File Title
1 Longer-Lasting Benefits--a More Effective Treatment for a Common Heart Condition
2 Why Does Shingles Lead to Stroke? Scientists Might Have an Answer
3 Hubble Space Telescope Captures Festive and Free-Floating Scene
4 Experiments Show Infection of Visceral Fat Cells May Contribute to Severe COVID-19
5 Death by Dust: Game Over for NASA's InSight Mars Lander?
6 Nanotech Scientists Created Something Unexpected: Tiny Metallic Snowflakes
7 Over 50% of Data Deficient Species May Be in Danger of Extinction
8 Mysterious Patterns in Temperatures Detected on Jupiter
9 Genetic Research Reveals Molecular Fingerprint Behind Beautiful Pearls
10 Sleeping During the Day Enhances Memories of Fear, Emotional Trauma, and Anxiety
11 New COVID Subvariant Resistant to All Therapeutic Antibodies
12 A Looming Problem--Longhorned Tick Discovered in Northern Missouri
13 NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover to Begin Building First Sample Depot on Another World
14 Understanding the Mystifying Function that Fungi Play in Ecosystems
15 Common Acne Treatment Can Have Unintended Life-Long Effects on the Skeleton
16 Opportunistic Pathogens--Potentially Deadly Infection Has Dangerous Ally Lurking in Our Guts
17 New Research Shows Earth's Inner Core May Be Oxygen-Rich
18 Scientists Warn that Common Food Dye Can Trigger Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
19 Millions of Supercomputer-Generated "Universes" Reveal How Black Holes Grow
20 7 Powerful Health Benefits of Ginseng
21 Changing the Intrinsic Behavior of Neurons to Treat Neurological Conditions like Epilepsy
22 Nobody Saw this Coming--Scientists Uncover a New Branch of Fungal Evolution
23 New Research Reveals What Happens to Immune Cells After Vaccination
24 Pitch-Perfect: Secrets of World Cup's Turfgrass May Help Crops Yield More from Less
25 Ultrafast Electronic Characterization of Proteins and Materials
26 Astrophysicists Hunt for Second-Closest Supermassive Black Hole--3,000,000 Times the Mass of the Sun
27 Do Skin Moisturizers Help Prevent Eczema?
28 Challenging Established Beliefs: Harvard Research Uncovers Surprising New Roles for Spinal Cord and Brainstem
29 Back from the Dead: Up to 32 Species Thought to Be Extinct Are Still Surviving
30 A Radical New Approach in Synthetic Chemistry
31 NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Deposits First Sample on Martian Surface for Possible Return to Earth
32 Scientists Uncover New Information Regarding an Ancient Mass Extinction Event
33 Common Sweetener Linked with Anxiety in Startling New Research
34 Why Colds, Flu, and COVID-19 Are More Common in Cooler Months: Biological Explanation Uncovered
35 A Cosmic Tale of Death & Dust Revealed in Orion Constellation
36 How Selfish Genes Succeed: Critical Insights Uncovered About Dangerous DNA
37 NASA Discovers Pair of Super-Earths with 1,000-Mile-Deep Oceans
38 Earth's Most Unique Birds Face the Greatest Danger of Extinction
39 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Less Effective Against Omicron--Booster of Limited Benefit for People with Prior SARS-CoV-2 Infection
40 Whales Could Be a Valuable Carbon Sink--Nature-Based Solutions to Fight Climate Change
41 Stumping the Best Scientists for 50 Years: Physicists Solve a Lightning Mystery
42 Molecular Changes Linked to Long COVID a Year After Hospitalization
43 NASA Satellites Help Scientists Track Staggering Wetlands Loss in Louisiana
44 8 Ways to Improve Your Gut Health
45 Immune Surprise: Key Alarm Protein Drives Inflammation
46 Exceptionally Wide and Flat-Headed--New Species of Dinosaur Discovered
47 NASA Explores a Winter Wonderland on Mars--Otherworldly Holiday Scene with Cube-Shaped Snow
48 Do We Really Need 8 Glasses of Water a Day? New Research Challenges Conventional Wisdom
49 New Study Links Poverty with Social Media Addiction
50 Meet the People Behind NASA's Incredible New SWOT Water-Tracking Satellite
51 Johns Hopkins Discovers New Path to Treating Age-Related Hearing Loss--"There's More to Hearing than the Ear"
52 Your Blood Group Can Predict Your Risk of Contracting this Incredibly Common Viral Disease
53 Fireworks and Birds: The Hidden Costs of Celebration
54 Webb Space Telescope Makes Stunning Discovery: Unveils Previously Shrouded Newborn Stars
55 Unlocking the Secrets of the Past: Baffling Grammatical Puzzle Solved After 2,500 Years
56 Popular Gasoline Reduction Strategies Aren't Getting a Chance to Work
57 UCLA Scientists Say FDA-Approved Eye-Disease Drug May also Help Fight COVID
58 Aztec Science: Precise Solar Observations Fed Millions in Ancient Mexico
