File Title
1 Footage shows bull with horns on fire being led through Spanish street
2 Hot cop who gave boss lap dance takes bikini snaps and grapples 'baby Godzilla'
3 Stone Age humans were 'wearing sandals' 148,000 years ago, experts claim
4 Senior MPs threaten to blow lid on dark side of TV industry by launching a probe into its 'open secrets' / the Sun
5 Study reveals which Brits take the longest to choose a bottle of wine--where does your area rank? / the Sun
6 Gamers beg for return of iconic music game that changed gaming 18 years ago
7 Migration crisis: All of Europe could become Lampedusa, warns Polish PM
8 You have goat to be kidding: Farmer stunned as goats break into home
9 Russia's nuke graveyard is 'slo-mo Chernobyl' sparking '6-Hiroshima' blast fears
10 Tory rebels could block delay on banning sale of new petrol cars
11 Smoke seen from Idaho National Lab which tests advanced nuclear energy
12 Inside America's revolting military bases overflowing with poo, mould and vermin
13 You've got razor-sharp vision if you can spot the fish hiding among this group of sharks in seven seconds / the Sun
14 Shameless knife thug takes smiling selfies after he was spared jail
15 We're being driven out of our town by posh newcomers--it's being turned into a 'mini Paris' and all pubs are closing / the Sun
16 Top stars are among thousands of donors targeted in huge cyber attack
17 Ask Amy: Siblings face dilemma over mother's will
18 Prisoner freed to fight for Putin went on slaughter spree killing six Russians
19 Meet Lapsha the adorable dog with 'the world's longest nose' who keeps fans fascinated with her daily adventures / the Sun
20 Family heartbreak as teen, 19, dies days before court order is lifted
21 PM gets a boost as polls show Tories clawing back ground on Labour
22 'Not a circus': DeSantis and California governor to go head-to-head in Fox News debate
23 BLM organiser behind Edward Colston statue protest admits fraud
24 'Dream of playing footie with my kids helped me lose HALF my weight'
25 Putin humiliated as Ukraine wipes out power in seven Russian settlements
26 Mountaineer Reinhold Messner is stripped of two Guinness World Records
27 New gay bar, Buddies, opens on East Colfax in place of Prohibition Bar
28 We've had 10 kids in 10 years--we're fed up of cruel trolls spewing hate towards us...we love our big family / the Sun
29 Sadiq Khan risks being booted out as London Mayor by Tory maverick, exclusive poll shows / the Sun
30 War crimes investigators given access to restricted documents in Roberts-Smith case
31 Mother to take part in probe into her daughter's death
32 'Demon's house' volcano on the brink of erupting as towns and villages evacuated
33 Father whose toddler had 12 surgeries after pitbull attack speaks out
34 To arms, Lions! How singing Labor MPs were lost for words waiting for new premier
35 Desperately ill baby Indi Gregory is given more time by a judge
36 Meta announces launch of AI friends with their own personalities
37 Driver likely mistook accelerator for brake while mowing down young brothers: police
38 'Tragedy' as world-famous British tourist site ruined by chainsaw 'vandal'
39 RTD to suspend A Line between Denver Airport, Peoria stations October 5
40 Families could be paid to turn down heating to avoid gas shortages
41 Suspect gunman in Rotterdam shooting that killed 3 'previously abused rabbit'
42 'I just despair when I see a Bunnings': Roz's vision for a better Melbourne
43 These mothers were handed the wrong babies. A year later they have been reunited with them
44 Shocking moment stolen digger repeatedly rams into Grade II listed restaurant Mucky Duck--causing 200,000 pounds of damage / the Sun
45 I went through the world's most painful op to get a bit cost 35k pounds--an-inch & was agony but it was worth it / the Sun
46 Videos show bed bugs crawling over seats on Paris trains and buses
47 Putin colonel dubbed 'Hero of Russia' arrested over 'drunken murder of girl, 18' just weeks after meeting Vlad / the Sun
48 Wife of Presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy Jr. begs Biden to provide Secret Service protection, after gunman arrested / the Sun
49 Putin's war raises fears as NATO country detects 'possible air space breach'
50 Super El Nino likely this winter, NCAR experimental prediction system says
51 Harry and Meghan want to be 'taken seriously' but 'failed to back with work'
52 'My penis weighs a kilo and is 18 inches long--my sex life is in RUINS'
53 Eating all the pies could soon become key to losing weight
54 Dianne Feinstein, California's longest serving U.S. senator, dies at 90
55 Truth of how Roman ruins mysteriously ended up in Brazil lies under the sea
