File Title
1 Russia might send up rescue ship for ISS crew
2 Moon water imager integrated with NASA's Lunar Trailblazer
3 Researchers discover 'Humpty-Dumpty' water-based mechanism of human sex reversal at edge of developmental ambiguity
4 Manatees' starvation may be easing in Florida, authorities say
5 Researchers uncover potential climate change-nutrition connection in plant metabolism
6 Universities, rich in data, struggle to capture its value, study finds
7 Scientists enhance recyclability of post-consumer plastic
8 Is it safe? Why some animals fear using wildlife crossings
9 As NASA's Mars InSight mission comes to an end, JPL engineers say farewell to its twin
10 Making a salad might be getting more expensive. Could climate change be to blame?
11 New activity trackers for dolphin conservation
12 Relativity of superluminal observers in 1+3 spacetime
13 Lost puzzle piece involved in gene regulation revealed in search that began in water-loving, one-celled organism
14 Early results from NASA's DART mission
15 Microplastics deposited on the seafloor have tripled in 20 years
16 Five amazing plants and the endangered animals that depend on them
17 Trees could be key protagonist for forest-grassland transitions
18 Breaking the single channel scattering limit
19 A nonlinear exceptional nexus with an ultra-enhanced signal-to-noise ratio
20 Massive 'marimo' algae balls at risk for deadly winter sunburn
21 Inflatable Spacecraft Will Take Us to Mars, Says Lockheed Martin V.P.
22 For Festivus, Here's the Airing of 10 Grievances from 2022
23 Arctic storm brings holiday travel chaos to US
24 Canadian polar bears near 'bear capital' dying at fast rate
25 'Mind-blowing' hidden network of magma chambers found under Hawaii's volcanoes
26 The Pentagon, in A Tech War with China, Is on Track to Field Its First Electric Aircraft in 2023
27 Characterizing red pigment in ancient bone samples in Peru to reveal their sources
28 Cognitive abilities of female southern pied babblers found to decline with age even as they produce more offspring
29 Insights into optical resonances determined by the topology of the Mobius strip
30 Nanoimprinting technique for humidity-responsive holographic images
31 Animals found to encounter each other more often when living closer to humans
32 Historic 'bomb cyclone' freezes North America
33 Microfluidic device erosion reduced with cavitation bubbles
34 Five ways to help stop biodiversity loss
35 Optical 'tweezer' enables fast, low-cost screening of bacteria and cancer cells
36 Can dogs sniff out bovine respiratory disease?
37 How equity, diversity and inclusion policies are becoming a tool for capitalism
38 Antarctica's emperor penguins could be extinct by 2100. And other species may follow if we don't act
39 sPHENIX assembly update: Magnet mapped, detectors prepared
40 Reactive strip developed to quickly and easily detect and quantify allergens in foods
41 Predicting calving problems before insemination
42 The world's largest turbulence simulation unmasks the flow of energy in astrophysical plasmas
43 Successful hypothermia in nonhuman primate paves the way for future application in human torpor during spaceflight
44 Advances in understanding the quark substructure of scalars
45 What medieval manuscripts teach us about our ancestors' pets
46 Scientists investigate potential regolith origin on Uranus' moon Miranda
47 Software lets researchers create tiny rounded objects out of DNA. Here's why that's cool
48 Penalties, corruption and legislation are failing to deter harmful gas flaring in Nigeria, study shows
49 Archaeologists uncover oldest known projectile points in the Americas
50 On chirality, tunneling and light fields
51 Humans have been using bear skins for at least 300,000 years, suggests study
52 Indigenous water reserves are not enough to deliver justice
53 Palm kernel product imported for use on dairy farms may actually be harmful to cows
54 Upconverting near-infrared light detection in lead halide perovskite with core--shell lanthanide nanoparticles
55 NASA explores a winter wonderland on Mars
56 Some no-till crop rotations on dairy farms could benefit from strategic tillage
57 What an astronaut needs to know
58 Soaring fertilizer prices could see millions more undernourished
59 Zebra finches might sing to synchronize their breeding with each other
60 New FDA Update Reaffirms Plan B 'Morning-After Pill' Is Not Abortion Drug
61 'Epic' winter storm wallops US, leaving 1 mn. without power
62 Mystery Nevada fossil site could be ancient maternity ward
63 Planet spiralling into star may offer glimpse into Earth's end
64 5,700 years of sea-level change in Micronesia hint at humans arriving much earlier than we thought
