File Title
1 Reviving the Lost: Scientists Recover RNA from an Extinct Species for the First Time
2 Stifled Success: "Significant" Language Barrier in Science Could Cost Countless Careers
3 Black Dust and Debris: NASA Scientists Remove OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Canister Lid
4 Unveiling Nanoscale Wonders: Carbon-Based Quantum Technology
5 Feeling the Heat: Hot Flashes Are an Early Indicator for Alzheimer's Disease
6 Unlocking the Brain's Secrets: Where Does Conscious Experience Truly Reside?
7 Mathematically Decoding Nature: Sperm Swimming Linked to Alan Turing's Pattern Formation Theory
8 NASA's Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe Passes "Critical Milestone"
9 Unveiling Sleep Secrets--How a Tiny Brain Nucleus Impacts REM Sleep and Aging
10 Plastic Rainfall: The Hidden Microplastics Clouding Our Skies
11 Unlocking the Secrets of the Past: New Study Reveals Shocking Similarities Between Dinosaur and Bird Feathers
12 The Man with an Upside-Down Head: Unraveling the Secrets of Human Face Perception
13 Cosmic Detectives: NASA's Roman and ESA's Euclid Will Team Up to Investigate Dark Energy
14 Nanotechnology Breakthrough Could Help Treat Blindness
15 From Prescription Pills to Prescription Produce: Health Flourishes with Fruits and Veggies
16 Coronavirus Capture Breakthrough: The Material Revolutionizing Face Mask Efficiency
17 Challenging Previous Theories--Scientists Shed New Light on the Enigmatic Nature of Black Holes
18 Unraveling an Ice Age Mystery--New Study Reveals Surprises About Early Human Migration
19 Shaking Foundations: New Research Contradicts Established Theories on Earth's Crust Evolution
20 Unlocking the Secrets of Life's Random Rhythms: Scientists Propose Universal Framework
21 ESA Astronaut Andreas Mogensen Takes Over as International Space Station Commander
22 Scientists Uncover Brain Signals for Good Memory Performance
23 NASA's Record-Breaking Astronaut Touches Down After Historic Mission
24 The True Essence of Mindfulness: New Study Reveals It's Not All About You
25 Antimatter Levitation Debunked: Groundbreaking CERN Experiment Reveals Gravity's Pull on Antihydrogen
26 Needle in a Snowstack: Biological Particles Drive Arctic Cloud Ice Formation
27 Scientists Discover New Insect Genus in Peruvian Rainforest
28 Lewy Body Disease Breakthrough--Scientists unveil Early Detection Method
29 Scientists Identify Previously Unknown Sources of Methane Emissions
30 Extreme Weight Loss: Shocking Supernova Discovery Challenges the Standard Theory of Stellar Evolution
31 CALIPSO Concludes: Lidar Satellite Mission's 10 Billion Measurements Yielded Vital Atmospheric Insights
32 Rechargeable Battery Performance Twist: Debunking Decades of Electrode Assumptions
33 Orange You Curious? The Surprising Genetic Secrets Behind Carrot Colors
34 Miami's Close Encounters with Sharks: They May Be Closer than You Think
35 UV Photonic Optical Resonator Chips Pave Way for Miniature Communications and Quantum Computing Devices
36 Fish Reveal Caffeine and Other Common Drugs May Alter Human Facial Development
37 A Genetic Paradox: Inbreeding Can Be Beneficial in the Long Run
38 Constructing the World's Largest Optics: The Giant Magellan Telescope's Final Mirror Fabrication Begins
39 $9 Billion Wasted--40 Years of Conservation Spending Fails to Improve Columbia Basin Wild Fish Stocks
