File Title
1 Blizzards leave nearly 50 dead across US; and 17 dead in Japan
2 Snowy Lapland and the white balloon
3 After huge storm, Mississippi capital hit by another water crisis
4 They survived the hunters: now king penguins face climate change
5 Study identifies new cause of melting Antarctic ice shelves
6 More than half of Antarctica's plant and animals could disappear due to climate change
7 What is the link between winter storms and global warming?
8 Caring with COVID: Infected doctors battle China virus surge
9 China authorities take over medical supplies production as COVID surges
10 US extends tariff exclusions on medical goods from China
11 'Threat multiplier': How climate change affects health
12 Hong Kong to ban CBD, put it in same category as heroin, cocaine
13 Pygmy elephant gores handler to death in Malaysia
14 Increasing forest cover in the Eifel region 11,000 years ago resulted in the local loss of megafauna
15 Metabolic hack makes ocean algae more resilient to 21st century climate change
16 How Chinese diplomacy helped seal historic nature deal
17 Holy icy chill, Batman! Freezing bats saved in Texas
18 2022 UK's hottest year on record: provisional Met Office figures
19 After year of climate disasters, world off-track to curb warming
20 US biology textbooks have less climate content than decade ago: study
21 Bering Land Bridge formed surprisingly late during last ice age, study finds
22 Lakes on roof of world freeze later and melt earlier under changing climate
23 Chinese scientists reconstruct Qinghai-Tibet Plateau lake ice phenology
24 Rwandan tree carbon stock mapped from above
25 Microplastics deposited on the seafloor triple in 20 years
26 France bans disposable packaging, utensils in fast-food restaurants
27 Auction for 100-island Indonesian archipelago delayed after backlash
28 Post-lockdown auto emissions can't hide in the grass
29 India's Bishnoi community, the original eco-warriors
30 Health or jobs: Peruvian mining town at a crossroads
31 Costa Rica crocodiles survive in 'most polluted' river
32 Slime for the climate, delivered by brown algae
33 Soaring fertilizer prices could see millions more undernourished
34 N. Zealand's amended cow burp tax plans still stink, say farmers
35 France bets on tech and transparency to beat Chinese caviar
36 Experts urge caution over biotech that can wipe out insect pests
37 French foie gras in short supply, forcing farmers to adapt
38 Chinese scientists complete rice, Arabidopsis life-cycle experiments in space
39 Peru slaughters more than 37,000 poultry after bird flu outbreak
40 PETA takes UK military to court for rejecting fake fur hats
41 Soil in midwestern US is eroding 10 to 1,000 times faster than it forms, study finds
42 Grape expectations: India's biggest winemaker seeks millions
43 Researchers uncover 168 new Nazca geoglyphs
44 Iraqi conservators strive to preserve ancient manuscripts
45 Humans and nature: The distance is growing
46 Archaeologist claims human relative used controlled fire for light, cooking
47 How touch dampens the brain's response to painful stimuli
48 Silent synapses are abundant in the adult brain
49 Alzheimer's risk gene undermines insulation of brain's "wiring"
50 Red Cross fears "enormous suffering" in 2023
51 Fossil offers ultra rare piece of evidence showing a dinosaur eating a mammal
52 Mammals island-hopped from Australia to colonise the world
53 Prehistoric marine reptiles reproduced in Nevada, leaving behind fossil bed
54 Fossil site reveals giant arthropods dominated the seas 470 million years ago
55 Remains of two new marine worms from 455 million years ago discovered in Morocco
56 Meteorites plus gamma rays could have given Earth the building blocks for life
57 Australian researchers find 100 million-year-old fossil in Queensland
58 525-million-year-old fossil defies textbook explanation for brain evolution
59 FSU researchers find decrease in crucial trace element preceded ancient mass extinction
60 Rapid fluctuations in oxygen levels coincided with Earth's first mass extinction
61 Linking mass extinctions to the expansion and radiation of land plants
62 Early forests did not significantly change the atmospheric CO2
63 Changes in Earth's orbit may have triggered ancient warming event
64 Endless cycle of destruction and repair for Ukraine's energy workers
65 Heat will stay on in Europe this winter, but after
66 Belgian families don gloves for house-heating research
67 Ten flagship nature-restoring initiatives hailed by UN
68 EU reaches deal on major carbon market reform
69 Ukraine races to restore power after Russian missiles batter grid
70 UCF researchers create technology that harvests radio waves for energy
71 Country warming up to energy beneath the crust
72 Britain to build first Americium space battery
73 New power supply with a lifetime of up to 50 years
74 Airbus prepares for its first megawatt-class hydrogen fuel-cell engine flight-test demonstrator
75 Toward stable aqueous Zn-ion batteries
76 Male panda at Dutch zoo turns out to be female; Mystery of glass frog transparency
77 Fly away home: rare Eastern Sarus cranes released in Thailand
78 From robot fireflies to okra plasters: 2022's nature-inspired solutions
79 Australia urges release of citizens in China
80 Hong Kong police wrong to ban Tiananmen vigil, court rules
81 The art teacher who showed the world China's protests
82 Greek woodcutters give energy crisis the chop
83 EU agrees ban on imports driving deforestation
84 Climate change supercharges threat from forest-eating bug
85 Climate's toll on trees threatens the sound of music
86 Hong Kong asks Japan to reverse flight curbs; US considering own China restrictions
87 Xi urges steps to 'protect' lives as China battles COVID wave
88 China to stop publishing daily COVID figures-NHC
89 Jubilant Chinese plan trips as inbound COVID quarantine set to end
90 Chinese city seeing half a million COVID cases a day: official
91 China says no new COVID deaths after changing criteria
92 Berlin says supplying Germans in China with mRNA jabs
93 China's crematoriums 'packed' as COVID cases soar
94 Hospitals overflow in China's COVID wave
95 Elderly COVID patients fill hospital wards in China's major cities
96 Hong Kong tailors livestream in pandemic survival fight
97 US offers COVID vaccines to China to stem outbreak
98 India steps up COVID genome sequencing as China cases soar
99 First deep space biology experiment begins, follow along in real-time
100 MIT engineers design a soft, implantable ventilator
101 Colgate-Palmolive and NASA sign Space Act Agreement to boost off planet hygiene
102 China reports first COVID deaths since hardline policy eased
103 After three years, COVID 'here to stay'
104 China megacity says people with symptomatic COVID can work 'as normal'
105 China nursing homes struggle to keep residents safe from COVID wave
106 Arizona to remove shipping container wall on US-Mexico border
107 Turkey praises Sweden but says more needed for NATO membership
108 Underground Italian lab searches for signals of quantum gravity
109 Exploring the duality of gravity and gauge theory
110 Rich nations target $20 billion to wean Indonesia off coal