File Title
1 West African countries should seize the moment to negotiate a better deal for farmers
2 Study identifies jet-stream pattern that locks in extreme winter cold, wet spells
3 James Webb Space Telescope spots dozens of physics-breaking rogue objects floating through space in pairs
4 The medicine of the future could be artificial life forms
5 Debate settled? Oldest human footprints in North America really are 23,000 years old, study finds
6 America's role in combating global poverty examined in new book
7 Scientists discover the highest energy gamma-rays ever from a pulsar
8 Jelling Stone analysis reveals runestone carver's name and identifies a powerful Viking queen
9 Consistent metabolism may prove costly for insects in saltier water
10 Physicists find evidence for magnetically bound excitons
11 Potential discovery of a dozen objects beyond Pluto could reveal a new section of the solar system we never knew about
12 A growing, unpredictable climate risk
13 Plot thickens in hunt for ninth planet
14 US government issues 1st-ever space junk fine, charging satellite TV company whopping $150k
15 Paleontologists find first molecular evidence of ginger pigment molecules in fossil frogs
16 Increased deep sleep benefits your heart
17 Battered Roman-era skull with signs of violent trauma and a possible brain tumor unearthed in Spain
18 Everyone needs access to urban green spaces, not just those in more affluent areas, say researchers
19 AI-driven earthquake forecasting shows promise in trials
20 Why do freckles come out in the sun?
21 Amazon's challenge to Musk's Starlink to have first launch
22 9,500-year-old baskets and 6,200-year-old shoes discovered in Spanish bat cave
23 With seagrass discovery, we may be one good solution closer to solving climate change
24 Astronomers discover first step toward planet formation
25 Ozempic-like meds linked to higher risk of pancreatitis, 'stomach paralysis' than other weight-loss drugs
26 Theoretical physicists present significantly improved calculation of the proton radius
27 Deciphering the intensity of past ocean currents
28 Lack of sexually related injuries does not mean rape victim was 'making it up,' says study
29 How bacteria can organize themselves
30 Why do so many baby animals have spots?
31 Fathers' parental leave might protect men against alcohol-related morbidity
32 Mangrove leaf slug: The solar-powered mollusk that gobbles up sunlight then goes months without eating
33 Free-space nanoprinting beyond optical limits to create 4D functional structures
34 Scientists discover 'long colds' may exist, as well as long COVID
35 What is an attosecond--and why did this year's Nobel Prize in physics depend upon them?
36 Is planting trees to combat climate change 'complete nonsense'?
37 Ginger pigment molecules found in fossil frogs
38 Mercury is still shrinking after billions of years, and scientists can see its 'wrinkles'
39 Stone Age herders transported heavy rock tools to grind animal bones, plants and pigment
40 Pulsars may make dark matter glow
41 'Exceedingly rare' horse bridle discovered in melting ice in Norway could date to Viking Age
