File Title
1 Squid edit their RNA to keep cellular supply lines moving in the cold
2 Unearthing the Original Mediterranean Diet / Science
3 Researchers discover rapid and predictable genome evolution across three hybrid ant populations
4 Here are 5 record-breaking science discoveries from 2022
5 Wildflower cells reveal mystery of leaf's structure
6 A cheap and simple method of bonding polymers to galvanized steel
7 What drives the recent decline of East Asian dust activity?
8 Sharpsnout seabream's mortality during early life stages shown to have genetic base
9 Nanoantennas combined with phosphor plates enable increased photoluminescence
10 Human ancestors may have sailed across the Aegean Sea
11 Brightening dark excitons with photonic crystals
12 First evidence found of a dinosaur eating a mammal
13 AI in Space and Its Future Use in Warfare
14 Coral reefs are spatially distributed to maximize the availability of resources, finds reef formation study
15 Turtles are in a race against time to beat climate change, study suggests
16 Groundwater replenishes much faster than scientists previously thought
17 Shedding light on the origin of complex life forms
18 A new tool for studying multiple characteristics of a single cell
19 See the Final Images from NASA's Mars InSight Lander as It Tweets an Emotional Farewell
20 Evaluating CO2 emissions from land use with greater precision
21 Webb captures luminous, face-on spiral galaxy NGC 7469
22 China's lucrative orchid industry is a test for the nation's commitment to conservation
23 Failing crypto could be a win for the environment
24 Documentary spurs a new look at the case of the first gene-edited babies
25 These 5 biomedical advances gave 2022 a sci-fi feel
26 An (over)performance that will last?
27 Adjusting the intensity of farming can help address climate change, says professor
28 Astronomers spot stars in the most distant galaxies for the first time
29 We could spread life to the Milky Way with comets. But should we?
30 New insights into intrinsically disordered proteins and how they change shape within a cell
31 Merry or scary? Santa's 'Ho ho ho' mirrors our own ambiguous relationship to laughter
32 Ask for payment before or after? The effects of timing in pay-what-you-want pricing
33 Where we are and where we need to go
34 Social media may prevent users from reaping the creative rewards of profound boredom
35 Team develops graphene-based nanoelectronics platform
36 Multi-heterointerfaces for selective and efficient urea production
37 New fossil foot analysis reveals the surprising and varied lifestyles of dinosaur bird ancestors
38 When it comes to disaster prevention policies, who can we trust?
39 The Truth About Dripping Faucets, Frozen Pipes and Extreme Cold
40 Scientists highlight safe access to the outdoors with naming of new plant species
41 Cluster headaches may be more severe in women, study suggests
42 Researchers discover 'dormant' magnetosome genes in non-magnetic bacteria
43 Europe's access to space in jeopardy after Vega-C rocket failure
44 Temporary child-welfare placements target non-white children disproportionately
45 NASA's Perseverance rover deposits first sample on Mars surface
46 Drying process could be key step in development of life
47 One way to help countries stick to their commitments to restore nature
48 Restoring biodiversity in deforested ranches one tree at a time
49 How We Live with Other Species, by Esther Woolfson
50 Neutron experiments reveal what maintains good function in bones
51 Assembly begins on NASA's next tool to study exoplanets
52 Researchers use quantum mechanics to see objects without looking at them
53 Wildfire threats not commonly disclosed by U.S. firms despite risk to economy
54 What is an aftershock? Learn about the smaller earthquakes impacting Northern California.
55 Chile's ALMA observatory resumes work after cyberattack
56 Arctic blast sweeps US, bomb cyclone possible
57 NASA retires InSight Mars lander mission after years of science
58 Study finds anger over COVID-19 layoffs keeping hospitality workers from returning to jobs
59 How fine underground braids could remedy heavy metal contamination
60 Non-inertial torques and the Euler equation
61 Constrained future brightening of solar radiation in China and its implication for solar power
62 Large Hadron Collider ATLAS moves into top gear for Run 3
63 Disproportionately large amounts of carbon accumulate at the bottom of deep-sea trenches, research shows
64 Celebrations can increase perceived social support
65 Palau's Rock Islands harbor heat-resistant corals
66 Smoking linked to increased chances of mid-life memory loss, confusion, study finds
67 Doctors patch up baby's heart defect with 'stem cell plasters' in a first
68 Cluster headaches found to be more severe in women than in men
69 Cheerful chatbots don't necessarily improve customer service
70 Men may not 'perceive' domestic tasks as needing doing in the same way as women, philosophers argue
71 California quake occurred in very seismically active region
72 Managing precision and stabilizing local knowledge
73 C16 Biosciences Has Built A Palm Oil Farm in Midtown Manhattan to Stop Global Deforestation
74 These are the most popular Science News stories of 2022
75 Musicians like Their Music Loud
76 The Etymology of Unobtanium / Science
77 Io may have an underworld magma ocean or a hot metal heart
78 Male gender bias deters men from some career paths
79 AT2021fxu is a changing-look active galactic nucleus, observations find
80 Collective circular dichroism by chiral plasmonic nanoparticles
81 Enriched Foods Bring Nigerian Kids the Power of Greens
82 Photonic chip with record-breaking radio frequency dynamic range
83 Automated simulation software creates a world map of polymer properties
84 Study identifies new cause of melting Antarctic ice shelves
85 Fossils give clues as to how turtles might respond to a warming planet
86 California earthquake puts early warning system to the test
87 The five challenges for 2023
88 How the Hera asteroid mission will phone home
89 Ongoing research explores impacts, solutions after Marshall Fire
90 Novel spatial-omics technology enables investigation of diseases at their early stages
91 Lessons from the Marshall Fire
92 UN deal fails to address the root causes of nature's destruction, say professors
93 How to make the perfect pavlova, according to chemistry experts
94 Police gun violence is glorified on screen, but more armed and aggressive policing doesn't actually make us safer
95 New immersive story map brings to life world's longest mule deer migration
96 Holiday flights scrapped as massive winter storm sweeps US
97 When money really did grow on trees
98 Researchers say that raising awareness about consumption of environmentally friendly aquaculture is crucial
99 Astronomers scanned 12 planets for alien signals while they were in front of their stars
100 The environmental impact of our holiday menu
101 Extreme weather in 2022 showed the global impact of climate change
102 A bone cancer tumor more than 215 million years old
103 Could 'Peer Community in' be the revolution in scientific publishing we've all been waiting for?
104 Genoa is an example of how to rethink cultural heritage and urban sustainability
105 Sleeping glass frogs hide by storing most of their blood in their liver
106 Hawai'i earthquake swarm caused by magma moving through 'sills'
107 Glass frogs become transparent by hiding red blood cells in their livers, scientists have found
108 Researchers show a new way to induce useful defects using invisible material properties
109 Uneven wetting under climate change is causing diverse variations in the thawing of frozen ground on the Tibetan Plateau
110 California county sees highest number of monarch butterflies in more than 20 years
111 Mapping the 'landscape of fear' of sea turtles in the Bahamas
112 Construction begins on NASA's next-generation asteroid hunter
113 Research site will bounce radio signal off asteroid in NASA experiment
114 New analysis maps out impacts of marine chokepoint closures