File Title
1 This 45 year-old Unix tool is finally getting an upgrade
2 Apple, Google, and Mozilla are teaming up to make a next-gen browser benchmark
3 NHTSA opens probe into GM's autonomous driving technology
4 13 predictions for tech platforms in 2023
5 Microsoft, Meta and Amazon join hands to take on Google in mapping space, here's how
6 Linux partners with several companies to develop open-source map data
7 Six things we learned from Formula E's preseason test
8 Meta just halted a major data centre project to focus on AI
9 Elon Musk shows off free speech commitment by banning journalists
10 Who owns Samsung? A brief history of the South Korean giant
11 This devious phishing campaign uses Facebook messages to trick its victims
12 Ford F-150 Lightning prices are going up again
13 Google Wallet will soon host your digital driver's license, but only in one state
14 Elon Musk's SpaceX will allow smartphones to directly connect with Starlink: Report
15 Extreme weather leads to more negative tweets, study finds
16 Democrats plan to return over $1 million from FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried
17 Here's what Elon Musk has to say on suspending journalists' Twitter accounts
18 Competitiveness over profits: Samsung's new strategy for 2023
19 Samsung to iPhone users: Time to get off the fence
20 Samsung's next QD-OLED TVs will fix the two big problems with its first models
21 Tesla Energy electric service built from Powerwall owners' batteries goes live in Texas
22 Google is letting businesses try out client-side encryption for Gmail
23 What is the dark web? How safe is it and how to access it? Your questions answered
24 Apple Watch OS, Chrome browser vulnerable: CERT
25 Elon Musk is offering the generous opportunity to invest in Twitter at $54.20
26 Koo's handle suspended on Twitter
27 John Carmack leaves Meta with a memo criticizing the company's efficiency
28 Elon Musk re-enabled Twitter accounts for several journalists banned over @ElonJet
29 Twitter reinstates accounts of suspended journalists and Mastodon
30 Motorola Razr 2022 review: An icon returns to the fold
31 A sign of things to come
32 Windows 11 gaming bug fix is now rolling out to everyone
33 I'm sick of wide field of view cameras, but I'll have to live with it
34 We found this air fryer gingerbread cookies recipe on Instagram--it made the crunch
35 Weird Windows 11 bug that messed up Task Manager gets a fix
36 5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week
37 Here's a smart common sense strategy to follow when buying or selling a previously owned iPhone
38 Apple patent shows future MacBook keyboards with dynamic backlit keys
39 Apple patent points to MacBook keys that change dynamically
40 Twitter has reportedly laid off part of its infrastructure team
41 I used AI to settle the Android vs. iPhone debate, here's how it went
42 Google's Find My Device for Android could soon match Apple's Find My app
43 California invests $2.6 billion to build 90,000 EV chargers
44 Twitter abruptly bans all links to Instagram, Mastodon, and other competitors
45 Don't loose sleep over sleep tracking data
46 Apple's reportedly working an updated Pro Display XDR and other monitors
47 Apple is reportedly working on a new Pro Display XDR monitor
48 How fast is 5G in the real world? We have answers
49 Kia's EV6 GT crams performance into a great EV
50 Elon Musk Restores Journalists' Suspended Accounts After Twitter Poll, but Concerns Remain
51 Apple scraps M2 Extreme, moves ahead with M2 Ultra for Mac Pro
52 Apple may launch multiple new external displays powered by Apple Silicon
53 Oppenheimer Trailer: Cillian Murphy Muses on the Destructive Power of the First Atomic Bomb
54 India, Vietnam are emerging as Apple's next manufacturing hub, analysts say
55 iPhone users get a blockbuster free upgrade! Check your settings now
56 Twitter two-factor authentication not working: What is it, how to enable and more
57 Android users, WhatsApp may soon let you keep disappearing messages
58 Gmail launches a big security update, but you might not get it yet
59 Lensa: What is the AI-based photo app and the features it offers
60 Twitter Users Vote in Favour of Elon Musk Stepping Down as Twitter Head as Poll Concludes: All Details
61 Google set to make it easier for you to read your doctor's handwriting
62 Google is developing a tool to decipher doctors' handwriting
63 Twitter bans, then unbans links to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms
64 Twitter users say Elon musk go
65 How to create and join Twitter Lists on Android, iPhone and web: A step-by-step guide
66 Instagram lets you create your own 2022 Recap Reel
67 Malware defeated by Google rises from the ashes
68 The Dyson Zone headset is comfy enough to sleep with, but still makes you look like Bane
69 Editing videos takes forever, Wondershare Filmora 12 sets creators free
70 The next generation of Microsoft Teams is officially here to try now
71 FIFA World Cup 2022: JioCinema Records 32 Million Viewers During the Argentina vs. France Final Match
72 Supreme Court will hear Section 230 challenges in February
73 Internet speedtest global index: India ranking, what went up and what down
74 IBM: Why the next step in 5G is all about acceleration
75 iPhone Maker Apple Fined Over EUR 1 Million by Paris Court Over App Store Practices
76 The new Mac Pro could still be an M2-powered beast
77 Meta says 'about half' of its Reality Labs operating expenses go toward AR
78 Work PC sales have plummeted once again
79 Twitter removes this 'feature' to level playing field
80 Google developing Lens feature to decode doctors' handwriting
81 Hundreds of Android apps found leaking API keys, putting users at risk
82 Microsoft Teams Premium uses AI to recap your meetings
83 What we bought: Our favorite gadgets of 2022
84 Apple is reportedly working on some super-powered new Pro monitors
85 Linux...on a tablet? It might just work
86 The year organized labor finally took root in big tech
87 Google announces new AI features for India
88 The best iPhone cases for 2023
89 Police foil attempts to smuggle 30kg of meth using 3D printers
90 WhatsApp Scam: Australians lost $7 million to this WhatsApp text message scam: What it is and how not to become a victim
91 Two Tesla employees illegally fired to criticizing CEO Elon Musk
92 Elon Musk Twitter poll: Users want Elon Musk to step down as Twitter's head
93 T-Mobile is promoting 5G home internet by driving a truck in circles
94 This is how Google is planning to keep you safe from fraud transactions on Google Pay
95 Explained: Windows 11 Task Manager Efficiency Mode, what it does and how it can help boost PC performance and battery life
96 Apple TV Plus: shows, movies, devices and everything you need to know
97 Google testing app that can read prescriptions written by doctors
98 Multisearch is Google's new feature for India: What it does, how to use and more
99 Google for India 2022: Bilingual Search Results Announced, Project Relate to Cover Over 100 Indian Languages
100 More than two million users have flocked to Mastodon since Elon Musk took over Twitter
101 Government has a 'warning' for these Apple iCloud users: Details
102 Six years of AirPods: How they became one of Apple's 'hottest' products of all-time
103 Chrome OS has plenty of regular users
104 Poorly designed websites costing ecommerce platforms billions in lost sales
105 Almost 200 nations promise to protect 30 percent of the planet's land and oceans
106 Elon Musk hints at a bot attack on his poll to step down as the head of Twitter
107 Microsoft Teams is adding one of the worst Zoom features
108 JBL put a smartwatch screen in a wireless earbuds case, and it's a game-changer
109 This amazing speaker design uses glass instead of wires
110 Facial Recognition Technology Used by Police in Hyderabad to Enforce COVID-19 Policy