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1 European countries smash September temperature records
2 Could this new hydrogel make HIV therapy more convenient?
3 Mysterious and 'beautifully carved' life-size camel carvings discovered in Saudi Arabian desert
4 Do you criticize or celebrate your colleagues? It may depend on your social position
5 Family planning and the fear of missing out
6 Scientists investigate mysterious case of orca that swallowed 7 sea otters whole
7 Shaping positive STEM identity for student success
8 Did life exist on Mars? Other planets? With AI's help, we may know soon
9 Watch ghostly dumbo octopus swim with its massive 'ears' in rare new footage
10 As rain vanishes, Guatemalans learn to use every drop of water
11 Naming and shaming can be effective to get countries to act on climate
12 Why is fish so smelly?
13 Things to know about the Nobel Prizes
14 Theories about the natural world may need to change to reflect human impact
15 Green-banded broodsac: The brain-hijacking parasite that creates disco zombie snails
16 Separating molecules requires a lot of energy. This nanoporous, heat-resistant membrane could change that
17 Study finds immune cells in older adults resemble those in newborns and children, but fall short in virus detection
18 Electrifying time-lapse video shows neurons shooting across the inside of a chick embryo
19 Norwegian reindeer migrate for winter
20 Waterfleas hold key to cleaner environment and better human health
21 Space photo of the week: Hubble spies a spectacular galaxy crash
22 Mysterious antimatter observed falling down for first time
23 Marker for brain inflammation finally decoded
24 World's biggest bat colony gathers in Zambia every year. Researchers used artificial intelligence to count them
25 Why are killer whales harassing and killing porpoises without eating them?
26 Earthworms contribute to 6.5% of world grain production: study
27 Atlantic walrus more vulnerable than ever to Arctic warming
28 How the Great Dying doomed the 'beast tooth' and set the stage for the dawn of the dinosaurs
29 Indian spacecraft heads towards center of solar system
30 Tiny CRISPR tool could help shred viruses
31 Science news this week: James Webb telescope discoveries and an inverse vaccine
32 India's private space sector skyrockets
33 Saturated fat may interfere with creating memories in aged brain
34 Superbugs are on the rise. How can we prevent antibiotics from becoming obsolete?
35 Netherlands halts extraction from Europe's biggest gas field
36 To prepare for next pandemic, researchers tackle bird flu
37 'Significant and unexpected': Dying star spits out a sun's worth of mass just before going supernova
