File Title
1 Colorful primates don't have better color vision, study finds
2 AI helps bring clarity to LASIK patients facing cataract surgery
3 2 rare Roman cavalry swords from 1,800 years ago discovered by UK metal detectorist
4 Diamond materials as solar-powered electrodes: Spectroscopy shows what's important
5 We could sequester CO2 by 're-greening' arid lands, plant scientists say
6 Ex-UN climate chief has 'lost patience' with fossil fuel industry
7 This parasitic plant convinces hosts to grow into its own flesh--it's also an extreme example of genome shrinkage
8 15 places on Earth that look like alien planets
9 The SF Giants organist knows he's a 'dying breed'
10 Could spent coffee grounds provide an alternative to plastic packaging?
11 Dinosaur feathers reveal traces of ancient proteins
12 How does water get stuck in your ear--and how do you get it out?
13 Jellyfish, with no central brain, shown to learn from past experience
14 Roman glass keeps turning into photonic crystals. Scientists finally know why
15 A's fans have replaced righteous fury with resignation and sadness
16 Discovery in mosquitoes could lead to new strategy against dengue fever and other mosquito-borne vectors
17 Probing the deep genetic structure of Africa
18 Landslide reveals 2,500-year-old 'richly decorated' gold necklaces in Spain
19 Negative 'retweets' appear to add to voter fraud conspiracy theories
20 Fruit flies offer clues to how brains make reward-based decisions
21 James Webb telescope finds potential signature of life on Jupiter's icy moon Europa
22 Direct synthesis of fluorinated carbon materials via solid-state mechanochemical reaction between graphite and PTFE
23 Bronze Age hexagonal 'pyramid' not like anything 'found before in the Eurasian steppe'
24 Largest asteroid sample ever collected is coming down to Earth
25 Trigonelline derived from coffee improves cognitive functions in mice
26 Space photo of the week: The sun's violent corona like it's never been seen before
27 Scientists warn entire branches of the 'Tree of Life' are going extinct
28 Astronomers discover newborn galaxies with the James Webb Space Telescope
29 Pacific lamprey: The jawless fish that survived 4 mass extinctions and sucks prey dry of blood and body fluids
30 NASA's first asteroid sample coming to Earth. What could it uncover?--National
31 Scientists regenerate neurons that restore walking in mice after paralysis from spinal cord injury
32 Migratory birds can be taught to adjust to climate change
33 What would colors look like on other planets?
34 Bay Area man made up cancer diagnosis to play in World Series of Poker
35 Insights from 14 French-speaking countries in Africa
36 Astronomers find abundance of Milky Way-like Galaxies in early Universe, rewriting cosmic evolution theories
37 An ancient, ravenous black hole has been hiding an 11-billion-year-old galaxy in its glare
38 Air pollution from fires hits world's poorest hardest: study
39 Same genes behind heart muscle disorders in humans and Dobermanns
40 Can at-home DNA tests predict how you'll respond to your medications? Pharmacists explain the risks and benefits of pharmacogenetic testing
41 Why invasive ants are a silent threat to our ecosystems
42 Ediacaran fossils reveal origins of biomineralization that led to expansion of life on Earth
43 A network that spreads light and the role of thalamus in our brain
44 See the 'amazing' facial reconstruction of a Bronze Age woman discovered crouching in a 4,200-year-old grave
45 NASA readies for dramatic return of asteroid sample to Earth
46 Why are you better at recognizing upright faces? Clues from a person who sees the world differently
47 Michigan's top court won't revive Flint water charges against 7 key figures
48 Abortion available again in Wisconsin as courts continue to debate an 1849 law: Shots
49 Alzheimer's disease--four little-known red flags to look out for
50 Many women struggle to afford menstrual products. A new federal project aims to help--National
51 Appeals court takes up transgender health coverage case likely headed to Supreme Court
52 As U.S. Syphilis Cases Rise, Those at the Epicenter Scramble
53 GP warns new COVID variant is 'widespread'--how to protect yourself
54 Quebec health-care establishments argue against allowing COVID-19 class action
55 California sues anti-abortion organizations for unproven treatment to reverse medication abortions
56 Proposed rules would keep medical debt off credit reports: Shots
57 Pirola variant sees seven people hospitalised with COVID
58 Toronto food bank sees a quarter-million visits in August
59 Mississippi GOP governor says his plan would aid hospitals; Democrat pushes for Medicaid expansion
60 'Not sure where the airplane is,' pilot told 911 dispatcher after F-35 ejection: NPR
61 Top five UK places where you could live longest mapped--plus longevity tips
62 U.S. to produce more COVID-19 tests for free distribution as cases rise--National
63 Some providers are dropping gender-affirming care for kids even in cases where it's legal
