File Title
1 NASA spacecraft launched to mysterious and rare metal asteroid in first mission of its kind
2 The fuel economy of a microswimmer
3 Low water levels in Lake Powell reveal 'extremely rare' fossils from extinct Jurassic mammal relative
4 Organic nitrogen aerosol is an important contributor to global atmospheric nitrogen deposition, finds study
5 Researchers construct first 'multiome' atlas of cell development in the human cerebral cortex from before birth to adulthood
6 Platypus stabs woman with its venomous spurs in odd case
7 Thousands of programmable DNA-cutters found in algae, snails, and other organisms
8 Caution: Content warnings do not reduce stress, study shows
9 Most detailed human brain map ever contains 3,300 cell types
10 Negative attitudes towards breastfeeding in public still an issue
11 Could the nerve cells that scratch be the solution for itch?
12 How an ancient society in the Sahara Desert rose and fell with groundwater
13 Fecal microbe transplants: B. vulgatus genes that correlate with early colonization
14 Ocean photographer of the year 2023
15 What phytoplankton physiology has to do with global climate
16 Researchers measure global consensus over the ethical use of AI
17 $2.3 million for a five-bedroom home
18 Is anything harder than a diamond?
19 Smoke from Brazil Amazon rainforest fires suffocates Manaus
20 Research shows wildfire smoke may linger in homes long after initial blaze
21 Mythical hellhound and sea-centaurs painted on 2,200-year-old tomb discovered in Italy
22 NASA reveals evidence of water and carbon in sample delivered to Earth from an asteroid
23 Second report on the status of global water resources published
24 NASA's Parker Solar Probe smashes record for fastest man-made object
25 PET imaging validates use of common cholesterol drug to enhance HER2-targeted cancer therapy
26 Space photo of the week: Hubble spies a 'cosmic tadpole' in a sea of red
27 How wildfires and weather affect Portugal's public health
28 What phytoplankton physiology has to do with global climate
29 Soldier ants turned into foragers by scientists reprogramming their brains
30 Hotter, drier summers will make European craft beers less 'hoppy'--new study
31 Not getting enough sleep? Your vascular cells are drowning in oxidants
32 10 weird things that happen during a solar eclipse
33 Statewide prevalence data on two new emerging pathogens in healthcare settings
34 How often do orcas attack humans?
35 Warming and habitat loss shrink pollinator numbers. That may hit coffee, cocoa crops hard in future
36 Calorie restriction in humans builds strong muscle and stimulates healthy aging genes
37 Science news this week: False memories and swallowed seas
38 7 Lifestyle Tips for Those Working in Night Shift to Maintain Healthy Weight
39 Breakthrough cancer treatment to be available in India 1st time as CAR-T cell therapy gets DCGI nod
40 Kaiser Permanente reaches a tentative deal with health care worker unions after a recent strike
41 Where Are the Pediatric COVID Vaccines?
42 What to know about Hamas military commander Mohammed Deif: NPR
43 Top five areas in England and Wales where COVID is most prevalent
44 Moving severely ill hospital patients in Gaza a 'death sentence,' WHO warns--National
45 India ranks 111th of 125 on Global Hunger Index. What it means & why govt. says it's 'erroneous'
46 Elf Bar finds an easy way around US vape import ban: a name change
47 When Exercise Helps--or Hurts
48 As Israel-Hamas war continues, Americans remain supportive of Israel in new poll: NPR
49 Bed bug mania in Paris sparks surge in UK pest control calls
50 The toll of heat deaths in the Phoenix area soars after the hottest summer on record
51 How I Plan for Specific Tasks with Geographic Atrophy
52 In 'Blackouts,' Justin Torres brings hidden queer history to the forefront: NPR
53 High blood pressure: Adding artichokes to your diet could lower blood pressure
54 To iron out hurdles on ground, govt. to issue 'simplified' disability certificate norms by November-end
55 California Gov. Newsom signs law to slowly raise health care workers' minimum wage to $25 per hour
56 Where Does the Body's Vitality Come From?
57 Kaiser Permanente workers win big wage and staffing concessions after strike: Shots
58 Pharmacist shares red flag sign of lung cancer in your fingers
59 Ex-Illinois child welfare worker guilty of endangerment after boy beaten to death by mom
