File Title
1 Powering AI could use as much electricity as a small country
2 Massive New Zealand eruption 1,800 years ago flung volcanic glass 3,000 miles to Antarctica
3 Sexual and reproductive health rights of women, girls and marginalized people missing from most national climate plans
4 Pingpong balls score big as sound absorbers
5 Experts call for just and fair transition away from industrial meat production and consumption
6 NASA's Webb captures an ethereal view of NGC 346
7 Skeletons from 1918 flu dispel myth that young, healthy adults were more vulnerable to the virus
8 Isotope database will help Mexican communities better understand hydrology processes
9 Jet lag disorder associated with shift work can lead to brain changes increasing appetite
10 Hidden colors and intricate patterns discovered on the 2,500-year-old Parthenon Marbles from ancient Greece
11 Study examines effects on health, well-being
12 Killer whales' diet more important than location for pollutant exposure
13 NASA finally reveals 1st sample from potentially-hazardous asteroid Bennu--and it may contain the seeds of life
14 Survey delves into brand-name food and beverage preferences of consumers
15 New guidance issued on the determination of brain death
16 How many tectonic plates does Earth have?
17 How Latin America can achieve a socially balanced climate transition
18 New study finds link between subjective and objective memory decline
19 Alberta startup using tech and AI to track dairy cow health
20 Researcher discusses CRISPR-Cas3 as a DNA shredder for gene therapy
21 Win-win in muscle research: Faster results and fewer laboratory animals thanks to new method
22 Catapult designed to launch World War II bomber planes unearthed in England
23 Stress wrecks male big brown bat fertility during breeding season
24 Self-correcting quantum computers within reach?
25 75 million-year-old 'lord of the oasis' titanosaur fossils from Egypt fill a 'black hole' in dinosaur history