40 Researchers Discover New Way to Reverse the Effects of Fentanyl
41 Zinc's Hidden Role in Diabetes--Scientists Discover Mechanistic Link
42 Lunar Daylight Dawns, yet India's Moon Lander and Rover Have Failed to Wake Up
43 Alarming Development--Mainstay Malaria Drug May Be Beginning to Fail
44 Origin of Saturn's Rings: Massive Collision Between Icy Moons During the Time of the Dinosaurs?
45 Unveiling the Quantum World: Scientists Capture Quantum Entanglement of Photons in Real-Time
46 Scientists Discover New Rooms Inside Ancient Egyptian Pyramid
47 Unlocking Exoplanetary Secrets: Webb Space Telescope's Deep Dive into TRAPPIST-1
48 Debunking Freud: Suppressing Negative Thoughts May Be Good for Mental Health
49 Opioid Treatment Strategies Shift as Researchers Advocate for Higher Buprenorphine Dosages
50 Unlocking the Parrot's Past: Ancient DNA Reveals Unexpected Extinctions in the Caribbean
51 New Study: Babies Who Nap Frequently Have Smaller Vocabularies and Poorer Cognitive Skills
52 Cryo-EM 2.0: UCLA's Groundbreaking Advance in Nobel Prize-Winning Imaging Tech
53 Illuminating Electron Dynamics: How Intense Lasers Reveal Liquid Secrets
54 Rolling the Dice: The Hidden Health Risks Lurking in Your Sushi
55 Nightlights in Libya: Tracking the Aftermath of a Powerful Medicane
56 Unveiling the Brain's Secrets: Study Resolves "Paradox" in Visual Recognition Memory
57 Radiologists vs. Robots: Outperforming AI in Identifying Lung Diseases on Chest X-Rays
58 High Risk: Cannabis Use Disorder's Link to Increased Risk of Heart Attacks and Cardiovascular Disease
59 Mysterious Arc Spans Greenland Fjord--Scientists Weigh in on Theories
60 Missing for 100 Years--Scientists Rediscover Strange Big-Eared Brown Bat
61 Astrophysicists Unlock Mysterious Secrets of Strange Lava Worlds
62 New Research Uncovers that a Certain Protein Is Directly Linked to Autism-Like Behavior
63 Breaking Quantum Boundaries: A New Theory for Periodically Driven QD-Cavity Hybrid Systems
64 Groundbreaking Findings--Early Alzheimer's Treatment Shows Improvement in Cognition
65 Turning Back the Clock: Surgical Procedure Slows Cellular Aging and Extends Lifespan by up to 10%
66 1000x More Precise: Breakthrough for Next Generation Atomic Clocks
67 Something No One Has Done Before--Novel Bacterial Proteins from Seafloor Shed New Light on Climate and Astrobiology
68 The Origin of Cultural Learning: New Research Uncovers Why Babies Imitate
69 Memory Block: How Saturated Fats May Hinder Memory Formation in the Aging Brain
70 Scientists Develop Incredibly Lightweight Material 4 Times Stronger than Steel
71 New Biosensors Allow Earbuds to Record Brain Activity and Exercise Levels
72 Cold Gas Thrusters Heat Up: NASA's Psyche Mission Launch Pushed Back
73 Era of "Global Boiling"--Global Surface Temperature Data Shows 2023 on Track to Be Hottest Year Ever
74 Why Does Skin Get "Leathery" After Too Much Sun? New Research Sheds Light
75 Supermassive Black Hole's Spin Verified--Einstein's General Theory of Relativity Shines
76 New Harvard Research Reveals How the Heart Starts Beating
77 Landmark CERN Experiment Reveals: If You Dropped Antimatter, Would It Fall Down or Up?
78 Walking Wonders: Neuron Regeneration Breakthroughs in Spinal Cord Injuries
79 New Cholesterol Drugs Could Harm Lungs, Warns Groundbreaking Global Study
80 Patagonian Majesty: Ice Fields, Glacier Milk, and Rising Seas
81 Deep Brain Stimulation: The New Frontier in Tracking Depression Recovery
82 Chi-Nu Experiment's Final Insights: Pioneering Data for Nuclear Security & Reactor Design
83 Solar's Slim Solution: The Rise of High-Efficiency Thin Silicon Cells
84 Brrr-eaking Milestones: Antarctic Sea Ice Sees Record Low Growth
85 Chilling News: NASA Finds 2023 Arctic Sea Ice 6th Lowest on Record
86 Scientists Discover Source of Mysterious Alignment of Stars Near the Galactic Center
87 Surviving the Extremes: Exploring the Existence of Life at 125
88 Pivotal Discovery Signals a Huge Leap Forward in Fusion Energy Reactor Progress
89 Navigating the Molecular Maze: "Freedom of Design" in Computational Creation of Chemical Compounds
90 Neolithic Bone Modifications Suggest the Ritual Use of Human Remains
91 Beyond Combustion: Highly Efficient Quantum Engines on the Horizon
92 Hubble Captures a Breathtaking Light Show from a Powerful Protostellar Jet
93 Asteroid Sample Returned to Earth by NASA May Reveal Clues to the Solar System's Origins
94 Consumption of Plant-Based Proteins Linked to Decreased Risk of Kidney Disease
95 Cheaper, Safer, and More Powerful Batteries--Aluminum Materials Show Promising Performance
96 New Research Reveals that People Who Play this Sport Have a 240% Increased Risk of Skin Cancer
97 NASA Uncovers Hidden Vertical Motion: Areas of New York City Are Sinking and Rising
98 Precision Next-Generation Printing Using Optical Vortices
99 Columbia Research Links Elevated Temperatures and Climate Change to Rising Drug and Alcohol Abuse
100 Revelations of Ancient Plant Wax: Methane Dynamics and Global Warming
101 Spintronics Revolution: How Topological Materials Are Paving the Way
102 Spintronics Revolution: How Topological Materials Are Paving the Way
103 Defending Against Memory Loss: Prior Training Shows "Profound Benefits" in Cognitive Aging
104 One-hour training is all you need to control a third robotic arm, study finds
105 Record-breaking astronaut Frank Rubio finally returns to Earth after accidentally spending 371 days in space
106 Water additive with pomegranate helps to keep canine teeth healthy
107 Increasing steps by 3,000 per day can lower blood pressure in older adults, study finds
108 Scientists just proved that 'monster' black hole M87 is spinning--confirming Einstein's relativity yet again
109 Physicists coax superconductivity and more from quasicrystals
110 Study sheds new light on strange lava worlds
111 After you die, your microbiome cooperates with soil microbes to 'recycle' your body
112 Value of experienced CEO fades when working in regions vulnerable to corruption, political instability
113 Researchers develop new way to target cancer cells
114 Woman is 1st to survive infection with deadly 'blackleg' bacteria she caught while gardening bare-handed
115 Research team envisions a bright future with active machine learning in chemical engineering
116 Researchers tackle immune rejection of biomedical implants
117 Prenatal RSV vaccine protects newborns from the virus, CDC says
118 Climate policy works--but these sectors undercut progress: report--National
119 How Dianne Feinstein helped the 49ers make 'The Catch' happen