60 Lifestyle Changes that Can Help You See Better
61 5 things to know about Sam Bankman-Fried's trial so far: NPR
62 Dementia symptoms: Signs could appear when talking with friends
63 Law restricting bathroom use for Idaho transgender students to go into effect as challenge continues
64 How to Help a Loved One Stick with It
65 As Northern Gazans flee, Israeli ground assault expected: NPR
66 'I treat my health issues with stinging nettles and herbs--I've never felt better'
67 Drones to transport lab samples between two Ontario hospitals, a first in Canada
68 US military to begin draining leaky fuel tank facility that poisoned Pearl Harbor drinking water
69 Christopher Luxon set to become prime minister: NPR
70 Arthritis symptoms: First sign that can appear in the morning
71 Annual window to shop for Medicare Advantage plans returns on Sunday
72 Lemon and ginger tea before bed--sleep expert shares benefits
73 Netflix plans to open brick and mortar locations: NPR
74 Leukaemia symptoms: Fatigue is an 'invisible' sign of blood cancer
75 Actor Piper Laurie, known for roles in 'Carrie' and 'The Hustler,' dies at 91: NPR
76 Concern as NHS medical notes 'go missing' after student's death on mental health ward
77 Australia votes against creating an Indigenous committee to advise Parliament: NPR
78 'I drank turmeric tea daily for two weeks--here's how it affected my health'
79 Girl Scout cookies: NPR
80 Putting the heating on could lead to seven health problems, doctor warns
81 Male pattern baldness--expert shares the first sign of hair loss
82 How 3 trash collectors reminded Jeff to see the humanity in everyone he meets: NPR
83 COVID symptoms: Fever 'one of the most common' signs--what to look for
84 Republican Jeff Landry wins the Louisiana governor race, reclaims office for GOP: NPR
85 Chronic dehydration: Long-term health impacts of not drinking enough water
86 5 Ways How this Wholesome Fruit Can Lower the Risk of Alzheimer
87 Israel Defense Forces 'in formation' to strike Gaza City: NPR
88 COVID symptoms: Three signs of Eris and Pirola strain as cases spike
89 Powerful earthquake hits west Afghanistan, week after strong quakes in same area: NPR
90 Dementia: Doctor shares first signs in a person's speech
91 Suicide bomber strike in Turkish capital. Second assailant fatally shot
92 3 people attacked at beloved 92-year-old SF candy store
93 'Mesmerising' electric blue tarantula species discovered in Thailand
94 Family finds Viking-era treasures while searching for lost earring in Norway--National
95 Opposition parties strongly reject new invoice system in Japan / Arab News Japan
96 How to register restored vehicle in CA without original title: Roadshow
97 Tech, labor trade-offs create dilemma for California's economy
98 Driver who died was part of car break-in crew, SF police union says
99 UK PM Rishi Sunak says there are no plans for now to send British troops to Ukraine
100 Ukraine stresses strong U.S. / CTV News
101 Spain nightclub fire kills 13 people as witnesses tell of horror
102 Ukraine takes delivery of U.S. Abrams tanks as counteroffensive continues--National
103 Federal student loan payments begin for first time since pandemic
104 My book, the first in Arabic, is a step forward in deepening Saudi-Japan relations / Arab News Japan
105 Search underway for missing swimmer following reports of shark attack off of Wildcat Beach--The Mercury News
106 Second round of Fukushima wastewater release to start next week / Arab News Japan
107 On 30th anniversary of Polly Klaas kidnap and murder, her father to phase out foundation
108 Newsom vetoes bill to give striking workers unemployment benefits
109 Ukraine stresses strong US support after aid dropped from budget bill
110 Roof of a church collapses in northern Mexico, and Catholic officials say 49 injured, some dead
111 Man Fined After Dog Spotted Behind Wheel of Speeding Car
112 Airbnb guest tied up and robbed Georgia homeowner at gunpoint, police say
113 Couple and their pet dog killed in grizzly bear attack in Canadian park
114 EU urges US to reconsider dropping Ukraine aid from bill halting government shutdown--National
115 Sanctuary of Sin: How a religious order became a haven for pedophile priests
116 How do US Jews feel about a Saudi-Israel deal? / Arab News Japan
117 Japan, U.S. Defense Chiefs agree to bolster alliance / Arab News Japan
118 Blaze rips through police headquarters in Egypt Arab News Japan