File Title
1 Osiris-Rex: NASA confirms return of asteroid Bennu samples
2 Richest oil states should pay climate tax, says Gordon Brown
3 Net zero: Rishi Sunak 'destroying' UK green credibility, says Yanis Varoufakis
4 Metal-mining pollution impacts 23 million people worldwide
5 UK migratory birds 'in freefall' over climate change
6 Half-million-year-old wooden structure unearthed in Zambia
7 Google DeepMind AI speeds up search for disease genes
8 Africa proposes global carbon taxes to fight climate change
9 Kenya's Lake Baringo: Surviving hippo and crocodile attacks
10 Tantalising sign of possible life on faraway world
11 Worcestershire action group fears River Avon pollution
12 Family in 'unbearable pain' after alligator kills woman named as Sabrina Peckham in Florida
13 Cat missing for 11 years reunited with owner
14 Lego axes plan to make bricks from recycled bottles
15 RSPB appeal to clean natterjack toad breeding ponds
16 Shepperton Studio's 1 million pounds riverside walk unveiled in Surrey
17 Villarrica volcano: Chile raises alert level as activity increases
18 Chandrayaan-3: Hopes of Moon lander reawakening dim as India awaits signal
19 Man raises money for Wildfish with seven marathons
20 New recycling container system for 8,000 South Hams homes
21 Basildon waste factory is demolished after costly legal battle
22 Farnborough Airport flights increase 'will boost UK economy'
23 The shadowy Chinese firms that own chunks of Cambodia
24 Farmers turn to tech as bees struggle to pollinate
25 Woman's body found in jaws of 13ft. Florida alligator identified
26 A cut too far: The people who can't give up paper
27 'Shrinkflation' isn't a trend--it's a permanent hit to your wallet
28 Freshwater pearl mussels: Scotland's little-known royal gems
29 Is this the most absurd trend of the year?
30 How Medellin is beating the heat with green corridors
31 Zoom and Grindr return to office: Tech's surprising remote work U-turn
32 Beyond the Colosseum: Eight sites that reveal Rome's hidden history
33 Amazon takes on Microsoft as invests billion in [AI firm] Anthropic
34 AI risks destabilising world, deputy PM to tell UN
35 'Sexist' Amazon Alexa didn't answer Lionesses question
36 How the fall of the 'King of Crypto' cost one British man millions
37 Amazon Prime Video content to start including ads next year
38 Microsoft's new Call of Duty deal set for UK approval
39 Game of Thrones author sues ChatGPT owner OpenAI
40 Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Reaction to demo as Tokyo Game Show starts
41 Google accused of directing motorist to drive off collapsed bridge
42 Inside Tiktok's real-life frenzies--from riots to false murder accusations
43 Musk start-up Neuralink seeks people for brain-implant trial
44 Fortnite: Parents in US offered refunds for game purchases
45 Braverman and Facebook clash over private message plans
46 FTX: 'King of Crypto' parents sued over missing millions
47 Metaverse: What happened to Mark Zuckerberg's next big thing?
48 Despite risks fish farms are booming in Africa
49 Is it possible to regulate artificial intelligence?
50 The turbo-charged plants that could boost farm output
51 Hollywood writers in deal to end US studio strike
52 AI-generated naked child images shock Spanish town of Almendralejo
53 Star Wars: Norfolk man spends over a year building R2-D2
54 DanTDM: How YouTube star went from shy schoolboy to internet sensation
55 TikTok frenzies 'putting police and schools under strain'
56 Bitcoin scammer who was snared by victims sentenced
57 Child sex abuse 'should be treated like a pandemic'
58 JPEX: Hong Kong investigates influencer-backed crypto exchange
59 Ed Miliband regrets Russell Brand interview in 2015
60 Rumble rejects MP's 'disturbing' letter over Russell Brand income
61 Russell Brand: How the comedian built his YouTube audience on half-truths
62 University staff strike disrupts freshers' week
63 Freshers' week: Tips for surviving uni first year
64 School strikes: No new pay offer despite weekend talks
65 Rishi Sunak considers radical shake-up of A-levels
66 Fall in students accepted into university in UK
67 Warwick graduate shares student survival tips on TikTok
68 Student's 'freshers' flu' turned out to be meningitis
69 Raac: Keegan says some pupils prefer temporary classrooms
70 Trans guidance is needed in schools, parents tell BBC
71 The 'formidable' Essex architect behind school concrete crisis
72 UCU strike dates: Which universities are affected?
73 New Raac schools list of buildings with unsafe concrete
74 School avoidance: 'I was crying, screaming and shouting in the car'
75 Lib. Dem. members defy leadership on housing target
76 Unison: NI Education Authority staff vote for strike
77 Which Scottish schools are closing during strikes?
78 University staff in freshers' week strikes
79 Dumfries and Galloway Council defends late school closure decision
80 French family planning agency turns to British TV show Sex Education
81 Which schools in Scotland have RAAC and why haven't they closed?
82 Box Parish Council raises social housing 'health risk'
83 Sick toddler Theo to fly home from Portugal, says mum
84 Liberal Democrats face housebuilding target row at conference
85 Rental scam: I lost hundreds of pounds to a fake landlord
86 Guildford safe space pop up opens for new students
87 Ealing's shipping container estate to be closed by council
88 Raac: Doubt over extra NI funding for crumbling concrete
89 'The state says our kids don't exist'--how LGBT life is changing in Italy
90 Child fentanyl death: Police seek husband of NYC nursery owner
91 Where Ukraine's army of amputees go to repair their lives
92 South Africa to clear COVID lockdown criminal records
93 Japan population: One in 10 people now aged 80 or older
94 Meditate to beat stress blood pressure, say guidelines
95 Scientists discover how brain cells die in Alzheimer's
96 France sets out plan to ban disposable vapes
97 How the fentanyl crisis' fourth wave has hit every corner of the US
98 How AI may be a powerful tool in treating male infertility
99 Kumbh Mela: Worry at antibiotics overuse at India's Kumbh Mela
100 Skegness: Woman's shock at finding elderly stranger in home
101 Junior doctors and consultants to strike together in England
102 Muckamore inquiry: Ex-patient's father says son's genitals bruised
103 NHS strikes: More than a million appointments cancelled in England
104 Cambridge boy's family seek to raise awareness of rare cancer
105 US restarts supply of free at-home COVID tests
106 Abortion clinic buffer zones to start from Friday
107 Public input needed over elderly care models, health minister says
108 British pair claim back three-legged world record from Australians
109 Cost of pandemic recovery estimated at 363 million pounds in Jersey
110 Emergency calls triage system better for patients, Manx Care says
111 Study to examine benefits of sounds of nature in care homes
112 Bristol's Sound World to host live premier of lockdown singles
113 Thetford boy returns to football 15 weeks after stroke
114 Mum who lost daughters to [Mitochondrial] disease now helping others
115 What you need to know about COVID as new variant rises
116 More than half NHS Scotland buildings not inspected for Raac
117 North East Skinny Dip: Charity event is a chance to give back--swimmer
118 Bristol Unicornfest sculptures go on display for final time
119 Family of ill teen say they were 'brutally silenced' by courts
120 Robert Menendez: US senator vows he will be cleared in bribery case
121 Hollywood strike: Which shows will return as writers' strike ends?
122 Florida police stop 10-year-old driver on highway
123 What happens in a US government shutdown?
124 More than 340 firefighters have died from 9/11 illnesses
125 Canada's House Speaker apologises for praising Ukrainian Nazi veteran