42 Female animals teach each other to choose unusual males--new research
43 Researchers create a neural network for genomics--one that explains how it achieves accurate predictions
44 Orcas are harassing and playing with baby porpoises in deadly game that has lasted 60 years
45 Thalamus regulates adaptability of the adult brain
46 How many animals have ever existed on Earth?
47 Humans got to America 7,000 years earlier than thought, new research confirms
48 How male mosquitoes compensate for having only one X chromosome
49 What It's like to Live Well with Schizophrenia
50 Ozempic is making me rethink how to be a body-positive doctor: Shots
51 COVID news LIVE: Mutated Pirola strain spreading rapidly across UK
52 Thousands of US health care workers go on strike in multiple states over wages and staff shortages
53 Mapped: The smoking capitals of the UK as Rishi Sunak announces ban for next generation
54 Butt out: U.K. proposes banning cigarettes for young people--National
55 Say goodbye to the COVID-19 vaccination card. The CDC has stopped printing them
56 How Exercise Boosts Your Body's Ability to Prevent Cancer
57 Kids share their thoughts about banned books with NPR: NPR
58 Popular sleep meds don't actually give you a better night's rest, experts warn
59 In 2023, Dementia Risks Are Everywhere, It Seems
60 Simone Biles leads U.S. to record 7th team title at world championships: NPR
61 Bile duct cancer symptoms: Dad shares first signs--one which occurred at work
62 Japan firm Takeda's dengue vaccine gets WHO panel backing, but no nod yet for phase 3 trials in India
63 Nebraska lawmaker says some report pharmacists are refusing to fill gender-confirming prescriptions
64 Biden's dog Commander has left the White House: NPR
65 GP recommends best foods to reduce your risk of vision loss
66 France is bitten by a fear of bedbugs as it prepares to host Summer Olympics
67 Earth is on track for its hottest year yet, says European climate agency: NPR
68 COVID cases soar as hotspots pop up across the UK--case numbers where you live
69 Record 400K U.S.-bound migrants trek through dangerous Darien jungle this year: NPR
70 Doctors thought mum-of-three had a cyst--but it was actually cancer
71 How one Ontario woman's cancer diagnoses slipped through the cracks without a family doctor
72 Zimbabwe announces 100 suspected cholera deaths and imposes restrictions on gatherings
73 Would you go to a mobile clinic at a Dollar General store?: Shots
74 Dr. Michael Mosley says nose breathing can 'protect you against disease'
75 What is Aquagenic Urticaria, Water Allergy that Can Make You Lead a Waterless Life?
76 2 cough syrups found 'contaminated,' regulator launches probe into Gujarat drugmaker
77 Man, 77, meant to sell ill-gotten erectile drugs in retirement community: feds
78 Tripledemic? What CDC Recommends for COVID, Flu, and RSV
79 Why the UAW strike could last a long time: NPR
80 COVID variants: Vulnerability may depend on previous infections and vaccination
81 Quebec tables bill to sue drug companies for health-care costs linked to opioids
82 Ex-USC gynecologist charged with sexually assaulting students dies before going to trial
83 Popular Weight Loss Drugs Raise Risk of More Stomach Trouble
84 Former campaign treasurer for Rep. George Santos pleads guilty to federal charges: NPR
85 COVID travel advice with new variants on the rise--'Take precautions'
86 Millions of children are displaced due to extreme weather events. Climate change will make it worse
87 The CDC will not be issuing COVID-19 vaccination cards anymore: NPR
88 Diabetes medication linked to risk of sudden cardiac arrest
89 $228 million awarded to some plaintiffs who sued Nevada-based bottled water company after liver illnesses
90 Armed man demanding to talk to Wisconsin's governor arrested twice in one day: NPR
91 Five tips for preventing and even 'reversing' osteoporosis
92 Rape victim featured in ad reemerges as focal point of abortion debate in Kentucky governor's race
93 Russian strike on Ukrainian village kills more than 50 civilians: NPR
94 Good Cholesterol: 6 Everyday Habits to Increase HDL Levels and Protect Your Heart
95 UK prime minister wants to raise the legal age to buy cigarettes in England so eventually no one can
96 U.S. shoots down armed drone flown by NATO ally Turkey: NPR
97 Stricter state laws are chipping away at sex education in K-12 schools
98 The Philippines builds a dam to address a water shortage: NPR
99 Shopping for turkey? What to know about bird flu, prices ahead of Thanksgiving--National
100 Indonesia denies its fires are causing blankets of haze in neighboring Malaysia
101 The job market was stunningly strong in September: NPR
102 Health care strike over pay and staff shortages heads into final day with no deal in sight
103 War in Ukraine leaves scar; Iranian activist wins Nobel Prize: NPR
104 Doctor who treated Morgan State shooting victim is gunshot survivor himself
105 What Families Should Know About the New OTC Birth Control Pill
106 Getting a $7,500 tax credit for electric cars will get a lot easier: NPR
107 How to make sense of the country's stunningly strong job market: NPR
108 Georgia will be first state with medical marijuana in pharmacies
109 Ex-U.S. Army sergeant charged with trying to pass secrets to China: NPR
110 Feds' dental care plan to come this fall, but disability advocates have concerns--National
111 Federal judge in Oklahoma clears the way for a ban on medical care for transgender young people
112 UAW President Shawn Fain lambast auto execs in fiery speech: NPR
113 Sobeys issues western Canada turkey recall
114 Arkansas jail inmates settle lawsuit with doctor who prescribed them ivermectin for COVID-19
115 Cancer specialist identifies seven signs of a growing tumour in the chest
116 Preterm baby's death linked to probiotic, FDA releases warning. Is it safe?--National