File Title
1 MIT's New Fluxonium Qubit Circuit Enables Quantum Operations with Unprecedented Accuracy
2 The Magic Number--New Research Sheds Light on How Often You Need to Exercise to Make It Worth It
3 Echoes Across Space: The Universal Sound of Black Holes
4 New Research Uncovers Blood-Brain Barrier Mystery
5 Skin Sensation Science Unmasked: Why Do Faces Feel "Tight" After Being Washed?
6 125-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Feathers Reveal Traces of Ancient Proteins
7 Sharper and Smaller--Tiny CRISPR Tool Could Help Shred Viruses
8 NASA's Perseverance Rover Captures 200-Foot-Wide Dust Devil Tearing Across Mars
9 Excessive Heat and Drought Takes Its Toll: The Mississippi Is Mighty Parched
10 Locked Out of a Cure? Only a Fraction of Early Alzheimer's Patients Eligible for New Drugs
11 ISS Astronauts Dive into Space Physics Experiments and Human Research
12 Researchers Warn that Shouting at Kids Can Have Lifelong Impacts--On Par with Physical or Sexual Abuse
13 Trapped in a Dangerous Loop: Humans Inherit Artificial Intelligence Biases
14 Scientists Discover a Completely New Type of Enzyme that Helps Fight Genomic Parasites
15 New Research Reveals that About 25% of Teens with Autism Go Undiagnosed
16 Counting Conundrum--Nerve Cells Can Detect Small Numbers of Things Better than Large Numbers of Things
17 MIT's New Desalination System Produces Freshwater that Is "Cheaper than Tap Water"
18 NASA's Parker Solar Probe Shatters Records: The Closest & Fastest Sun Flyby Ever
19 500,000x Smaller than a Human Hair: Game-Changing Electronic Sensor the Size of a Single Molecule