64 Zelenskyy arrives in Canada to speak before Parliament and shore up support: NPR
65 Optometrist shares first signs of most common eye cancer
66 6 Major Tell-Tale Sings of Tumour Growth in Children
67 Mississippi GOP governor says his plan would aid hospitals; Democrat pushes for Medicaid expansion
68 A Texas high schooler's suspension over his hair renews focus on CROWN Act: NPR
69 Brain tumour caused mum of two to feel tired and 'bump into things'
70 Medicaid coverage restored to about a half-million people after computer errors
71 Pancreatic cancer symptoms could be mistaken for other conditions
72 New COVID shot provides 'boost in protection' against new variants: doctors--National
73 Law on junk food ads? Delhi think tank says 'misleading claims' on packaged food hide health risks
74 Medicaid expansion to begin soon in North Carolina as governor decides to let budget bill become law
75 'Beer Goggles' a Myth, but Alcohol's Allure Real and Risky
76 Carbon source found on Jupiter's moon Europa: NPR
77 'I'm a dentist--you should never do these things before brushing your teeth'
78 Surgeons perform second pig heart transplant, trying to save a dying man
79 Psychedelics Scientist Roland Griffiths Faces the End and Finds...Joy
80 A Taylor Swift Instagram post helped drive a surge in voter registration: NPR
81 New life extending treatment gives blood cancer patients an extra five years
82 RSV vaccine recommended during pregnancy as a second option to protect newborns
83 CDC greenlights RSV vaccine for infants: Shots
84 Rare disease research to find better treatments for millions fuelled by 1 billion pounds
85 Minneapolis plans to transfer city property to Native American tribe for treatment center
86 Colombia mayor facing death threats from guerrillas returns to his town: NPR
87 Cancer symptoms: Doctor shares how to spot a cancer cough
88 Gates Foundation commits $200 million to pay for medical supplies and contraception
89 'I'm a personal trainer--these dietary tweaks could slash your cholesterol'
90 [Childhood Alzheimer's:] How to Manage this Rare Condition in Your Child. Signs, Symptoms and Treatment to Know
91 Nikki Haley's approach to abortion is rooted in her earliest days in South Carolina politics
92 FBI investigate alleged abuse in Baton Rouge police building called 'Brave Cave': NPR
93 FDA says it needs more research before deciding to approve nasal spray to treat dangerous allergies
94 How the UAW strikes could impact car shoppers: NPR
95 Burping a lot could be red flag for stomach cancer--other symptoms
96 Biden administration announces $600 million to produce COVID tests and will reopen website to order them
97 She became a YouTube star. Now it helps fund her physics research: NPR
98 COVID expert warns the next pandemic is coming and it could kill millions more people / UK / News
99 Many states are expanding their Medicaid programs to provide dental care to their poorest residents
100 Migrant families crossed the U.S. border in record numbers last month: NPR
101 Simple blood test could predict Alzheimer's risk 20 years in advance
102 At UN, African leaders say enough is enough: They must be partnered with, not sidelined
103 Cheese warning as Kraft slices in the US recalled over choking hazard fears
104 Biden has gotten the updated COVID-19 vaccine and the annual flu shot, the White House says
105 Significant changes to the horseshoe crab bleeding industry may protect wildlife: NPR
106 Hopes raised over new Government funding for specialist clinics / Politics / News
107 Revolving door redux: The DEA's recently departed No. 2 returns to a Big Pharma consulting firm
108 National Cathedral unveils new racial justice-themed stained glass windows: NPR
109 Son's death from cancer has driven these parents towards Hugh's law
110 Some are reporting canceled COVID-19 vaccine appointments or insurance issues
111 Human remains seen in mouth of Florida alligator: NPR
112 A 'game-changing' prostate test can help detect more cancer cases
113 Biden aiming to scrub medical debt from people's credit scores, which could up ratings for millions
114 Colombia's traffic-clogged capital Bogota finally gets metro, with China's help: NPR
115 GP shares first red flag signs of pancreatic cancer
116 Science paints a new picture of the ancient past, when we mixed and mated with other kinds of humans
117 Many federal inmates don't get medical care they need. Some don't survive: NPR
118 How to sleep if you have cold or flu--expert shares best sleep position
119 Doctor shares early signs of dementia that can appear in social situations
120 What caused a norovirus outbreak among backpackers? The CDC investigated: Shots
121 Six warning signs of prostate cancer to look for--urologist's advice
122 Get your flu and COVID shots at the same time, health experts urge--National
123 Government should pay compensation for secretive Cold War-era testing, St. Louis victims say
124 NASA's Osiris-REx spacecraft sends sample of asteroid back to Earth: NPR
125 Long COVID leads to enduring 'abnormalities' in multiple organs