65 Here's Why Air or Wind Chill Temperatures Can Be Negative
66 Preserving A Forest Helps Protect A Colombian City's Water Supply
67 Is Climate Change Icing Out Rudolph?
68 Invasive Strep A Infections Among Children Rising
69 Creating Snowflakes from Exotic Elements for Science
70 Flushing Toilets Can Spray A 1.5 Meter High Volcanic Plume, Study Says
71 Deadly winter blizzard leaves US in pre-Christmas deep freeze
72 Gov. DeSantis' Questionable Call for Grand Jury to Investigate Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines
73 Global Climate Warming Is Even Impacting Astronomy, Says New Study
74 En garde! Wasps use penis spikes to ward off predators
75 Scientists reveal secrets of frog transparency
76 Dinosaurs were in their prime, not in decline, when fateful asteroid hit
77 22 dead as savage US blizzard cuts power, snarls travel
78 Giant laser from 'Star Trek' to be tested in fusion breakthrough
79 These tech firms live-track this year's 'fastest-ever' Santa with NORAD data
80 Brown algae removes carbon dioxide from the air and stores it in slime
81 Bering Land Bridge formed surprisingly late during last ice age, study finds
82 The Best 15 Space Photos of 2022, Ranked
83 Scientists discover giant crocodile with 'very strong bite' that lived along with dinosaurs
84 Cosmos' First Stars Remain Elusive but Astronomers Are Closing In
85 Rare Eastern Sarus cranes released in Thailand
86 'Blizzard of the century' leaves nearly 50 dead across US
87 Women better than men at putting themselves in others' shoes, study reveals
88 Archaeologists uncover oldest known weapon tips used in Americas
89 A checkerboard pattern of inner ear cells enables us to hear
90 Far-flung forces caused the 2021 Pacific Northwest heat wave, say researchers
91 Highly sensitive infrared polarizer based on sulfur waste created
92 Research investigates the latest outburst of pulsar SAX J1808.4-3658
93 Model analysis of atmospheric observations reveals methane leakage in North China
94 Researchers identify bird species depicted in ancient, finely detailed Egyptian painting
95 Ethereal color variant of mysterious plant is actually new species
96 Five space exploration missions to look out for in 2023
97 2022 was a historic year for climate change policies. What's next for 2023?
98 Female Southern Pied Babblers Get Stupider as They Produce More Offspring
99 Study lays foundation for producing germanium-68/gallium-68 generator
100 COVID lessons learned can inform efforts to improve NYC food system
101 Are nudges sinister psychological tricks? Or are they useless? Economists say they are neither
102 Enhancing the conversion efficiency of powdered photocatalysts that generate hydrogen from water under visible light
103 Deep learning can predict tsunami impacts in less than a second
104 A Psychologist Explains Why New Habits Work Better than New Year's Resolutions
105 Is mining in space socially acceptable?
106 NASA makes asteroid defense a priority, moving its NEO surveyor mission into the development phase
107 Is the Milky Way normal?
108 Despite ban, small turtle online pet trade in the US found to be flourishing
109 Study reveals inconsistent effect of ramet connection in homogeneous environments
110 Functional analyses of RNA-related enzymes using a next-generation DNA sequencer
111 Unraveling the selective transport of sugar and a hormone that underlies male fertility in plants
112 Eating viruses can power microorganism's growth and reproduction
113 Researchers build cell atlas using scattered single-cell datasets
114 Revealing intermolecular hydrogen bond's important role in separation, purification of structurally similar compounds
115 Real-time rip current identification tool uses AI and deep learning
116 New platform integrates THz photonics with planarized low-loss polymers