56 Putin to test nuclear weapons 'at least once' to scare West as ally outs site
57 Macron's government urged to tackle bed bugs 'scourge' ahead of Olympics
58 Imagining an unimaginable result on the Voice
59 Now an NHS Trust gives staff a year of paid leave for 'male menopause'
60 LEONARD: Sofia Vegara plays bloody sex-crazed cocaine queen Griselda
61 Strangest items for sale at Conservative Party Conference
62 Car doing doughnuts at packed UK car meet ploughs into crowd causing chaos
63 Trans women patients 'to be banned from female wards'
64 Elon Musk sued by college grad he falsely accused of posing as a Nazi
65 Casino player wins 1 million pounds playing on FOUR roulette tables at once--after an initial bet just a fraction of the size / the Sun
66 Flood fears for fire-affected towns as deluge soaks Victoria
67 Three dead as 'teen' gunman goes on rampage in Bangkok shopping centre
68 Putin crony calls for 'thermonuclear explosion' to set world back to 1993
69 Actual 16th century stage where Shakespeare performed is discovered
70 I spent 1.2 million pounds on a newbuild house--but when I moved in it was riddled with mould...then everything got worse / the Sun
71 Moment bus driver reported for dangerous overtake of cyclist
72 Fury at motorist for driving down pavement to skip school run traffic
73 Jason Derulo breaks his silence on 'false and hurtful' claims
74 Newborn and Aged Immune Cells Have Similar Gene Expressions
75 Small Strands of Genetic Code Can Enhance Immunotherapy
76 Powering Smart Contact Lenses with Tears
77 Neurons "Borrow" Serotonin from Each Other to Drive Different Behaviors Across Time
78 Sepsis Test Could be a Lifesaver in Emergency Rooms
79 Turning Seawater into Drinking Water: A Passive Solar Solution
80 Infamous Cancer Gene p53 Plays a Surprising Role in Autism and Learning
81 Shared Decision Making for Prostate Cancer Screening: Trust and Communication are Essential for the Doctor-Patient Relationship
82 Pesticide Residue Prevalent in Illegal Cannabis
83 How the Short Tandem Repeats in 'Junk' DNA Affect Gene Expression
84 Job Stress and Strain Can Double Men's Heart Risks
85 Cannabis Use Linked to Elevated Schizophrenia Risk, Reveals Ottawa Hospital Study
86 Tree Rings Reveal a Previously Unknown Earthquake Risk for the Pacific NW
87 Cold Weather and High Blood Pressure
88 Arctic Clouds and Climate Change: Unveiling the Role of Biological Particles
89 Investigating the Link Between Form & Function in Cell Organelles
90 Engineered Spider Silk Can Trap Airborne Pathogens
91 Revolutionizing Semiconductors: The Rise of High-Entropy 'Multielement Ink'
92 Over Sanitation Not Responsible for Heightened Allergies, Research Suggests
93 Noninvasive Ultrasounds Can Be Used to Diagnose Brain Disease
94 Lonely People Process Fictional Characters like Real Friends in the Brain
95 Commission Calls for a "Feminist Approach" to Increase Equity in Cancer Care for Women
96 Testing the 'Grandmother Hypothesis' & Variations in the Skin Microbiome
97 Green Coffee Bean Extract (GBCE) and Weight Loss: Separating Fact from Fiction
98 Concerns Over Satellite Constellations and Astronomical Observations
99 Life Satisfaction May Not Boost Cognition in Marginalized Groups
100 How a Unicellular Organism Promotes Gut Inflammation
101 Revolutionizing Diabetes Care: The Power of Personalized Medicine
102 Duke's AI-Driven SenseToKnow App: A Game-Changer in Autism Screening for Children
103 Cosmic Dawn Revisited: New Insights into Galaxy Formation Defy Expectations
104 Martian Weather Watch: Perseverance Rover's Dust Devil Time-Lapse
105 How 'Superbolts' of Lightning Form
106 Teff: The Gluten-free African Grain that Has Antioxidant Power
107 A Rapid Tool to Study Protein-Lipid Interactions
108 Can Wrist Temperature Predict Future Disease Risk?
109 Immunotherapy Prior to Surgery Improves Cancer Treatment Outcomes
110 Early Microbe Exposure Does Not Stop Allergy Development
111 Unveiling the Subterranean Wonders: Grand Canyon's Hidden Caves Hold Clues to Climate Change
112 Space Debris Mitigation: A Network of AI-Powered Lasers
113 A Gene Variant that Promotes Inflammation is Carried by Millions
114 What is Pre-Cancer?
115 Portable Device Detects Synthetic Cannabinoid Spice
116 Taking EEG measurements in virtual reality
117 FDA to Begin Regulating Clinical Lab Tests
118 Taking the Stairs Daily Cuts Risk of Heart Disease
119 Increasing Steps Per Day Lowers Blood Pressure
120 Risk on the Rise: First-Time Cardiovascular Events 60% Higher in Adults with Cannabis Use Disorder
121 A Vast, Buried Ocean May be Shielding Against Quakes
122 Novel imaging to study Parkinson's disease progression