File Title
1 NASA, SpaceX to Study Hubble Telescope Reboost Possibility
2 NASA, SpaceX study boosting Hubble to extend its lifespan
3 Space junk bill passes Senate unanimously
4 AST SpaceMobile and NASA sign agreement to improve spaceflight safety
5 Falcon 9 rocket launches 54 Starlink satellites
6 Musk says will step down as Twitter CEO once successor found
7 Three time dimensions, one space dimension
8 New technique reveals changing shapes of magnetic noise in space and time
9 Measuring gamma-ray bursts' hidden energy unearths clues to the evolution of the universe
10 Curved spacetime in the lab
11 Researchers discover solar wind-derived water in lunar soils
12 Moon water imager integrated with NASA's Lunar Trailblazer
13 ESA to invite companies to connect with the Moon
14 NASA developing AI to steer using landmarks on the Moon
15 US military, NASA relationship on display with Artemis 1 mission
16 Musk says nearly 100 Starlinks 'active' in Iran
17 Chinese commercial space company to launch stackable satellites
18 Iridium introduces its latest IoT data service
19 SpaceX launches 54 Starlink communication satellites
20 Bluewalker 3 on target to deliver the first and only space-based cellular broadband
21 NASA, Russian space agency evaluate need for space station rescue mission
22 NASA delays spacewalk because of debris
23 Russian space chief praises US after ISS coolant leak
24 Christmas craterscape
25 Martian winter wonderland across Ultimi Scopuli
26 The 10 Days of Christmas: Sols 3689-3698
27 Sol 3688: Arm Day
28 Leaving the Amapari Drill Site: Sol 3687
29 The calm after the rock-toddler-tantrums: Sols 3684-3686
30 SPIDER launches from Antarctica
31 The world's largest turbulence simulation unmasks the flow of energy in astrophysical plasmas
32 Precise FAST observations reveal circular polarization in active repeating fast radio bursts
33 Exolaunch to deploy Unseenlabs' latest BRO-series satellite into orbit on Transporter-6 Mission
34 Mini satellite helps Macao students learn about space
35 Spire Global to launch six satellites on SpaceX Transporter-6 Mission
36 NASA, Alaska researchers to scan asteroid with radio waves
37 What it would take to discover life on Saturn's icy moon Enceladus
38 Virgin Orbit' Launcherone Systems given green light for upcoming mission
39 UK space regulator issues Virgin Orbit licenses ahead of UK launch
40 Rocket Lab reschedules 1st US launch to January
41 China launches one more space experiment satellite
42 Inauguration of mainland Europe's first satellite launch complex
43 MOXIE sets consecutive personal bests and Mars records for oxygen production
44 NASA retires InSight lander after four years on Mars
45 NASA's InSight Mars lander may have sent its last image to Earth
46 Moon water imager integrated with NASA's Lunar Trailblazer
47 Construction Begins on NASA's Next-Generation Asteroid Hunter
48 Ancient asteroid grains provide insight into the evolution of our solar system
49 Asteroid Ryugu samples continue to shed light on solar system history
50 No oxygen required to make these minerals on Mars
51 Russia might send up rescue ship for ISS crew
52 Northrop Grumman space navigation systems achieve galactic threshold
53 AstroAccess successfully completes first weightless research flight with international disabled crew
54 Healthier diets for astronauts on spaceflights may improve health and performance
55 Exploration power for the Moon, Mars, and Beyond
56 Young ESA team prepare Ariane 6 passenger
57 Europe's access to space in jeopardy after Vega-C rocket failure
58 Vega-C rocket lost shortly after lift-off in French Guiana
59 InSight goes silent as Martian dust and cold ends mission
60 China's space sector set to rocket into future
61 China's new space station opens for business in an increasingly competitive era of space activity
62 Chinese space-tracking ship sets sail for new missions
63 Chinese commercial space company to launch stackable satellites
64 Iridium introduces its latest IoT data service
65 US space entities examine future space technology
66 Making the unimaginable possible in materials discovery
67 Elucidating the mechanism of high proton conduction to develop clean energy materials
68 3M to phase out 'forever chemicals' PFAS by 2025
69 Cubic silicon carbide wafers demonstrate high thermal conductivity, second only to diamond
70 China approves first foreign video games since crackdown
71 Fortnite-maker to pay $520 million over US child allegations
72 China's Tencent wins first game licence in 18 months
73 Kepler's first exoplanet is spiraling toward its doom
74 ESPRESSO and CARMENES discover two potentially habitable exo-Earths around a star near the Sun
75 Two exoplanets may be mostly water, Hubble and Spitzer find
76 Juno spacecraft recovering memory after 47th Flyby of Jupiter
77 Four decade study finds mysterious patterns in temperatures at Jupiter
78 Comet impacts could bring ingredients for life to Europa's ocean
79 Carbon, soot and particles from combustion end up in deep-sea trenches
80 Shedding light on photosynthesis at sea
81 'It just dies': Yellow-band disease ravages Thailand's coral reefs
82 After huge storm, Mississippi capital hit by another water crisis
83 How SERVIR is helping Southeast Asia adapt to variable rainfall
84 'Progress destroying nature': Brazil dam fuels fears for river
85 Dam plans threaten China's migratory bird haven
86 New theory on timing for human settlement of some parts of tropical Pacific
87 HAARP to bounce signal off asteroid in NASA experiment
88 How Hera asteroid mission will phone home
89 Weather extremes becoming 'new normal,' warns UK's National Trust
90 What drives decline of East Asian dust activity in the past two decades?
91 NASA sensors to help detect methane emitted by landfills
92 Sedimentary rock "chert" records cooling of the Earth over billions of years
93 How magnetic waves interact with Earth's bubble
94 WHO chief 'very concerned' about COVID situation in China
95 Astronomers identify the ancient heart of the Milky Way galaxy
96 Cosmological enigma of Milky Way's satellite galaxies solved
97 IXPE quickly observes aftermath of exceptional cosmic blast
98 Webb telescope promises new age of the stars
99 Chile's ALMA observatory resumes work after cyberattack
100 Webb Space Telescope reveals previously shrouded newborn stars
101 Measuring times in billionths of a billionth of a second
102 Soaring China COVID cases increase risk of new variants: experts
103 US to impose China COVID testing as virus surge jangles global nerves
104 China's propaganda machine sputters in zero-COVID reversal
105 China says tracking COVID cases 'impossible' as infections soar
106 Life with COVID, once taboo, goes viral in China
107 Hong Kong further eases COVID curbs, but many rules remain
108 Top China expert says COVID 'spreading rapidly' after rules easing
109 Tributes pour in for whistleblower doctor after China's zero-COVID U-turn
110 China announces nationwide loosening of COVID restrictions
111 Blinken hopes China strategy works on COVID
112 Chinese cities relax testing rules as zero-COVID policy eases
113 After doom and gloom, China's propaganda shifts gears on COVID
114 Travel misery grinds on as US digs out from superstorm
115 US digs out from monster storm as death toll passes 50