59 6 Impressive Health Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea (Golden Root)
60 Breakthrough Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder Within Reach: Scientists Discover Key Clue
61 Surprising New Research: Drinking Tea or Coffee Could Reduce Your Risk of a Hip Fracture
62 Cosmic Conundrum Cracked: Scientists Solve the Riddle of the Milky Way's Satellite Galaxies
63 Study: People with Depression Are Less Likely to Have Children
64 Totally Unexpected: Scientists Discover "An Entirely New Way of Designing a Nervous System"
65 Cancer-Fighting Nanoparticles: A New Weapon in the Fight Against Disease
66 New Study Reveals that Caffeine Can Significantly Improve Your Athletic Performance
67 Webb Space Telescope Reveals Breathtaking Cosmic Fireballs--How Universe Became Transparent
68 Comet Collisions Could Seed Europa's Ocean with Building Blocks of Life
69 UCLA Breakthrough Could Lead to More Durable, Less Expensive Solar Cells
70 A Toxic Inheritance: Chemotherapy Could Increase Disease Susceptibility in Future Generations
71 Breakthrough! Receptor "Decoy" Drug Neutralizes COVID-19 Virus Including Omicron and Other Variants
72 Hubble Uncovers a Galactic Wonder: Strange Galaxy Captured in Stunning Detail
73 Climate Change Propelled Dinosaurs' Rise to Dominance
74 Rise of the Machines: DeepMind AlphaCode AI's Strong Showing in Programming Competitions
75 Recent Research Reveals a Simple Trick to Lower Heart Disease Risk
76 Regenerative Medicine Breakthrough: Cellular "Glue" to Regenerate Tissues, Heal Wounds, Regrow Nerves
77 The Unseen Effects of Childhood Obesity: New Research Finds Connection with Poor Brain Health
78 Alzheimer's Mystery Solved: "Angry" Immune Cells in Brain and Spinal Fluid Identified as Culprit
79 NASA's Revolutionary Cold Operable Lunar Deployable Arm (COLDArm) for Future Moon Missions
80 A Surprising Consequence of Cannabis Legalization: Higher Alcohol Consumption
81 Two Potentially Habitable Earth-Like Planets Discovered Around a Star Near the Sun
82 Scientists Have Finally Solved a Crystal Shape Conundrum
83 Molecular Clue May Explain Why Women Are More Prone to Alzheimer's Disease
84 Researchers Identify Insidious New Way COVID-19 Virus Uses to Invade Cells
85 New Study Indicates this Vitamin Can Significantly Reduce Your Risk of Bone Fractures
86 Mesmerizing: Watch Water Droplets Merge on the International Space Station
87 Revolutionary MRI Technology Uncovers Stunning Brain Changes in Migraine Sufferers
88 22% More Effective: Using Math to Treat Cancer
89 A Big Deal--Physicists Solve 20-Year Mystery of Stable Chiral Nanostructures
90 Seemingly Magical--How to Fire Projectiles Through Materials Without Breaking Anything
91 The First Galaxies Unveiled: Non-Detection of Key Signal Reveals Key Information Regarding the Early Universe
92 Relativistic Plasma Mirror Driven at a Record-Shattering 1,000 Shots per Second
93 Serotonin Deficiency Directly Linked with Depression in Groundbreaking Study
94 Radiant Blue Swirls: Hubble Captures Majestic Barred Spiral Galaxy
95 Surprise Kilonova Discovery Shakes Up Long Gamma-Ray Burst Theory
96 Key Micronutrients: Study Identifies Supplements that Benefit Cardiovascular Health
97 Carbon Mapper: NASA Sensors to Help Detect Methane Emitted by Landfills
98 Surprising Findings: Too Few Job Demands Can Harm Sleep Quality
99 Common Arthritis Treatment May Actually Accelerate Disease Progression
100 152 Million Years Old--Scientists Discover the Oldest Pterodactylus Fossil Yet
101 Discover the Fascinating 22,000-Year Cycle that Dramatically Shapes Seasons in the Equatorial Pacific
102 Breakthrough Material Separates Heavy Water from Normal Water at Room Temperature
103 Off-Patent Liver Disease Drug Could Stop COVID-19 and Protect Against Future Variants
104 Cardiovascular Deaths Spike During Extremely Hot and Cold Weather
105 Atomic Clocks in Space: The New Trick for Uncovering the Secrets of Dark Matter
106 Remarkable Scottish Fossil Uncovers Clues to the Origins of Lizards
107 Nanomaterial Graphene Oxide Can Affect the Immune System via the Gut Microbiome
108 A Boron-Radical Approach: Mild Ammonia Synthesis from Nitrogen
109 Rare Clam Thought to Be Extinct--Found Alive
110 10 Times this Year the Webb Telescope Blew Astronomers Away with Stunning New Images of Our Universe
111 New Study: Half of Replanted Tropical Trees Don't Survive
112 Like at the Center of Planet Uranus: How Materials Behave Under Extreme Pressure
113 New Research: Bad Sleep, Snoring, and Sleepiness During the Day Could All Increase Your Risk of Permanent Sight Loss