File Title
1 Layoffs, salary cuts, no bonus: What CEO Sanjay Mehrotra has to say on Micron's tough measures for 2023
2 Terrifying Android bug may stop you downloading another app ever again
3 Tesla chooses TSMC over Samsung, places huge 4nm chip order
4 Elon Musk on why he spent "the last five weeks cutting costs like crazy" at Twitter
5 Two top executives plead guilty to fraud in FTX case
6 Apple's custom 5G modem won't be ready in time for iPhone 15, new report says
7 Explained: Cyber attackers using search engine ads and how users can protect themselves
8 Microsoft Fined EUR 60 Million by French Privacy Watchdog Over Advertising Cookies on Bing Website
9 Robocall company may receive the largest FCC fine ever
10 Two men arrested for allegedly hacking JFK taxi dispatch system
11 VMware now offers managed cloud storage
12 Your next Google Chrome update could be here sooner than you think, if you're lucky
13 High-end video editing app DaVinci Resolve for iPad is now available for free
14 Google may be working on an 'Android answer' to Apple's Find My Network
15 Microsoft, Amazon and Meta among those ditching office space in London and Europe
16 Verizon closes in on T-Mobile's ultra-affordable 5G service with cheaper Welcome Unlimited plan
17 Most cyberattacks now use encrypted channels
18 Netflix password sharing is ending soon, what you should know
19 How to permanently delete all your Facebook and Meta-owned accounts
20 Google is making its internal video-blurring privacy tool open source
21 The most underrated smartphones of 2022
22 DaVinci Resolve Is Now Available on iPads; Download It from App Store: Details
23 Apple apparently pulls the new iOS 16.2 Home app architecture upgrade
24 AI isn't really helping coders write better or more secure code
25 Google May Be Working on Find My Device Service to Work Even When Offline: Report
26 2022 was a surprisingly great year for monitors
27 These new Google Meet filters are like something out of your worst nightmare
28 Why Google might be onto something
29 You can now get DaVinci Resolve from the App Store
30 Android gets its savior! Snapdragon 8 Gen. 2 a giant leap, beats iPhone 14 Pro Max in gaming performance
31 Zerobot botnet expands to start exploiting Apache flaws
32 Government Blocked 104 YouTube Channels, 4 Facebook Accounts for Spreading Misinformation: Anurag Thakur
33 This COVID 19 related information circulating on WhatsApp is fake: Ministry of Health
34 Quora wants to help you talk like ChatGPT
35 FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Allowed $250 Million Bond, House Arrest
36 Tesla's adding non-Superchargers to its navigation in Europe and Israel
37 5G could pose a huge cybersecurity risk: Ruchir Shukla, MD, SafeHouse Tech
38 How does AirDrop work? Our experts have answers
39 NASA Formally Retires Mars InSight Lander 4 Years After Its Arrival on Red Planet
40 TikTok's parent company reportedly accessed US journalists' data
41 How to use in-page price tracking feature in Google Chrome
42 Google might be hitting the panic button to protect Search from ChatGPT
43 Corsair keyboards began typing on their own--but it's not malware
44 Huawei is reportedly all out of its homegrown chips but a new patent could be a gamechanger
45 Google 'all hands on deck' to develop AI products that take on ChatGPT
46 Google is 'all hands on deck' to develop AI products to take on ChatGPT
47 How overclockers surpassed elusive 9GHz in new world record
48 New NY state law takes aim at warehouse work quotas like the ones Amazon uses
49 Netflix vows to put an end to free password sharing in 2023
50 Six features introduced by Snapchat in 2022
51 Microsoft's latest Patch Tuesday broke some VMs, but there's a fix
52 Samuel L. Jackson celebrates birthday in horny jail after liking porn on Twitter
53 Meta removed 23 million pieces of harmful content on Facebook, Instagram in November
54 Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8 and SE (2022) can use built-in GPS independently
55 Apple confirms that all three 2022 Apple Watch models use their own GPS systems
56 Twitter is rolling out a view count for standard Tweets
57 Twitter Accused by 100 Ex-Employees of Various Legal Violations After Elon Musk Takeover
