File Title
1 The 5 biggest scientific breakthroughs of 2022: Fusion energy, 'life after death,' and more
2 Astronomers discover that two distant exoplanets are mostly water
3 NASA's Juno to explore most volcanic place in the solar system
4 NASA orbiter finds curious pattern in Martian craters
5 No evidence of space aliens so far in the Pentagon's UFO deep-dive
6 Space news weekly recap: Artemis 1 landing, Pentagon UFO investigation and more
7 Robotic arm to inspect leaky Soyuz spacecraft, Russia says
8 Hubble captures 'cosmic smokescreen' of Lagoon Nebula
9 NASA image shows Hubble's sparkling new view of Carina Nebula
10 Mystery Nevada fossil site could be ancient maternity ward
11 Russia may expedite launch of next space capsule after leak
12 NASA Mars lander InSight falls silent after 4 years
13 Artemis 1 to James Webb Space telescope pics: The biggest moments in space exploration in 2022
14 Extinction crisis puts 1 million species on the brink
15 Russia mulls early return of space station crew after Soyuz capsule leak
16 Perseverance rover drops second sample on Martian surface
17 China's 'heavenly palace' space station releases small satellite into orbit
18 James Webb Space Telescope captures the glowing bright heart of a galaxy
19 4 important Indian space exploration milestones in 2022
20 Making pig livers humanlike in quest to ease organ shortage
21 Three-quarters of major space observatories affected by light pollution: Study
22 MIT engineers develop paper-thin solar cells to turn any surface into a power source
23 What time will International Space Station astronauts celebrate New Year?
24 These are the missions that will go to the Moon in 2023
25 Celestial events to look forward to in 2023: Solar and lunar eclipses, meteor showers
26 Watch NASA's latest water satellite unfold itself in space
27 Will strive for an end to war & sooner the better: Russian President Vladimir Putin
28 US Senate passes $1.7 trillion bill to fund government, aid Ukraine
29 The mysterious case of the doctor who disappeared at sea
30 Airlines scrap 4,400 US flights as winter storm disrupts holiday travel
31 January 6 panel unveils report, describes Trump 'conspiracy'
32 FTX founder Bankman-Fried allowed $250 million bond, house arrest
33 North Korea denies media report it supplied munitions to Russia
34 Transcripts reveal link between Trump, Nevada fake electors
35 China is likely seeing 1 million COVID cases, 5,000 deaths a day
36 Charles Sobhraj freed from Nepal prison
37 Latest strike by UK workers could bring delays at airports
38 China is America's 'only competitor' with intent to reshape international order: Blinken
39 Gunman in Paris kills three in attack on Kurdish cultural centre
40 Charles Sobhraj freed after 19 years in jail, deported within hours to France
41 Ukraine president back in Kyiv, Russia keeps up attacks
42 China estimates COVID surge infected 37 million people in a day
43 US FDA changes Plan B label to say it does not cause abortion
44 Arctic blast, blizzards disrupt US travel ahead of holidays
45 How Zelenskyy flew to US in the middle of Ukraine war
46 Bloomberg owner eyes Wall Street Journal or Washington Post acquisition: Report
47 US Marines must allow Sikh recruits with beards, court rules
48 Parisian police deploy tear gas as clashes break out after attack on Kurds
49 Packed ICUs, crowded crematoriums: COVID roils Chinese towns
50 China blasts US defense bill while Taiwan welcomes it
51 20 dead in fire at Russian nursing home
52 'I have to sue a lot of people': Charles Sobhraj, 'The Serpent' serial killer, returns to France
53 Taliban orders NGOs to ban female employees from coming to work
54 Kurds clash with police in Paris for second day after killings
55 China's National Health Commission to stop publishing daily COVID figures
56 U.S. deep freeze leaves more than 700,000 without power, thousands of flights canceled
57 Frigid monster storm across US claims at least 34 lives
58 US slams Taliban for women's NGO jobs ban in Afghanistan
59 Malaysia landslide: Death toll rises to 31, search ends
60 China's Zhejiang has 1 mln. daily COVID cases, expected to double