20 Stanford Scientists Discover Cellular "Neighborhoods" in Our Gut
21 Defying Expectations: Researchers Find Little Evidence of Cheating with Online, Unsupervised Exams
22 OSIRIS-REx's Overflowing Treasures: A Stellar Surprise from Asteroid Bennu
23 A Sea of Change: Climate Change Is Shifting Our Oceans from Blue to Green
24 Breaking the Born-Oppenheimer Approximation--Experiments Unveil Long-Theorized Quantum Phenomenon
25 Explosive Cell Death--Scientists Discover Genetic Trigger in 3% of Global Population
26 Live a Healthy Life for Longer--Hydrogen Sulfide Shows Promise as a Healthy Aging Therapeutic
27 New Study: Drinking Dark Tea Daily Could Significantly Reduce the Risk and Progression of Type 2 Diabetes
28 New Technology Transforms Traditionally Unrecyclable Plastics into Useful Chemicals
29 Losing Sleep? New Study Suggests Checking Your Blood Pressure
30 Asymmetric Enigma: Hubble Explores a Vibrant Virgo Cluster Galaxy
31 M87's Wobbling Jet: A Spin on Black Hole Mysteries
32 Spacewalk Showdown: Swabbing for Microbes Surviving in the Vacuum of Space and Replacing Station Hardware
33 New Breakthrough in Energy Storage--MIT Engineers Create Supercapacitor out of Ancient Materials
34 Webb Mystery Unraveled: Astrophysicists Explain the "Impossible" Brightness at Cosmic Dawn
35 Intense Lasers Illuminate the Hidden World of Electron Dynamics in Liquids
36 New Study Finds that Women and Men React Differently to Strain and Stress
37 Graphene Oxide: Nano-Warrior Reduces the Toxicity of Alzheimer's Proteins
38 Fat but Fit? Expert Weighs in on "Metabolically Healthy Obesity"
39 Hidden Assault on Heart: COVID-19 Infects Coronary Arteries and Increases Plaque Inflammation
40 From Atoms to Organisms: "Assembly Theory" Unifies Physics and Biology to Explain Evolution and Complexity
41 Double Trouble for Cancer Tumors: The Dual-Action Immunotherapy Breakthrough
42 Unseen Scars of 20th-Century Whaling: DNA from Whale Bones Reveals Lasting Impact on Genetic Diversity
43 39 Nautical-Mile-Long Iceberg Grazes Clarence Island
44 Study Reveals that 50% of the World's Population Will Have a Mental Health Disorder by Age 75
45 Lowering Cholesterol and Shedding Waist Fat--New Study Suggests Swapping Red Meat for this Protein
46 Autism Detection via Tablet App: A Game-Changer in Early Screening?
47 Unusual Findings Overturn Current Battery Wisdom
48 Ancient Architecture Technique Inspires Nanoscale Window to the Future
49 Electric Blue Surprise: Dazzling Tarantula Discovery in Thai Mangroves
50 New Research Reveals How Vitamin B-Related Amino Acids Could Increase Your Risk of Dementia
51 Re-Greening to the Rescue: The Carbon Capture Potential of Deserts
52 Harnessing the Power of Stars: EPFL's 30-Year Odyssey in Fusion Energy Research
53 Not Just Weight Loss: The Unexpected Brain Benefits of an Anti-Obesity Drug
54 Spacesuits, Research, and Treadmill Work--Space Station Crew Gears Up for Dual Spacewalks
55 Geological Surprise: Ancient Rocks Release as Much CO2 as All the World's Volcanoes
56 Scientists "Stunned" by Bumblebees' Ability to Fight Off Invasive Asian Hornets
57 New Findings Reveal that Europe's Nature Is in "Dire Straits"
58 MIT's "Air-Guardian"--AI Copilot Enhances Human Precision for Safer Skies
59 Goodbye Cigarettes--Scientists Discover Potential Treatment for Nicotine Dependence
60 Manmade Menace? Massive Satellite Outshines All but the Brightest Stars
61 Queen's Dilemma: The Gender Bias Game in Young Female Chess Circles
62 10,000,000,000,000x the Energy of Visible Light: Pulsar's Record-Breaking Gamma Rays Baffle Scientists
63 Brain's Breathing Block: Deciphering Unexplained Epilepsy Deaths
64 Gold Reinvented: Stanford Scientists Uncover Exotic Chemical State in New Material
65 Breast Size and Exercise: Scientists Uncover Surprising Link
66 Manipulated and Utilized: The Tale of Ancient Human Remains in Spanish Caves
67 Scientists Discover Mysterious "Fairy Circles" at Hundreds of Sites Globally
68 Gene-Editing Breakthrough: Compact Enzyme Promises More Effective Treatments
69 Quantum Leap: Physicists Successfully Simulate Super Diffusion
70 Electrifying Recovery: How Brain Stimulation Lights the Path Out of Depression
71 Genomic Breakthrough: Pangolins' Secret Code for Survival
72 New Study: Popular Supplement Could Relieve Symptoms of Long COVID
73 Radiant Revelations: Hubble Space Telescope Records Rare Radio Galaxy
74 Unlocking the Mystery of IVF: Why Many Embryos Fail to Develop
75 Decoding Evolution: Landmark Study Sheds Light on Darwin's Iconic Finches
76 Expedition 70: Spacewalk Prep, Human Research, and Orbital Plumbing on the Space Station
77 Beyond Long COVID: Scientists Discover Existence of "Long Colds"
78 Paleontologists Unearth Ginger Pigment Secrets from 10-Million-Year-Old Frogs
79 MIT/Harvard Cellular Reprogramming Innovation Could Find Potent Cancer Killers and Regenerative Therapies
80 Good Texture and Taste--Scientists Use Ancient Technology to Improve Plant-Based Cheese
81 Hubble Captures Galaxy with Brilliant Blue Arms and Billion-Year-Old "Circumnuclear Ring"
82 Scientists Solve a 50-Year-Old Blood Group Mystery
83 Researchers Discover New Method to Overcome Antimicrobial Resistance
84 Ancient Footprints in New Mexico Shift Timeline for Early Human Presence in North America
85 NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover: The Triple-Junction Trek to Jurabi Point
86 Drowning Stars: BlueWalker 3's Unprecedented Impact on Night Sky Observations
87 From DNA Damage to Neuron Disruption: MIT's Comprehensive Alzheimer's Analysis
88 Astronauts Gear Up for Dual Spacewalks: Swabbing for Space Microbes and Fixing Hardware
89 Rapid Disease Diagnosis: Bioengineering Breakthrough Boosts DNA Detection Sensitivity by 100x
90 Thought to Be Impossible--Novel Spectroscopy Technique Breaks Through 50 Years of Frustration
91 Frozen in the Fast Lane: Jet Stream Pattern Locks in Extreme Winter Cold Spells
92 New Discovery Could "Unlock" the Future of Cancer Treatment
93 Should We Cut Down All the Oak Trees? The Unexpected Link Between Trees and Air Pollution
94 Quantum Crafting: Atom-by-Atom Construction of a New Qubit Platform
95 Esketamine Nasal Spray: A Game-Changing Treatment for Clinical Depression
96 SpaceX Falcon Heavy Liftoff Imminent: NASA's Psyche spacecraft Sets Sights on Earth-Like Asteroid
97 Survival Secrets: Surprising Traits of Mammals that Survive Mass Extinctions
98 Nobel Prize in chemistry awarded for work on coloured lights--National
99 Researcher working to revitalize an Indigenous language and bring it into the future
100 Should fathers be screened for postpartum depression? Pilot study
101 'Exceptional' 1,800-year-old sarcophagus unearthed in France held woman of 'special status'
102 Machine learning reveals how to dissolve polymeric materials in organic solvents
103 New technology could reduce lag, improve reliability of online gaming, meetings
104 1,400-year-old gold figures depicting Norse gods unearthed at former pagan temple
105 Colorado's Latina legislators giving voice to their communities
106 Ruffed grouse population more resilient than expected, genetic study finds
107 'Remarkably symmetrical' star explosions could reveal the true expansion rate of the universe
108 New research into pangolin genomics may aid in conservation efforts
109 Two-dimensional compounds can capture carbon from the air
110 Novavax's new COVID vaccine cleared for use by FDA
111 At least 10 dead, 102 missing in India glacial lake burst
112 Vaccine via the nasal passage could be the new line of defense against Strep A
113 Mont Blanc shrinks by over two meters in two years
114 Simultaneous large wildfires will increase in Western U.S.
115 2nd-century Alexander the Great statue with lion's-mane hairstyle unearthed in Turkey