26 Special wildlife exits on busy roads help protect endangered ocelots
27 Researchers suggest new approach for testing treatments for osteoarthritis
28 ESA scientists finally resolve glitch that caused Euclid spacecraft to 'doodle' through space
29 Climate 'countdown clock' report launched ahead of key UN talks
30 New study unveils stretchable high-resolution user-interactive synesthesia displays for visual--acoustic encryption
31 Upcoming solar maximum could scramble migrating birds' internal compass, new study shows
32 Major study involving centenarians may have found the secrets to living longer
33 Diabetes and Hair Loss: How High Glucose Level Can Affect Your Hair?
34 Cambodia records second bird flu death in a week, third this year, after no cases since 2014
35 We spoke to older voters about Trump and Biden's age. We saw 3 recurring themes: NPR
36 New COVID variant identified in Northern Ireland--key symptoms to spot
37 Kidney Stones Diet: Avoid These 6 Foods for Better Calcium Absorption
38 New California law aims to force people with mental illness or addiction to get help
39 What is Hamas? Here's what to know: NPR
40 India recorded 13 lakh [x100K = 1.3M] stroke cases in 2019, highest in Southeast Asia, finds Lancet study
41 Arkansas purges 427K from Medicaid after post-pandemic roll review; Advocates worry about oversights
42 This Could Be an RSV Season like No Other, in a Good Way
43 North Carolina Republicans enact changes to voting laws: NPR
44 Woman's face left paralysed by mystery illness initially thought to be a cold
45 Israel attack: How to help young people cope with graphic images on social media--National
46 Walgreens pharmacy staffers stage walkouts over work conditions
47 Migrant mothers arriving in New York find support, hope and challenges: NPR
48 Other forms of skin cancer 'killing more people than melanoma'--symptoms
49 Masking rules returning to N.S. hospitals, one month after they were dropped
50 Florida's Republican attorney general will oppose putting abortion rights amendment on 2024 ballot
51 Cancer Research study reveals that the disease steals 2m years of our lives
52 New Mexico governor defends approach to attempted gun restrictions, emergency order on gun violence
53 Kari Lake, election denier, announces a bid for Arizona's senate seat: NPR
54 Blood clots could be prevented by drinking tomato juice, says expert
55 5 Silent Signs of Cardiac Arrest that Can Show up When You Are Sleeping
56 Deadly bird flu reappears in US commercial poultry flocks in Utah and South Dakota
57 Texas executes man who questioned evidence in deadly carjacking of elderly woman: NPR
58 Doctor advises against popular hair loss treatment--'It could trigger shedding'
59 Brain Health Diet: 6 Homemade Drinks to Boost Memory, Concentration and Reduce Symptoms of Brain Stroke
60 US senators see a glimmer of hope for breaking a logjam with China over the fentanyl crisis
61 Israel-Hamas war escalates; older voters on aging politicians: NPR
62 Holidaymaker left with 'big red' marks from bed bugs now paranoid
63 In a 1st, US heart association defines condition linking heart, kidney disease, diabetes & obesity
64 What does the science say about the grass vs. turf debate in sports?
65 Now Is the Time for Older Adults to Get the RSV Vaccine
66 NHS 'leaking' over half a billion pounds a year--due to poor incontinence care
67 What is artificial turf? Synthetic grass has come a long way since the days of AstroTurf
68 Tips and Tricks for Better Sleep from Night Shift Workers
69 Humans are one step closer to getting gene-edited pig kidneys / Science / News
70 Transgender North Carolinians file federal lawsuit challenging gender-affirming care ban for minors
71 A star witness delivers explosive testimony against Sam Bankman-Fried: NPR
72 Woman's bionic hand merges with her nerves and skeleton / Science / News
73 Voting begins in Ohio in the only election this fall to decide abortion rights
74 Biden steps up security for Jewish communities in the U.S.: NPR
75 'Difficulty turning' is early sign of Alzheimer's disease
76 Federal judge won't block suspension of right to carry guns in some New Mexico parks, playgrounds
77 Carlee Russell found guilty of kidnapping hoax, but will appeal: NPR
78 Four health risks linked to bed bugs after threat of infestation in UK
79 25 years after Matthew Shepard's death, LGBTQ+ activists say equal-rights progress is at risk
80 Can this Dynamic Duo [Magnesium & Vitamin D] Curb Your Anxiety and Depression?
81 COVID symptoms include 'horrific headaches,' doctor warns
82 Scientists think AI can speed up their discoveries: Shots
83 COVID symptoms: Five signs your cough is caused by COVID-19
84 'Catastrophic': Doctors detail medical crisis as Israel-Hamas conflict mounts--National
85 EU orders biotech giant Illumina to unwind $7.1 billion purchase of cancer-screening company Grail
86 Social Security to provide a smaller increase in benefits next year: NPR
87 Parkinson's disease: The factor that could raise your risk within 15 years
88 ACT college admissions test scores fall to 30-year low among U.S. students: NPR
89 How to sleep: Wearing socks can improve your sleep, doctor claims
90 What Is Cryptophasia (Twin Language)?
91 EU boss tells Musk, Zuckerberg and Tik Tok chief: NPR
92 Lung cancer risk higher in young US women than men in 'very concerning' trend
93 Pharmacare would cost billions more a year, but lead to economic savings: PBO--National
94 California governor signs 2 major proposals for mental health reform to go before voters in 2024
95 When It's Time to Switch Medications
96 Donald Trump's classified documents case and legal conflicts: NPR
97 Dr. Michael Mosley shares Pilates could improve core strength in old age
98 A doctors group calls its 'excited delirium' paper outdated and withdraws its approval
99 A Simple Pair of Earbuds Could Monitor Your Brain
100 Steve Scalise drops out of GOP House speaker race: NPR
101 Prostate cancer: Three questions that could predict your risk and seven signs
102 17 Florida sheriff's deputies accused of stealing about $500,000 in pandemic relief funds
103 Rudolph Isley has died at 84: NPR
104 Dr. Michael Mosley shares sit and stand test a 'good predictor of longevity'
105 US lawsuit settlement puts spotlight back on ranitidine. India still undecided on 'cancer-risk' drug--ThePrint--Select
106 This Mushroom Compound Is a Longevity Powerhouse
107 U.S. and Qatar agree to prevent disbursal of recently unfrozen Iranian funds: NPR
108 Brain tumour caused woman to forget her own daughter
109 Gap between U.S. income taxes owed and paid is set to keep growing, IRS says: NPR
110 Turmeric latte could ease uncomfortable COVID symptoms, nutritionist shares
111 Too much melatonin could cause four health problems, warns GP
112 Male fertility is declining worldwide. Study makes recommendations to tackle problem--National
113 Americans are still stuck in Israel, Gaza as war disrupts trips: NPR
114 Madonna's Celebration Tour to start after summer health scare landed her in ICU