58 Sam Bankman-Fried released on $250 million bail while the FTX fraud case continues
59 Video from Apple Support shows you 10 useful iPhone tips that could come in handy
60 Apple Watch with ECG Violates AliveCor Patents, Import Ban on Hold, Says US ITC
61 YouTube TV Wins Right to Broadcast Most NFL Games in the US Next Year
62 How you can avoid having your bank account wiped out by an Android banking Trojan
63 Meta Said to Settle Cambridge Analytica Scandal Case for $725 Million
64 Avatar: The Way of Water Box Office Swims Past $600 Million in a Week
65 Tesla's $300 Wireless Charging Platform brings Apple's AirPower concept back from the dead
66 TikTok admits spying on journalists; a US ban may be on the way
67 North Korea-backed hackers have stolen $1.2 billion of virtual goods: Report
68 DuckDuckGo is now blocking one of Google's most annoying pop ups
69 Twitter says paying Blue subscribers now get 'prioritized rankings in conversations'
70 Verizon outshines AT&T to offer the best no-trade-in iPhone 14 Plus deal to date
71 Tesla launches wireless charger for iPhones, AirPods, other devices
72 Jack Sweeney brings a delayed version of @ElonJet back to Twitter
73 Twitter View Count Feature for Tweets Rolling Out Globally: All Details
74 Top YouTuber wants to be Twitter CEO, here's what Elon Musk has to say
75 ChatGPT has Google 'worried' about its Search business and more, here's why
76 Twitter Blue perks now include higher ranking replies and 60-minute video uploads
77 iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max Users Complain About Horizontal lines on Display: Report
78 The EQS SUV is the height of Mercedes EV luxury
79 Best visual voicemail apps for Android and iOS
80 Google just made another of its data privacy tools free for everyone
81 Twitter Rolls Out Ability to Upload 60 Minute Long Videos for Blue Subscribers: All Details
82 Twitter Blue updated feature list: 'Prioritised rankings' and all that subscribers will get
83 How to connect AirPods to your iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and more
84 The smartphones we didn't see in 2022
85 How to split bills using Google Pay, Paytm and PhonePe
86 Apple's 'unprecedented' engineering snafu reportedly spoiled plans for more powerful iPhone 14 Pro chip
87 Comcast Xfinity accounts are being attacked in 2FA bypass attacks
88 New report details scrapped iPhone 14 GPU with ray tracing
89 Tata Motors' subsidiary, DTC sign pact to operate 1,500 electric buses
90 FBI gives ad blockers the seal of approval
91 Clipboard in Windows 11: What it does, steps to enable and more
92 Student banned for tracking Elon Musk's private jet returns to Twitter
93 Apple VR headset news, leaks and what we want to see
94 Microsoft explains why it should be allowed to make its biggest-ever acquisition
95 Twitter's global policy executives resign amid more job cuts
96 Tesla is selling a wireless charger for your gadgets for $400+
97 Users report Google Calendar bug creating random, fake events
98 Apple failed in attempt to develop next-gen GPU for iPhone 14 Pro series
99 Apple says software update is coming to fix a major issue with the iPhone 14 Pro Max display
100 Twitter Said to Have Removed Suicide Prevention Helpline, Other Safety Features on Elon Musk's Order
101 Restart your Wi-Fi router now! Vital advice issued to broadband users
102 Seven wishes for iOS 17 that I want to see for my iPhone
103 TikTok used to spy on journalists in the US, here's what company says
104 AJ Fernandez Rivera's push to make queer leadership a norm in tech
105 Can your GPS watch train you for a marathon?
106 The problem with 'next-gen' gadgets
107 Apple pulls new iOS 16.2 HomeKit architecture after users report Home app issues
108 5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week
109 How Kindle novelists are using OpenAI's ChatGPT
110 Tesla succeeds where Apple failed with 30-coil wireless charging pad set for release next February
111 What were the biggest streaming flops of 2022?
112 10 great shows from 2022 to stream on Netflix
113 Twitter restores suicide-prevention feature after briefly removing it
114 YouTube is testing its Queue system for its iPhone and Android apps