File Title
1 Schools and NHS caterers 'must stop' antibiotic overuse
2 UK net zero targets 'harder to achieve' after PM's speech--advisers
3 Osiris-Rex: NASA reveals first look at 'beautiful' asteroid sample
4 Climate change could make beer taste worse
5 Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Horseshoe crab wins gold
6 Bird flu: Scientists see gene editing hope for immune chickens
7 The 1975 at the London O2: Will carbon-removed shows change gigs?
8 US issues first ever fine for space junk to Dish Network
9 James Webb telescope makes 'JuMBO' discovery of planet-like objects in Orion
10 Osiris-Rex: NASA confirms return of asteroid Bennu samples
11 Tantalising sign of possible life on faraway world
12 Amazon drought: Stranded boats and dead fish
13 Tower Bridge: Giant bolts replaced on London landmark after decades
14 Wiltshire dairy launches UK's first plastic refillable milk bottle
15 'Huge losses' of Scottish seabirds due to avian flu
16 Predator-proof Jersey seabird reserve gets public backing
17 Malawi heatwave warning issued as temperatures set to soar
18 Concern for seal pups after boat disturbance at Cumbria reserve
19 Salmon: Why this fisherman refuses to keep his catch
20 Pollution fears for River Glaven after torrential rain
21 Halloween in Derry: Costume swap shop cutting down on waste
22 Climate change money for River Wye communities
23 Nearly half a billion small tech items thrown away
24 Ealing: Beaver family released in west London wetland
25 Major oil spill exercise off Aberdeen 'prepares for the worst'
26 Afghanistan hit by second earthquake in days
27 March Menor: cleaning Europe's largest saltwater lagoon
28 How much it costs to attend New York Comic Con
29 Pomfret, Vermont: The fall foliage town that banned influencers
30 Hip-hop tracks that changed the world
31 How sound is providing new clues about the Universe
32 The acute suicide crisis among veterinarians: 'You're always going to be failing somebody'
33 An expert's guide to the best pizza in NYC
34 X claims it is erasing 'illegal' Hamas content after EU ultimatum
35 EU tells Meta to crack down on Israel-Hamas disinfo
36 EU safety laws start to bite for TikTok, Instagram and others
37 FTX thief cashes out millions during Bankman-Fried trial
38 Jewish parents told to delete social media apps
39 Warning AI industry could use as much energy as the Netherlands
40 Unity: Gaming boss quits after furious pricing backlash
41 Nevada lithium mine leads to 'green colonialism' accusations
42 Tweet saying FTX was 'fine' was false, court hears
43 Regulator sues Musk to force testimony in X probe
44 How a chatbot encouraged a man who wanted to kill the Queen
45 Prada to design NASA's new Moon suit
46 Microsoft in $29 billion back taxes dispute in US
47 Children aged seven using social media regularly
48 Could an AI-created profile picture help you get a job?
49 Clubs promoting NFTs pose 'risk' to fans, MPs warn
50 Derby council's automated phone system ageist, says blue badge holder
51 India arrests Chinese employee of smartphone maker Vivo
52 Police warn South Yorkshire shoppers to avoid fake Wilko websites
53 Inside the deadly instant loan app scam that blackmails with nudes
54 Sam Bankman-Fried 'directed me' to commit crimes--ex-girlfriend
55 Cumbria Police staff data breach a 'one-off'
56 Technology festival's sock that detect Alzheimer's signs
57 Man trains home cameras to help repel badgers and foxes
58 How to make cars less dangerous for pedestrians
59 New Quay couple lose sleep over 5G mast plans by their home
60 Universities must act swiftly on antisemitism, ministers say
61 Teach primary pupils real-world maths--Labour
62 Unsafe buildings leave 'forgotten' pupils learning from home
63 Low confidence and periods stop girls liking PE, Youth Sport Trust survey suggests
64 Rhyl High School's shorter days to get some pupils back
65 The young Essex carers whose help equates to a full-time job
66 Black History Month: 'My jaw dropped when I saw what we were learning'
67 Antigua and Barbuda's youth orchestra plays to inspire
68 School absences: The school picking kids up from home to boost attendance
69 Northamptonshire teacher banned for explicit pupil messages
70 Windrush Place development: Residents' anger as promised amenities fail to appear
71 Schools in Wales not addressing grammar issues--report
72 Derby teacher banned over coursework plagiarism
73 Keir Starmer: I won't build homes without GPs and schools
74 Dyscalculia: Parents call for maths learning difficulty support
75 Nottingham homelessness crisis won't change without help, says charity
76 Hundreds object to homes plan at former Brandhall golf club
77 Raac: No unsafe concrete found in sample survey of 30 NI schools
78 Woking Borough Council cancels bridge widening project
79 'Acute school phobia' led to suicide of boy, 13--report
80 Warwickshire pupils 'abandoned' over school buildings
81 Hundreds sign petition against Brackley school closure
82 Sir Terry Waite opens new Ipswich houses for homeless
83 Bexley Council caused an autistic child significant injustice, report says
84 Cornwall Council owned holiday park ready for families in need
85 Somerset traffic order proposed over school run 'chaos'
86 Never start vaping, says 12-year-old girl with lung damage
87 US sanctions Chinese firms in crackdown on fentanyl supply chain
88 'Long colds' are a thing, like long COVID say experts
89 Jamaica: Children in hospital after eating cannabis sweets
90 'It's never too late for ADHD diagnosis," says retired GP
91 COVID jab could be available privately from 2024
92 How the fentanyl crisis' fourth wave has hit every corner of the US
93 How AI may be a powerful tool in treating male infertility
94 Japan population: One in 10 people now aged 80 or older
95 The 'forgotten' Aberdeen-educated man who helped discover insulin
96 HMP Eastwood Park: Report finds prison has highest self-harm rate in England and Wales
97 Sir Billy Connolly: 'I'll never give up live performance'
98 Adult social care: 'I just need somebody to check in on me'
99 Nigeria diphtheria outbreak kills 600
100 Cannabidiol safe daily dose limit cut by food regulator
101 NHS waiting list in England rises to record 7.75m
102 Sexual misconduct in NHS hospitals being ignored, nurses claim
103 Cervical cancer: Trust registers 12 serious screening incidents
104 Botched dentistry: Harlow man took his life after years of pain
105 Pret a Manger death: 'Lack of progress' after mum's death in Bath
106 Leicester: New pregnancy app launched for South Asian women
107 COPD patient says specialist home care is making 'such a difference' to her life
108 Crawley: Dementia film aims to break taboo in South Asian community
109 Scunthorpe hospital changes to be shared at drop-in sessions
110 Derby: New anti-viral drug study aims to cure long COVID
111 Dad borrowed 10k pounds to solve 'beetroot baby' mystery
112 Peterborough care agency inspected over abuse allegation
113 US House in limbo as Steve Scalise scrambles for votes
114 Matt Gaetz got what he wanted. Now what?
115 Blinken says US will 'always be there' for Israel
116 George Santos charged with defrauding campaign donors
117 Shockwaves from Israel-Hamas war disrupt US politics
118 President Joe Biden's foreign policy upended by Hamas attack
119 Robert F Kennedy Jr. is running for president as an independent. Who will vote for him?
120 Hollywood strike: Talks between actors and studios break down
121 Hamas Israel attacks: The international victims of the assault on Israel
122 Israel has duty to respond to Hamas, says Biden
123 Donald Trump ally Kari Lake announces Arizona Senate seat bid