File Title
1 Princeton Scientists Discover Overlooked Parts of Proteins that Are Critical to Fundamental Functions of Life
2 Challenging Conventional Wisdom--Extra Belly Fat Doesn't Always Increase Your Risk of Diabetes
3 Graphene's Twisted Science: A New Quantum Ruler to Explore Exotic Matter
4 Modified Newtonian Dynamics: Is the Ninth Planet Hunt Revealing a New Law of Gravity?
5 The Future of Medicine: Artificial Life Forms
6 Mound Mysteries in the Kuiper Belt: Shared Origin of Arrokoth's Giant Structures?
7 Shattering 60-Year Debate: Defects Spread Through Diamond Faster than the Speed of Sound
8 Surprising Findings--Were the First Animals Born Predators?
9 High Levels of "Good" Cholesterol Linked to Increased Risk of Dementia
10 From Quasars to Black Holes: Spectral Energy Puts Established Theories in Question
11 Contrary to Previous Belief--New Study Links Brain Waves Directly to Memory
12 New Findings Pave the Way for Hearing Loss Therapies
13 Plastic Upcycling Breakthrough: New Waste-Free, Scalable Process
14 Diamonds' Hidden Potential: Physicists Unlock Quantum Power of Imperfect Crystals
15 Rapid "Collective Motion" of Iron Atoms Discovered in Earth's Solid Inner Core
16 Deep Space Discoveries: NASA's OSIRIS-REx Edges Closer to Monumental Asteroid Sample Reveal
17 Where Do We Feel Love? Scientists Shed New Light
18 Solving a 100-Year-Old Genetic Mystery: Bee Sex Determined by Roll of Molecular Dice
19 NASA's Honey Astrobee Robot Returns to Space
20 Dads in Distress: The Overlooked Postpartum Depression in Fathers
21 This Week @NASA: A Journey to a Metal World, Simulated Mars Mission, Anniversary Celebration
22 UCLA Discovers Weight Loss Game-Changer: Stimulating Brown Fat to Fight Obesity
23 From Sci-Fi to Reality: Does a Brain in a Dish Have Moral Rights?
24 Scientific Study Challenges the "Holding Your Liquor" Myth
25 The Queen's Real Gambit: NYU Unmasks Gender Bias in Young Chess Players
26 Mesmerizing Cetus Constellation Galaxy: A Cosmic Dance of Stars Through Time
27 The Genetic Roots of Vegetarianism: Is It in Your DNA?
28 Eyeing the Future: How NASA's Human Pilots Shape Autonomous Air Taxis
29 Scientists Discover Simple New Remedy for Garlic Breath
30 New Research Reveals that Increased Deep Sleep Benefits Your Heart
31 Unlocking the Hubble Trouble Mystery: Neutron Star Collisions Illuminate the Expansion of the Universe
32 Scientists Discover Hidden Threat to the Great Barrier Reef
33 Hubble Space Telescope Captures LINER on Collision Course
34 Amygdala's Secret: How the Brain Forgets to Breathe
35 Surprising Tectonic Discovery: Geologist Unexpectedly Finds Remnants of a Lost Mega-Plate
36 MIT's Self-Oxygenating Implant to Revolutionize Diabetes Treatment
37 Tracing Footprints: Humans Got to America 7,000 Years Earlier than Thought
38 Beyond Umami: Scientists Discover a Sixth Basic Taste
39 Snapshots of Speedy Protons: SLAC's Ultrafast "Electron Camera" Freezes Time
40 Extreme Genome Shrinkage: This Parasitic Plant Convinces Hosts to Grow into Its Own Flesh
41 6 Fast Facts: NASA's Asteroid-Exploring Psyche Mission
42 Shaking Up Predictions: Deep Learning Revolutionizes Earthquake Forecasts
43 Antidepressants vs. Running: What Works Best to Beat Depression
44 Darwin's Dilemma: "Paradox of Stasis" Lizard Study Challenges the Rules of Evolutionary Biology
45 The Dark Side of Weight Loss Drugs: Startling New Risks Revealed
46 Hubbard Excitons--Caltech Physics Discovery Could Lead to Incredible New Technologies
47 Beneath a Desert Moon: Astronaut Captures Breathtaking Image from Space Station
48 An Omega-3 Supplement to Prevent Fatty Liver Disease?
49 Not Built by Homo sapiens--Scientists Discover "Extraordinary" 476,000-Year-Old Wooden Structure
50 New Research Reveals that Our Sense of Smell Changes the Colors We See
51 Like Nothing Seen Before--New Type of Wasp Discovered with Mysterious, Cloud-Like Structures at Ends of Antennae
52 Is Your Job Meaningful? A Shocking Number of People Don't Think So
53 Why Do Tans Only Appear After We've Left the Beach? Scientists Solve the Mystery
54 Moire Magic: Tuning Band Offsets for Revolutionary Photonics
55 Emotional Bytes: Can AI Crave a Favorite Food?
56 Webb and SOFIA Telescopes Provide Deep Insight into Asteroid Psyche's Metallic Mystique
57 Unlocking the Secrets of Obesity: When Exercise and Diet Aren't Enough
58 Microscopic Masterminds: The Structural Genius of Bacteria
59 The Malnutrition Paradox: Obesity on the Rise in Hunger-Stricken Nations
