File Title
1 Turns out coffee also makes semiconductors work faster too
2 Apple will let its employees talk about discrimination and abuse
3 Here's how to get Disney Plus with Verizon wireless plan for free
4 Chinese newspaper accuses U.S. of stealing technology from "our Taiwan"
5 US prosecutors are reportedly investigating FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried for fraud
6 T-Mobile has a deal you can't refuse; trade-in a damaged and cracked handset for a free 5G phone
7 Apple could be planning to make your MacBook look massively inferior
8 Brits should change kitchen appliance settings to be more energy efficient
9 The extraordinary made a little ordinary
10 Cisco starts laying off employees, company to cut 4,000 jobs: Reports
11 SEC charges FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried with 'defrauding investors'
12 Hitting the Books: America might not exist if not for a pre-Revolution smallpox outbreak
13 The second-gen Apple Pencil is back on sale for $89
14 Two new mystery Macs appear in Steam's gaming hardware database
15 NASA's Artemis I Orion capsule splashes down in the Pacific Ocean
16 Power over brains! Super-charged Galaxy S23 to run circles around Pixel 7; Tensor 2 left in the dust
17 NASA's Artemis 1 Moon mission has returned to Earth
18 I've spent over two years with the Surface Earbuds [Tech Revisited]
19 Twitter's Community Notes feature starts rolling out globally
20 Huawei signs a patent cross-licensing agreement with its biggest Chinese rival
21 Here's why Elon Musk is threatening to sue employees at Twitter
22 Apple and Ericsson call truce: What may be behind the 'peace deal'
23 Twitter Blue to Relaunch with 1080p Video Uploads, Blue Checkmark; Apple Users to Pay $11
24 Foxconn investing in other countries helps Apple diversify iPhone production out of China
25 Tata Group Plans to Open 100 Apple Stores in India, Will Only Sell Apple Products: Report
26 Bitcoin Price Remains Below $17,000, Most Cryptocurrencies Record Losses
27 Google celebrates the life of Dr. Maria Telkes with a Doodle
28 China's Rules on 'Deepfakes' to Come into Force from January 10, Cyberspace Regulator Says
29 Apple will 'allow' employees to speak freely about any workplace problems
30 Explained: What is Community Notes, the feature Elon Musk calls a "game changer"
31 NASA Completes Artemis I Moon Mission as Orion Capsule Returns to Earth Ahead of 2025 Lunar Landing
32 Tata Group plans to open 100 exclusive Apple stores in India: Report
33 BT and Sky users get ultimate broadband boost, are you on this list?
34 Nice: iOS 16's slow adoption rate hits 69% in December
35 Xiaomi Buds 4 with active noise cancellation launched: Here's what the earbuds offer
36 Xiaomi's first desktop PC is a Apple 'Mac mini' lookalike
37 Enable this Chrome setting to improve your 'PC' performance: What is this feature, step-by-step guide and more
38 Xiaomi's 13 Pro is an early look at 2023's flagship phones
39 You told us: Your phone charging times vary wildly
40 Xbox boss: Sony wants to 'grow by making Xbox smaller'
41 Is this the perfect smartphone camera? 1-inch sensor phone with Leica colors dominates iPhone and Galaxy S23 Ultra
42 WhatsApp's 'View Once' feature might expand to include text messages
43 Internet Governance Forum: What IT minister has to say on regulating Big Tech firms
44 Rivian pauses Mercedes-Benz electric van partnership after just 3 months
45 Microsoft has bought a 4% share in the London Stock Exchange
46 Smartphone Use Could Be Hurting Your Relationship, Study Shows
47 New AMD Radeon RX 7000 GPUs could beat Nvidia RTX 4090 sales
48 Which 2022 phone has the best sound? We turned it into a drinking game! (iPhone 14, Pixel 7 Pro, S22 Ultra and more)
49 Twitter will not be a microblogging platform anymore, confirms Elon Musk
50 Xiaomi makes the jump to Qualcomm's new flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen. 2 processor
51 YouTube finally gets widgets on Android for faster searching and browsing
52 NASA Artemis 1 Orion spacecraft returns to Earth: Top facts of the journey around the Moon
53 Elon Musk confirms Twitter character limit will increase to 4,000
