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1 New COVID-19 variant Pirola is spreading in UK with 'cases doubling'
2 Former lawmaker who led Michigan marijuana board is sent to prison for bribery
3 France sees a jump in bedbugs, as Paris prepares to host the Olympics: NPR
4 Flu vaccine: Eligible people urged to get jab as virus may be more deadly than COVID
5 State officials in Michigan scratched from lawsuit over lead in Benton Harbor's water
6 Hearing loss could signal certain cancers--expert
7 Nebraska latest Republican state to expand Medicaid to cover postpartum care for low-income mothers
8 A digestive breath tester made me question my healthy diet
9 California's new mental health court rolls out to high expectations and uncertainty
10 At least 9 dead after church roof collapses in Mexico, officials say: NPR
11 Menopause symptoms: Unusual signs from electric shocks to clumsiness
12 Nobel Prize announcements are getting underway with the unveiling of the medicine prize
13 It's not just Sam Bankman-Fried. His parents also face legal trouble: NPR
14 Dr. Michael Mosley recommends popular salad staple to 'prevent cancer'
15 Heart Attack Signs: 5 Visible Symptoms Before Sudden Cardiac Arrest
16 Hungarian and US scientists win Nobel Prize in Medicine for mRNA COVID vaccine work
17 Pakistan launches anti-polio vaccine drive targeting 44M children amid tight security
18 COVID lockdown 'possible' if eligible people don't get booster, GP warns
19 WHO approves 2nd malaria vaccine. Why experts say its not enough--National
20 ICMR urges scientists to develop accurate typhoid fever test
21 Years of research laid the groundwork for speedy COVID-19 shots
22 Advocate for Yourself as a Person of Color on Medicare
23 Slovakia election winner Robert Fico opposes aid to Ukraine: NPR
24 Daily cup of tea helps cut chance of diabetes
25 Kentucky AG announces latest round of funding to groups battling the state's drug abuse problem
26 Creative Ways to Keep Your Retirement Budget in Check
27 After revealing her family secret, Kerry Washington reflects on what was gained: NPR
28 Charities call for UK to step up fight against children's cancer through research
29 Iowa promises services to kids with severe mental and behavioral needs after lawsuit cites failures
30 The Emotional Shock of Retirement
31 The last bus carrying ethnic Armenians from Nagorno-Karabakh leaves the region: NPR
32 People with one of 25 skin conditions could get over 400 pounds a month
33 Selma Blair helps White House salute landmark disability legislation
34 Other Types of Retirement Planning
35 U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar unharmed following armed carjacking near Capitol: NPR
36 Dermatologist explains the reason some people get more mosquito bites
37 Eating disorder rates jumped 'significantly' among adolescents amid COVID: study
38 Unexplained Weight Gain? 6 Tell-Tale Signs of Slow Metabolism and How to Enhance it
39 Court reviews gun-carry restrictions under health order in New Mexico, as states explore options
40 Should You Start Chowing Down on Chitin?
41 3 scientists win Nobel Prize in physics: NPR
42 Woman develops cancerous tumour after a molar pregnancy--signs
43 Can Climbing Stairs Reduce the Risk of Cardiac Concerns?
44 Biden says that all 10 drugs targeted for the first Medicare price negotiations will participate
45 Up to 40% of Consumer DNA Tests Are Inaccurate
46 Survivorship Clinics a Crucial Part of Cancer Treatment
47 Fight climate change and food waste with one app: NPR
48 Having an overweight pet could cost as much as 1,500 pounds in vet bills, figures show
49 WHO recommends 2nd malaria vaccine--why Oxford-SII shot is likely to cost less, have wider reach
50 Coughing at Night: How to Stop
51 Judge issues gag order on Trump in business fraud case: NPR
52 Nearly 2 million people 'still suffer effects of Long COVID'
53 US announces sweeping action against Chinese fentanyl supply chain producers
54 Women Pay Billions More in Out-of-Pocket Health Costs a Year
55 Supreme Court seems skeptical of challenge to consumer protection agency: NPR
56 Screen A&E patients for undiagnosed diabetes
57 Menopause and Anxiety: How to Manage
58 A top Pentagon official is charged with promoting dogfighting: NPR
59 Live longer: Six dietary tweaks that could extend your life
60 Diabetes and Heart Health: 5 Tips for Diabetics to Prevent the Risk of Cardiac Arrest