60 New Study: Billions at Risk of Extreme Temperatures Surpassing Human Tolerance
61 Neurons Decoded: The Universal Workflow Powering Brain Insights
62 Massive Undersea Water Reservoir Discovered--Could Explain New Zealand's Mysterious Earthquakes
63 Unexpected Invader--Scientists Discover Microplastics in Human Heart Tissues
64 Understanding Attoseconds: The Tiny Time Scale Behind Nobel Prize-Winning Research
65 A Slim 20%: Weather Concerns for NASA's Psyche Rocket Launch
66 Divergent DNA: The Accidental Discovery that's Shaking Genetics
67 Metamaterial Magic: New MIT Method Simplifies the Construction Process for Complex Materials
68 New Research Links AHA Diet to a Lower Risk of Miscarriage
69 EVEscape: The AI Revolution in Forecasting Viral Variants Before They Emerge
70 Wetter 21st Century Predicted for High Mountain Asia--Impacting Water Resources for Billions
71 Five NASA Tips for Photographing the "Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse
72 Social Media vs. Science: How TikTok's Health Tips Fail Millions of Women
73 Margarita Snails--Scientists Discover New Species of Bright Yellow Snail in Florida
74 Potential Hub for Extraterrestrial Life: Webb Observations of CO2 on Jupiter's Moon Europa
75 Scientists Discover New Health Benefits of Grapes
76 Increasing Productive Lifespan--New Research Casts Light on Protein that Could Help Defeat Alzheimer's Disease
77 5 Fast Facts: NASA's Deep Space Optical Communications (DSOC) Experiment
78 Ketamine's Triumph Over Depression: Clinical Trial Results
79 Building Blocks of Life? NASA Reveals 4.5-Billion-Year-Old Asteroid Bennu Sample
80 NASA's Psyche "Go" for Launch, but Weather Has Other Plans
81 Harnessing Chaos: A Revolutionary Approach to Laser Ranging
82 The Pacific Slope of Peru Is Greening--Here's Why this Is Not Good News
83 Jevons' Paradox: AI Could Use as Much Electricity as Entire Countries
84 Galactic Glitch: Spacewalks on Hold After ISS Leak
85 NASA's Webb Reveals Breathtaking Glimpse of Star Birth in Ethereal Depths
86 Revolutionary "New Lens" into the Universe's Most Energetic Particles
87 Cold Case Solved: Raynaud's Mystery Solved with New Genetic Findings
88 Revolutionizing Imaging: New Superimaging Approach Breaks Optical Limits
89 Save the Planet and Your Life!--How Sustainable Diets Could Add Years to Your Life
90 AI Game-Changer: Nanoelectronic Devices Uses 100x Less Energy
91 Global Climate Chaos: The Missing Link in Adaptation Efforts
92 The 5 Top Foods Rich in Prebiotics, According to Scientists
93 Billions of Cosmic Objects: NASA's Roman Space Telescope Prepares for Torrent of Future Data
94 Arctic Changes Triggered Significant Gray Whale Die-Offs Since the 1980s
95 The Hospital Superbug Dilemma: Groundbreaking Treatment Emerges from Intensive Research
96 AI Breakthrough: Could Your Speech Reveal Schizophrenia?
97 Midbody Surprise: Remnant of Cell Division Could Be Responsible for Spreading Cancer
98 Moon-Sized Impacts: The Secret Behind Gold & Platinum in Earth's Mantle?
99 Unraveling Quantum Secrets: Physicists Bridge Two Quantum Worlds
100 AI Empathy: Is It Technology or Just Our Perceptions?
101 Could a Special Diet Alleviate Long COVID?
102 Rocket Weather Roulette: 40% Favorable Skies for NASA's Psyche Launch
103 Cosmic Crash! Afterglow of Massive Planetary Collision Captured for the First Time
104 Scientists Debunk the Myth: Do Trees Really Have Feelings?
105 One-Millionth of One-Millionth of a Second--Scientists View the "Transition State" of a Photochemical Reaction in Real-Time
106 Brain Plasticity & SSRIs: Breakthrough on How Antidepressants Work--Why They Take Weeks to Kick-In
107 Metal Meets Milestone: The Countdown to Psyche's Historic Launch
108 NASA's Psyche Launches: Liftoff at 5 Million Pounds of Thrust
109 New Research Reveals that Soccer Goalkeepers Process the World Fundamentally Differently
110 Diamond Brilliance at MIT: Quantum Repeaters Revolutionizing Networking
111 Cellular Revelations: A Deeper Look into Protein Destruction Pathways
112 Nature's Anti-Aging Blueprint: How Naked Mole-Rats Are Redefining What We Know About Aging
113 Miracle Regrowth: How Stopping an Aging Enzyme Can Repair Nerve Damage
114 Scientists Discover New Species of "Rock-Climbing" Gecko in Madagascar
115 First-of-Its-Kind Global Smoke Pollution Study Uncovers Alarming Results
116 Are We Running Out of Water? Scientists Unravel the Global Impact of Droughts and Heatwaves on Water Use