61 Mikey Hothi becomes first Sikh city mayor in California
62 US Marines must allow Sikh recruits with beards, turbans: US court orders
63 As ruling alliance breaks, Prachanda seeks Oli's support to become PM
64 Maoist chief Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' becomes Nepal's new PM
65 Pope's lament: Icy winds of war buffet humanity at Christmas
66 Deadliest year for Rohingya at sea in years as 180 presumed drowned
67 'The ICU is full': medical staff on frontline of China's COVID fight say hospitals are 'overwhelmed'
68 South Korea scrambles jets, fires warning shots as North Korean drones intrude
69 Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' takes oath as Nepal's new Prime Minister
70 Queen's death, changes at 10 Downing Street: Events that shaped UK politics in 2022
71 Watch: Heavy snow continues to pummel parts of New York
72 US embassy sounds red alert; prohibits Americans from visiting Islamabad's Marriott Hotel
73 Sikh man from India reportedly among four killed in bus accident in Canada on Christmas eve
74 28 dead in 'once in a generation' blizzard in Western New York
75 China to drop COVID quarantine for incoming travelers
76 Taiwan to extend compulsory military service to one year, citing rising China threat
77 Kim claims North Korean successes, says it faces challenges
78 Moscow's ultimatum: Ukraine fulfills its proposals or Russian army will decide
79 With record military incursions, China warns Taiwan and US
80 Heavy snowfall kills 17, injures more than 90 in Japan
81 Nets, buoys, salt, ice. For West African fishermen, 'everything' is going up
82 Will Africa's 2023 elections strengthen democracy?
83 Ukraine FM aims for February peace summit
84 Philippine death toll from Christmas rains and floods rises to 13
85 With 'Zero-COVID,' China proved it's good at control. Governance is harder
86 New York Congressman-elect says he lied about work and college history
87 France desperately needs workers, but the fixes could anger Left and Right
88 South Korea to pardon former leader Lee for corruption crimes
89 12 more arrests over Leicester clashes post India-Pak cricket match
90 For sale on eBay: A military database of fingerprints and Iris scans
91 Ukraine weighs heavy on minds in Moscow as New Year holiday nears
92 Thousands of cancelled flights upend travel plans across US
93 Chinese make travel plans as Beijing dismantles zero-COVID rules
94 Putin bans Russian oil exports to countries that imposed price cap--decree
95 North Korea's Kim unveils new military goals at key party meeting
96 US Supreme Court keeps COVID border policy to block migrants
97 Against all odds: How Russia is failing in Ukraine
98 UN calls on Taliban to drop restrictions on women
99 Three Indian Americans die after falling in frozen lake in Arizona, say officials
100 Minister: Ukraine aims to develop air-to-air combat drones
101 Hong Kong scraps vaccine pass, COVID-19 tests for travellers
102 Elon Musk to be US President, collapse of Europe: Here's what former Russian President has predicted for 2023
103 China to resume issuing passports, visas as virus curbs ease
104 What happened in 2022? A timeline of key world events
105 With warming, snowbound Buffalo braces to find more dead
106 New British Indian Army Memorial to be built in Scotland
107 Bangladesh launches first-ever Japan-funded metro service in Dhaka
108 West Bank settlements top priority: Netanyahu government
109 Key trade route between Nepal-China reopens after nearly 3 years
110 UK First Lady Akshata Murty offers peek into 10 Downing Street life
111 US will require COVID-19 testing for travellers from China
112 UK to consider COVID curbs for arrivals from China, says report
113 As COVID-19 continues to spread, so does misinformation about it
114 UN halts some programs in Afghanistan after ban on women aid workers
115 Cambodian casino fire kills 19, dozens more feared dead
116 US immigrants generate 36% of nation's innovation, finds study
117 Taiwan Strait: What to expect in 2023
118 War, inflation & disasters: The year 2022 was one of permanent crisis
119 Explosions rock Ukrainian cities as Russia launches 'more than 100 missiles' in waves