54 What wearables does the Android Authority team use every day?
55 Millions of young people don't have access to basic technology they need to thrive
56 WhatsApp 'Recent groups' feature coming soon: Here's what it will offer
57 Xbox's Phil Spencer believes Sony maintains dominance 'by making Xbox smaller'
58 C++ just overtook Java as the world's most popular programming language
59 Seeing other people's AI art is like hearing other people's dreams
60 Twitter's Community Notes starts rolling out globally
61 Microsoft Teams is launching a chat feature in Outlook
62 Rivian pauses its electric van venture with Mercedes-Benz in Europe
63 Government has banned these Pakistan-based website and apps
64 LG's first 27-inch OLED gaming monitor arrives in January for $1,000
65 Ad blocking in Chrome is safe again--at least for now
66 New attack method can steal offline PC data through walls
67 Lyft is offering $150 bonuses for drivers who use EVs
68 Elon Musk is calling Twitter bots, scam accounts to "attack" him
69 Unreleased M2-powered Macs appear in anonymous Steam survey
70 Whatsapp messages could soon disappear as soon as they're read
71 Galaxy S23 Pro instead of Galaxy S23 Plus! Samsung must copy Apple's iPhone 15 plan to win big!
72 Here's why Elon Musk changing his 'pronouns' irked people on Twitter
73 A third of all internet users have been victims of a data breach
74 T-Mobile announces new 5G network coverage milestone in unflattering Verizon comparison
75 Canadian carriers end the year with plans a little pricier than before
76 There's some really good news if you want to buy a Raspberry Pi
77 Explained: Using transcription features in Microsoft Word
78 Apple reportedly going all-in with OLED for 2024 MacBook Air and iPad Pro
79 Lyft's latest EV incentives include an earnings bonus for California drivers
80 Antivirus software can be hijacked to wipe data
81 iPhones sold through Apple make up only a quarter of total US sales
82 Despite its large screen and huge battery, iPhone 14 Plus demand is weaker than expected
83 Twitter relaunches Blue, won't review accounts for authenticity
84 Intel Arc GPUs just got faster--and next-gen graphics cards are on track
85 Twitter Blue is back, letting you buy a blue checkmark again
86 Apple might secure number one spot on the market in Q4 2022, leave Samsung second
87 Elon Musk gets booed at Dave Chappelle show, denies it on Twitter
88 A nano-thin layer of gold could prevent fogged-up glasses
89 What we bought: The NuPhy Air75 is the low-profile, Mac-friendly mechanical keyboard I've been looking for
90 iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 13 Pro: why should you go Pro?
91 Elon Musk relaunches Twitter Blue after fake account fiasco
92 Meta shuts down Elon Musk's Starlink competitor, to split Connectivity division
93 LG's latest 27-inch OLED monitor hits that gaming sweet spot
94 Twitter has new rules for users to get a blue tick verified account: Verified phone number, subscription, and more
95 Uber Probing Hack of Third-Party Vendor After Employee Data, Source Code Leaked
96 Twitter disbands its Trust and Safety Council of external advisors
97 Elon Musk Dissolves Twitter's Trust and Safety Advisory Group Over Email
98 88% married Indians say excessive smartphone usage is hurting their relationship: Study
99 Communities, Avatars and three other recently launched features on WhatsApp
100 Apple AirPods Pro 3 release date, price, features, and news
101 M1, M2 MacBook Users Reportedly Facing Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues on Commercial Networks
102 Tim Cook admits that iPhones use Sony camera sensors
103 How to use AirPods Pro with an Android/non-Apple device
104 Elon Musk Says Twitter Basic Blue to Cut Ads by Half, Platform to Remove 'Legacy' Verified Check Marks Soon
105 Explained: Blue, gold, official accounts on Twitter, who gets what, eligibility and more
106 Apple's iPhone 14 Emergency SOS feature goes live in France, Germany, Ireland and the UK
107 Samsung Acquires Licence for Key 5G Technologies from Huawei: Report
108 iPhone 14's emergency satellite feature arrives in select European countries