61 US adds another option for fall COVID vaccination with updated Novavax shots
62 Life with Menopause
63 Elon Musk is being sued for libel for accusing a man of having neo-Nazi links: NPR
64 Bed bug bites symptoms as expert warns Paris infestation could head to London
65 RSV vaccine for older Canadians comes at a cost. Why experts are worried--National
66 US health officials propose using a cheap antibiotic as a 'morning-after pill' against STDs
67 Promises to get tough on youth crime might win votes, but the evidence shows it hasn't worked for NZ
68 Study quantifies satellite brightness, challenges ground-based astronomy
69 15 Mars objects that look like signs of life (but aren't)
70 Examining how bryophytes adapt without gibberellin
71 Controlled burns help prevent wildfires; Climate change is limiting their use
72 James Webb telescope's observations of 'impossible' galaxies at the dawn of time may finally have an explanation
73 Unique voice prints in parrots could help birds be recognized in a flock, no matter what they say
74 A prehistoric cosmic airburst preceded the advent of agriculture in the Levant
75 Massive Martian 'dust devil' filmed by NASA's Perseverance rover is 5 times taller than the Empire State Building
76 Identifying biosecurity to prevent chronic wasting disease transmission among deer populations
77 New pipeline makes valuable organic acid from plants--saving money and emissions
78 Giant never-before-seen long-necked 'titan' dinosaur unearthed in Europe
79 New lymphedema-on-chip platform holds promise
80 Power of rhythm as a design element in evolution and robotics
81 Living in fear on Italy's Campi Flegrei volcano
82 Carbon-capture tree plantations threaten tropical biodiversity for little gain, ecologists say
83 Unlocking Earth's Hidden Carbon Vault: Investigating Soil's Role in Carbon Storage
84 Unlocking the Cosmic Cookbook: Creating Life Beyond Earth
85 Stinky, Taurine-Degrading Gut Microbes Protect Against Pathogens
86 Therapeutic Target Reduces Disease-Driving Inflammation
87 Gene Editing Tool Improves Immunotherapy
88 In Mature Sperm, Mitochondrial DNA is Absent
89 Hemp as a Polyethylene Substitute
90 Studying Venus on Earth: Iceland as a Stand-in for VERITAS Mission
91 Malevolent Creativity: How our brains silence empathy to craft harmful plans
92 The Origins of Hospital Acquired Infections--Do They Come from the Patient?
93 Depression and Anxiety Skyrocket in Cannabis and Tobacco Dual Users, New UCSF Research Finds
94 Antarctic Microbes: Adapting to Changing Climate Conditions
95 New Tool Makes it Possible to Model Many Mutations in One Animal
96 Exercise Stress Test Predicts Risk of Death and Heart Disease
97 Astrophysicists Reveal Rapid Feeding Habits of Black Holes
98 Entire Branches are Being Lost from the Tree of Life
99 Prioritizing Enjoyment Over Achievement May Improve Wellbeing and Health
100 A Parasitic Lung Disease is Emerging in the Southeast US
101 AI-Driven Autonomous Needle Robot Aims to Revolutionize Lung Cancer Treatment
102 A Biomarker Can Diagnose Celiac Disease Without a Biopsy
103 Assessing the Impact of Metal Mining Around the World
104 In a Major Breakthrough, Intact RNA is Recovered from an Extinct Animal
105 Remote Work Reduces Carbon Footprints, with a Little Effort
106 10 Minutes of Father-Child Time Boosts Grades in Elementary School
107 Global Cancer Burden Concerns: Cancer Incidence in Young Adults Continues to Rise
108 Sitting More than 10 Hours Daily Linked to Higher Dementia Risk
109 Are You Using the Right Immunoassay for Your Application?
110 The Interest and Unease of Applying AI to Pain Management
111 Europa's Mysterious Carbon Dioxide: Clues from Webb's Spectrograph
112 After Neuronal Damage, Researchers Restore Walking in Mice
113 How the Body's Cannabinoids Fight Stress
114 Technical Note: MHC-Peptide Exchange Technology Explained
115 Groundbreaking Study Reveals MDMA-Assisted Therapy's Potential for PTSD Treatment
116 New Insights into How to Treat a Common Form of Muscular Dystrophy
117 Scientists Unveil Revolutionary Test for Extraterrestrial Life Detection
118 TRAPPIST-1 Exoplanetary System: Unveiling the Complex Interplay of Stars and Planets
119 Yeast Can Trigger Bowel Inflammation
120 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Capsule Safely Returns Asteroid Bennu Samples to Earth
121 Self-Treating Tachycardia: One Step Closer to an in-Pocket Option
122 Ancient Plate Tectonics May Have Helped Life Emerge on Earth