthquake to Hit Pakistan's Balochistan in Next 48 Hours, Dutch Scientist Issues Strong Warning
23 2 children drown in pool at Bay Area residential day care, police say
24 Henry Cuellar: Henry Cuellar, Member of US Congress, carjacked in Washington
25 Paris Crawling with Bedbugs as French Capital Prepares to Host Olympics Next Year
26 Man targeted in drug raids that led to Breonna Taylor shooting arrested
27 Disney sued over 'severe' injuries allegedly caused by 'wedgie' from water slide
28 Congressman carjacked by 3 armed attackers near Capitol
29 Kamikawa outlines three pillars of Japan's foreign policy / Arab News Japan
30 Turkiye detains dozens of people in raids following suicide bomb attack / Arab News Japan
31 Lack of lighting inside Caldecott Tunnel has drivers feeling unsafe
32 Rare Northern California wildflower designated endangered
33 Rare Northern California wildflower designated endangered
34 Charlotte Sena's alleged kidnapper caught after visit to family's home
35 Nobel Prize in physics awarded to Agostini, Krausz and L'Huillier for using lasers to study atom electrons
36 California's Senate candidates vow to work with Laphonza Butler
37 Amidst Unprecedented Demand for Malaria Vaccines, WHO Presents 2nd Malaria Vaccine
38 Woman injured in SF after driver throws her in path of Cruise car
39 TikTok: US senators examine TikTok hiring of ByteDance executives
40 Pakistan Orders Illegal Afghans to Leave or Face Deportation
41 Paris battling 'widespread' bedbug outbreak
42 'No one is safe': Paris battling 'scourge' of bed bugs--National
43 Schumer confirms U.S. Senate trip to China, Japan, South Korea / Arab News Japan
44 Turkiye detains dozens of people in raids following suicide bomb attack / Arab News Japan
45 Burglars crash SUV into Louis Vuitton store
46 CDC is no longer distributing COVID vaccination cards
47 Saudi surgical team separate Tanzanian conjoined twins / Arab News Japan
48 Hunter Biden pleads not guilty to federal gun charges
49 'Narco-Coyotes' killing migrants on Tijuana border
50 McCarthy tells GOP he won't run for speaker again
51 Pence calls Trump's attacks on Gen. Milley 'inexcusable'
52 Judge imposes limited gag order on Trump in fraud trial
53 Losing eyesight sharpens vision for artist Chloe Duplessis
54 Trump wants future GOP debates canceled after skipping them
55 As spat grows, India tells Canada to remove 41 dilpomats
56 Oldest known pair of Levi's Jeans sells for $100,000
57 At least 21 dead in bus crash outside Venice
58 RCMP likely to assist Haiti military intervention as trainers, senators hear--National
59 UK Visa Fee Hike from Today: Here
60 55 Chinese Sailors Feared Dead After Nuclear Submarine
61 Bay Area landmark fixed after vandalism that outraged hikers
62 Thailand Mall Shooting: '14-year-old had psychological breakdown; voices told him to shoot' / World News
63 Apple CEO Tim Cook Gets $41 Million After Selling 511,000 Shares
64 17-year-old dies moments after she is announced as homecoming queen candidate
65 U.S. warns of Chinese disinformation campaign. What does it look like?--National
66 School coach, Disney employees among 200 arrested in human trafficking operation
67 Japanese parliamentarian Muneo Suzuki in hot water over trip to Russia / Arab News Japan
68 Yemen to execute 4 for kidnapping aid workers / Arab News Japan
69 Disneyland offers deep discounts on kids' tickets in early 2024
70 Giuliani sues Biden for calling him a 'Russian pawn'
71 Man fires gun to get wedding's attention, shoots grandson
72 Amphibians are the most endangered animals on the planet
73 Julia Ormond sues Weinstein saying he assaulted her
74 McCarthy ouster leaves House adrift, GOP in search of leader
75 This family bought a $27,000 house in Italy because the US is too expensive
76 Trio Wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Work On Quantum Dots, Used in Electronics and Medical Imaging
77 4 violent attacks occurred in less than an hour in SF, police say
78 Movie Theaters: Hi, 'Barbie'! Russian theatres find ways to screen blockbusters amid sanctions
79 New York Attorney General Hits Back Over Remarks
80 Building collapses in Havana, leaving 3 dead and at least 2 others injured
81 Canadian oil output to hit new heights within 2 years: report
82 Jacksonville sheriff: Viral arrest video 'altered' to show kick
83 Concern grows over Iranian teen's 'intolerable' metro assault / Arab News Japan
84 Two girls got into a fight at San Leandro High School. Three days later, one of their cousins allegedly shot up the other girl's home
85 Deadly 2018 car crash referenced in Sen. Menendez indictment
86 House GOP devolves into round of angry retribution
87 People are moving into high flood zones, creating more risk
88 Husband Gets Lifer, Mother-In-Law Jailed for 10 Years
89 'Intolerable': German Foreign Minister Expresses Concern as Girl Slips into Coma After Iranian Cops Assault
90 Slovakia halts military aid for Ukraine as parties that oppose it negotiate to form new govt.
91 Indian-Origin Man in US Sentenced for US $20 Million COVID Coronavirus Pandemic Relief Fraud
92 At least 20 people killed in tourist bus crash near Venice, Italy
93 At least 51 civilians dead after Russian rocket hits Ukraine cafe--National
94 Menendez indictment alleges wife's damaged car fueled bribery
95 Insecurity, lack of funds slowing Sudan aid: UN / Arab News Japan
96 San Jose police investigating unprovoked stabbing on Penitencia Creek Trail
97 Judge denies request to release accused Oakland child killer to Sacramento and Vacaville
98 Trump claims presidential immunity for January 6 actions
99 Trump's financial statements integral to loan deal
100 Armed man arrested twice while seeking Wisconsin governor
101 FTX co-founder admits to multiple financial crimes
102 UK plumber awarded $256,000 after being left out of work group chat
103 Drone attack kills at least 80 at Syrian military graduation
104 Lindell's lawyers seek to quit case over unpaid legal fees
105 A dozen migrants were bused from Texas to San Jose. But who sent them?
106 Trump allegedly discussed nuclear secrets with club member
107 Feinstein remembered as "American hero" in San Francisco memorial service
108 A new Alzheimer's monoclonal antibody treatment shows promising results: 'Hopefully more effective approach'
109 80% of Italians are Catholic, few attend church regularly
110 CA swimmer who went missing after reported shark sighting identified
111 Mental Health: 'Broken in two': Libya flood survivors grapple with mental health
112 Apple Declares $17,000 Gold Watch as "Obsolete," Refuses Repairs