File Title
1 Study quantifies satellite brightness, challenges ground-based astronomy
2 Climate change brings earlier arrival of intense hurricanes
3 What's the largest muscle in the body, and the smallest?
4 Discovery of invisible nutrient discharge on Great Barrier Reef raises concerns
5 Natural GM crops: Grasses take evolutionary shortcut by borrowing genes from their neighbors
6 Space photo of the week: Warped 'hummingbird galaxy' guards a cosmic egg
7 Young children who are close to their parents are more likely to grow up kind, helpful and 'prosocial'
8 Protein that could help defeat Alzheimer's and increase productive lifespan
9 330-year-old coin hoard hidden in Scottish fireplace may have been buried moments before MacDonald clan massacre
10 Inside the long battle to maintain the spot where we found our place in the universe
11 New cancer drug targets uncovered using base editing and chemical proteomics
12 World can't 'unplug' existing energy system: COP28 head
13 Twisted science: New quantum ruler to explore exotic matter
14 The 1st Americans were not who we thought they were
15 Claudia Goldin wins Nobel for work on women in the labor market
16 Oldest fossil human footprints in North America confirmed
17 Bright yellow sea snail named 'margarita' in honor of late musician Jimmy Buffett
18 Scientists clone novel gene responsible for glufosinate resistance in rice
19 Discovery made about Fischer Tropsch process could help improve fuel production
20 Skeletal remains debunk myth surrounding 1918 flu pandemic
21 New discovery may 'unlock' the future of infectious disease and cancer treatment
22 LA28's recommendation for inclusion of cricket in Olympics delights ICC / Cricket News
23 Cleaning product residues may be driving a deadly superbug's antibiotic resistance
24 Researchers find pre-Columbian agave plants persisting in Arizona landscapes
25 Meet the 'exclusome': A mini-organ just discovered in cells that defends the genome from attack
26 49ers delight in crushing overconfident Cowboys' spirit
27 Russia reports coolant leak in backup line at space station and says crew not in danger
28 Plate tectonic surprise: Geologist unexpectedly finds remnants of a lost mega-plate
29 Zealandia, Earth's hidden continent, was torn from supercontinent Gondwana in flood of fire 100 million years ago
30 Are teams trying to hurt Christian McCaffrey? The 49ers disagree.
31 Brock Purdy is an 'early Tom Brady' and MVP candidate
32 How to cope when your values clash with your co-workers'
33 Discovery reveals fragile X syndrome begins developing even before birth
34 These female frogs fake their own deaths to get out of sex
35 Study shows birds disperse eaten insects' eggs
36 Killing remains a threat to Bornean orangutans
37 Neanderthal DNA may shape how sensitive you are to pain, genetic analysis shows
38 Calif. Christian school forfeits game vs. team that allows girls
39 Peregrine falcons set off false alarms to make prey easier to catch, study finds
40 Finding explanation for Milky Way's warp
41 Strange methane leak discovered at the deepest point of the Baltic Sea baffling scientists
42 Sweet Victory: Sensor detects adulteration in honey
43 Scientists discover ghost of ancient mega-plate that disappeared 20 million years ago
44 Scientists call for real-time analysis of tropical cyclones in the context of climate change
45 Weight Loss: Are Jumping Jacks the Ideal Full Body Workout to Cut Belly Fat? Know Here
46 At 3.02 million, India recorded world's highest number of preterm births in 2020, finds Lancet study
47 Sex education classes often don't include LGBTQ+ students. New restrictions could make it worse
48 Bladder cancer symptoms: Three signs when you go to the toilet could be red flags
49 Air Pollution Rising in Delhi: 6 Ways to Protect Your Lung Health
50 Pharmacist shortages and heavy workloads challenge drugstores heading into their busy season
51 Gallaudet University debuts 5G-connected helmet: NPR
52 Doctor warns using your phone on the toilet can have 'serious health consequences'
53 Eco-grief: How the climate crisis is impacting our mental health--National
54 UK police open a corporate manslaughter investigation into a hospital where a nurse killed 7 babies
55 Climate innovators share their 'why' for taking action: NPR
56 Pharmacist shares red flag sign of breast cancer in men
57 A Montreal paramedic offers an up-close look at city's drug overdose problem
58 How kids are thinking about climate change: NPR
59 Smoked and dried fish could increase your blood pressure reading, expert warns
60 Hundreds are feared dead after powerful earthquakes hit Afghanistan: NPR
61 Rise in hip fractues costs NHS 75 million pounds extra