38 Faith primary schools admitting fewer children with special educational needs, study finds
39 Edges cause cilia to quickly synchronize their beating pattern
40 Viruses lurking in giraffe and lemur poop could lead to new antibacterial drugs, scientists say
41 A double earthquake threat? Study finds 2 Seattle-area faults ripped about the same time
42 Groundbreaking mathematical proof: New insights into typhoon dynamics unveiled
43 Dangerous 'superbugs' are a growing threat, and antibiotics can't stop their rise. What can?
44 Nobel Prize announcements are getting underway with the unveiling of the medicine prize
45 Can ChatGPT help us form personal narratives?
46 Which foods make the smelliest farts?
47 Researchers advance effort to turn diamonds into a quantum simulator
48 Small but mighty new gene editor
49 Nobel Prize in medicine awarded to 2 scientists for COVID vaccine discoveries--National
50 Teaching in the age of artificial intelligence and content-generation software
51 Climate and human land use both play roles in Pacific island wildfires past and present
52 Watch Chinese astronauts light a spherical fire in risky open-flame experiment on Tiangong space station
53 Lobbying or green innovation? Which protects firms from climate change risk?
54 Water makes all the difference
55 Inexpensive new malaria vaccine is a 'vital tool' to protect tens of millions of people
56 Moving toward fair and sustainable futures beyond mining
57 Brain biometrics help identify sports concussions
58 8 pre-Inca mummies and artifacts unearthed just beneath the streets of Lima, Peru
59 International study characterizes diversity of bees in apple orchards across the globe
60 Improved mangrove conservation could yield cash, carbon, coastal benefits
61 Countries pledge to raise $12 billion to help coral
62 When cells go boom: Study reveals inflammation-causing gene carried by millions
63 Nobel Prize in physics goes to trio for opening door to 'world of electrons'--National
64 Cancer in Women: What is 'Feminist Approach' to Save 800,000 Lives a Year? Explained
65 What to know as fall vaccinations against COVID, flu and RSV get underway
66 New Depression Drug Avoids Unfortunate Side Effects of Others
67 Cancer breakthrough as scientists develop implant that could cure disease within 60 days
68 Edmonton student wins international science contest with cancer-treatment project
69 7 Symptoms that Seem Normal but Are Actually Signs of Poor Cardiac Health
70 A doctor caught in the crossfire was among 4 killed in a gunbattle at a hospital in Mexico
71 Quest for the New COVID Shot
72 Judge orders the end of the conservatorship between Michael Oher and the Tuohys: NPR
73 Brave five-year-old Oliver among thousands saved by cancer research
74 Alberta not reinstating masking in hospitals even as respiratory illnesses increase
75 Mississippi sees spike in child care enrollment after abortion ban and child support policy change
76 Germiest Public Places
77 First Trump co-defendant pleads guilty in Georgia election interference case: NPR
78 Pancreatic cancer symptoms: GP shares first red flag signs
79 Cold-FX hit with class-action lawsuit claiming false advertisement--National
80 New Nebraska law limits treatment for transgender minors
81 What's Actually in the COVID-19 Vaccines?
82 Who Needs the Flu Vaccine? Just About Everyone
83 Doctor shares the first red flag sign of thyroid cancer to spot
84 Student violence on teachers is a growing concern. What can be done?--National
85 Mississippi sees spike in child care enrollment after abortion ban and child support policy change
86 What We've Learned About COVID-19 and Cold and Flu Season
87 Peacemakers work to prevent gun violence in South Florida: Shots
88 Brian May slams method used to prove which Queen song is good for your health / Music / Entertainment
89 Poisoning, concussions: Why student violence on teachers is a growing fear--National
90 Anti-abortion groups are at odds on strategies ahead of Ohio vote. It could be a preview for 2024
91 Semitruck crash causes ammonia leak in central Illinois: NPR
92 Top sex position for over 50s--could alleviate symptoms of menopause
93 Judge blocks 2 provisions in North Carolina's new abortion law; 12-week near-ban remains in place
94 Eczema in Hard-to-Treat Places: What Helps?
95 All Onewheel e-skateboards are recalled following deaths: NPR
96 Keeping a Positive Body Image
97 Osteoporosis led Robert Cleland to make major lifestyle changes
98 China study links skipping breakfast to increased cancer risk. Need more proof, say Indian doctors--ThePrint--Select
99 Up to 50% of Jobs Could Disappear, Have You Braced for It?
100 What Is Food Noise and How Can You Quiet It?
101 The police chief who led a raid of a small Kansas newspaper has been suspended: NPR
102 Seven of the 'best' breakfasts to reduce arthritis pain
103 7 Initial Signs of this Rare Illness that Often Go Unnoticed
104 Judges maintain bans on gender-affirming care for youth in Tennessee and Kentucky
105 We're in the Middle of a Global Coup--Here's How We Stop It
106 Focus on the Mental Impact of Inoperable Lung Cancer
107 In France, workers build a castle from scratch the 13th century way: NPR
108 My cramps were incredibly painful--it took five years to get awful diagnosis
109 Pakistan officials consider a new way to boost polio vaccination: prison
110 What I've Learned from my Patients about the Challenges of Inoperable Lung Cancer
111 Blood cancer symptoms: Doctor shares 10 early signs to spot
112 FDA wants to regulate thousands of lab tests that have long skirted oversight
113 Connecticut enacts its most sweeping gun control law since Sandy Hook shooting: NPR
114 Len Goodman died of metastatic prostate cancer--GP shares symptoms
115 Nebraska is imposing a 7-day wait for trans youth to start gender-affirming medications