62 Judge's order cancels event that would have blocked sole entrance to a Kansas abortion clinic
63 Biden's dog Commander joins the list of unforgettable presidential pets: NPR
64 'Sleeping sickness' disease that kills up to 500,000 each year--4 key symptoms
65 California governor signs several laws, including a ban on certain chemicals in food and drinks
66 Alzheimer's: Toxic proteins behind disease treatable with 'nanoflakes'
67 California Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoes bill that would have decriminalized psychedelic mushrooms
68 Teens build robots in high school for the FIRST Robotics Competition: NPR
69 Best and worst curries for your health--'Popular curries not the healthiest'
70 Toddlers with developmental delays are missing out on help they need. It can hurt them long term
71 Michigan man known for luring pedophiles fatally shot: NPR
72 Doctor recommends five health checks you must do before you're 40
73 Man convicted of stealing $1.9 million in COVID-19 relief money gets more than 5 years in prison
74 Kevin McCarthy's removal made for a timely topic in AP U.S. Government classes: NPR
75 Doctor shares 'relatively unknown' dementia symptoms to be aware of
76 Britain's Supreme Court to weigh legality of migrant deportation to Rwanda: NPR
77 Two hot drinks loved by millions may reduce risk of frailty later in life, new study finds
78 What you can do about climate change: NPR
79 Diabetes: Red flag signs of silent killer that could be mistaken for harmless conditions
80 What are the health benefits of a cold plunge? Scientists vet the claims: Shots
81 COVID expert reveals four ways to protect yourself as cases surge
82 Her answer to 'climate grief' and a shrinking Great Salt Lake? Don't look away: NPR
83 Food hygiene expert warns your fridge could be 'dirtier' than toilet seat
84 Don't You Bark at Me, Bully, I Do Not Consent
85 The shape of poo that's sign of healthy body--this is 'the gold standard'
86 Why a Global Government Is the Ultimate Goal of Billionaires
87 'I'm a doctor--here are three things you should avoid if you want to stay healthy'
88 California Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoes bill aimed at limiting the price of insulin
89 Properly Filter Your Water
90 The 15-minute city climate solution spreading from Paris to Cleveland: NPR
91 Cuppa curative-green tea can fight off COVID virus new research claims
92 California governor vetoes bill to make free condoms available for high school students, citing cost
93 Israel trying to regain full control of its territory day after Hamas attack: NPR
94 Abortion and sexual health are still top 'taboo' women's health issues, study finds
95 Toddlers with developmental delays are missing out on help they need. It can hurt them long term
96 COVID hospitalizations a 'continued public health threat,' CDC warns
97 World Arthritis Day 2023: 5 Benefits of Physiotherapy to Manage Joint Pain, Stiffness and Inflammation
98 What Are the Key Micronutrients for Your Brain?
99 Can Sitting Longer than 9 Hours Put You Through Depression?
100 School vouchers and border security to come up in Texas Statehouse: NPR
101 Nobel Prize in Economics goes to Claudia Goldin of Harvard for research on women: NPR
102 Doctor hails metformin for 'anti-aging' properties--It 'costs pennies'
103 Gates Foundation funding $40 million effort to help develop mRNA vaccines in Africa in coming years
104 Hamas' attack is a staggering failure for Israel's intelligence and security forces: NPR
105 Alzheimer's disease risk linked to how much stress you have in your life
106 How--and why--we honor Indigenous Peoples' Day: NPR
107 Liver cancer symptoms: Toddler diagnosed after mum 'felt her liver'
108 What does the science say about the grass vs. turf debate in sports?
109 Talking with Your Kids About It [Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD)]
110 Sen. Cory Booker and Rep. Dan Goldman back in U.S.: NPR
111 Young man's stomach pains led to diagnosis of rare cancer at age of 31
112 Florida settles lawsuit over COVID data, agrees to provide weekly stats to the public
113 My Dialysis Machine Works as My Kidneys, for Now
114 Europe pledges support for Israel, freezes Palestinian aid: NPR
115 Casino industry spurs $329 billion in US economic activity, study by gambling group shows
116 Coughing at Night: How to Stop
117 Israel says it will continue to retaliate against Hamas after deadly attack: NPR
118 Seasonal affective disorder: Six foods that can prevent SAD
119 Costly upkeep, less-than-ideal weather lead most college football stadiums to use artificial turf
120 Sunrise gatherings, dances mark celebration of culture on Indigenous Peoples Day: NPR
121 Nutritionist recommends eating quercetin-rich foods to prevent frailty